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11-26 4:35pm Deke, Battle of the BOOT

Nov 26, 2013|

Deke talks LSU vs. Arkansas with Trey Biddy of Hawgsports.com about the match up.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Take office at 130 and you -- so it's at 9 o'clock Friday morning on Black Friday are going to be shopping -- -- for the annual battle that golden -- LSU and Arkansas in Death Valley -- twelve Arkansas athletics and you don't treat beauty of hog sports. That count -- thank you so much that time advocate Arkansas started three and no real close to 40 lead for much of the game. Gives the six of the ten losses by ten points some more so are really difficult times in Arkansas this season on a Brit beat them. Yeah it's kind of one of those seasons where. Nothing seems to go right in terms of injuries and an untimely penalties and and things of that nature and this is a team. They had to have everything go right for them to get to a ball game this season and that is that that happened. They showed some body can't Mississippi state of Mississippi State team that. It okay to definitely play better the week before against Alabama but. -- other shot themselves in the foot too many downs -- they had a chance to go ahead 2417. There -- around two minutes left. And and made a mistake fumbled the ball and then of course and overcome. And fumbled the ball inside ten yard line well out and then there in overtime couldn't get it done on four consecutive downs ended up starting interception at the end of the game. You know this is call the battle of -- but it it might not be too much of a battle on Saturday. -- -- -- -- -- -- Arkansas way whereas this program for work Britt being Romo wants to do that I don't say -- say the seats easier but it seems like when you -- categorize the ground and pound like he goes. Maybe it's that's a little more. I don't know less of a challenge that made you kinda. Do Petrino did find that quarterback traffic -- could spread things out I think in is that still what he wants to do you know we talked with some of his players won isn't it soon and you wanna think nick talked about here say he cannot -- from offense. Where we had to box him because at a time because that's what we ran so is that still what he wants to do over there and talk -- I'll run the football. Well they just primarily I mean he wants balance but he wants that balance to come. Also but I haven't success running the ball and you know they in the yet that elephant in the -- -- through the ball more you know when Russell Wilson and they're obviously -- utilize his talents. -- and they had some other quarterbacks who -- -- here's what I ran ran ran all the time you look at the offensive coordinator Jim Chaney background. He's got. History with the option. You know one of the innovators of the spread offense back with Drew Brees -- Purdue. That sort -- went up a lot of points at Tennessee. When he was there and and yes -- NFL you know kind of Horton pro style background so he's a guy that can do a lot of different things and adapted. -- talent they have but there's no question. There and they have a different approach in the weight room I think Paterno was more. More concerned with the agility. Speed athleticism you know even the defensive -- and one -- they're in the always here and talk about well I've got my weight down to this in the when Blake Buehrle got there. It was -- got always have to this so they're definitely try to change some things there they're built from the ground up. Paterno. It was very much about the quarterback in practice and in the scheme. And be almost and a more about. Everybody you know you want everybody doing. I think a certain way and they are trying to develop that power run game got the stuff and they're definitely a young things and they're they're learning it there as they're growing think they'll be an improved team next year. There really hasn't question marks at the back seven on defense. -- offenses very young you can see a lot of answers there of course. Brandon Allen is flat out bust -- it was it was pretty discouraging I think. And in games in the past. A lot of it has been with. Receivers dropped some balls. You know missed protections and things like that with a young team. Saturday up thought that those things were there for him and and he made a lot of poor choices so. That would probably be discouraging moving forward with your quarterback but. It's a team that's improving -- it has an improved enough to compete with Belichick. Trey and a short amount of time we've seen we -- quick fixes like -- and -- Florida. And we've seats that some I think most substantial Mississippi State in bowl caliber the last several seasons that thank them a little more solid footing. I'll I was seeing the same thing in -- -- sign of a -- they had lost in straight conference games. And now they only got one loss this year that was -- -- issue which they really dominated second and they gave him 35 to 21. So full ballclub to come around and they keep people out of I don't think it's out of the question -- consult. What are they doing recruiting wise and -- and I think revealed it is a good coach having his record is -- is it is. -- where where the fans right now on AB in the -- in what what do they do recruiting wise. Well some fans -- some fans aren't you know. I think a lot of immersed in all a little bit shocked -- -- from going from -- that won ten games eleven games back to back years to. Everything just been pulled out from under and suddenly and it's been a tough couple of seasons and Arkansas last year's team was very talented. But all the also builds up -- on this team is is much younger and the talent is as much younger also. I don't know it'll take a year I don't know if it'll take. Two years but. I do think this is something you have to give a little bit of time to talk about such a drastic change philosophies. As far as recruiting. They do -- way I knew quarterback resigned yesterday financial -- agreement which is what -- school kids son now. I want -- and Rolen and Edmonds are saying is right -- out of -- missed Missouri had. I think -- 2500 passing yards 15100 rushing yards together they can do those things forced or any player. A lot of people are excited to see him come in and see what he can do. But traditionally at Arkansas most of they're big name guys that they're in on it comes down to. January and December. Official visits that recruiting period and sometimes they have figures really -- was gotten down there. Here's where they're disappointed and don't and I -- decide what kind of recruiting class Arkansas so that's going to be a big couple months for them coming up. And mostly -- finish out the illness history. And Wisconsin is it's kind of similar to Arkansas not a big background. You know -- mean backyard. To recruit from -- a lot of developmental stuff with players actually recruiting rankings or. Pretty significantly behind where Arkansas it is usually rank and he developed the -- and evaluate it well -- have yet to do at Arkansas and one of the reasons those players. You're in on the players there at the end because you have to recruit players. That are going to stay in the game longer and make sure you get him for an official visit because Arkansas doesn't have that big backyard. And a lot of times they're not able to give players. On their own -- because there are a little bit remote there in Fayetteville. And I like to recruits Florida and Georgia and recruit around him and they need to get guys that are gonna actually make a trip to Fayetteville. Usually don't an official visit before they make a decision to let others debate but -- too much are so big for. Trade media is what has given the latest on the Arkansas Razorbacks came out the gate real hot when he had to Rutgers three had no. We'll also close -- they would save their most -- 2844 since they dropped eight straight including six by tenable points. They -- in bad route Friday seeing today in death that I relish in his thirty -- one of their last 31 games. Dating back since 2009 they're trying to be undefeated at home. For the fourth out of the last five seasons -- -- folks get the latest on the battle for the boot from Arkansas perspective. Yeah that's HA WG sports dot com talks forced dot com offered a seven day free trial right now. And actually given away 99 dollars and in Japan team here right now that's available on the LSU rubble side any side of the network right now peace sign up. For a year ago maybe not -- on dollar to to their -- side so. An -- -- got -- couple -- -- wanted to talk assault tops that deal -- to hold on I mean I didn't know pulled a year that's good enough of me. Trade -- Jerry thank you so much over the years of being aware that they go off first interview with Beckett 2005. We'd be what you it. Got my friend Matthews and Travis drag them at all but it it's good to have. It's not a reliable people who you can Taylor just by I'm -- listed as though you've been at for the long haul and cover Arkansas Razorbacks sports and we always appreciate you giving us an update. -- All right straight thank you so much straight -- -- so called sports Arkansas comes in it's a rival game it is we've seen some close ones. I remember what -- no payment to us. That game believe that the oh wait that's an idea of late Mets. Went LSU went over talk and saw they were three of eight. They finish the season for date for AK -- with the quarterback and evident yes. AC Dickie -- the quarterback and they beat ever issued a year that issue could be enough bounce back went on to win the Pete though. -- with joy to tick. You know it's a battle its arrival and the battle for the go to -- -- -- expect the same here but. They all consultant had anything to lose they've lost eight straight. So they can put out all the punches. On -- will be hard -- to take on a ballclub that is thirty in one of their last 31 games. They've got a chance to be undefeated at home for the fourth time in the last five -- -- coverage starts at 9 AM Friday morning that they at Thanksgiving here. LSU -- Arkansas on talk radio that -- --