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11-26 5:20pm Deke, Saints vs. Seahawks

Nov 26, 2013|

Deke goes one on one with former Seahawks QB and Current host on ESPN 710 AM in Seattle, Brock Huard to talk about the match up.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- over Seattle Seahawks these children can give us just dead Brock -- didn't we talked with several times especially the Saints the -- the playing each other. -- was Seattle C hall call quarterback in the course college great ESP senate -- in Seattle. -- thank you so much for the time up north that DiLeo station had a chance to visit with Golden Tate. But take a certain person from our vantage point down a couple of weeks ago we lost off us off cornerback Jabari Greer how it affected our team. Walter Thurmond and -- Brandon Browner what does this do to Seattle -- If it how does does this affect him -- this match up. But tonight. Yeah it's it's unfortunate there's no doubt about it -- there was a tradition of some strength and some gaps. I would be be credited Seattle's secondary -- coaching staff really likes Byron Maxwell you'll step in were. Brandon -- Walter Thurmond in his absence what it does though is it if you eliminate any level of depth. -- buy it at the Byron Maxwell or Richard Sherman merger relaying those three guys. We're two -- -- to get nicked up if they were getting up this week Corey in the game. Now you're looking at guys that that are going to be signed up the street and any time that happened so I'll bet that not an ideal situation so. It strips a very strong position. -- bridge gaps but I don't think it's a deal breaker at this point but. Does that does that affect any of these new faces that would feel to feel a certain situations and -- or do they haven't got that the cover all that right now. Yeah I think you've got three that are going to be okay environment and -- the third year player he played -- trying to Bolter relaying what brought into this situation really last year as well. When Brady -- was suspended joked at the top of the depth chart -- feel good about what they have those guys you played in outlook all of it. It really should not limit what they want to do. I don't whether it's going to be you know pretty tough Monday night right now all of our -- 32 mix of -- and no -- front seven completely healthy should. You know bit who dat nation knows the kind of noise potential -- field generate -- they're similar to the superdome. Joseph the other so there's about a compensating factors that should also help what is it very big secondary. Brock Huard is whether it's here now analysts of the Seattle Seahawks seventeen ESPN radio and of course -- -- and college football great -- now. What does this say you do the fans I know winning you know if Seattle maybe were not go with -- doing all of the field. But what -- say the seventh suspension. Since 2000 and haven't been doing it if anybody really care what the count like eight. Where winning it now and an estimate they would not let this affect what we do you see. No other players step only part of the same basic frustrated at the very yesterday really really passionate embrace the twelfth man. He would be in the ring of honor inside that stadium. They feel like they're part of the organization and he really good job of connecting to their brain base that -- You know host the show every day were the flagship of the Seattle Seahawks spent a lot of time with their facility a lot of time. With the head coach every week and another definitely hit some frustration because they don't wanna hear. And they know what kind of noise to Scotland when you got that many suspensions would you had those trying to be issues. You know that the national noise and the national perception is going to be what it is right now and I do think there is some level of frustration but ultimately in this game. And you guys know -- bit in this game if you win it sure cures a lot of ill amnesty right now is playing the best football this franchise diversity. Well I think that at some inseminated as a greater respect for missing at the Seattle won the Saints were not there. And in the in playoffs thing it's certainly were a big favorite name it I knew that if factor with Baylor we were beat up and looked at crowd was. You'd have thought of us thought the finish and and we can respect that and -- issue because. When we -- I think we're up Travis Iraq is that both of these teams I think. They're confident but I think if fans and even more confident what the end of the day. At that these have a two point nine with a regular seasons counted up Willis got that double want to see whether it be a wallet to Seattle. I think both fans they'll all all consciously optimistic look comfortable. In that situation that they appear artists who was superdome Super Bowl with a lot greater Havoc that double once the. Yeah I think so -- topic real curious that Monday night and I mentioned the weather there too you're really curious to see if you -- that could travel because. I think that this Seattle Seahawks style in the way that they played -- thought their effort just go back game with. Was down the wire with you guys in the 49ers when you play it really could be friends and you run the ball would bring the physical style that Seattle played. They've been really good on the road this year they're five and 100. They were really good in the second half of last year with the quarterback came to light and -- sized quarterback used today. Jordan I think it's strange I feel like you can travel you know the thing. They don't wanna travel wanna be the number one the debate on Monday night could go along way towards that. Rock FL Europe passionate -- -- you've got to be kind of -- hall candidate for what goes on out especially resurgence of what's happening in pulled it. And what's going on it ain't Seattle on an act of an -- talk about around every week. Oh where is that watched him program a lot of excitement going to this season at pac twelve got a lot of national respect about you feel that there. Right -- on the -- of the SEC from top to bottom a lot of bowl caliber team but. He had a shot amount of time that you could have a Washington State woke up there -- pretty much the embarrassment of the pac twelve. Turned things around a lot shorter time I guess how close is -- Washington State to washed out how how Big Apple cup it. In what would it be like Brock if you win the place of the border war Kansas and Missouri or Texas at Texas say -- PM -- Oklahoma Nebraska where you'd get -- -- -- round -- we have seen some great -- fall by the wayside because the power conference in Miami it to me get to saint. It is a real strain and everybody that I work within college football would echo that strange seven minutes of the match should not happen. When you got that geographical opportunities to coach football provide you -- they should not disappear again in conference. Unfortunately in the conference realignment -- but you referenced there has done away with some really. Really good traditions Real Madrid history. Really good robberies I'll get to -- clubs that Carolina would call that game Saturday night I can't wait to see that one. The apple cup this Friday afternoon and -- -- these rivalry games are just such a tremendous amount of motion and you would know the coaches they changed the -- -- needs. A lot of -- They have that go back decades and decades and decades and generations. And that it's what you feel what the player that's what I'd be over -- -- commentator. Yes that Mike Leach or Washington -- been a very nice job -- That program around I don't prepare any debate yesterday she's number one. The pac twelve was number two being commitment that the pac twelve is -- top down every one of those schools because the new TV revenue. In the incredibly lucrative deals. Are you they're building new stadiums are adding to their stadiums are adding to their ability to -- their coach is bringing high impact quality coaches in. But yet at pac twelve closing that gap it's not their top down this is probably the strongest the comfort of being as far back if I can remember. Although Washington Huskies great and NFL quarterback with the Seattle Seahawks and now analysts both Seattle pilots the Vikings Saints took over a little bit of -- all Brock Hewitt 17 AM. Seattle Brock is always a pleasure thank you so much -- you've got an exciting weekend lined up the -- Going to be a lot of fun and -- it's just -- you know that -- it -- it actually Monday night will look forward big deal. All right -- thank you very hard this -- All right it's example you talk about a good round of the two teams that don't like heats of the boot it out metal bowl. Clemson and South Carolina that is 88 as it would be.