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11-26 5:35pm Les Miles talks LSU vs. Arkansas

Nov 26, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk up there's not a welcoming coach of the fifteenth ranked LSU Tigers coach less miles fresh off a big victory over Texas and -- -- smile and always believe in them what you thought you so you know but. Man just -- ballclub to be able to come back implemented these home an opportunity to not only have a big senior day but the finish the season undefeated at home. And thirty and Warren in the -- for on impressively at times they. Idea this senior class. With your Sheen your should have been part 52 victories. And unforced rushing your better part of 42 victory should they continue to raise the bar that's saying yeah it's a great group. Certainly yeah. The media me the feel of the entire stadium is not lost on this team and being undefeated they're you know. Known for the last five years she's a -- who won -- it's a and it's wonderful place to play we played best there and certainly our seniors usually depart they they need to. Then to make it asking count. It seems coach it is it's not like you you don't look at your opponent which is Sharon and do good. It's more that if you're home you're like your chances -- brilliant opponent says hey you gotta come our house. Yet it's Syria again it's a very difficult place to play in and out. Yet it's you know one place in the east to play friends family and crowd. A it's generally loud and and now for support. Coach toyland points. Without a union in two years so what does all of back on a high powered offense their numbers are tremendous but you have been able to do defensively. Hassan and a lot of people only wish they can do what what is it about your game plan that allowed to go excuse like you -- against -- potent offense last week. I yeah I I certainly strategy wise and scheme wise -- on John Toews did a great job. But I think it's a you know -- social and collective awareness that we needed to do and it had to be done -- -- with eleven players. And I really thought our players committed to doing any. Which spectacular job that standard and that being said. I would never I would never bet against tiger. With LSU coach who has miles a day after Thanksgiving matchup that tiger is taking on Arkansas in the battle for the blue 130 kick off Friday afternoon right here on WW -- -- Coach a lot -- of the major guided. Offensive line but you've always -- you'll sort of football when you feel confident in the passing game not want that to 1000 -- receive was only -- in the nation today in Beckham and Landry. This offense really has progressed throughout this season. Cam Cameron is a lot of credit there and knows how to throw it. We have a big strong arm quarterback that number and and yet now were were thrilled to have me in any receiver tandem. That might be the finest college football and now we're we're excited -- that -- so ma. -- awesome. Some fruits of the -- -- well guys that are catching balls. And that you know. In 2000 yard receivers and guys can score. Salon. I'm always eventually commendable successfully this is an example. Coach isn't doing his arrival weekend in college -- across the board -- you opponent one of the greatest if not degrees over the game Ohio State -- in -- I'm able to civil war and apple called. In his battle for the boo what is it about the robberies in constable it seemed to make it more unique maybe -- any other sport this -- we can riles. I you don't play him twice play him -- year and that that twelve month period where you would. Have an opportunity to. In the day in the boarder stay -- -- the junior league. It's just it's just important it's just an important piece to the fabric of our culture. That. Your football team represents -- well. -- I've had some relation to mean not long ago I wanna go to a college with a football teams would be good for a long time. I think rumor come back home coming in our -- win. You know what I guess just the way people. Coach now the Arkansas Razorbacks come in here and that they've had a disappointing campaign they've had some -- once they come off a game Wednesday played extremely well. A close loss against Michigan State in overtime and they've got a very good defense and a top in his conference and -- an accurate -- so you -- their final game they'll come unit play holiday always play well in the battle for the game. Was there radio. I think and to coach and a great job preparing them think they're ready to play. They -- they continue to improve if we're playing well we recognize that we actually the film theory talented football team. And similar to play well with. Coaches at a point now where you're talking about things. If I used to sit in the case you call -- charity of announcing his smile says coach I gotta get out how -- -- I'm only he would have pays dished. Would DH would you most likely be able to prepare and they'll be cannibals -- -- -- if if I went to the Turkey it would be day it would -- be over cooked or undercooked they would never I could not put together there would be no. Conflicts. Fixing Jeremy there'd be no on. Stopping any of that stuff I would doubt I would have to get me a book and try to follow the recipe certainly don't have to have. My family help me do that and I don't think that I would try Turkey. A enough equality steak. I think most men can cook I think I can -- now and you know who little luck little garlic butter. Little. You know pink not -- I think I can do it. Well a good look good good good the most those closed that day cranberry sauce -- -- -- -- -- always say -- veteran coach every day is given to look at talk himself happy Thanksgiving view and all. -- How we think I was faced with LSU coach -- -- spot occupied jewels soul into the bank solely at the options for the great folks of Louisiana's -- solely GG OUL. EU and LSU and Arkansas the -- -- an annual battle for the golden boot Friday afternoon to 130 kick off with a huge day Friday it's the quarterfinal round. Follow most -- semi final round but some. And he's the unique first one of a kinda. They play Austria in the state of Louisiana we were -- ninth state champion so -- day. When you wake up board Friday morning it's having holiday shopping you -- at 9 o'clock we get to the sports vote. If they go all the way to midnight with college football high school football that we wrapped things up. With the NFL insider and the NFL weekly eagle all the way to be back to your picture of what speaks. All Thursday and all Friday right here on -- BW him.