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11-26 6:10pm Saints Players Show: Drew Brees

Nov 26, 2013|

Deke Bellavia talks with Saints Offensive Tackle Zach Strief about the upcoming game against Seattle and Bobby Hebert goes QB to QB with Drew Brees.

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And good evening and welcome to a special edition is that the holiday we. Of course my power also players who are you tonight that gave him now coming up later and now we will have a QB to QB. We Drew Brees but what topic to look at now I -- who voters who the picks Drew Brees Saints offensive lineman. Zach Strief -- good to have you back on the program our plan they have. This -- the -- well Buffalo about the equipment it's -- this does that but the first is that like of the votes that you'd be used to. Went quite well it I used to be used to weather like this right here to go along now but yet this is -- -- were kind of laughing about today you know. This is real cold here in real mile whatever -- hill. It's been good though mean the the weather matches pretty good with the whole season. You know Seattle also catches -- outside today in. You're accustomed to. You know I forgot who said this through the broadcasts of football players -- semis at the -- -- the becomes a factor. If you don't have a couple of things like liking you hear it it is and -- the players approach if you. You know like he gave -- -- -- play football yeah I don't think it's something in the that -- worried about going into the game you know my my coaching college dorsett you just do it every need to do to be warm. You know and and look at so it's it's human to be cold that's allowed but there's a place that you can put on and things you can. You know I mean there's heated benches and coats and -- don't don't be afraid to put that stuff on that that you need and I think that. You know that's pretty good policy. This thing was actually he -- request is that about the same threatening alternates a lot of matchup against Seattle 5042601870. You can take this city 78 sending -- emails to keep it that you get you real that Kyle talk to -- about. I got to the NFL of course that became the black and gold him now -- Who along better than that group of if you realize that that that how long it's been me. The -- the average lifespan in league history to hand the -- -- you coming within classical six. That's a long run yeah. There's times that you realize that you're getting old. Toronto over today's born in 1991 them in the field. He's my decade and then you know being thirty turning thirty in the NFL in his fuel. Just because the guys around here also young and at same time it's such a blessing to still be around -- and system we have to do it. You know hopefully last few years but I -- we will talk -- -- Off. You poll was who currently fifty people think is the best team in the indians' CC out of anyone -- two. And team that's won them both games in a row right now than the eight -- Carolina. And that kind of brought up the at the point that you kind of look at that team and active and about this the court has been about about -- halfway point you really thought that -- -- Who the better teams on with their make up is it. -- last won seven straight and although some people say whether it -- tight games what is -- journey. This is decided by a touchdown or less sometime this -- -- -- rest. And they want those close games you have won those close games he gets back to me about how you win. And I think a lot of times when we went into that seventh game of the season for a sixteenth we hand. We hit it eighty yards off Russian but in the two -- other two we went about 100. But that doesn't necessarily tell how effective you are running the football and sometimes you know go back to six to go back there and get an eleven wood ran the ball. Effectively -- And issue we've already well at times but it some of the games he won the numbers weren't the -- run the ball ran the ball -- you had to hit an -- -- support. Yeah. You know couple things there one. You know in terms of -- teams -- -- and how do you rank the teams you know. So it was a fun thing to talk about it a hard thing to do you know -- like every year at the end of the season you think you have a feel and then there's a six seed in the Super -- -- try. Look. We talk a lot about the season as a journey and in every season kind of takes on its own path than. And you grow as a team and in as the season goes you can see teams kind of change in in a captain and kind of evolve into what their all to what they ultimately aren't you look at a team like Carolina is playing really good football and seemingly. Getting better getting more confident. You know in this league it doesn't matter how you winning it really doesn't there most of the games are going to be close. You know obviously they they go on the road in via the 49ers team with a very good team a tough place to play you know gonna blow that -- out you know to me aside and I happen and you know and then they come back. And play on the other coast the next week that's a lot of traveling. That's harder than a lot of people you know think it is and come back and play another good football team at home those that those -- tough games to win and you know it's good football team it's going to be a challenge and fortunately for us we get to play them twice at the end right out of control our own destiny at the end of the season. Yep and gone though last week you know talk to you guys on the show week. No one an organization don't know players thought that that was will be anything -- on the it was a it was belonged in Atlanta I mean it was a hard fought game just two guys expect. Yeah look again. Sometimes I think it's kind of under appreciated the difficulties in any given week can. You know playing a tough emotional game against San Francisco. You know obviously was a big game for us for a lot of reasons to -- the very physical football team plays a physical brand of football. And then you turn around and three days later your. In another city flying out you know in another city and and that's tough and that's you know you go to your your rival team that you play. You know more than anybody else and then in their home and look -- that we've we've had seasons where we struggled before and all you wanna do is just courtroom operates. So you know the you get up for those games against familiar guys and again I think walk him walking off the field being in a lot from after the game. We were proud of that win and as we were any regardless of how came in and the fact of the matter was. You know we did there we did the things we needed to win and in and you know we got the one turnover we did turn the ball overran the ball off the end defense came with some big stops that's a good team win and at this point in the season any wins isn't as good wins. Zach when you look at -- everything now and all of football on it seems like to -- that this so much you can do it in your coach is nothing we could simulate actual game speed you can practice as much as possible but. Strength and conditioning nutrition. Assignment I'm glad that we need to be. There's a lot of things you have to do to be better suited better prepared when you step off the field. And all that accomplished and -- for it it -- if you think how Leo took a long time teammate dunk it home. What's the obesity you know all body is all business and how you take care of your body is as ultimate result you it's a big reason how long you last in this. Yeah it. I think you learn as as you get older in this league. When you're young you kind of feel invincible you know nothing can hurt you you a lot of guys come and never had an injury never had an issue like that. And the longer you go the more you realize the key to longevity. Not only in the league career wise but over the course of the season. Which can be pretty tough on -- body is is that you have to take care of it and you know there's there's a lot that goes into what you put in your body how much rest you're getting. You know it's kind of weird to be a thirty year old male with a pretty -- that time the same I gotta get the bed by this time because I gotta get that sleep yeah that's when your body fixes itself and you know there's a lot that goes into it I mean I have a small -- -- my house. And that's all part of you know being a professional and saying yes your body by my knees being sore my ankles -- -- that's that's an issue because that's my profession and and you do everything you can. You know to keep those things in working order and feeling good. And I think that part of a veteran team is this having guys that are willing to do that put an extra time. To seek outside help to do any anything they need. You know to to keep their bodies you know -- and in good order -- -- you get to the end of the year those games matter more -- so you can't you feel bad. Week sixteen saying I wish it was week one because again we sixteens awfully important and you needed to have. You know your best and and that's a that's a constant battle but I think most. But. He's bought of the draft class and made a foundation for opportunity. To me an advancement in franchise history Saints up at the -- -- three. Is off -- against it because like our offense whatsoever -- A better football don't think radio if you get Buick. And welcome back it is the course like Graham are All Saints players saw special dances. Starting Saints tackle Zach Strief that the black and gold and all the season all the road -- at night against the Seattle Seahawks. The other question was that Bible fourth. 260187866. 889087. -- Zach got that taken a step back a successful career the National Football League we talked about the -- thank you. Double that to mean he went 06 but gone back. Now when did Zach -- Really develop a loaf of football and it was full volume only sport. No I -- play to high school. So as a kid. You know I've played everything else who played basketball. Baseball. Wrestling and soccer those are my kind of sports as a kid grown up and and and to be proud of us who view I didn't wanna play. In high school when I got there and my dad kind of begged me. And and I have fought the fought the fought them. And finally my mom really is on the guilt to me into it she kind of said you know you're your father's just so disappointed in. Just try and see if you if you don't like he can stop and I effort piece of rock that that certainly that threat. And and by the end of that season I really. Had fallen in love with -- it and you know I just. I think I love the camaraderie of the game I love that it's it's really it's the ultimate team sport. They really isn't. Cowboys like that kind of atmosphere in the locker room being around the guys kind of go through that stuff together. I think -- any other sport really get close. But your teammates and and I've been very fortunate here. In New Orleans to me a place that's kind of value continuity. And that value high character guys and so. My experience here has been very much in that you I've gotten very close with teammates. Kind of built. Lifelong. Relationships things. You know transcended football and in and that's what I love about of going -- kind of put it on the line with with my buddies -- -- and you know fortunately for us here. So Zach gonna take us through yet. Escalate the way you get into high school to keep that being recruited him -- to come down to -- is that what you want to ever play at the novelist. I had I had northwestern Georgia Tech and Maryland scheduled as a result gonna go look. Maryland had recruited me very early. Georgia Tech like that the school. The thought of kind of maybe going away somewhere is very different from where I was. One of my official visit northwestern. And really. With was it was really kind of attacks that team very early. Got along with the guys really well felt like a lot of guys come from similar backgrounds. Fit in you know felt comfortable and to me again. Some of these kids going to look at colleges and they and they go in. Men and look at some of the wrong things you I look at the indoor facility in the weight room and at the end of the day in three months you hate both of those places you know guys are both. Places were some tough stuff going down and all of a sudden you'll care right anthrax inside you know what happens in there. You know the locker room is night and that's that doesn't matter. An and I really I really picked northwestern. Won on the on the guys that -- new guys and be there and into on the academic. Kind of possibilities and northwestern provided. You know being in the league school and in a place that. I could really kind of steal a degree bank from a place that you know I've probably never could have gotten in on my own merit and you know that's that's that kind of take advantage of that opportunity that I was given and and I certainly. Looking back man I don't think -- could've done better yet. As -- this is -- every week Newsweek quotes the one of the biggest ones that well on with the game -- -- it now. Illinois no question the things they got a technical with no that is the -- now it's the land of Lincoln and to really control it was the sweet Sioux tomahawk. When I was there and that's been disbanded but yet house our great rivalry. Obviously. Nobody -- northwestern down here you know how a lot of promise coming in the season boy had a big game against Ohio State. Played really well we're playing really good football. Lost that game and kind of devastating fashion and hasn't started in landslide satisfied if I was and yes so it be nice to finish the year with a win against arrival. In. Think most guys have been in that situation where you kind of don't have the year you hope for and yet the game at the end of the year that is really important it's kind of your your -- game in. You know you're championship because you know you can walk out. Happy about that. -- that's. It's a big big big week are -- the country now -- only the Big Ten finally caught up to the schedule in the end because they used to everything about three weeks ago. Racked up you know I think is like the big taste out of playing here like eight weeks before the ball it was just elated -- finally puts it all back so which is good. -- Not Weston now and you get a chance that you'll most memorable games at the -- with -- northwestern yeah. -- You know we my my senior day it was awfully memorable I think obviously for a lot of guys it is but. We're losing making in my thirteen points with -- about three minutes ago. Had moved the ball today -- game is about fifteen degrees and oh. Drove the ball down scored a touchdown recovered an onside kick. Drove the ball back down scored about ten seconds ago I think to kind of end your career they are are kind of I don't know if those -- nickname but you were for to us as the cardiac cats I was there -- a lot of fourth quarter comebacks and we really train hard. For the enemy knows that knows the designed deal there in you know teams that were able to kind of go to the end and and outplay people in the fourth quarter and so those kind of -- a good representation of what my college crew was like the -- in a finish like that where. You know everyone -- kind of counted you out in yet you know you find a way to win at the end. Again those those games are a lot of fun when -- do with bodies. With Saints offensive lineman Zach -- always back up at bats while also incorporates he -- you -- is probably feel the cultural. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Going to be just a few moments we'll have our QB to QB a compensate. By being there and Drew -- -- -- with Zach -- suspension is the -- like Crown Royal saint issue. Let's go to benefit you know line 38 thank you for calling that you get you know deal -- that streak. There exactly who play I don't by the okay you right and -- ultimately do you think this step it -- analog do because we lost -- -- Or is it because of have a couple of new guys on the line. Is that is the problem. You know it's hard to say. I. You look back to last year and you saw -- same thing happened and you know obviously coach -- was here where. You know out the gate we struggle a little bit and you know certainly in the running game. You know it's it's hard to say I wish that there was easy answers to that question obviously we get that a lot. Obviously got a lot this year and you know as to why those things happen and really it's hard to say. I know I know I wish that we could cut it out it seems like to begin the year we start slow every year and you know that's that's a bad position to put our team and I think I think right -- done a fantastic job with us this year. You know obviously it can be tough sometimes get into -- season and struggle like that you. Yeah you wanna kinda. You wanna work through those things and it can be easy to kind of take a negative route and really turn the season that. An and I think that that our room stayed pretty positive and I think he conceded growth. That's kind of happened and and look it you know that's a testament to coach singles as well and we're all accountable for those issues at the beginning of the year you can't pointed any one person. That's player or coach and I think all of us who take as much of the blame the -- with a credit turnaround. That's a tough offensive lineman Zach -- -- executives have all the but now it's time for QB QB are -- the conversation with Saints quarterback Drew Brees and by BA BA QB QBs brought you by the radio voice of Crosby took a -- handle Angels -- got to go. Called Joseph drew thank you so much of the time meant an extended time my after the Falcons game my. It I a lot of people say media by I had a few extra days off is this coming at the right time drew. Because this is such a big game or is the opponent irrelevant it just it allows your body gets an extra reps. You know I acting obviously it's hard to prepare workers in -- game your future body ready and our secure all the preparation time and prior to regain arm tactic that's why they probably schedule. Well look at your personal Portugal what level player for children each body ready. -- go late in the sporting after a Sunday game especially -- -- that. We're a better game fours or the -- perhaps but. -- after the fact you get those couple extra days the cervical by committee I -- and I think became a good arm. During the season you know we have our. Our are real -- -- about what 45 weeks ago. So you think about you know what particular practically cheat and -- The world and make it's nice when you can. After what you based -- -- healthy you know that does that Atlanta game of the quick turnaround and sort of what we are all string going in the Seattle. Drew I thought this is in interest in candidate. When you look at sort of problem threat sort of thing to -- and are any team look on his Seattle the home field advantage. And you look at -- NFL's best -- season -- records since 2008. Oh Warren and the more his doing and in the two as the Ravens. Look now tied exactly. But third. That shall be commended Georgia Dome -- the Saints at the Falcons have a 35 to eleven record. And obviously for those losses about and has come by the things and what is it like the mean is -- it's always success against a number of teams in the Georgia Dome monotonous though against deal. Well I think you just look at all of our games they're they're all close games you know and so no matter the score is. You know Ortiz scored 31 the other into court Fauria is one team scores fourteen years. Computer scored thirteen -- -- you know it it's whatever it is for every detail about. The most opposition games or at least what night of our last twelve meetings are considered. I've been that way regardless of whether they are at our place or at their place. You know we -- fortunate to go to go there in some. Pretty big games and you know primetime television or what champion and win. You know but but it regardless of the -- structural -- a side would win when those two teams meet -- you know the -- became its going to be. Now drew look at that this season of marriages of mornings and for the Falcons today they have gotten off to fast starts in the first quarter. And that was the case they went ten plays 76 yards. That the league lead 70 and the question I have. On the very next drive. I think goes a long drive as far as plays this season fifteen plays. 78 yards seven minutes 31 seconds and now he got tired of the game seven is seven -- it. Georgia's all Ben Watson of that one yard touchdown but the question and I have. It is that now Pierre Thomas -- wrote down in my nose that was the Pierre Thomas drive when you look 31 when he runs thirteen and you hit them. -- only plus seven -- -- a great effort in third and three -- Brees to Pierre plus eighteen in the question I have. It is that like I said Dallas players drive. But it's like going back to all the games this season I don't know -- just by chance. Chance but it seems like we do have some time is sustained drive that that you might feature of certain players on that drivers seemed like they got Bulls that it numbers like appeared did. Whether it be Colston drive. Jimmy Graham drive is that just by chance or is kind of a design. Artist like chants. I actually you know each guy obviously years is very well incorporated into. You know every aspect of a player especially in the third down plans and I think that's just totally by chance. You know we try to spread the ball around and got to utilize the match ups that are available and I think it does happen like that night game where you know appear at a couple. A big opportunity -- -- Jimmy Graham a couple of breakout -- is right there role Colston as well and then and other so. We are try to spread it around network. Now drew looking at the 44 yard touchdown that Jimmy Graham. I thought that was a big play obviously eagle five plays eighty yards and a good score of fourteen at the end. And on that -- he runs an out and up. Double move so to speak. Is that something. That you see on film going -- studying film or is that a game time adjustment RD QB bull -- power. It depending on the scenario because I've noted. A number of times that. Is that because of aggressiveness nature a certain maybe secondary that I'll see double -- -- Jimmy Graham but -- over the receivers. Yeah you know I think it's it's so open you always want to have your plans to keep people are there I think that the tendency is. A lot of teams in and secondary that. You know they feel like they have -- on. You know our guys split our route concept same situation that kind of thing we always want to state that has -- make sure we have those. Vote double move to those you know down on the field. A route concepts in the plan where it might look like something that we done in the past it was just an intermediate route. And all the sudden they feel like they've got it -- sit on it and we run right by answer. -- play a lot of cases. Those -- opportunities for big plays as weren't. -- you feel like. You've got their second and it's one thing and and you -- -- by. Now drew looking at these numbers and and you gotta be encouraged by this really the whole offense is that three games in a row. We've been able to rush the ball well back -- the Cowboys 49ers in the Falcons in I'm primarily. You know talk about. Especially average -- for Rose -- four point one. -- win them getting a 103 yards are truly had balance in the game 33 passes to 25 rushes but. That could be a big part also -- Monday night. It is that we got to mix it up and run the ball against Seattle and when -- -- get -- you know total defense and rushing defense. The saint Stevenson and to see all Stevens against the run is almost identical. Yet there. Obviously they play great defense. All you all you know and so dark arts -- I think we can you talk about two top five defenses. Right now are in the a lot of categories. Which and other their defense. Is one that for the most part you know -- guys in your box you know their way. So -- corporate football specially called what do you like that crowd noise. You know they put hypocrites on you know -- go to Russia after. Secondary all have very good ball still there for ball all type players. -- attack first recruits sound football players Iran a Syria. Relatively simple you know it'll be a whole lot of books what -- do do -- -- well. And you know week week you're -- -- -- shorter routes open there in new for us so don't expect it expect it. But I think more so on instinct. You know that's what it actual ball at Seattle more -- push play and actually. There's a lot of great obviously hoping that our division and conference. So we know their best. Yeah I drove looking at that hi Mary images of one another you could see why of both the dollar are on top of the NFC. We look to scoring offense scoring defense bowl obviously. In the top five right now and and -- Laguna and once that it really. Gave -- a great opportunity be DiFelice in a close game is that. Under coach Payton when you are committed zero turnovers are now 23 and oh. And then allowing twenty our fuel points obviously scoring defense you're 46 in three. So lot hunt is pagan and go to see out on the Oscar vero -- turn over and then we all the toward -- points or less who winning for sure. That just. That's a good stat in. They're -- very -- that productive in that you know so. That's if you wanna -- before -- -- that support and I appreciate -- -- -- sent them. You know popular group that are relatively good job of that all season -- There's certainly if society more in in games like this just to you know. That they Arctic inaudible it in the league in takeaways they also lead the league in points and our offense ought to take away as you know by their defense -- Certain order get them there -- it's his career reports. -- all you know the problem in short field. It would make big plays off. It's QB to QB -- conversation with Drew Brees if I believe they have occupied agreed it was a Crosby took the can't handle and Joseph they got to go. Called duel through months and it makes the wanted to -- -- take Q&A sac street tease out the Saints play soon I. How important is it and I'll let you exactly what they had their relationship both on the same page on the field but also off the field at optimism that the level of trust that beat you and drew have got to get over the years. Yeah I mean I know this that. I have 100% confidence and I've been lucky to be in the office long enough but. And I know when it's when it's a five -- -- -- seven step drop I know or Drew Henson and obviously I can't see him but you know I I. -- I take a lot of faith in him being where he's gonna you know knowing that he's gonna viewers gonna be in that helped me tremendously. And and you know there's a lot of plays where. Maybe to the untrained eye looks like someone got past but I know drew a five and I know how many -- Nathan. In the actor's gonna be in the you know right there and an -- morning -- a testament to drew and his consistency is a quarterback. Through you know exactly BN. Absolutely these -- protect him -- outside. Tonight. I got all this just in the world in here and and all of our guys are there they worked so well together. Such a great group of guys and a person that -- it's sort of a so so lucky to not only have. Those guys in front of means for what they do on the field but they're they're just. Such a great group off the field in the ways that term. I think we all care about one another. -- it's really like a brother in that -- my room and you know watch those guys -- -- -- -- -- their work every day practice and out on game day on the Indian you know the best group. In the league -- and really been that way for eight consecutive years here. The so much continuity. Its the source of pride. What they do it. I. So much so very lucky to be on the gas. Drew maybe -- thing is Timmy and I don't know was human nature because I guess you kind of look at what happens playoff time maybe in a regular season toddler on the nation and doing. Different shows and -- that the states they have to play in the superdome to win. And I have to enlighten them obviously a that I don't know since 2006 and Sean Payton and Drew Brees came on board. We have the best road record all the behind the Patriots and and if you look since 2009. We have the best road record at batted in the Patriots the Packers. So I'm I'm beaten at arson and telling them. Then -- it might be because we loss at Seattle and loss of foreigners in a play -- of people don't realize how well we've played on the road. Like he's and I guess from the statistics don't lie you know. Gopher for whatever reason that the perception of you know that's what would say otherwise feel like we -- A lot of big games on the road you know and figure if you stick out people's minds that. You know contradict that. You know it's -- -- -- at -- so dark that is simple to the next challenge and they want there's been no greater win -- wrote this week. But that football in Seattle and in -- You beat you be brought to redeploy Crosby took him handle it looks that we got to go. Call you drew thank you so much for the tablet you the black belt in Seattle with topics we. Our current right drew or right we look at Dick you was -- don't think -- -- -- like Crown Royal thing is that we're grapple with the street exit on that you don't -- Or is that talented is this offensive line face it the -- -- It's it's an exceptional front I mean really from top to bottom it could pass searchers think essence me bands playing really well and side -- really deep the defense to mend some really have a have really. For some of really good pass rushers and then obviously -- secondary I think probably gets the most acclaimed there. You know Earl Thomas is one of the best in the game Richard service -- one of the best quarterbacks in them and they really. You know came chances -- good player obviously got a couple guys out. But there's still three very very good football players back there and and and they've got more than enough personnel to make up for that so it's a big challenge. It's a defense that's. Stats are good because they're good you know they really have played well this year and and there's a lot of challenges that they present when. We'll wrap up next -- -- -- call now cook a Turkey will last events here it's a good night are all saint -- Thanksgiving that issued here on WW. I exactly who -- down into his legacy and your favorite things even the it's tough to pick a favorite -- say some things like that are in usual I'd much prefer cranberry sauce out of McCain and any type of like well make cranberry sauce I -- gently to. Cranberry sauce with the camp Auckland -- know exactly what they have organs I like -- more and I've always been stuffing down. Alex that the this extreme he's a broad you know the -- had a daughters both thought there -- some -- Always -- -- -- my hand there's nobody gets Seattle thank both extremes a bit of slapping -- on six radio this is WW.