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11-26 7:10pm Sports Talk: Sports Betting & Southeastern Football

Nov 26, 2013|

Deke Bellavia talks to WWL Professional Sports Better Vegas Runner and Southeastern Football Coach Dawson Odoms.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome to the final now all of sports -- -- in this sound look at our view from Vegas a couple of days early because. Jayson now will be in the third game with triple -- -- AFC north showdown between both before. And Pittsburgh always. We didn't make a play on the action in the off. They destroy them make a front of that comment pregame that -- that's -- big -- -- college football on there they. And also on Friday and upbeat week you know NFL football or not you can make this has brought it back at me -- house. Theo -- and -- -- 100 years at Austin how. On the third quarter breeze although the lockout or email last week. And this week because of book you know -- -- saint panel Thursday it may well depicts a -- picks so I know a lot of people that -- would you would you quibble if you. And I can't them along ballot if you're at it from New Orleans because I want to point. And fortunately I did Alex -- on Saturday and get a couple of plays that came out and it's. So I I would -- a couple of but I'd love coming and being able to get the -- isn't it about it. I really don't read it again -- that is being played into October but -- -- And I spoke to that line partner who is in the -- content with -- would -- -- -- games now. She's got one of the best and that they'll campers out there so we went over -- an -- games as well so we're ready to go to -- got some winners for -- I'd be on let's go let's start with that early game while -- bacon the Turkey put it out of the oven it's I Thanksgiving Day tradition Green Bay and Detroit the Lions at home. A six point favorite over the Packers. And isn't going to be the game for the -- because they're gonna -- extremely ones signing with Detroit. Detroit they're gonna partly between what the later games -- -- Detroit with a later game and that's going to be open the depth in. Happy because of that and like this -- the better win and usually I'd say the public -- such a prime time game but I can't do it. And like -- had that fortunately I consult with someone on an uphill and made that Detroit is the right side and I agree green and -- it. -- and usually when a team. Dot -- fourteen you know well you're gonna get down on that team but fortunately. This equaling tankers and may still have made and instead opted team. -- -- -- -- Couple -- -- thinking it was two and came in crowd came born well. Look at what the property and -- find out well because he's truly been beat up by them every single year for a long time. And eight and nine and ten -- -- So I think any team Detroit has to put it all green and they're gonna do it and I think they have the team to get it done here so from. There's not much line value because Green Bay looked so -- -- but I think you can put anything on tape so I'm gonna go and and they. Truly leave the game -- The Dallas cowboy was that a big victory over the New York Giants on Sunday who'll almost a double digit favorite nine and a half over the Oakland Raiders via. Eight -- and popped -- in the sport at the point spread because I like being the oddsmakers. The bat good he's been. On the two when it came to -- -- get the win that game. And I think that should be a good dude but coming up big in against the Giants at Purdue and not -- I don't think it's a fine time so this has the makings of by the national stage on Thanksgiving. Instead of the night. I think you're gonna get a lot of you won't be there this point is now his 42. And I think it's gonna keep going up. And I don't think either team's gonna have too much success following -- appointing a bit and try to that was on the equipment they. 27. Points per game and I am and it may. -- union and four point nine per carry and point one per carry on the ground somewhat but I completely -- on the offense on the -- as much as possible. In the prepare. And that's been a grind out the clock -- -- like it's been under the total of conduct in Dallas and -- -- -- -- -- Now that little propane and through team business on the Altman backed against that they've -- fallen back into the race. In the AFC awesome today is that it's still the last couple weeks and the Steelers at the Ravens -- -- anymore room for error. Its market at 31 underdog over. On that they Baltimore Ravens with. -- -- -- -- Between these two. Ultimately it and so we -- at the comparable but it's Thanksgiving in. And home team went on Thanksgiving and and I have to -- and what but I think that the Pittsburgh win the game. They're going to be extremely dangers that -- -- possible future. And that this team does make it to the playoffs. That means -- will be healthy by then and it would be anybody because of that experience but I think that -- and I think that to ditch. On Thanksgiving night. Two and again that. At all want to point the green eight. Thirteen it almost at the one. So I don't think it's protected the only 210. Yeah I think it's going fine there for real -- -- -- the -- -- the three point. We are now out land though you can have a debt of thanks on a couple of games they'll want an issue about the -- would it have anything on it that it will. Mississippi State old -- is a mountain iron in the paper this morning and all the good that press got the quarterback Mississippi State is doubtful. Well what do you currently have on openings in the city state became president stock field Thursday night. Like it's going to be three Mississippi at Wrigley. I'll -- -- Mississippi State. And in another game where the -- so we're gonna need the home team that -- the because all the money is coming in Mississippi this game actually early games Texas Texas Tech. I'll Mississippi Mississippi State and that. It was and I kind of disagree about -- -- remembered that -- game. Com in both matchups I want and any time we could -- points in the wind regained indeed there but I Ers especially the life out. And how we stayed betting market over next to injuries. But to see what the quarterbacks playing in public Betts said. My money if I'm gonna bet even the game is going to be out Texas Tech and it's -- -- -- Mississippi State like. -- So beyond his goal and win both dogs and let me take take cystic and so on Poland and these days these days they will -- It was about 33 in hand. Now the let's take a look at some other interests mean this is probably. Week in this week. I don't go straight to one way -- if it could -- -- coaching job on. Florida if bars they may issue of -- walked in Tallahassee. Florida State made a good for us there but it may have been for the exports of -- with it down misfits they could move the Seminoles out and now back you know. I don't have a lot because they -- Murphy is questionable with a quarterback of Florida. What do you have not I mean I don't know what Kyle I'll be high enough to make me take Florida just because of -- in camp often. I'm gonna tell -- that line is probably going to be totally. Cool to do it. Again and I don't think that it blowing it. -- much well within. A couple. Sharp money coming in on the 26 27 but especially going to be a touchdown in the week as simple. You went to Georgia Auburn as fort touchdown. They quit and that the batting did note the oddsmakers know detectable and they know all the money gonna come on board this week who would just -- Prop up being the inning it points spread and the team that's covered the one. And the typical it happens and let's not yet been bit by the board 21 people and that you can't think Auburn. Numbers don't hear that but again. Didn't want it but you know they went impressively. If they want. Play in the national championship. So -- look back. And at that point is that because the pointers don't mind and it brought -- admonition -- haven't lost six games and well this this game. CP man and he came out which station it. Being able to climb out there should be able to keep it a lot closer import touchdown. So it's not -- -- -- have money on but I'm telling if you're gonna bet I looked at the point aside because any time a team get embarrassed like that did. Against the sort of the other team yeah. Usually the best. Up next. So hopefully it either take the point -- -- -- up and -- -- Florida State at the B I hope like. Points. Probably the two biggest rivalries in all of college football beats it to move. The eighth home -- one as the fourth ranked team in the country against number one Alabama and spot a while Auburn. That spot and all but at the big house -- Ohio State can win it 24 straight ball game. But if being -- Michigan it's the wolverines to a twelve point dog at home they've only -- though one home team in the in the Brady Hoke era that was earlier this year two at Nebraska what is the play between the wolverines and the -- back. -- -- -- what they wanted to a national championship picture and I think that the Mets would like to see that. Because they're -- team if they -- on the table again there's going to be. That they did don't they to at least get a chance to play in the national championships and stay on the big -- -- -- year. What -- -- I think in this spot. They're -- just way too many points remember. According -- and I think mine we like most. Make -- -- knew it was plain state. I probably make the game can calm believe it -- not. And I know when you look at -- -- you that that team and -- -- number. Numbers because they played absolutely nobody in this case is. Think you're -- in football what the the BC and Ohio State and not what the oddsmakers at Ball State like Michigan and that's when I think -- After a tough loss but I'm not forget the team that played but it -- -- on the ticket to get on the Spurs plane that. Over the last couple weeks now but. And let's not forget this in the game. -- The playbook because that plane before work here so -- is -- championship game. I think get a great upper Michigan I think they'll keep it within two touchdowns. And believe me I think they covered the spread be surprised if people -- and -- everything and it ops that is deep in Ann Arbor. -- I'll ask -- Gundy a union managed to gain they showed a parent to all the TV you can't generate as they showed. All of the would have bagels enough already -- all campus -- Aaron -- out of the 2010 Lambeau with -- with the biggest point have a this is what has so past that now before Auburn noble want Alabama you big call and offer enough to make a fraud all season long they sort of lost the dog's about eight. Look at the part of the game they're a team that point on the -- at home. If I am -- -- winner goes on to the SEC championship game. Did that lead and I wouldn't do. It because they checked my ego but it's the work and it. Admit I'm wrong -- -- weeks ago. -- -- so that was saint. Absolutely. -- that I talked to that I she apparently well at all it is opportunities but -- when he gets what they've got lucky against Georgia. But that's what good teams do. -- -- -- -- -- -- And but I know there's probably no one and down because as a team that's -- Split gains and into the and but -- can you. Know Alabama is the talent now that we know. Number one even -- -- Florida State's number one was this team -- -- applies here but yet if you don't talk to be don't know. And well this year. Tainted -- looked like a team of destiny and I think they're gonna show up and did some problems but anytime. You have. Operation against Alabama and that that confidence that rushes for six point four yards per carry. Bring 120 yards on the ground there and tested against Alabama defense that Al west and Andrei but I think they. Think that that's open but I think Utley and looked -- Success and and keep it close and it's not that we like. Finally there's not -- out there that the people. Out of the 24 point favorite in this game now and it may be open to it now. -- -- two touchdowns last minute it. A few months ago. And -- I can't say I would be well on the Alabama but that they didn't like. According. To the defeat that -- is to keep winning and money. Took the good. Beat out regardless so it. So I'd say take the points what I would I would -- so hopefully it right and they hang in Alabama. Culpable before we get beyond blocks the weeks of gravel gained the office. In southern cal. Trojans. Final game of the regular season does that count because Arizona State put a monkey makes -- think last week it but their ticket. That the pac twelve championship game bugs in the UCLA if not that would be on the line here. Southern cal played thirteen game disease that they only team in division one doing that they've played Hawaii earlier in the year this habit thirteenth game there at four point favorite. Oakland UCLA in the battle of -- And out series where home field that matter even if they're they're a rivalry like -- in state rivalry and and yet that team has done it done. And bad -- definitely. Can and USC has some revenge. In mind at the -- might tend last year has four point favorite. That they absolutely dominate your feeling that they -- in -- in 2011. They've won by two touchdowns and 2010. Three touchdowns in 20091. Point three touchdown to balcony to the US and I think that's gonna continue on the ice. Look at it that out and -- them and myself there's been in the paper and that makes this -- problem cannot seem that once. The Cubs would go on it is that the light went on and he got. They have that -- at the points lead and it being. Commonplace they could be anybody any Saturday. And I think they're gonna just put -- beat -- on -- feel like -- Saturday so for me I think it's like a little bit too short it probably should be -- I don't southern cal before the wind was. Know what the trojans the pound metal -- to the palmetto State's South Carolina includes of the Cox thought I appointment. Yeah I mean the problem when a team. What state to national championship and and that the rug gets pulled out from under them big -- -- -- -- leaving them well and I think that. Dictate where. Clemson -- on the flip side if you look at South Carolina -- -- team that a couple of weeks and everybody kinda gave up you know -- -- and the talk for the going to be able to compete in the SEC it up for a chance in the SEC championship game. -- early on they lost to Tennessee. Did Georgia in September and the clock would -- but the pressure was all of them. On the web -- clemson's ball. The tape and -- and in the the past focal point. And lost forty almost forty points helped them out on the Clemson looked good the last three weeks that the spread the recently. But any time they step it up. They got beat up and immediately make that up. Against -- -- because they don't -- and it one record against absolutely nobody. Well let's find South Carolina played some tough games like tissue when your SEC -- Hopefully as he's been in this one and only the -- with South Carolina I think they should be a touchdown paper you'll be in the -- about five by itself. Like the -- in the game as well. I'd be all the fought digital box one final one LA issue 25 points spot oval all consult Friday afternoon against them. The only problem -- had a letdown factor you know because last week there was that a big game but -- Alabama. The acting as it was to get out there and play a good team and shut -- and they do not like they beat. Tech -- -- and then dominated. Them and they out rushed them -- 2160. Yards and help and got absolutely not thing. Compared to what he's done all season one as well it's I -- chances of -- -- stop -- lap down but I don't think. LSU is in a position where they're. But sport in the -- and against the people they should be able to do that was involved lost eight straight games and it's not by accident that that. That the team and Albert into Louisiana State which. -- -- -- somewhere in it's it's a bit respect. Yeah their exit at there it goes -- now and I think they're gonna cover that spread that they should be able to beat them by four touchdowns -- If you leave the game alone I don't think there's any value in his start in Arkansas gave them problems last year losing by only seven at home. Are right beyond you to -- you desperately needs a good week all pro and Collins Collins give us a lot. I spoke to everybody's talking about these that try it sexy and all these rivalries and but the but the problem is that you'd catch. It -- that -- the same. -- potential ticket. And -- that. Of people at the what you and there's two -- I would really like that it was gonna say even there on the schedule numbers and tell -- like now we're at the point with. -- New Mexico State that has been pretty much every now and again. As do that I respect and doing well and they think I don't know that covered the spread. But it's probably going to be able so -- in this game and and I play on Friday night. And nine against Fresno state and the lines drop it is once again. The short. On the ball and he'd time the team undefeated like Brett that was toward the end as he and oddsmakers. Piling. Up points -- and the cop because all -- -- -- in and that's what happened but it split that. Beijing's -- there's only been out here and I think they did. So there. But -- he can do -- they'll pick up the Saints take -- -- -- and com and and also take in state plus the eight. And and against Pittsburgh and we -- game but the bad thing him. On the opening game that was of the too. Now they're both those states I like both those sides. He is the job they Estrada of make this run that make Estrada a pregame that company don't just eaten it there but into the holiday. Easy on it too big giving Egypt Turkey day here Friday Saturday or Sunday peaks. As -- -- -- B -- -- well we get the Saints in Seattle on Monday what Tokyo the week -- keep it to give us the Seattle at saint Pete is so we're we're still look at ways away accidents that. Predominantly now. Thanks again began it was it happy Thanksgiving as they -- and thanks again for -- tournament. Thank you BR we appreciate. All right was the Turkey down at him and he show qualities good to a lot of lines -- they've been line up all season long and over the continually trying to. In the post season but this Ohio been handed. They got a week off didn't know before a national seed in the course of fall compensation we -- and we if he's team went from being unranked. Had them before in the country. SE the line of football coach Ron Roberts -- as Nick's right here all of sport to visit WW. And welcome back to sports sock we go to the quarterfinal round of the state playoffs Friday night it's the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football round up it is also. State semi finals for a couple. That the agents as well so we always a total boards -- ninth state champions. These here in the state of wheezing and a four prep football a couple of up we've got some big games across the state of Louisiana Warren Easton. At east deficit itself online game of the week CE verdict holy cross. -- -- -- down collected it sent to a bad news he also had sandy. Saint Augusta provides an rubble Raiders. Attack currency than -- -- the list goes on and on it we will be. And my home down Amy and we can't take out the Warriors coach all the -- the boy you talk about. A monkey wrench thrown into the class 38. Nobody expected of -- any of these teams to beat him but number eighteen seed in a number -- the both -- winning last week not an awesome bar higher seeds if need -- we'll entertain all -- them. Friday night for -- -- Russell memorial stadium. -- -- that we -- in -- for the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football Rhonda we look forward. Today and it Friday it is October -- L if you and Arkansas with thoughtfully at Manny you know 130 kickoff. -- -- Tokyo followed by the point after a little little point after from -- meet in the -- -- for the off the typical prep football not a well a year ago he was named interim coach and I'll heat the it was got -- Jack -- a huge huge victories including one that brought a year and the also Grambling and Jackson State they also -- -- just now they head coach of this way. Division champs on their way this -- championship game to play. The Jackson state Tigers have a couple of weeks but first a big game Saturday at Mercedes-Benz superdome against. Rival -- of state coach Odom thank you so much for joining us we appreciate -- haven't. And talk about the southern jaguar which have been able to do this year and I think a lot of us are last year coach. Which you -- able to establish in this ballclub knew how to win in some big games a year ago -- carried over this season. But I mean it I think is just a continuing process we need our our process and you know as a coach you gotta believe me process and we. He neat little things and know. I'm playing there when you used to the other programs -- that he. How to do it and became successful I'll travel pool from that and not try to put together oriented that makes us successful. -- discipline and accountability in the road negativity in. You know just stay positive and everything that you do mean you know I've got the occasional tool in the sweet days they'll plot to victory. Coach you've been able to do a lot of things offensively run the ball we need to run the ball -- DeAndre Joseph leads the conference Tuesday passing yards about 275. Bobo can't talk about this -- has it progressed the way you would have liked it too throughout the season leading to a division championship and an athletic conference game. Well you know this is -- -- we have some talent there is equivalent to what I call a and machine you know is sometimes it can produce produce at a fast pace sometimes it is slows down and and and requires that you run the balls so. -- don't have field that would have we need here lately. -- -- the -- we knew when we do let that you feel people that we need a touchdown to give back in the game more what's most accountable he it'll stop to get off the field I'm not have been able to do that is not stigma and often for that because we play -- play very good situation hopeful moment and that's what we practicing on game together those scenarios that come up with the game -- is. It's small some scenarios throughout the game and I'm probably in a great job that there. Coach and you know what you look it -- -- ballclub going to the a's gain on the season on an opportunity to continue to. A -- wins all of a record you've already clinched a division you will play this activity game. Six into account base evidence for. I you're you're said it before -- we don't take losing count that we don't like to do it but in the trench coat at the the first two loss of the season Houston all western state. It was nineteen to fourteen which game you had several opportunities to win at home against Jackson in your loss and no without all -- point four. 238 today coach you being in every game real tight end in some of the big victory the defense has stepped up. But talk about the outs impressive with the wins but even in the losses coach to all corners and Jackson State yet chances -- when I was going. Well and practice but we talk about. When it channels Tony's -- and company we -- those -- -- -- with a chance to win in the fourth quarter. You know that's anybody's football game and we believe that we have Omar it was on the Windmills gangs and we came social issue of who we we won our first years so if we continue to build in this process I really think this as we get teams into the fourth quarter -- -- -- relational -- in the game. A lot more than we are right now. Coach motives. The -- you classic you you have embraced is you -- now won last year and this has always beat the game is -- And a family that about it battle Thanksgiving Day is so I don't diagram it's that it's on the maintenance that circuit it's outside so writes that it and Malcolm and a late Saturday night and he gave back but is that -- that a drone. And black and gold on one side in blue and gold or below on the other side. How big of a robbery is difficult how the eighteenth does it get in the preparation prepare for a big game like it. Well I think it's a great run and I think uses -- -- to a man and mean all among non all over the country nation and because this is drive that we you know and I was talking about -- -- deficit. You know who couldn't. I don't know we'll sit down in in as fans well -- -- -- -- imagination blue -- On a week in world. -- plans Carrasco on homers plan Alabama forms there Florida State. You also. Grounded vs. If there -- an -- and realize it is important for them to -- And be a point it is -- blog and I don't know why we have because you know I don't know that I came here because. You know I'm globe watched him. So hopefully in seen in all thank you. You know I'll start in nine years old school I've been known or just about that moment they've had the body -- Don't think give you knew who will be one HB CU football game I don't -- our -- of -- -- with these institutions. Won't come out supporting the team to take it to the next level. Yet and you know coaching you know they seem to take those that further it up I'm now -- -- only. Of course SES now but I I grew up go to like you that they were it was always division one double late that that I know it's all on national televised me every year. Nobody else can say this this this is huge for both he's booted a it dead on our direct at me mean a lot more and if you certainly saw the ball to the championship but. The Marines everything that goes on in the city -- this is traditions and and I think it is just so much involvement. It's a huge bowl game and and I know you guys are looking forward to about. I've been in have been blessed to be a part of the media today it's one of the most special thing that and I -- chance to go to out of a follow to this week it. It was a great thing to have answers on the field that Cuba. We don't know how it used to be and he got that -- believe we flew all I mean this is Graham and me you now. Thinking that Allen naps and televise classic a lot of these you can use -- Clinton's. But this is -- -- -- team people all war and -- -- it -- time celebrate the two institutions in embrace what you ask the people believe in which you have people spouse support. Coach also an old head football coach of the Southern University Jaguars seven of sports that into account play and Saturday afternoon in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Won a greater robberies and all of sports is is the buy -- -- of 130 kick off. Coach motives thank you so much foot -- it lucky you -- the jags Saturday at the -- -- grabbed it's that. It. Are -- don't thank you very much today you know what bought me an opponent that robbery in the gray area around -- -- and support them daddy is that I've got into. In the media it is able to interview coach rob coach Pete Richardson though we have the guy Michael old -- -- -- -- called to Washington was there when he was that so this is a big one a a very big game. And a bottle on assignment because they article it. The west division but they wanna continue to out of the wins and the ball coach dawson's vote on the short on a on east they haven't built a solid recruiting class. The other awful missed a tremendous season is seen as a we'll come back and -- -- sick of them but now right now if you wanna treated to some great NBA basketball it's the pelicans. And the Golden State Warriors a 1053 coming up X 870 AF it is scoop at the ability hero but there was talk of sports they. Is that we get real. And welcome bank. -- now here are all on sports talk. 2601878668890. Rate Sammy -- -- -- now -- chains like that network. And is who you put too brave and elements he even with a plastic up here and who knows. Until -- -- miss -- -- good match. I can even if I think it is not what it's cold I know people listen to us at 38 states have not a guy. How. -- how -- act. -- -- happening and we take it upon Downey is Cole it. It's a damp cold to battle your way you know you can when you look at your hand you know upon meeting him deep in the game when you get like. The bottom that you think and you move -- in an excellent. From down to the did you think Ortiz thought Vietnam degree fever is too cold you know it's too cold to be outside off and wait and it. But it looks like it's going to be a cold to be week in good for football how long -- water at sailboats the -- can't rule five and we got some great football -- for the triple heading here. Thursday starting with Green Day. And Detroit Oakland and Dallas followed -- going in the we have seen off the music the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore. Ravens in Friday October thought that's out of it should be. Death -- Tiger Stadium last two home games cold cold and -- and they -- going to be the game that you weren't as Friday. The will be at this target Manny him -- -- -- -- to LHU and Arkansas by the eBay and myself. And hand it is the Tigers and -- the golden boot is on the line Friday. In Death Valley and at the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep full blown out of followed by a three point after after LA if you will -- -- -- on W Rosa memorial stadium. Any meet the winner moves on to the final four the states and not bounce in class 38. Coach Altman who to follow this team be lawyers but topped off with a -- -- as they. Beat Yvonne Johnson. AKA affects -- noticed that name you know Warriors are roller right now with Amy in that means I'll let them. Also birdied holy cross continents and so you name it will -- football you. Coming up Friday night thanks so much to allison's it durocher all that and what to -- them the ability. Delicate basketball auto factories go to -- -- seventy --