WWL>Topics>>11-26 8:10pm Scoot: healthy Thanksgiving

11-26 8:10pm Scoot: healthy Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about how to make Thanksgiving Dinner healthier.

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Reading -- onto our show on this very chilly Tuesday night it is cold. Disorganization just a few minutes -- dollar is amazed at -- -- it is it was just go over just a couple of the things concerning the weather right now. On there is a wind advisory. In effect for most of some most of itself the lake from 9 PM tonight until 6 o'clock tomorrow morning. Winds up to thirty miles per hour with higher gusts expected. Coastal flood warning in effect for Orleans parish because of the strong north winds going across the lake. There could be some flooding on the South Shore of lake country outside of the protected -- areas. Are hard freeze warning in effect for north of the late tomorrow more on Thursday morning. -- lows in the mid twenties protects pipes plants pets and people. Like freeze warning in effect for all areas south of the -- Thanksgiving morning. So if that includes the New Orleans area so keep that in mind it's going to be windy cold 60% chance of rain. Until 3 o'clock tomorrow morning. And it's this could be mixed with some sweet. In the northern area -- especially around. Mississippi Louisiana border. I know accumulation is expected. A lot of sunshine expected by tomorrow afternoon less wind and temperatures in the mid forties so it is gonna get better but we've got to get through tonight. Now since we cover 38 states across the country will do the best we can't keep you in touch with this winter storm that is moving across the country. And many of you may be driving in that right now if you do when a caller shooter ninth. With our weather updates and if you could do it safely on what you get on the phone and and not doing if you can't do it safely. But he you can get on the phone and do it safely if there's somebody in the car with you when you're at a sent this text. -- -- calling with any updates concerning a sweet. Snow in some areas. And this is gonna be moving my me sleep mostly in the Tennessee area and two to the north into the east of us. I'm so if you do wanna give us an update our toll free number across the country is 8668890870. 86688. -- early seventy and a text number is 877. Also tonight will will talk about. Some of the some of the things that you need to remember when you're driving nice in and I realize that for those of us in the deep south it's something that we don't have to deal with -- often. But when you have to deal with the idea yet you have to deal with it and there are some basic things to remember first of all. If you had to pick -- truck. -- an issue the you're no tougher than anybody else out -- when becomes ice and and I'm I'm not saying this in a derogatory way. But statistics show that in in parts of the country that deal with rain and ice bring the turns to ice and snow. There's a disproportionate amount of trucks Finnish movies that end up in collision -- Getting fixed because for some reason people have this idea it. If if there and truck or there and an -- -- well nothing can happen to me don't be stupid. You're no better off than anybody else in Europe -- V or in your truck and I noted the truckers say driving across the country tonight or any time. I know that they would be the first to tell you give them space. Do you of them a lot of room and if you're one of those drivers that loves to. Tailgate. I don't know why you feel the need to do that but if you -- the tailgate don't do it on a night like this again if you put into an issue with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. And our tool for number is 866889070. In a text number is 877. It's time for tonight's topic today -- of the top eight things we like you know it was we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. Or an amazing milestone in rock history is about to be reached. It has been announced. That Mick Jagger. Will be a great grandfather early next year. For a generation that never envisioned itself getting old. One of the iconic symbols of the rock generation Mick Jagger is going to be a grandfather. Early next year. His daughter jade has 21 year old daughter a CC in and she's expected to give birth early next year I. I I imagine it's a great being on a great granddad. But she said she sure that nick doesn't like the idea of getting old she calls a mic and she says she will continue to Collie mixed. And not granddad. Mic check her a great grandfather amazing. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Stanley Cup might have seen the Sunday night family and I killed off one of the main beloved characters in this in the show. The show was titled life of Bryant. And they killed Brian Brian is dead. The martini sipping family dog is hit and killed by a speeding car. In the episode. Brian. Lying in the street lifeless in. He looked up and said. You've given me a wonderful life. I love you'll. And with that he closed his eyes. Forever. The Griffey Sammy didn't waste any time they went and got a new dog named Vinny. The voice is an actor who played Paulie walnuts. On The Sopranos -- guy producer said that Bryant's fatal accident was a fun way to shake things up. How does that sit with an animal of a fun way to shake things up let's just -- Bryant. You know this -- started a whole campaign he should have been -- number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Cracked down on -- While behind the wheel car has led to the State of New York equipping. It equipping troopers. State troopers with 32 additional suvs for a better view of motorist for texting while driving that they can look they can look down on it's a it's a better perspective. A New York State is one of 41 states Louisiana is among those where texting behind the wheel is illegal. And it's so one of only twelve states that actually prohibit the use of hand held cell phones when you're behind the wheel. Now over two -- crackdown this summer 5553. Tickets were given out for those who were texting and driving. Compared to 924. Over the same period. Last year I mean it is an amazing so anyway you. You know it's it's interesting how they will find. They'll find ways. 22 to get an and they showed that it look there are a lot of people who were still texting and driving. And you shouldn't need a law Italian that that's dangerous but I have to admit. That I would occasionally do that behind the wheel of a car. Until I really started to think about it until there was talk of a law. This says you shouldn't Tex by your driving and it is dangerous you don't even supposed to I think check your tax I don't think you should be texting year a checking your social media or anything. If FaceBook -- -- -- -- -- No message is really that important. And for those of us who have a bad habit and I admit that I am among them. For those of us who had that bad habit of texting people we know. Are behind the wheel of the car we know they're -- we know their alone in the car and we text them and expect an answer back. It's really not the right thing to. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- shows that American voters would vote for or leaning toward voting for a Republican candidate. Over a democratic candidate for congress. In the upcoming 2014 mid term elections. According to this new poll 49%. Would vote for or leaning toward voting for a Republican. And 47% would vote for Democrat. This has changed since last month when 50% of those supported or lean towards supporting a Democrat. And 42% said a Republican. Obamacare is obviously. Damaging the image of Democrats and I -- here locally. Mary Landrieu is having to battle with -- vote for obamacare but this is a big change last month. 50% said they would vote for or lean toward voting for a Democrat. Now 49% say they would vote for or lean toward voting for a Republican. Only 47% now. -- Democrat. And we have yet to hear the last the the the after effects. Of song post. Back. I guess you could call it to super storm vomit care number for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Legendary -- classic is Saturday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome southern university. And Grambling State. And it brings a huge party atmosphere to new worlds here just a few of the things happening this weekend. I'm thirsty Thanksgiving Day from 330 to 530 there is that by you classic parade in downtown there Wallace. Then on. Friday night from six until 10 PM in the Mercedes-Benz superdome there is the huge battle of the bands and that is quite a battle. Saturday at 130 it's the fortieth annual buy you classic. And this is really cause I I think southern. Holds the lead over Grambling. On twenty to nineteen so it's really very close. I'm and a PD what you know that parking enforcement personnel are going to be out and they're going to be looking for illegal parking. This would include blocking fire hydrants. Driveways. Sidewalks. -- parking within twenty feet of a crosswalk intersection or stops and so. The best advice is part in a legal place. Side because the EU will probably get a ticket to and who knows she might actually get time it's it's just really networked it's so. Try to park in the legal spot but enjoy yourself and we welcome everybody who is going to be in town. Some of you may be in town now some -- you might be driving in this direction right now heading to New Orleans. The the legendary by you classic Saturday in Mercedes-Benz superdome but the festivities begin Thanksgiving Day. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. More -- and more ignorant comments. Number one. Rush Limbaugh used -- To make a point about the new anti filibuster rule in the -- -- Now I'm not exactly sure. Win the -- gonna go out. For Republicans and conservatives in particular. To stop. Using. Rape. As an analogy for anything. And also stopped using slavery -- discussed for everybody but it just it it seems like for some reason I remember this last year during the presidential election. It seems like for some reason Republicans are are more prone to use rape as some kind of an analogy. Not than Democrats and and again the memo has to go out don't use rate and don't use slavery. Number two in terms of the -- on our list of the more hates more ignorant comments -- list tonight. -- MSNBC host Alec Baldwin the actor was suspended and now his weekly show has been canceled. Now we're not exactly sure whether it's been cancel or whether he has resigned. But all of this is following a controversy concerning an anti gay slur. Against a photographer. On the streets of New York. Now I should know MSNBC. Is so liberal leaning network. Fox is the conservative leaning network MSNBC is the liberal leaning network and and I know many you argue that all the other networks are liberal leaning networks. But you know Alec Baldwin. Shouted out this anti gay sort I guess we can pretty much figure out what he says let. I sympathize with Alec Baldwin and those people who have paparazzi in their faces all the time. And paparazzi can be very. Obnoxious. They can be very intrusive. But if you're a public person like Alec Baldwin. You can't go around in public shouting out anti gay or racist or sexist slurs. And if you do you have the freedom to do that but if you do there will be consequences. And number three. On now another and I'm one other example on the list of vote more hated more ignorant comments. MSNBC host -- for sheer. Has apologized for a graphic comment he made about Sarah Palin. Per -- was commenting on Sarah Palin comparing US indebtedness to China to slavery. Which was ignorant. But Denver -- was ignorant and hateful when he said that Sarah Palin should be punished the same way that some slave owners. Punish their slaves. And while I could legally do this on the year. I'm gonna try to say it's a little more. Diplomatically. I'm apparently -- south some slave owners would punish their slaves buy. Making number two or urinating on their faces. And so Barbara -- was a little bit more. Eloquence and I was just now he was a little bit more graphic. Describing what they do on your face and and whether it's number one or number two. And so he's apologize that but there are a lot of people who still think that depart for sheer. Should be. Suspended or even fired and you know it really it really seems to see if there is more hate. It comes from the left. On TV on broadcast -- on the streets of America in the bars of America. I hear they hate from conservatives. But when it comes to people on MSNBC. For some reason they have this temptation. To get really really ugly. The whole network. Needs. To be -- And their continuing to fall on the raised up by the way CNN and fox have also dropped in the ratings from where they were last year. But MSNBC has dropped by far the most affect about twice as much as fox and CNN. -- dropped from last year and remember last year was the presidential elections so that might have had a lot to do with more viewership for the cable news channels. Has essentially been going on some people just don't I don't watch many if you watch all the time regardless of what is going on. But I just you know there there are some examples of people who on MSNBC -- -- -- really really hateful things. And I and they've they've also been -- things about the president as well did you know if if the network wants to try to succeed they need to worry about being less hateful and simply more. Entertaining. Number two it's a nice list of the top eight at eight. Thanksgiving is a time to read and enjoy what ifs and this is a very very big. If you wanted to make -- -- healthier less fattening Thanksgiving. What could you do and still enjoy the Thanksgiving feast. You know I. I got a lot of criticism last year. For publicly. Announcing what I do. And I will do it again this year and it's something that you might consider to look I don't want anybody to feel guilty. I don't want anybody to not enjoy Thanksgiving. And I'm not gonna criticize anybody who wants it just absolutely. Pig out Thanksgiving Day. More than wants you know you eat a little bit and then he would take a nap this and then you watch a little TV in the lead again as sometimes and -- eat again. So this is not criticism of as anybody who is just gonna totally enjoy Thanksgiving Day however. If you would like to make Thanksgiving a little healthier and less fattening. And by the way I'm not a doctor and I know our nutritionist. But I just use a little common sense. So if anything we talk about tonight does it make sense to you for some reason or if you have. If you have reason to believe that what I'm suggesting is that a good idea that by all means call the show. And -- before tell you what I I do it all up to that in just a few minutes by I did something additional to do the turkeys it did cause a lot of people to just. On scream heresy. That it was just so wrong to do despite -- something that I do and I'm gonna do it again this year and by the way to Turkey turns out to be just delicious. In fact I will be tweeting out a picture. Of the Turkey before and after went to see what it looks like he could join me on Twitter at scoots. WL. But let's some what share tips for those who would like to try to make it a healthier Thanksgiving and if you wanna join our show whether a tip tonight our numbers 260. 1870. 20386688. Nines here -- seventy and a text number is 87 the a's haven't. And finally tonight number one on tonight's list of the top maintaining. Millions of Americans are traveling planning travel over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and and -- you're traveling right now. There's a big storm big winner storm that is causing flights to be delayed or totally cancel. And for those traveling by car you might find some roads covered with ice there might be since -- areas making driving very dangerous. So tonight we'll talk about some advice for traveling this holiday weekend. Plus there are so many so many adults traveling with kids. And they don't they don't travel. That often with kids but this time of year a lot of adults traveling with -- And especially when you're playing. On these amateur travelers. I. Don't always make life easy for. The rest of us on the play. So what we'll talk about tonight is what two kids do that makes travelling less enjoyable for you. And are -- less tolerant. Of children. Or have we become less tolerant of parents. Who can't control their kids. And the -- blog tonight is titled surviving the Thanksgiving madness. You can read that and if if you were planning any kind of Thanksgiving. Trip any kind of Thanksgiving gathering if you were gonna go to with Thanksgiving gathering with family. I recommend this blog to you. And I recommend that you share with everybody who's going to be there because this blog may actually help keep the peace this Thanksgiving. Surviving the Thanksgiving madness. It's a scoop like tonight's trending on our web sites. It's heavy WL dot com front page under our opinions if you wanna join us for the comic tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a text number is 877. I'm scoop on this chilly. Tuesday nights and we'll be right back live from New Orleans on WW well. The colder windy night and that's not gonna end until tomorrow now tomorrow afternoon we're gonna see a lot of sunshine and it's gonna actually. -- -- second warmup it's going to be in the forties tomorrow. A similar between forty to 47 will be higher tomorrow but to the wind's gonna die down and we will see some sunshine however tonight. Freezing wind advisories on both sides of the late. And all on the North Shore tomorrow night hard freeze advisory in effect and there's a possibility of sleet. I'm in some areas of -- short tonight if you happen to be in any of the sleet and and you're driving you would give us an update on where -- if you could do it safely. And I've -- show it to 601870. And if you're outside of that the area code two you want to give us call our toll free number is 866. 8890870. And we welcome those of you were listening tonight on year cellphones on your tablets your computers and wherever you -- night welcome to our -- Also low wind advisory does remain in effect for areas -- south of the lake until 9 o'clock tomorrow I know until a -- from 9 o'clock tonight. Until 6 o'clock tomorrow morning wins thirty miles an hour with higher gust. Now coming to the station just a little while ago it was very windy. And it's gonna get even windier tonight to the wins are gonna kick up it's gonna make it feel even colder than it really is. This is set Thanksgiving week. And so tonight we'll talk about thank you both talk about Thanksgiving tomorrow night as well it in fact the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Which will be tomorrow night. That is one of the biggest nights. For bars. And clubs where advancement of the top cancer playing it to -- hall. Places that have -- in any activities they will be absolutely packed tomorrow night it's a big guy to go out. People get crazy -- Wednesday before Thanksgiving and you know a lot of those people can actually. Go home. And they're gonna wake up hung over and then they're gonna have to start dealing with food. Now I don't know about you but when I've been hung over and -- the last thing I wanted to do is prepare a meal. And so you know if you are gonna plan that Thanksgiving -- just have a good time tomorrow night but don't. Now try not to to overdo we'll talk more about that on the show tomorrow night. But this is -- Thanksgiving week in many if you're planning or thinking about it Thanksgiving gathering but he can hosted or you're going to be part of it. The Thanksgiving feast is symbolic of that very first Thanksgiving in 1621. Now actual documents don't really provide too much solid evidence about the details of the very first Thanksgiving but it was a believed to be. And this time of year in 1621. And we have all come to celebrate this as a data give thanks for all the we've been blessed with a particular. The -- the bounty of food that we have in front of -- Thanksgiving Day. The first Thanksgiving was a gathering between the new settlers from England and native Americans. And they gathered to give thanks for the -- that year. Each year that the harvest which sustain people for the entire -- but the couldn't go to the store and it couldn't -- -- -- A windy they couldn't they could just go out to the store when they need to something they did they had dipped harvest what they they could and that would last them for the entire winner. And you know back then. Of people actually died of starvation and died from the -- now unfortunately. That still happens today. But it's not quite as common it's still just a sand. In fact when you think about the world today in all it's available it might even be more sand in the context -- the world we live in and then in the past. But it's sent -- it's still sad but it was it was it was quite different. On some artists -- -- -- over you know because who remember you know -- landed in. In Plymouth Plymouth Rock Massachusetts. Now if they would -- straight a little bit and landed in Florida. We know that might have been a whole different story I mean we might be having lobster for Thanksgiving for that matter. What they would have landed in Georgia the Carolinas we might be having a Thanksgiving clients. So it really could have been netted a totally different. Now I've realized that Thanksgiving is a time to eat. And enjoy eating. So I don't wanna make you feel guilty and I don't wanna criticize your -- and I'm not being critical of your plans to absolutely pig out on Thanksgiving Day. And am I judging anybody -- does it. But if and I know this is -- biggest. You wanted to have a healthier Thanksgiving I I thought we would share some ideas with you know last year I mentioned something that I do every year -- will do it again this year. A lot of criticism Ford. A lot of just hateful emails because of of when I do. But it's something that I I will again do and I will still enjoy Thanksgiving. I cut all the skin off the Turkey. And I cut all the fat off the Turkey. And that makes the -- less fattening. And to me that makes the whole Turkey. Less -- it and you know you might look at Turkey and and think there's there's not much fan on it. I -- attorneys just a little over fifteen pounds. And that's something else and I'm gonna tweet out that -- -- may get a -- our our FaceBook page but for those of you don't think there's any fatter and Turkey. I'm gonna show you the pilot that it tweet out Thanksgiving morning I'm gonna tweet out a pile of fast that comes from the Turkey. Now again this is not something you have to do when I realize this is a controversial. Thanksgiving practiced but if you did one -- -- healthier Thanksgiving. And you don't have to. But if you did you might wanna cut the skin off the Turkey. Now a friend of mine came over last year. And she was expecting this really try tasting Turkey. It actually turned out to be quite moist. And -- will talk but I'm not a professional cook but I do know how to cook some things in Turkey every year has been my tradition. So. Tonight and throughout the show let's say let's share ideas that might take it a slightly healthier. A Thanksgiving you can -- show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890. At seventy. And a text number there's a 77. And also when it comes to the gravy I don't I don't in any flower. To -- to the great yet and I I know that did thick gravy is this is part of Thanksgiving for many of you but that's one way to may -- make little healthier. You could still enjoyed. The Turkey. I cooked the Turkey with with -- Now I choose to use beef broth. You might when he used chicken broth but I like the I like the more robust. Contrast of the beef broth and the -- and the Turkey. So use what you want but I I use -- broth and combined that with a natural juices of the Turkey and to me. It's perfect it's not the thick gravy but it might be a little better for. Now I do make stuffing. I'm trying to be too much of it I used lean Turkey sausage instead of the good stuff. But it's still stopping and it's still it's still reminds me of Thanksgiving because it's got the bell Peppers and onions and and they shallots and everything else everything else and as far as the green bean casserole was concerned -- I've -- that. First of all hold the -- the string beans that come in the cans. Which I grew up on a lot of sodium there. So you might wanna get fresh string beans. And instead of just the regular mushroom soup peaking at the 98% fat free mushroom soup. And if you need something crunchy on top like that in the fried onion bats -- just don't just don't overdo it or just you know skip that part. What suggestion would you have for somebody who wants to try to make it a healthier Thanksgiving. Our numbers 2601878. And again there might not be people who even wanna think about making it LB -- Thanksgiving but. I'm not a perfect eater I eat stuff sometimes it's bad for me but I've always thought about. That they calories in the factory and did you take it on Thanksgiving and for people like me who are a little bit. Britannia when it comes to these kind of things a little bit uptight. Oh we thought we talk about some of the ways to make -- slightly healthier Thanksgiving. Our number is 2601870. Toll free 86688. Irons nearly seventy. -- numbers 87870 here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight during a Thanksgiving gathering. What are you most likely to get into an argument about. Politics. Religion. Family issues. Or white vs dark -- Give -- sure that you are going to our website Debbie WL dot com this is the -- chill will be right back demoralized from New Orleans on -- WL. It's cold it's raining in downtown New Orleans right now let's go to chief meteorologist -- had to be bureau Eyewitness News weather center -- -- -- their shortest. With an update on this weather -- what's the latest. We've got some rain -- -- through the area the upper low passing over southeast Louisiana so we're gonna rain until about maybe 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning at -- -- is. And it's gonna continue to push off toward the east so by -- the morning commute on Wednesday. We should have a drier conditions and maybe start -- -- -- -- of sunshine by the morning but. In the afternoon we'll start to have more and more such shots the possibility of lead is still there it's a remote chance but it's going to be hard courts. Now can you -- if we -- on the style story in areas north to -- sure you could -- palate were not expecting it. Any accumulates in the more likely of the fleet will be a lot of the Louisiana Mississippi border towards them Mississippi. Northern tangible and with a washed in pairs but again we're not expecting any travel problems that in any area of southeast Louisiana grout just to warm it's been warm even though temperatures are cold. The grounds once and that thing would stick to regret cumulatively that's part of the icing it -- the -- in the forties. By the morning -- the mid to upper thirties we have that wind advisory egos until. Tomorrow across the areas of the -- short for wins that could be it ties thirty miles per hour with stronger gusts. We have a coastal flood warning for. -- -- shortly popped straight along believed there were a strong northerly winds its cold until noon with that northerly winds can push water against the fell short. Could get some playing outside the protected let the areas there. -- Orleans pairs so we are looking at called the campers coming for Thanksgiving morning where we can have a hard freeze where the lake and alike freeze properly. And Carl for those who were traveling to other parts of the country and the northeast at the southern appalachians. Tennessee Kentucky. It's a very very adverse weather in that part of the country. Yet it's gonna be traveling from. -- -- be on northward through the eastern United States the northeastern and eastern seaboard. And that definitely checked your airline secure line because I'm sure there's going to be large amount of delays going on. During the day to Marlins needed it that Thanksgiving morning parts of the east and you. And -- ourselves will snow -- could it get to northern parts of Alabama. The small chance that right now most of its gonna be made the mountains of Tennessee probably. Maybe -- north Georgia mountains might feel a little bit but right now most of the cold there still lagging right behind. The moisture so it made that catch up big time but probably part of Tennessee. -- -- get the extreme northern Alabama and Georgia that's small chance right. Our chief meteorologist Carl Redondo Evian you like withstood several -- -- in a little while. Right and we've got the latest information on the possibility of sleep some sections of the North -- as Carl said. The ground has been warm for a while so this really should not be a factor but we have that information on our website. WWL dot com police information is there. And are giving up to a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight is. During this Thanksgiving. Celebration Richard ago to EU might be hosting it you might be going to a Thanksgiving gathering. What are you most likely to get into an argument about politics. Religion family issues or white vs dark meat is that your opinion we're going to Debbie if you failed to account. Also discuss blog tonight is about surviving. Thanksgiving. And you could find it on our front page just click on blogs which is sit down the I'm down the right column and if you're having any kind of celebration. If you're going to a celebration when -- hosting or going to one. -- read the blog it might help you survive it better it might help keep the peace and also share with anybody family member or friends. That will be joining new. Were coming over to your house for the Thanksgiving gathering if you -- joiner showed comic tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. -- 3866889070. And a text number is 87070. I'm screwed it will be right back on the assists very chilly and rainy breezy Tuesday night. A wind advisory is in effect for most of the area south of the lake from 9 o'clock tonight and I'm from about now. Until 6 o'clock tomorrow morning wins sell up to thirty miles an hour wind -- even higher than net. There's a coastal flood warning in effect for Orleans parish south of the lake. Because a strong north wins pushing that water to the South Shore and this would be on the South Shore of the lake outside of the protected Levy areas. A hard freeze warning is in effect for Thanksgiving morning for north of like -- hard freeze warning. Temperatures in the low to mid twenties so protect pipes plants -- And people. I'm like freeze warning in effect for areas south of the late Thanksgiving morning so protect everything you're supposed to protect. There's about a 60% chance of rain tonight we just -- -- Condo from my channel four. And tell us that the rain is gonna probably be witness until 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning. After those if you who worked -- driving tonight Tim will be a driving after midnight just to keep that in mind if you were to the north of New Orleans. Always a possibility that you can -- to some sleep and just be very careful. When you go across bridges. It's the fact that the bridges exposed in the in the the wind in the air or underneath and on top. Then it leads to icing on bridges before crisis up anywhere else and there's no way to negotiate ice and you just have to go very very slowly. And if I'm not mistaken if you do on -- to skid. But don't break it like if anybody wants to correct -- on this site I've lived in places where. It has been icy and snowy I'm I'm from New Orleans so most of my driving was done here but I've also lived in places where -- there was snow and ice. So correct me if I'm wrong on any of these things that I remember but yeah if you if you are an ice and you start to ski and did they do not slam on the brakes. And also turn in the direction of the out of of the -- And I'm sure you've seen video of this it's been all over the news. The last couple of days this winter storm is causing people to spin out there are. Hundreds. A rollover accidents are in the west and I believe from California to Oklahoma already fourteen people have died. And many of them have been in these in these accidents if you wanna join our show with a comment our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 in a text number is 87870. Here's an update on tonight's seven W a pretty -- opinion poll during a Thanksgiving gathering what are you most likely to get into an argument about politics. Religion. Family issues or white vs dark -- 37%. Say politics. 0% say religion. 32% say family issues and 32% say their most likely to get into an argument about white vs start meet. Give -- opinion -- going to our website WW dot com tractor pull through ownership give you a -- coming appear in just a few minutes we're also talking about how to make Thanksgiving. A slightly healthier. De -- if you even want to do it if you don't then just just take out. But if you have any suggestions on what somebody might do to make it healthy Thanksgiving a -- shown toward your calls coming up.