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Think Tank- Captain Black and Todd Ragusa

Nov 26, 2013|

Some want a boycott of Kanye (CON-yea) West merchandise and his upcoming concert in New Orleans, because the rapper’s clothing line displays the confederate flag. Whose side are you on? Is the rebel flag still a symbol of history or hate? Is it REBEL marketing—which appeals to young people of every color and ethnicity? *Is Kanye West’s use of the rebel flag: free speech, smart, dumb or rebel marketing or a disgrace?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very the first time today -- the 12 o'clock show. Well we'll talk about beliefs and and -- say the latest. Loss of privacy. It was revealed I think it was yesterday they warn you that and Thursday. Have been monitoring deep oceans cyber optic cables. Some consequence by doing that. But they get into Google and Yahoo!. Apple and whoever sells. Without having to go to the company and demanding. The information. At decision I was I was reading about. A stone balloon in the number of companies in the Middle East. There are openly selling the spyware. Two and hook up to this fiberoptic. Ocean cable. Anybody that can report. And a of course who lives the question always through written and most to -- experts from the -- -- Privacy -- is -- get over it you don't have been an important your dog back. Total do you think privacy is that more importantly. Do you really care who did when we do these shows usually liberal below callers don't a lot of text I think you may be -- So -- earlier consciously we've all -- Well welcome we can do about it boats and grow patient this year. 11 o'clock. Talking about a recent poll done it to a couple of reasonable -- to about four months ago moments last week. Image shows that barely 10%. Of the millennial generation which is a whole lot more Georgian relations and -- -- Have any intention at all getting in politics. Doing anything. With the political career. They look at gridlock that look at partisan anger they're convinced nothing can be done so -- -- when it's time again in the business. So we'll talk to a couple of our political consultants and say if this becomes the norm. Do we have the worst politics and we already been -- that pops. It's our -- imprisoned kept in black. And -- crime activist with Brothers against crime. -- -- you here in the studio and he's always involved in something buried in person. Today your beer involved at 1 PM -- New Orleans studio. Pros against crime coalition of individuals and groups that commuted to. Taken responsibility. For urban crime. Old -- column currents. Announcing their boycott or rapper. Kanye West. Rebel flag clothing line and end is December -- -- Orleans -- company. Welcome back to the -- appreciate. Thank you for our -- wise to -- board board is in this clothing line that you think maybe problem. -- would what is he doing concerts and how this'll come. Certainly -- -- an inverse order. This came about biko's on the eve of his first concert tour in five years and in the wake of his marriage to another celebrity. He decided to. Quote. Make the rebel flag zone. He is -- stated objective news when people look at. -- rebel flag confederate flag Saint Andrews cross wherever you referred to. They will thank Kanye West. And when missiles brought to my attention. As share with privately about go to over listening audience. Publicity stunt was the first in the came to -- and and after the membership. In the organization stressed to me repeatedly that there was a potential. For misinformed persons on you this for the issue about the simple. Potentially come into conflict. And -- -- that we needed to at least raise some Omar like up so people if Allen west on the right or Cornell west on the left have sort of -- have a discussion about this period of history in the stumble. I would have been more comfortable than Kanye West who to my knowledge does not have a history -- particularly deep thinker on social issues. Didn't end. What do you what do you expect to get done. And how do you go about. Boycotting the clothing line and I do you go about. Margo Anderson or cutting concert because that's isolated in them being one location. Honey -- who's done. Well fortunately there are a number of activists broke the coach who. Arrived of them on similar conclusion we you know when I'm in -- re prosecuting the war between the standards -- -- our equipment body about the merits. Of the particular implements so. So in various cities for instance of Los Angeles where as an act of -- in Nigeria Ali he -- made it very plain that is. Any storms in the city. Kerry -- clothing line he and his organization will establish a picket lines from a little storms. So. We are trying to use the free market. To persuade -- that perhaps. Perhaps this was not the best. The best marketing game goes granted is on the use achieve museum because people talking about our concerns. And ill conceived publicity stunt like this plume of scab off over barely -- you wound in the American body politic may have some negative consequences. Very uninteresting thought topic can work common right back you have text you wouldn't comment give us text in the 7070. What to -- was called. 260187. Toll free 866. It'd and you -- seven and this is double a deal negate celebrity and mobile five to read -- -- -- -- -- Texas. Don't understand some excellent let's go one more time. Your organization. Group reviewed today Brothers against. Crime and you're gonna be boycotting get to up -- content can be given beating when Peter and -- -- New Orleans and all Brothers and crime. Coalition of individuals groups dedicated to taking responsibility. For urban problem in this. Spotlights on Cohen knew what do you explain that one more time -- parole to sort of short analyst and. Certainly short irons into -- on our -- phone with me. What became very concerned. Young people who don't know anything about this particular emblem. Will confront each Obama on the street corner at the concert. Call. In the most inappropriate fashions and that we are responsible adults have a right to at least raised this concern. And that's the short -- traditional print industry corn some place debate since. All right let's go to attempt of the Washington. Caller just called me and and plunged into a movie you worked with captain black. -- hate him the Euro and double the DO reshoot call. And yes can't regret in my group well developed when we construct. It what are your thoughts and. They're conservative. Or cut it with the well look -- it is and we're in the real well and we will we do not we would -- -- -- like like black. What we know that we have countries like should've -- That we -- ago that you have no idea it would lead to. Murder kidnapping. Little. The Clinton. And that's going to cause problems we also. That white supremacy groups will not. Tolerate it would be. Part what you industry with the objective also. You are -- you bet on it where it would consider themselves won't. Be able. Like they do you orders for example. Would go to act and so -- that. They're going to call the problem we do not lead. Another reason -- QB job. This is my concern but the conference that the public. We will be viewed. On Thursday for the -- of rate Patrick. Literature export. This -- of war and why we do not. Think it will be yet. But it appeared that our children and for that matter being -- You you sir. You're -- Although opportunity. That would mean. -- expected to lead. We will problems although we're. Told that in the country to be. I don't. That we get it at the -- that we. And it should stop there's been ordered its. Competitor reacted in the. Do you have indications. That -- there's a real. A real threat of a conflict. Because. To cut their lack of it. But. It has spoken through something like -- it. -- -- along with other people the color and it. You people saying that. -- week. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is going to be a problem. There will be a problem and it would. -- Oh. It's been pretty. Try to meet the real low. And try to -- -- the it. -- There. Wouldn't be -- Could possibly. Do. That. -- I've. Read millionth time I've seen interviews with. There. Young black men and rappers. That made a lot of money and business. And when we ask him what he keep using in the word there they say because that we take the moral weight you know -- -- it. It -- -- you can no longer bring in knee review boards so. We're doing this to take upon or Galactica -- because you -- he says the same thing. Timothy wanna comment first. Would that. -- -- the only. Such as two opportunities. And it won't win. From that. You can say -- it. But -- could. -- the mystery that we would be a put it in a year that it would -- it. That there. The accuracy but -- -- the American. League and that. -- -- -- -- A -- it. Should be well. We will not stand by the -- And we would not. QB. -- -- -- -- Would it would it. Celtic captain block. And just underscore -- yes I know a lot of younger people say -- -- -- reclaimed in word. And the economy it is attempting to follow on the same line book I've never seen any other group. Use -- were votes that were intended to degrade them. Attempt to you know -- claim them. So I have to respectfully disagree you know I don't think that particular line of reasoning and a lot of you know rappers. You is valid again but they're free to move freedom very opinions. Book I think an excessive focus on the in word just like an obsession. With the past. Does not help -- address some very oppressed and browsers that we have right now on in the pros. -- would what are the dangers of -- That. Moon young people by and large don't even know -- don't even know what it stood -- stands for is -- to stand for me again but -- this time ago wow I didn't know that and that leads to -- That's say that's bad is our primary concern you know worth this part. Of some time April. National debate. Were those part of some effort to bridge gaps and he'll means fun but Lewis whose publicity stunt. I'm entertainer whose primary focuses and make money we're not against people make -- money is not against the law what he's doing. We're just saying where is ill conceived and it goes with -- a very pregnant potential for confrontation. Because some people. -- of an image. And one view obviously -- those in the polls in view. And clashing. On street corners clashing and entertainment venues clashing. In Wal-Mart. Over masseuse who I think is not the best. For all concerned. Are relentlessly brig here welcome back to more calls. We're we're talking about a -- -- of these clothing and it's called Kanye West rebel flag clothing. Clothing line with the rebel flag on it. And there's going to be protest at 1 o'clock today and try to boycott. He is upcoming. Convention. In -- During your wall you come back in and more talk more about this issue -- -- them with you we call that thing. Welcome back -- different show. We have cap from black with the -- and a crime activists with. Brothers against for a minute and -- just so old expert bluntly that. The reason -- had him on the show very humid and upon and use org humans and his concerns. Very intelligent space there at the moderate. Their big -- thinking they're based on information. And demagogue those again details will surprise and -- it didn't seem like what you gonna talk about who often. If you do -- do what we're talking about kept him black and the his organization. And a prime activist with -- Brothers against crime. When Cuban pro notebook City Hall today Brothers against crime it's coalition pro in -- -- from urban -- and they're going to be there and and one of the reasons it is. They're gonna protest the rapper Kanye West clothing and that has rebel flags on. And there are also good to have protests in December of the New Orleans culture. And the reason being of a -- region -- -- concern. But around the country. Not just. Blacks but also kkk hopes oh. People that were anti black could be angered by this through their way or be confrontational. So when partisans who aren't necessarily racists who might ask somebody why you Wear this. Conversations about historically incensed of topics like this I think -- Better and initiate about persons Kanye -- scientists seeing deaths of publicity stunt I don't think he cares about the negative consequences. And we the working class middle class American may have to end of dealing with these consequences far more immediately that he will. We take a little bit different reaction is -- a few minutes we have Peter. About sovereign Goosen Jones consulting principal recruits consultant. A -- welcomed -- sure appreciate call. This is the conservatives as captain black good describes it as a publicity east don't. Is it isn't good. Is is -- few marketing genius is this way. To really whose -- is all -- or is this a mistake. Well garlic and traumatic European personal and -- personally I think it's disgraceful. Professional. Will be some kind of marketing -- Clinton truly -- he or she actually I Alpert -- -- -- not sure. You don't and do rub Britain's real break up with people. If you where you heard for the Good Friday again. It's no breaking up. Of people -- what you call you. Now. Thank you much -- go back to a Timothy. With the use of -- Of the Washington -- with a bullet -- organized. -- you're via attacks again it's. The problem with the whole thing is people think the rebel flag to the pros labor organs of the state. Against government trying to. Sports and football and with the -- the states. -- or more reasons than slavery. We went to grow or within the counters for the scene reason. And then that wouldn't they and what would you thought news. Hill that it would what -- got hurt but it looked well. Including. Slavery it will not it will it will -- well maybe it. -- know that it is it. What is it. That night it looked all -- recruit and to. And on the movement of people and people. With political play -- why should people. Do. -- -- Who do it and of course she will look -- on the -- guarding the -- It's exactly the question I have Cliff Floyd you -- I think there'd be. Big explosion and think people go grades. They would not accept. There but. If you. What we didn't couldn't wouldn't know who -- are hoping that lag. We have put it slavery that let the critical question -- arguably beat the kidnapping. Operation down. And we were able. To keep -- Blackberry. Element in play. So how -- the important you know. All right let's let's take another break we're coming right back. A lot of these kind of discussion it is deployed Brinkley does this is not subject a bit on thinking about. Got a couple attacks that. Challenge some of the thoughts already have been perhaps books O'Brien will go to those and more would try to get to Auburn -- about consulting principal. Just look at this. -- -- -- we'll get the controversy produced a couple of seconds. Is -- go marketing genius. -- -- -- -- This is crazy thing to do or is -- a monument. Coming right back governor of the -- bigger celebrity item one of 53. Groups were thinking about jumping up one trillion troops in protest so wanna talk to the program new Orleans city -- Brothers against crime coalition. Individuals that are real and trying their -- -- reduced crew news in New Orleans and working with all parties. They're gonna hold this so protests or repeal the -- Rapper Kanye West rebel flag clothing and closed with a rebel flag that. And also the good board cut is December the group in New Orleans culture. And -- Todd groups sued to join his consultant principal would the gooch who consultant. Todd one of the questions. I was curious about this kind of thing that that seems to have the potential for real controversy. Is it brilliant marketing or is it the dumb -- Well it depends on which Google Garland -- and so on. Yeah so are all about money so much -- And he built a brand on. Our informant -- rig count in the nation in the same. Thing the -- recently. And years he heat generated publicity by -- concur that there is. Entry to conquer each -- Norton. Robert. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But. No I'm I'm pretty cool let me darling you're very hip -- a government in Hampshire right -- rebel plug it could be either. A lot of and that you're trying to call me and economy and about thirteen. And into the people who built by teachers and you know wearing teacher will face and a -- can capture. -- out -- about me but people will be. Well everybody I've talked to three young people. About who's who's what to do whatever live -- always Sudanese rebel that's what we like he's rebel. And win this on the clothing line and for those that like the fact that -- -- rebel does that make it more attractive or lists. Well I think it again attractive to people who want to be associated with that brand. It is to change that Kanye indeed. Relies on. That's this symbol. She created controversy. You know he equity in their unique position of having anchor around. Being able I believe the people listen to him I -- fortunately you know it a little sexier to put a confederate flag and Accenture and the do something good. They had donated two million dollar Boys and Girls Club. We might not be talking right now. Todd I get two points student thank you so much for Simon thing really rid re -- opponent different players talked to sure. We're telecommute. Let them go back to -- two. -- Washington with the Wilson of captain black here in the studio. Mrs. for a the one of of just Lincoln myself. What about the First Amendment because a lot of times people like Condit was after all the people. Involved in countries who have seen it -- amendment rights and -- will be -- do what I would. We support the First Amendment we're not -- under bridges or anybody else -- First Amendment Brighton that we are using the First Amendment. Two there are concerns. And two degrees some issues about unintended consequences behind this publicity stunt they need to be addressed him. -- That means it -- -- but it really got to put it. -- -- -- where this. Company op. Wouldn't. Put it. -- and we. -- Because as we go in and joining me. Now. -- Would give it to me. With. Two. People. -- -- Country. -- -- -- -- It. And so. It would be in surgery. What do. You know -- Okay well and the script it. We. Are here today. And and it should be up and it could. -- -- If -- it is. Clear that we shouldn't future. You look -- -- and obviously without music in the well. So. Who problem with that. Oh. Quick that you don't want political lock -- Patent life. I think that point renters are very good of rigs in the meeting yesterday. Kevin -- and let me ask you. Org or exceed. What -- figure OK if somebody just tuned in this and they got the understand the basic topic we're talking about. I think a lot of those that get defensive. Baja in the rubble pleasurable see businesses. Here the blacks can't begin to attack and whites and we ought to get ready to. Rumble or whatever it takes. Counteract what we're hearing. But everything I've heard about unum. And in your setting up of this. Your your. Symbols of Brothers against crime don't blame the white man make a statement that's correct in your your whole your whole concept seems to be eight but let's talk intelligence. Precisely. We are. Not trying to blame anybody not to them is obviously very passionate about position bush. You remove the passion and we still have the potential problem that has brought -- saw here today to discuss. You mean you guys you're just talking about. Before this occurred. There was little chance of in violent confrontations. Because of the road rebel flag and it is what -- -- -- but now. Countries you've figured come doubled -- ritualized via and there's potential for whites and blacks. And also. Internal conflict if you for instance. A black person -- in -- and another black person you. Is equivalent to the Nazi swastika. That in turn can generate conflict that's why my default statement on this matter news. If public intellectuals. -- out of west on the right or Cornell west on the left. With records of dealing with weighty issues. Had try to initiate this discussion I would have been far more comfortable than Kanye West. Kept in black always a pleasure to have you studio to the Washington think we're -- and -- If we don't think about these things and little chance of solving. So thank for bringing. And having that discussion and thank you and I'm glad you have your social problems against crime --