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Nov 27, 2013|

Thanksgiving weekend means big, blockbuster movies…but which are worth seeing? Let’s talk “Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” Thor, the new Disney movie, “Frozen”…Mandella, Home Front and more. Call in and tell me what’s hot and what’s not that you’ve already seen.. (*Movies at the theater: ”Hunger Games—Catching Fire” w/Jennifer Lawrence…The Disney movie “Frozen”…”Home Front” w/James Franco… ”Mandella” w/Idrus Elba…”Old Man” (Spike Lee movie) w/Josh Brolin…holiday musical “Black Nativity” w/Forrest Whitaker & Angela Bassett; “Thor” w/ Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman…and “Our of the Furnace” with Kristian Bale….”The Best Man Holiday” w/Terrence Howard; Taye Diggs.)

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to a good thing to her for help and -- or good to some fun times. For all of you on Thanksgiving. Weakened particular that it makes him a lot of -- have -- answer windows. And I'd love board listen to explode show will -- and -- show when they have the expert the movie critics or London to talk about -- -- save me a lot of money opened up the bad loans don't have we humility and in Poland of bones. I don't know anything about -- -- or we're gonna do today is signatures speed dial ready to -- 01 itself. If you've got a question in one column about a move seen. By and movie the cute -- who would like to -- good school two's exit when somebody. Texas it's 7870. Group of those views listening upstate. It's -- and -- -- you'll -- celebrity and listen to old Adobe yeah. Right now we have good -- Bork. Movie lover movie critic. Helping me through this hour drew good talk and your approach huge commitment. -- are. Doing good Bobo I got through lists in. Thank you so much are. -- loser here -- is coming soon. Contenders. In a room to projectors. On the news in the unfortunately ma am having. My entries here so all movies over the weekend -- -- company. Yes -- -- How like. I'd like to move every march and well Matthew McConaughey very much but. Concerns about -- to -- -- Curious I'd look and jumping -- now yeah I don't know Robert De Niro doesn't and couple of the actor's actors actresses and actors and actors mud and see. Lose these tremendous weight or put tremendous -- -- -- -- there that they have special people helping them do justice. -- they do that they absolutely do he was under strict diet for it pretty your district court familiar with the -- buyers club. Is the real life story of -- Dallas Cowboys not a professional cowboy but in real life. Sort of a CPA sort of Fella who. Found out -- doctor he had aids and I don't thirty days to live and he wasn't and accept that so he's started smuggling in the drugs. Smuggling in and participating in what in different cities they were these group of people who would buy the drugs that were not FDA approved. They were buyers' clubs. And this was the Dallas story. I'm really looking forward to it is on my list to seat and the book -- has been great. But you you you bring up an interesting point about the weight gain weight loss. Com. It is almost eighty. Unspoken word if you do something that drastic it's gonna get the Oscar. Voters' attention. And I think that's one reason Matthew McConaughey did you let all four forest lost fifty pounds for the role. Band. It here too great performance. Yeah there's. Me a note or actors I've never seen -- -- please one right and Garrett. Who apparently you know yep I thought he was even better than my company was incredible and he did the same thing when we're down to adopt dimensions. You know and he did realistic you know people can view the make up the plastic -- they can do the TGI. The corporate and special effects blood to get into the role these days a lot of factors are choosing to do that. Extreme weight loss because -- -- the performance and make it true for them and make it true for their real life. Daniel Day-Lewis last year when he played Lincoln. People that on this that 24/7 he was Lincoln he kept that accidental wing. That method. Form of acting it's still alive and well. But doubt spark plug definitely on my list of of one of the movies -- series moviegoers -- is it's not a light film. But it does have a lot of resiliency a lot of what someone described as American values so people. Accepting surviving resilience. I'm looking forward to it. -- -- Student -- submarine. And torture or -- boomer. Coming back were -- about what was it's your chance of supply and the movie you've been thinking about spending money in the Tuesday. There's been quite a bit the monitored to compare lead to a movie. We've got the movie expert on the talk to you about it it was called to secure one settling. Told. Brother Texans exhibiting. Its every welcome back governor you Jennifer Lawrence. Is going to be one of the superstars. This generation. Governor of the are worth thinking about movies and hopefully some of them -- -- -- -- board where there's a drew before we go back to -- the moves were talking about peace. Matthew McConaughey movies and a mentioned did you or at least two -- -- even do little bit better job and my company it was it was. Just informed in the break Cusick cultural problem -- used to talk like that. You know. I did not. Hey we'll claim anybody. We except everybody that's the beauty our culture down here where. -- Then mixed. People from everywhere will accept them. Jennifer Lawrence -- Montgomery much of successes should. Oh my god she is just on the brightest stories and it. Seemed inlets where she's gonna go Jennifer Lawrence of course. Who won an Oscar last year for silver linings playbook. But also with nominated before that for winter's bone and a lot of people forget that that was. Her first nomination an amazing little movie. And she of course is the big store for the Hunger Games catching fire -- just released I thought last night. Amazing performance another amazing. Series. That it's going to be a huge huge huge hit partner. -- of the second movie coming out our -- that's coming up next month from the same director. Silver linings playbook. It's called American hopeful. Lot of great people and now it's. The public interest and needed the story really it's based on a true story from the nine means. And so the eighties the -- keeping under wraps the different twist and turn that they take on it. But it has it's packed with people and Jennifer Lawrence being right there in the -- at all she's amazing. -- a conference of -- in the information you sent to me agreed to talk about a mood investment holidays still -- crowd favorite. Office workers load this from releasing your second third time you'll laugh you'll cry tier. But it well -- film with good people who you'd do what is in two hours of your home where it. And -- brought in tomatoes and that the critics. Just excoriated the only good at 67%. Of the audience gives it 93%. What is it with the movement that makes it -- or so but he movers that critics. Think it's this way and it's the opposite -- audience think it's this way and it's. Well -- you know it's like music but not everybody likes to sing music but there -- stationed out there that play all sorts of music. There or some movies that people will really. Resonate with them. Twelve years as -- I think is an amazing -- the it's great it is difficult to beat but it. To me one of the best movies of this decade even that we are only three years into it. A phenomenal movie. But not for everybody calm. The best -- holiday. Well made movie it had an audience distorted. The first one cannot fifteen years ago. About two four friends their girlfriend and be into became their wives and now continues later ticket back together one of their houses. They share laughs this year tears. And Sonya -- I surveyed everybody the last two weeks and died in the movie. And two person. They have said they laughed they cried that even the ugly cry on the and L two person -- defeating it. I'd give it to. You know. And he did it from me which is. -- Yeah I don't know people -- See the movie that's supposed to be. About something frozen with the weather we have -- on Disney. Is that on the winning track with this one Garland. You know get his -- the Disney studios and explore well this is the Disney animation branch. It's and story from Hans Christian Anderson in the snow queen. It's a classic tale and they have gotten all sorts of Broadway veterans. Kristen Bell -- -- from the book of Mormon. And keep themselves from wicked dark and -- -- spring awakening. -- songs that are eight songs from the -- that avenue Q in the book of Mormon but this is very clean jokes problem. It's Disney. There one thing it's the best Disney's animated movies and Beauty and the Beast in the liking. So balance to be put really on the topic you this is you have kids. Should be upon funding for the opening. Aren't lips and talk about -- what -- bonus on the previews. -- -- -- -- Clinton you bothered over five children don't mention some aspirin good sound like an improvement but. As you described it isn't Adam Sandler type of comedy so I don't think -- care. Well and that that's the thing you have to know what kind of movie it is there's some movies Garland that I'd say. You know it's a red box rental and it -- be would be one of those. Other people I know will love it they will look being in the movie theater with other. People who will be laughing. Infect -- last hour of -- did we know we're talking about playing in elegy stadium. I love that memory that you know we're talking about that memory of being there with all the other people who were playing and being there in the moment. With the crowds and student section. And you're going to movies these days is a lot like that so if you have a movie where there are it's it's a type a comedy you like. I think going to movies and to the theater. Having other people that are going to be there cheering laughing. Crying along which you is part of that being in the moment and that's what movies -- still huge. -- -- Best loads of my life -- month old girl was from three years old what was seven years ago. Taken her and her three or four principal movie and sit right in the middle of popcorn and you know we've we would have been tootsie frozen. Yeah a couple of thousand. Delivering -- skeleton. -- to leave -- -- to the individual lives under the dividend no ratings so that people can go in there and enjoy it however they want to enjoy it. The organist and due to -- and other short the ball and I haven't seen you. Read reviews twelve years mostly. Garland I like giving -- ten plus I really do for many reasons first. It is. -- for people who may not know it -- comes from a book that. A lot of people in college and high school -- It is true story of a man who was kidnapped in Washington DC. He was sold into slavery. And brought to several plantations sold repeatedly. And as a -- said he did twelve years as the play. That movie was filmed here in the museum. I I grew up both in the city and on the form in. Outside of flat -- brokerage. I group around sugar -- and when they had the sugar -- scenes. You could hear it you could feel that you could see that they really got Louisiana right. The sun rises and sunsets. Are beautiful. And it's really tragic. -- -- to watch movies. That. I think a very important movie. Yesterday -- you were talking all about Kanye West is. His new clothing design very deeply in the rebel flag again. How some people just don't get why that. I invite those people to take the two aren't going to see this movie and they will realize but -- This movie and India from a movie standpoint the acting. The directing. Music sound everything has just. Top -- a one practice it was one of producers and he assembled a great king. -- -- answering questions but well what I do the show we do. So many euros in the economy. And societal problem and whatever. Usually when I go to a movie a more be entertained educated or whatever and a -- points who's -- twelve years slave. Am I going to be depressed -- c'mon. -- calibrated this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've not given anything away. And I think it. I think it was one of those movies that's important to -- Heated. Are you going to law. Necessarily go tapped into an effort to go you know. It's not. It doesn't have that feel good at the end in that sense but it. It's a very well may. Well maybe agreements act of -- jokes. -- Colombian though whether it's the previews. A loved. Dame Judy Dench and the other actors -- him who would like him from its. What movie is that. This is the you to put in the category of your heart warming -- home a little small movie. That tells a nice story in a great way with amazing acting. It's a true story of a woman's search for -- sign. Who he was taken away from her decades ago after -- -- pregnant and she was forced to live in the conduct. It's one raised that the -- film festival the Toronto film festival. It's it's a lot for nominations for best actress and even perhaps best movie. It's one of those it is it is a feel good movie it does have a good ending. But it's more about the journey and it's told through a writer who finds this lady -- helps -- And so their travels together. In discovering each other. And dame Judi Dench. She is a treasure she is the -- I was -- climber from -- my hometown. It incidentally I would have corrected the super easily and I'd juxtaposed Jude and -- -- to his opinions -- -- -- a red -- few jokes today and my brain excuse actually. Millimeter before we don't take a break -- -- him. Tom -- Yet but I hear it's -- catering and. -- coming right back we'll take a look at black nativity. And my favorite even though I haven't seen that I have some kind of symbolic of -- from -- medical equipment to -- -- welcome back -- have a good -- doing something because I love. I've always been movie fanatic. We have a movie expert with the huge -- from Lafayette communal told. -- the that the people like you your mind and Tina. You don't watch TV all the time and I grew up. Imitating your voice to me when I was I was definitely -- we we had videotaped. And agrees to. Accept a Obama. Now here's that here's a perfect example. We were talking about their different music for different people different joke that people like. Black nativity is a also -- with the holiday. Story. Jennifer Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson Oscar winner for a winner Forest Whitaker. Oscar nominee Angela Bassett. On rate next door senior Mary Jane allies -- in the movie. A young boy from Baltimore raised by his single mother on Jennifer Hudson. He travels to New York City for the Christmas holidays. Where is reverend Forest Whitaker and his wife. They sort of take -- -- and it's one of these qualities stories of people on the journey -- themselves finding -- And it's guaranteed to have some great music with all of those people should be. Really nice holiday show to go to. You've seen them -- not yet it's. Cook ports from Korea I don't remember much but I do remember. Jennifer Hudson when you for sedition American and rural road there in the site and shortly there after she's in the Academy Award winning. Is just. Horrors did that acting is something -- two years and years and years of fine -- Somebody like she just walked into would win and Reynolds and she's in a lot of moves and deliberate job. Yeah I think pretty did it is talent and she also we met if you remember pro American Idol she'd been performing. On cruise ships before she audition for American idols when she had a number of years of being a professional. Could you know coral and as well as anyone that -- easy to be a performer and its long hours. It takes a lot of preparation. And I think that she came at this profession that acting like she did before and just being prepared that that takes a lot of. Definitely -- yeah let's talk about the greatest movement. In the future. You play -- is the shoes reeks. Of greatness increment in -- I want to being the transcript to re reading right to Europe one is referred to -- -- Yeah. Ron Burgundy. -- -- Gundy as we're gonna call at all. Yes that's the only thing you screwed up the headline here. And he had my ability to do news but he screwed up -- I tell you what -- I think it's in the alternate -- Friday in Garland it believed there was a world be alternate world as a human that alternate world. No that was real work. That. Don't know -- just the the previewed at UC Ackerman and oh how many times in and need my -- favorite movies and -- -- Oratory and acute concern is that our lives. Idealistic -- that at some. Go with anything -- -- -- -- of the greatest movie of his world. I had occasion. To know how insane little. In New York Carnegie Hall -- of broad middle row it was during the sting concert in every other mega talent could possibly think -- when. -- And he came out -- with I mean a heated -- -- souped. From head to -- -- proper treatment soon. And he's saying MacArthur Park. Walking through all of the aisle and and MacArthur Park could you know it takes about Howard. And it was so quiet it started out being accurately. Definitely amendment so bad it's sort of being definitely quiet. -- -- little rumble in an effort while just hysterical laughter the rim has some would no change I'm a little river -- Well that's -- Will Ferrell only it to do day increment two Will Ferrell and you're gonna bring the crowd that is because he he he he has. An old school is one of my favorites. That I would definitely given niners ten to because -- I don't Will Ferrell embodies. This priest spirit and -- always insists are in Nightline days. I mean he's treated -- a true professional mean he's always been character always and you don't you never know. If that's really -- almost. He's great I mean -- and you've seen the to promote his. Going to be on ESPN in a couple of days -- -- Will -- he's going up to Canada. Are going to be part. Curling competition the Olympic curling -- and up there. That he has Ron Burgundy is going to be this. Who's going to California. To improve the -- The aquarium here. That what he's I think it was and they let mention -- -- knows where he said that the use that improves. At sea otters on pres otters it. Leo and about in production notes and insulted and so that they with the -- statewide campaign. Apology. Sort of -- after the we got -- we don't come back we've got or movie expert our. Owned Jude or. And he's here for you when his collection and make element of its call to secure quality to beat Texas State 77 deuces. The proverbial big celebrities who won't re sorry to we've been established that and permit and was settled all from my quarter. Everywhere that they could bottle the movies were -- bored with this movie -- -- The hub. Is this number three. Of the number two or if you add the com boarded the -- it would be number five. Of course it's store wars and they rearranged all the numbers so. Let's just say it's the next topic. Whether that they actually did to him because the first half the movie itself which I kind of thought blows the other series right I didn't think was as good public position. Well the difference between the two was the first one that came out a few years ago was actually it in the director. Sort of retired let's say and Peter Jackson to go over. And so it is it was a even there was definitely an uneven story he had this. Part two that's coming out soon it is completely as they -- and all the special effects and you you've seen the commercial it's. These wonderful great special effects and good action movie. It is his fantasy movies there at the built in audience -- people who read the book. Com -- I like to say. If your -- -- a -- identify with the Big Bang theory like Sheldon and Iranians in the -- in any -- game. They're all going to be there conceded maybe the first. Days to. -- to. Haven't seen it yet but I'm sure it's probably going to be at least seven. To grab. Outlook gravity. Did you get to see on the big screen and that. Means is pretty simple promise very simple. Because -- space. That's that's what the movies about. And because of the special effects because of Sandra -- acting. Brought it to a whole new level I I. Was engaged from the very first ago -- the -- -- department. I remove loose and two in your Monday and they were interviewing horror. And she talked about being trapped and big rectangular block to -- small window for hours and hours and hours and days and days. Computer cameras following right -- have you ever ready thing hurting thing in beauty in the of them about the process itself do. Well it's one of the things is after the war was made. James Cameron developed such new technology. That it may need to movies like gravity possible where the writers the directors to dent in the Asian. The special that that necessary for. One of the interesting things with Sandra Bullock which would make in his meeting with her coat store George Clooney. They're good -- friend. And after a few days. -- -- week actually he pulled aside and started getting her out of her head and getting her into a better space. She credits -- war. Helping her to discover herself back in the movie and not -- soul claustrophobic to the part where she was shut and it went in. Performing in what she needed. Gotta be a gentleman to right. For me that I have to -- disclosure Mario uncle worked for NASA he was a true rocket scientist so. -- -- -- The movie's probably even better than could you do you should have been -- bluntly about it that impression. Of. You know a movie I don't have a new bit but I do you want people to put on the -- door is stating mister banks. Are you may be on the next -- that stated mr. banks is. Basically. Walt Disney being played by Tom Hanks. It is he's seen the commercials for. Emma Thompson played the author of Mary Poppins. And the two. Are having difficulties trying to read if she's going to sell the rights. And how to get the project done. Both previous Oscar winners I mean they're Oscar winners for previous product all the over the project. And it just looked like the Disney magic just touches that -- I'm really looking forward to doing seeing that one. -- directed by infect in the director for the blind side that's Sandra Bullock won -- before. Morton gross courses we leave me in order. The renewed. Low -- him. But -- all the previews for willful Wall Street just wasn't sure have you seen wouldn't know right. You know what your instincts are right on -- that people are just looking at this and saying OK okay. The history of it of course you know more -- the Egypt is still -- at all editing rights that studio cannot edit his movies. Well the news coming -- December 20 and they said you can't give it to our movie. Your not gonna do -- so they've bumped it come next year. And he -- okay. Maybe I will edit the movie and so there editing it down and that's why the trailer -- and even. We didn't see a story there and it'll be interesting to see what his shorter version of the movie's gonna come -- great actors all of their great director. Down. But will the wolf of Wall Street we'll have to see how about -- turn now. On the approaches them and we. Even though. Your your credits. Movies. Or someone to. Do -- want them increment to reduce. World. -- Mean then that you would have. And urged him at least portion. All right. -- somebody. -- put in the and players from yours which -- paper. It has been different categories. Musicals cabaret. Comedy. Two team. And -- To -- Tootsie with Dustin Altman -- what got you to Dubai it's not on Netflix. Tootsie Dustin Hoffman. -- It's the actor's movie of all our taxes it's an incredible. Directed by Adam Putnam. Acton blanking on his name -- -- -- in the lead. That he doesn't Altman nominated for at least eleven or twelve Oscars including best picture tenure -- came out. But for drama the -- for our problem is is timeless classic. You're bureau I have -- you Perot and the other Indies and outlawed booze. In it said to me you know how difficult is it too. Memorize lines and remember improv movie much pressures that. And he said the a lot of times you do as soon bits and pieces not that I had the support. Somebody like Marlon Brando Perry has photographed or at least he knows Cleveland for a during the filming -- godfather. With the Robert doable. Holding. Out. Cheap card or Brando conceded no discrete. I mean that it's just some day using that he's enough of an actor to read off cue cards. Look. I'd like to have you back on which you have to go see equipment to. And you have to come back with eleven. Or we can do and -- Many. Every time bureau in -- that chose those listeners love movies do. There's a missing explain the people. Appreciate under much you have really Thanksgiving let's go to moves ago -- put -- The right.