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11-29 5:10am 1st News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Nov 29, 2013|

Dave talks Black Friday deals and LSU Football with WWL listeners.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM this -- early edition of WWL first news on this 29 of November 2013. Thank god it's that I. Yeah I was there were a year ago on every -- and apathy is yet to be careful. And know well go. From Iraq. And. Damn man and it's it's cold outside so we better do us a little stand up and get a little -- Okay okay okay it's -- All right well happy day answers Thanksgiving. Have definitely happy typically Black Friday and compare them. I went out last night. First of the Christmas trees. Lots -- big fat Christmas tree company on veterans. Trans continental. It's now Christmas -- content and nice and cool. And lots of people. Some of the same people we see out there every year's a new people. Going out there and hit their Christmas tree on the night of Thanksgiving. That I drove on down veterans and checked out the sites that places like best buy where people -- lined up around the building. Some had been camping out all days nominate got them there. On Wednesday. Went down to Wal-Mart. They were more people. Trying to park and there were spaces in the Los. They were on the surrounding streets they were walking in from the neighborhood parking anywhere they can find this. Now illegally -- up on the grass. In neighboring lot. It was named mad mad mad house. Inside. And I talked to a lot of shoppers 90% women's. He said they started with the 6 PM door busters were hitting the 7 PM but does the 8 PM door busters. The 10 o'clock -- -- busted the midnight nervous as the three under buses at 4 AM door busters they're hitting the 5 o'clock ones now. And it did they had their whole schedule plan them through like -- -- again. Just listening to Canada and it. Yes of a jury is out on whether it's gonna work in terms of generating extra revenue. By opening on Thanksgiving night or if it's just gonna take the people would have been their -- day and move them to Thanksgiving night. But there's one thing for sure huge huge crowd showed up last night right now as it turns and -- more money or not will have to wait and see. We know that more people than ever had to work. On things. Now and some people typically work I mean you get your convenience stores and gas stations again you're select restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving. You got your hotels in the -- tourism industries a lot of people in this town were already working on things. The night you more people working on Thanksgiving of course. It today. Now hopefully they finished their shopping and then go home watch LSU and Arkansas. Yeah 130 kick off and Tiger Stadium. And I think that. The LSU faithful will be there in force by its. LSU is a 27 and half. Point favorite line opened -- twenty guys if it's yeah Arkansas -- really really bad this year. It another program went right down the dome and this state. Meant I had thick guy at some point this morning. The windshield wipers in the defraud your brother calls that would not handle and I had to go back in the house get a couple warm water import on. 'cause even I tried scrapings with a couple pieces of plastic happen I have in my car. And it wouldn't that when you cut through it. So I had a poor couples not hot people but warm water on the windshield that took Everett. As soon -- that I had one of those big apps that actually what brought home from the movie theater. And several others like you know gallon cups. Really but the -- just the lukewarm tap water poured it on their rackets he perfectly. Now your break you went. That meant more first news here at WW. AM -- -- happy I had a -- yours sports with Steve -- gets you ready for the LSU game today the saints game on Monday night and everything else going on in the world of sports. And your forecast. Horrible cold and icy out there this morning how -- Will last will find out from -- meteorologist Laura about tolerant and it's. You're just getting out to -- shopping just getting out ago on his commitment to go to the LSU game whatever it does give that to do you battered just bring a couple of warm water with you our plan listed in the driveway while. And let the ice melt off the windshield anyway now the Louisiana line and if you're under covered parking garage worry about what the forecast economy. For your Friday sunshine and cool temperatures that climb into the mid to upper fifties later today. They want to get sunset and clearing skies tonight it'll get cold again 32 north and -- and forty on the South Shore. Sunny for your Saturday with highs of 65 and sent it looks mild 68 more clouds around. And it 10% chance for a late day shower. From the Eyewitness News forecast center -- urologist lock -- out. Man here on the North Shore this money. Her clear and 28 at the National Weather Service office in slide Dallas north wind just at five miles an hour that's cold enough to make a windchill. A 23 that's what it feels like it's clear and 34 at the airport in Kenner. With calm winds that's why we've got the ice forming across the south street and I was not freezing but there's no wind at all. So it's allowing that. Those that do that knows and wet stuff on your windshield to turn immediately to ice. Warming up today but cooled off again for to morrow morning sports time now on WW out. Device on your windshield Steve Geller. Yes actually the lucky I was in the driveway. -- again cup warm water fixed all that. Tigers. Hogs not the game it. Has been over many years and in fact. Not a game that was going to be played traditionally on the Thanksgiving weekend after this is like the last one and looks like. Now she's got this one easy to say it's looking pretty healthy -- they get ready for Monday Night Football also about that and more in the morning sports on your Friday. Offensively I'm Elaine -- Collins talks about how -- ears for the tigers to do you know we're Obama Arkansas Friday. An important -- on me. You know there's something there you know we brought us open some doors -- more from the strong -- murder the most fair we've been through. On this whole Susan you know lose one of the most famous song from. Kick offs at 130 on WW -- he ability at WWL sports -- back for press got rushed for a three yard touchdown in overtime to lead Mississippi State past Ole miss seventeen to ten in the egg bowl. The bulldogs are now bowl eligible for a fourth straight season the longest streak in school history. The Detroit Lions won on Thanksgiving Day for the first time in a decade scoring the final 37 points and 840 to ten thrashing of Green Day. The Dallas Cowboys spotted Oakland 82741. To seven lead before scored 44 straight points. To beat the raiders 31 to 24. Then in the Nike Joseph Flacco threw for 251. Yards and one touchdown as the ravens held off Pittsburgh twenty to twenty evened their record six and six. Or Monday Night Football in Seattle the huge -- that could be a preview of the NFC championship game. The saints are nine into into battle that had once Seahawks Drew Brees talked about the challenge that he and the offense faces. They get great person quarter especially Paul and you see them try and anticipates that taxing them crank up the crowd. Did the noise factor to thrive in that element -- with the -- where they can kind of tee off falling a little. That pelicans begin a three game road stand tonight and they'll face the 76ers tip off in Philadelphia is at seven. Catch every minute a 1053 WWL left them. And Andre Stringer scored eighteen points and drill Martin added fifteen as LSU beat saint Joseph's 82 to 65 at the old spice classic. Jordan Mickey added fourteen points for the tigers who will now face number 21 Memphis in a semi final today. Catch that -- three W well thirteen 50 AM at 4:30. It's early morning look at sports and I and Steve Geller. Format after 5 AM the early edition of WWL first news is that tigers. Arkansas yet that next year they actually play Texas a and M on Thanksgiving night gas so we'll have NFL football and LSU football. Hopefully this year -- think this -- things -- in action on Thanksgiving OB. Like overload since it is going to be very difficult but it we won't worry about that now by two we do. Not have to worry much about LSU beating Arkansas -- the last time they meet up with a -- of the boot on Thanksgiving weekend. Yeah I have this as an easy you know issue in 4117. My prediction Arkansas just does not have. The horse is or I -- Hobbs to beat the tiger has -- at a program just fell apart AME it is garbage -- they edit in any embryo be the most in his first years ahead coach they're taking over after the whole Bobby Petrino -- and I do think he'll be able to bring though the program in the right direction. But just a really tough rebuilding uniform. Aren't only get to banking and 25 minutes with more sports and SQ has this year been a success relative that we and wins. And play in a decent bowl. Is this a success. Or like some fans are saying is -- a horrible horrible disappointment and it's time for less miles to go them. Ron -- is back with more sports and 25 minutes here on WWL another look at York. Cold forecast coming up next right here on WWL I am -- and back -- thanks for starting your Friday. -- with -- and the early edition of WWL. First time Tony 7 good morning I'm Dave -- and she's missed meteorologist Laura but now. Or your Friday mostly sunny skies look for highs later today Iran 58 degrees -- tonight. Mainly clear and cold again lows around thirty to north of the lake and forty on the south sort. Sunshine around for your Saturday with highs in the mid sixties and then Sunday partly cloudy skies at 10% chance for a late day shower. And highs of 68. From the eyewitness to news forecast center I'm meteorologist -- tell. Frost everywhere across southeast Louisiana this morning clear skies 34 degrees officially at the airport in Kenner clear and 28 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell -- in a little bit of a breeze on the North Shore. And you get a windchill making it feel like 23 degrees nine gave -- it's the early edition of WWL first news. Did you go to any stores on Thanksgiving. Did you go to the Christmas tree lot that's Arafat a lot of people on a lot more at those stores. Buying -- TVs and dvd players and all kinds of crazy things I'm I cannot believe how many people out there on Thanksgiving night. In the parking lots in the stores fighting Democrats ambulances left the -- laughed shaking their heads saying forget it they weren't buying it saying it couldn't handle the craziness. I well with the -- season in the regular season coming to an end today I am hearing a lot of people rumbling about the future of last miles. The doctor looking guys on and he said it now less miles as the man keep them. But not all the fans agree as well those of the fans can watch a video of him talking about it. At WWL dot com or on our FaceBook page and you can sound off on it there -- do you agree less miles job is safe. We'll talk about it. -- now -- WWL first news with Dave Cohen on WWL. AMR famine dot com thirty set. Minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this isn't really that twenty. No number two -- now is. It TG I you have come to us. -- And roll hall. -- -- do it. Okay okay okay if -- It's a little warmer. Definitely help protect means that shrunk pretty pleased. All right well yeah let's all do that last stand up again across on this. I -- a happy Friday to you and yours are absolutely you know this is the shortest. Possible Christmas season we could have because it was the latest possible Thanksgiving. This is true so if you're an atmosphere and now you better area because -- -- time more quickly yup. I mean there's no problem I don't have a problem now because it is so -- so we -- to Christmas music going. You said the Christmas tree lots were until Mazar people like crazy thrown those fees -- -- cars in the back of a cut -- Follow ministries out of the -- Christmas tree line and bring him home to decorate them some people -- at the lights up on house they still make sure and they were really in the spears and others. Man I -- Terrell saying traffic's great out there because he's not trying to get into the parking lot at one of the big bucks doors -- All my guy. Tackling cash and Kelly Thomas things would get the ball well -- for a moment. Gambit try to go to one of the big box scores aren't -- big electronics stores now they're having another whole round of door busters -- a distinction mediate 78 that -- just got home. That -- 6 o'clock last night our -- we get everything we needed we're done with all of our shot. If that's what they wanted to have again well you know they're ready progressed I under the tree. That that I can if you can pull that off -- I think that's a great accomplishment as is exhausting as a problem and an armistice that have a lot of money doing it. -- hours of deals last night I -- I saw some super ones or were advertised and I didn't know how many they were gonna have this budget like a fifty inch. TV and and it was a 1080. And it was like 200 bucks okay. Hey that's a deal -- -- my wife went shopping last night she hit some of the door busters because there -- specific items that. Either I or my kids and on the list that were on the door buster specials one it's. Good. Luck you may spend time at the movies this weekend yes what are we -- well there's not a whole lot huge opening I mean frozen as the big animated -- adventure comedy come into us from Disney that now open for the Thanksgiving weekend. Old boy opened with Jon -- Nine Samuel L. Jackson. And I and black nativity opened for Thanksgiving. I was Forest Whitaker Angela -- Jennifer Hudson Mary -- rise says that'll have a niche for share. And everything else home front opening -- and state summit action adventure are. In -- -- to shoot movies here in the world but going up against. The Hunger Games catching fire yeah number one followed by store. Best man holiday which I -- over the Hollywood it is really really funny move isn't yet it's. But also takes it very dramatic turn. Deliveryman and free -- sir David what do you think Monday morning. Well you know as well as it did on the opening weekend I got a feeling Hunger Games is not done yet and I I can see that. Pulling in -- number one Woolsey. Yeah I'd be very surprised if Hunger Games catching fired remain. Number got to stay out there everybody in my family is seen it except me. My son had a field trip with school legacy at my wife with him my daughters of my -- on went inside with friends. Over the weekend and anomalous one they keep talking about a -- -- I can't hear you because that'll wanna. Yeah better than the first one non driver all kinds of things so -- and enjoy it then -- wells. Sneak out yeah. -- if not impossible on the outlook bans the super on the night 6 PM -- you classic man. Southern and Grambling those two bands no matter what is going on this football team. But as -- to a finest bands in the land. Anywhere you and he had an opportunity Sudan it's a real treat they put on one heck of you Marty told us you I don't -- Yemeni trouble winning you know. I guess that walking your actual score prediction until Monday but just real quickly and the -- gonna win in Seattle. I am yeah I mean I'm more worried about this game to me and I think a guy put it very well when he said this is the NFC championship now real mounted united battle from village management man -- -- out as a field. Yeah I I got his opponent out in ninety. I think it's gonna depend on getting a turnover and and what we can do with the. -- -- dwell on it over the weekend -- score prediction the outcome Monday thank you David I'm Dave -- on -- early edition of WWL first news. Thank you miss meteorologist Laura but nobody outside it's cold. As I crossed at this this morning CO -- and everywhere they. Ice on my windshield it's you at 5 o'clock well 430 this. Yes -- -- man -- a for a couple warm water on the windshield and I couldn't even scrape it off with an area -- implement that was attempting to use yeah. These morning that you know it's it's good to have a carport or could rise in the morning warnings went to -- mean you know -- -- -- -- Times when you're like man be nice to park under some -- -- -- all this stuff off. We enclosed -- rise shoots you in needed for extra space. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After Thanksgiving and may or may not have beaten a little bit too much yesterday. And -- their -- now. Yeah he -- kind of would be warm and cozy it's cold outside it. It's just still kind of holiday feeling you know a lot of folks are still off today that yeah all the comfy sweater and -- today while the sweater looks fantastic warmer just look at. Iconic my cup of hot -- what I -- that would you like some hot cocoa like the -- time like -- -- milk or water -- been making aka so no one well I'll I'll like it better with milk but am now I'll. -- -- my right -- that he would it matter to me and I and it's gonna get much warmer today. You know were out to about 58 or so this afternoon so compared to yesterday it will feel warmer today a little more sunshine a little little cloud cover kind of filtering has signed yesterday. I think more -- around today to a nice afternoon just a cool afternoon. All right 58 for a high today than. Another round of -- tomorrow morning. You know for some of the FDA may not be as widespread tomorrow morning but definitely north of the lakes some frost and maybe even a few spots on the South Shore. All right and -- -- there. -- the weekend we actually warm up a -- 65 on Saturday and 68 on Sunday mostly sunny on Saturday and mostly sunny on Sunday until the afternoon some clouds begin in tightly in the day -- do we get to seventy at some point before the -- cold front. Via radio yeah we're we're at seventy next week it seems they -- at the when they were at victory and yet we begin a moderate a little bit next week but you know a few. How things you do that I have pregnancy and I think it's really cold like that and maybe get a couple of days at. Decent artwork -- wash the car put up holiday decorations everything. There you go again and again they don't actually went to the seventies. Hang in those decorations on the outside of that a little more comfortable and doesn't till Christmas the event. You know I wish we had the kind of problems here they have been Braintree Massachusetts and that's the big problems there not really that's my point they are. Expensing. Some serious money to find out who is letting their dog -- on the lawns and not pick it up. They're actually DNA testing the drop things there's a drive by Cooper going and then their DNA testing these suspected bodies. If the match them up to find out. -- -- -- Haven't had op apartment complexes do this sort of thing yet that's map yet as has mostly apartment and Condo managers yeah. Dogged by complaints attack but you know see if is if it is it a lot of it happening frequently. I have frequently enough and I think it's our assets to DNA test the dogs. -- honors have to pay -- a lot of the fee to live in these candidates particularly the pay like sixty bucks yeah Fred DNA test when they moving it. So the dog he's DNA is on file so that if. That hard to just pick up after your dog -- task in a really. Yeah if you don't wanna do the whole plastic bag -- the get a feel it and touch it and the grandma OK fine. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think part of dog ownership it's just as part -- -- good citizen midnight -- -- out. I mean come on if not it's planning to what you blob back and say I toy. He has scooped it up a little baggy. He too much but I can I get some people don't like to put their hand in -- in the bagging -- it to get a medal which OK I don't that's something I'm going out that do -- nobody nobody can just leave it for everybody all that. But his stuff up there in Braintree. Maybe they'll find -- -- the do you maybe they'll be a ransom for that Cooper that the blueprint lever. Timothy Heath thank you have a great weekend enjoy -- weekends Laura but now. -- direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts. Just texted me -- 878 Saturday says they just got back from there Thursday night all night shopping swell our way. And they saved -- thousand dollars. Buying gifts by hidden door buster sales as it was the first time they did -- And they'll definitely do it again next year there -- a lot -- a lot of people out all night long. Doing their shopping no doubt when you gotta get some rest. If you wanna watch the tigers and the hogs today are right. For our morning sports -- -- happy Friday in happy day after Thanksgiving to Steve gallery Steve our. I am glad to be here. And I am glad that I get these get off the -- and get ready for some tiger football even if it is a going to be while opening. And LSU over yet honoring the seniors on senior day Yang you know let's talk about that after years sportscaster they're gonna lose some important pieces on offense. As the defense has been struggling what does that mean for next season well let's focus on this game first and talk about that and of course the big Monday night game saints and the smartest. Good morning and LSU closes out the regular season this afternoon against Arkansas and Death Valley. Used to be chief with the latest although he's not a senior he could very well be his last game in Tiger Stadium receiver all -- Beckham junior. You try not to think about it but you know sometimes those votes they do roll through your mind and you know it's just something right now you know -- have -- tougher -- your family and me in the coaches and you can kind of get the whole. The whole information around it and see you know what she wanted to would have to. It's that I got to the hall today 130 on WW LP ability at WW real sports over to the NFL where Matthew Stafford threw for 330 yards and three touchdowns as the alliance -- the Packers 48 at ten. Reggie Bush British with a 117. Yards rushing and 65 yards receiving to help the line's improved to seven and five. We answer the call and an especially staying. No idea I was impressed with -- as the way we handled -- we held pressure well we handled situations well and we fought through adversity and and now we finish again -- tomorrow to win and you know were the first place are now. DeMarco Murray ran for three touchdowns and the Dallas Cowboys -- two games over 500 for the first time this season by turning 21 to seven deficit. In 2831. To 24 win over Oakland. And in the Thanksgiving night game Justin Tucker hit five field goals. Joseph Flacco threw for 251 yards in the Baltimore Ravens improved to six and sixth by outlasting Pittsburgh 22 to ten. What the saints get ready to head -- to Seattle most analysts are asking the question. And the blacking gold when the big game on the road. Drew Brees just points out the team's past success. If you look at our record over the last. Eight years -- -- -- -- second most wins since 06 and the most of sonar on the road so I guess the stats speak for themselves there. The pelicans look to snap a three game -- they take on the 76ers in Philadelphia tonight didn't catch took a 1053 WWL left them at seven. And -- LSU basketball took down saint Joseph's 82 to 65 in the final quarterfinal. Of the old spice classic. The tigers advanced to face number 21 Missouri a semi final today you can catch tip on three WL thirteen 50 AM -- for thirty. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at. -- expenses six minutes in front of 6 AM the early edition WW golfers as we already know you expect. LSU to win big today and the little worried I had just put a video of -- guys up on our FaceBook page 2000 WWL account. He points out and tigers are losing -- met burger. Likely to lose what both O'Dell Beckham junior and Jarvis Landry for a few big receivers. Now it's not the nine starters on defense they lost last year but. This LSU team still looking for a quarterback for next season and looking for some offensive weapons for next season so. So we should enjoy today and whatever bowl game they go to Connecticut still some big question mark for next here. Yet that to me the season is not disappointing for LSU the way the thing that disappointed me is the fact that. Now that -- member had seemed to really come alive under cam Cameron's offensive scheme and his tutelage the fact that now he's gonna. Moving on Bryant. As if this assuming the tigers win today at ten win season. Is that this appointment for you and should people be government get real smiles at. So will we not is to be the sixth time in LSU. And let's miles it's six seasons at LSU that they would have won ten ten games and they don't. Just seven times in -- 111 seasons before less miles got. They accomplish that. Pretty successful by those standards might saints win or lose on Monday night movie score on Monday when a list. Well those. I got away and -- But you can hit it and down this year we'll find out more wire Monday morning thank you Steve -- the entertainment and sports. -- WW. Happier out early this morning and -- frost on your windshield to get a little warmer today. We're -- this holiday with the sunshine and cool temperatures 58 later today for shoppers heading out on Black Friday evening clear and cold again tonight. 32 north of the lake and forty on the South -- than sunshine around for your Saturday with mild Temps in the mid sixties. And first Sunday partly cloudy skies at 10% chance for light shower highs in the upper sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist mark Bechtel. 34 at the airport in -- 28 insight now feels like 23 for go to the game bundle up can be in the fifties throughout the entire LSU in. -- -- -- focused on the next four hours the psychology of Black Friday -- people do it and the comparison between Black Friday and a -- and Barack consol goodness a lot of the people line I would do it. It's tradition and a Buick has its fine. Not fun to me but fund that -- -- great Friday go tigers.

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