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11-29 6:10am Scoot: Black Friday Psychology

Nov 29, 2013|

Scoot talks to Texas A&M Professor of Marketing in the Mays Business School Suresh Ramanathan about the psychology of a Black Friday shopper.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is 6:45 in the morning your heading to go somewhere and not heading home actually their people heading home because they have been shopping for Black Friday -- student for Tommy Tucker. It is like Friday the question is why do people do it. Professors -- -- -- and often is. It's a professor -- Texas a and -- she's with the school marketing it to -- business school professor welcome to our show. I'm a source -- welcome to our show this party. The question is why do people shop one on Black Friday is it because of the sales or is it because they wanna be part of an event. I think it's habitable. That I I think two basic motivations be satisfied in the in the simultaneously wondered. You know the what -- called -- hunt it did beat the competition. It's it's the adrenaline that you get. Know that rush that you get out of luck trying to get that debt deal better than anyone else so that's one politics certainly there are people who. Who love the ideals of scooping up the best deal you know and and that that seems to motivate them -- But I I -- -- the and other. Angle to this which is the what looked like one might well be attribution -- which is the idea of people. This is almost like many touching memories. UW school -- With members of expanding your actions. School out. Different parts of the store and that's it it's this whole expedient that you. Created what yourselves -- memory that you created. Four for the future you know. You you know your children -- think back leader on and stable I went out with my mother. And the we shopped on on it -- -- Thanksgiving we we did this then you know we caught these instant epic duels but it's part of book. Bonding experience too and it's it's a ritual at the bonding experience for everyone seems to disengage with each other and and they just. It -- -- that experience like these social motivation as soon as. This opportunity to compete with other and so I -- -- if you didn't satisfy board motivations. And professor when you think about how a person communications earlier to have it turned this into a nation filled with isolated individuals such. Don't we look for an opportunity to be part of a community and isn't that part of the attraction of a Black Friday shopping. You bet you bet I mean I think it. Club level I think maybe when we we're if I keep coming we are definitely becoming more and more -- -- But at the same time this is an opportunity for everyone to be part of that experience together and I mean it's it's. Fall for the few -- We seem to come together as as. Yeah -- here as a community if you live in and UBR. We seem to be pocket expedience and that -- seems to bring -- sort of gathering connect -- We create stories around the in you know -- dozens negative written you know you you want -- -- people on social media and you pulled bought this but I got this easier and and that so it's we have shading. Something with lip that people -- -- -- friends and assembly. And I think that that brings us to get in the big. In that in the mid -- wind and mosh pits became really popular with third -- targeted people Erica and I wondered why did young people do this -- -- slam dancing and stage diving and and body surfing and right had to be reason behind it and and I thought it was us a sense of community I think Black Friday shopping added that frenzy is sick kind of like the mosh pit of the shopping world. I got absolutely I mean that. It's it's it's for a few islands. At least seem to have he opened up. Ourselves to. The Beatles lived life beyond just aren't you haven't yet and we it becomes not a community and we are on the east as part of that community and the liquor -- government wide. To compete with others who did get the best view but you you'll also have -- the United Nations that you -- -- motivation that -- you're in it. Point exactly the same thing and you know somehow you you get united in. In that spirit. I think that they either executive I mean it's it's just. Community breathing exercises peoples from within a member as a prominent new communities you -- you -- and contract with people at the store. You get what you used to exit its what does that mean at the -- -- that. You you can extend that using social media that you get to share that with -- a lot of other people who are not part of the community and and I get that. That it opens up all night you know community could just be in the people's well we're living in the -- the people who are you in other news. In a lot of laws are you against. Texting and driving as far as I know you could still text while you shop net -- -- -- illegal yet vs fresh -- and thanks for being minister professor of marketing in the -- business school at Texas State and pay no hard feelings about the LSU beating -- -- and our -- thanks -- --