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11-29 6:10am Scoot: Dangerous Toys

Nov 29, 2013|

Scoot talks to WWL listners about the annual list of dangerous toys and dangerous toys from your childhood.

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All right thank you Caroline David Blake now inferred Tommy -- it's coach on WWL -- EMI -- dot com David yesterday is I was eating Turkey. I mean Turkey's -- you know I I do -- traditional turnout -- you -- all the skin often August cumulative -- yes but I cut all the scandal fend off than they ought to -- that this confederate. You'd be surprised that affect I tweeted out a picture of the fact that I taken off the Turkey -- also a picture of the Turkey afterwards it does turn out to be a quite moist now. Look look I make my my grandmother's traditional black cherry jello and -- known -- got a lot of sugary and it's so I just try to make Thanksgiving. Slightly healthier I mean I know that it's not all health. There's a little bit here in the hair cut the skin off the manufacture. Piece of pumpkin pie something exactly. But as I'm sitting there -- realize that we really haven't become as civilized as we might think if you really sit here we are. All these years after. The beginning of humankind yeah McKay and we're we're still ripping the meat off the carcass of an animal now it's right in front of these darn right Susan are sharing and reprimand. Makes your field guardian but just -- about a bite into that that put them independently to. The body part over here now I do the same thing with a cheeseburgers. And representative. Job Allison ransom is our studio produces this morning as she works of -- office at night on this huge show and she is of the again. So Alison yesterday and I haven't asked -- how this issue yet. She had told -- Total fur key you know you gotta be careful you say that because a slight little slip but he's. Argue that you could -- -- what was the tool for -- In fact I was saved your -- -- Instead the ball. And could even stable peace for -- -- -- here is dame -- for some good I can now -- myself -- -- custom. And stuff to places that it's a big old stuff it's. X if you look at it appeasing when. Music and some lines. It it just -- kind of like and and we -- new -- -- And boy it's an awful lot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- light and dark partnered throw for -- There's no there's no there's no fighting over the he's is there about. You can make. And -- success in the did you grow up eating Turkey. On occasions. That you did it. And -- -- -- and missed that and that was a tradition is to you yours -- sitting there with this big blob of to a forty. I mean we had so much food. Eaten could -- All. Where it was vital to offer because I'd like getting a taste and it and it. You know and David I was thinking you know Turkey is so good. Who decided that Turkey's not good enough let's put a -- in it. Now wait and a dollar and out of what I chicken -- duck and put that in that Turkey and that and I at all not -- don't forget the lawyers of stopping at a gotta do that to a it's 712 on this chilly Black Friday morning I'm studio for a Tommy Tucker if you wanna join our show with a comment about anything we talked about this morning on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And I text numbers they seventies and you'll join me on Twitter via Twitter account is at scoot WL. And the FaceBook pages scoot on the air. Soul how did we even survive when you think about all the guidelines for toys today how did you and I even survive how -- get to this point. Will talk about that when we commitment WL -- heading out to do some shopping are you heading home from doing your shopping too late last night very early this morning. -- is hanging out and relax or maybe you're actually working I mean this very warm comfortable studio in this virtually Black Friday morning -- -- of -- -- of flavored tea with with -- -- very fortunate very thankful to be in this environment. Well let's remember that on days like today there are people actually outside. Working their people who were outdoors and that's their job and they're there. Doing jobs that make our lives easier for us to go through your day to day just to keep in mind those people who were working outside on a daily today. Here's a text admitted deer stand. On Black Friday. -- deer stand right now listening to show -- The deer coming close. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Try to ease the dear. Oh dear. You get close enough to -- him before you shoot him. Or do you just. Like I'm I'm I'm not against toning I admit I'm not harder and an animal lover I'm hypocritical because. You kill it. I'll lead it but I can't articulate. This week the US public interest research group released its annual report titled trouble in toyland. It's a forty page report detailing safety guidelines. For buying toys for your kids. The report -- toys that could potentially be hazardous to your children. You don't hear a report like this coming out I think howdy my generation even survive. Because we must've played with toys that it would be condemned today because they're too hazardous for for kids today. Did this idea of making the world so safer for Cilic I mean that's great let's make the world safe for kids but let's do all we can but. When I think about. How much detail. People pay attention to when it comes to a toy safety. I am wondering if parents. Subconsciously assume. That if something is on sale. If it's available if I can buy it from my kid there's there's so much government scrutiny. Of toys. That if my kids can buy it if I can -- my kids that I don't have to worry I can just let him play all by themselves. I don't have to worry about them anymore. You see I would group at a time when -- actually watch their kids. And you were told not to put stuff in your mouth now it's like oh my god he something's it is now that it's the toys fault. And and to me this just feeds into this. This growing lack of respect we have for personal responsibility. And and I I think one of the things that it's wrong with the world. In this country particularly when it comes to banning things it becomes a safety again look I'm all for making the world as safe as possible for kids for adults for everybody. But if we're under this impression. That there's so much scrutiny when it comes to actually everything. Then we might subconsciously is a country assumed it. Well if it's a -- it's got to be safe and I you know I can talk on the cell -- -- -- -- pay attention to my kid my kids playing with this toy. And I don't have to worry about it when in reality really have to him to watch your -- to me do you think we have become too dependent on government scrutiny. And is that robbing us of using common sense. And let's start thinking about some of the the toys that may -- we played with whom we were kids I can't think of any specific but I'm sure it will but there were there -- things that we played with that would never pass the standards today. So the question is how we survive. How -- we even make it and I think about car seat safety which is wonderful these car seats for kids today. But my guy but I was young we were jumping back and forth in the front seat to the -- -- the station wagon so that replaces ago front seat backseat ferry back. My prayers -- drink and their smoke in the front of the car. -- allowed my parent that was a big part of that that madman. Type generation. I don't think they would do that today that they did that back again I'm just I'm wondering how did we even survive. Can you -- something that you played with when you were a kid that just would never even passed the the safety standards today and if you and enjoyed our conversation this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. A text number is 87 it's -- I'm screwed it for Tommy Tucker 741 here's another Demi WL traffic update with Gerald Robinson. It's a Friday Thanksgiving tradition get ready LSU fans final game of the regular season in Death Valley against the Arkansas Razorbacks and our coverage and have a WL begins. At 9 o'clock this morning Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia we'll have the four -- to lanes tiger -- getting show live trivial issue campus right in front of the -- assault ticket office on nor stadium drive. It's gonna be chilly Arctic temperatures in the fifties throughout the game so bundle up. The pregame with Jim Hawthorne begins at 1130 kick off is at 130 this afternoon. And you'll hear it right here and every WL then right after the game it's the purple and gold point after which Deke Bellavia tiger radio WWL. A forecast right now for Seattle Monday night. For the saints Seahawks match up. Is very cold and possibility of rain. -- -- -- And actually might just be all snow -- which is really not that usual for Seattle Seattle doesn't get as much no issue might think it's mainly in the mountains today at the west of the city. And also to the east and and north and actually to some degrees south of the city. Of -- Seattle are basically sea level that -- -- get that much as snow so it's kind of an usual. But it looks like it's going to be cold possibility of snow we need our running game. Seattle hang its a good run defense that these these teams match up in very interesting ways nfl.com. Is predicting the saints. I will be to -- calling it an upset will be the Seahawks and for the last. But the last week or so I've really had a strong feeling the saints are gonna win the game and -- I don't say that just as the saints fans and and and I realize that nothing can be taken for granted because heels a very good team but I just have a feeling that. With the way the teams playing right now and the fact that we can seek revenge for Seattle kicking some of the playoffs a couple of years ago. This is just our opportunity. And -- just think the saints seemed to be really positioning themselves very very well. We've been talking about this report that comes out every year at this time a trouble in toyland. And I think it's great that we make the world safe for kids. But I couldn't help but wonder if we we get this impression that if if something is legally on sale that it it must be okay. Ended the -- still feel the need to watch their kids. The way they once did you know I'm going up it you know it it if we were playing with something her parents knew we are playing with. And and maybe this idea of intense government scrutiny or the dependence. On government scrutiny. When it comes to the foods we eat when it comes to. Toys to kids play with. May be that intense government scrutiny is actually -- us of the idea that we we actually use common sense. We can you think of -- -- something that you played when you were young. That would never pass that safety standards today. Here's a text. The erector set. -- they still have erector sets today. I'm assuming they do have ever erector sets remember Lincoln logs but here's a text. We rode bicycles without helmets I mean seriously how do we survive how -- we make -- we didn't have those those posh little protective. Seats. We did that that the course it's great that we have those now. Which you have to wonder really how did my generation -- major generation. Even survive how to how to we make it through life. -- sometimes I think we we we go so far as a society to try to protect people that we. That we actually forget that you know something's just happened. You know kids choke on food sometimes. You can't banned food you just have to use common sense should be careful about what you feed your kids -- what you let them get their hands on. Here's a -- remember those glass balls on a string. And they -- together I'm 53 probably popular in my tween years not safe today. -- you think of another another toy something else that. That we used to play with whom were kids it really wouldn't even a pass -- standards today and a year -- BW on good morning. I don't at a good. I -- the planet with their cars. A -- yes they do. It by -- -- -- And today they'd be talking about the the shards of of glass or plastic that might get in the kids' eyes. -- right. It -- 800. We even if I don't out. Com. -- He -- we had a car like that it'll. -- to drop stuff in the car onto the road hoping that it wouldn't Landon are back tires and flatten them. Yeah we want to back. Made and -- like. Yes yeah. It. -- -- -- -- I'm glad because I'm glad we did that really hot and we survive and it's something that we played with that that kids would not be allowed to play with today or something that that kids would not be allowed to do today like we jump back and forth in the front seat to the backseat. Join our show it to 601870. Total free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number is -- 77 a coming up later this hour you're gonna have a chance to -- some tickets to season something amazing it's the Irish tenors at this anger theater Tuesday December 3. They're going to be doing all of your holiday favorites. A chance realistic it's coming appearance of if -- well. 731 and -- in -- Tommy Tucker and here is -- to -- WL news update with David Blake. Good morning 730 -- twenty minutes away from 8 o'clock it's -- varied victory chilly but beautiful. Black Friday morning so why do people go shopping on Thanksgiving -- of people shop on Black Friday that's our WW a pretty jaguar pinnacle this morning. 47%. Say to be part of the event as something else you're talking about this morning. 53% say it's to save money but he really say that much money or is it really more about becoming part. Of the -- give us your opinion regulatory website WW real dot com -- blog which is says still trending on our website under our opinions on the front pages Thanksgiving. A bipartisan holidays and I hope you took advantage of yesterday being holiday not based in politics and even though they prayed to the creator gave thanks to their creator. Thanksgiving is not intrinsically holiday. About religions so it's a it's a chance for us all to come together by -- -- able to do that but you can read that -- and others it's under our opinions at WW real dot com. We're talking about it toys that we would never be allowed to play with today because they just wouldn't. Reached the standards of today. And I think it's great that we do all we -- to make the world a safer place for kids. But in this whole idea of the government so scrutinizing things I'm wondering if maybe society is it's starting to get the feeling that. I don't have to worry because you of the government's said this is safe so if it's safe and I don't have to watch -- right out of the republic has a complaint with it. And unfortunately some kids die because of what they play with a get to -- your text here in just a moment from -- Mitch -- into the W on good morning. They scooted more -- when you -- -- I don't know what you are marked. And I didn't. We take our our law. I'm. Born important arms on product that. And Richard are you go through all what you put our just due to two quick ones but more and we used to use these horses. Resources ridge -- -- -- court. -- -- Spring. Children rock but no horses oh yes don't get together with the but there was there were forced pro yet it was for spring suspensions. Couldn't ever a host -- spring -- bankers today. My your hot hot and we survive -- I don't know let me ask you this. I remember much sister in particular. She used to stay in our or use throughout this -- -- go to never had a brakes on -- Patrick Robert Gregg a -- on the back. No instant. And somebody said -- -- a moment ago we used to ride bikes without helmets how -- we make it. Back -- also the the horses which pushed out an old storage of course where -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mitchum political show and thanks for sharing them with this here is a text. Land darts here's -- that next time I'm fifty years old we used to play with charts. Land guards. Heavy weighted spikes was stabilizing fans that we used to. Tossed towards each other don't see that anymore. I'm here is and other text racetracks for cars are terrible now remember that -- smell they made. And how fast they went. Now they're done with men ignorance and they don't go nearly as fast. You know as for the Google to remember that burns in the end it was -- up. That was cool. Since the realistic. And you think of something that really we hope we play with the Americans that we never be allowed to play with a today. A new list is -- comes out every year at this time of toys that are hazardous and I think that's a wonderful thing but. It lets get this impression it good toys are so safe that parents still still have to pay attention to their kids when they're playing with toys. If you enjoyed our morning conversation on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text is -- -- and we'll be right back for more and to be WL. It's Black Friday morning and that means some of -- our work and certainly you're relaxing hanging out at home -- are actually going shopping and some of you might actually be coming home from shopping because you were part of the Black Friday shopping frenzy. I have noticed some parallels between the Black Friday. Frenzy of shopping. And mosh pits at rock -- we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. I institute for -- Tucker here's a -- reads and I'm only 28 I have scars on my hands from my spring horse my sister headed dirt bike for five Urals. We're talking about the of the -- comes on every year warning us about hazardous toys for kids I think that's wonderful making police -- that's -- But in -- parents still use common sense when it comes to their there they're toys that they buy for their kids. And you know unfortunately some it's choke on stuff -- -- choke on food. But you don't talk about it. Banning food you'd just have to be careful with your kids they still need -- was apparent and not the government to make sure that everything is so -- that. Nothing is gonna ever happen and I couldn't help but think about some of the things that we played with the leaders kids and some of the things that we do it -- precarious. Still as the question how can we even survive. When you think about all the importance placements if you date it's a miracle. That that my generation and maybe your generation even survived. Here's a text we used to shoot each other with BB guns. I remembered that I don't think even -- eat which are those things I learned from that movie Christmas story. Here's a text going on vacation -- deter take turns sleeping on the back dash of the car. As we went down the interstate. Just remember doing wild stuff in the car. And yet. We survived. Here's detects when I was a -- I had a chemistry set I love it surely I had had -- ingested any of the products. I would have had to cut bad consequences my parents schooled me. Of the dangers before allowing me to play with it. Imagine that. Here's a -- remember clockers. Yes. He has spring horse was called a hobby horse that's right yeah as though the I had one of those and you know I got really aggressive with it. And you could make the the that the front the whole front part of the stand that the horse was on. I had four springs and you could bounce up and down rocked back and forth and if you really got going you can you could pull off the floor. As a but he called a few minutes ago and talked about how that would never be allowed today because of getting your fingers caught. In the in the springs while somebody's on the horse. Here's a text BB guns both scenarios firecrackers. Would burning cents. Just a few of the things that might not really be allowed to remember those -- -- That metal tips on. BP kills somebody with a Boehner. And yet which are born heiress. And I remember I never had. But my friends and I think it was called Benjamin. And it was a hell yeah. And I don't know -- this was true or not but it gave the kids would say you -- of so many times it's as powerful as a 22. So so we've got kids walking around the neighborhood essentially carrying 22. Again I ask you how. Did we even survive. I'm amazed if you what did you an issue with comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Till 38668890. Point seven. In a text number it's a 77 LSU and their final regular season game in Death Valley it's going to be chilly but beautiful afternoon. And that's going to be at 130 this afternoon LSU and Arkansas -- she should win that game -- and move on to a ball game possibly the Cotton Bowl. Our coverage on Debian -- begins right after the show. At 9 o'clock this morning on WW well also another big game this weekend is the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn. Will Auburn beat Alabama would that be surprised is if if Auburn jumps out on top the game is in Auburn. But I I would think in Alabama will probably come back that is a game that Alabama can not take for granted. And then Monday night the saints will take on the Seahawks in Seattle. Albion for Garland on Monday from ten to one. And we'll be talking more about that we will get an update on the forecasts because right now it looks like it's going to be very cold with a chance of snow. Possibly mixed with rain. For the Monday Night Football game and we welcome everybody was in town for the buy you class. If you would like to win a pair of tickets to see the Irish tenors Christmas concert on Tuesday December 3 at the beautiful center theater. A pick up the phone right now called 260. Wins. 2609467. -- now you're the eight caller you in tickets -- WWL. It's 750 and here's another WWL traffic updates. Which Gerald Robinson every year the report is titled trouble in toyland that it warns parents about toys that may be a hazard to their kids -- take about some of the toys that you need to be able four. And we'll also talk about the demise of common sense in America. Our congratulations to Christopher Smith he is just one pair of tickets to go see the Irish tenors Christmas concert that's going to be beautiful. And I was at the sign of theater and the other night it is it is spectacular as it ever watched. The concert is at the -- December 3 tickets valued at 215 dollars you can purchase them at Ticketmaster dot com happy holidays. Front of WL. If you wanna join our show the -- our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Examining. In a text number is 877. I'm so proud of my -- LaMont east Jefferson. East Jefferson takes on morning eastern 7 o'clock tonight it's the WW -- on line game of the week. Since Dunlap does a great job with play by play he'll be doing the play by play event. You can stream the game line I've desktop laptop. Smartphone tablet you can you can find it -- the game of the week on line morning eastern. And my -- oddities Jefferson mortars at 7 o'clock tonight at east Jefferson stadium I stuck in a friend rob -- that sockets the other day and I I didn't realize that. But he also graduated from east Jefferson and you're talking about how amazing the stadium is I haven't been out there -- I've I've got to take some time to. Go back to -- LaMont and take a look at today at east Jefferson. So here are some of the toys that this -- disorganization of the US public interest research group to come out with this trouble in toyland. Report every year and -- couple of the toys that you need to be on the lookout for. Beat captain America's soft shield ages two and older. It has 29 times more land than allowed by law -- I think that's that's important you know led -- On the amount of lead that country that's an important warning to have. But here you have the that the Fisher Price. Loving family outdoor barbecues. Fisher Price. Loving family outdoor Barbeque -- what could be a problem event. Well according to this report the plastic food items are so small and they looks so realistic that toddlers could swallow them. Again. Common sense just because something is on sale doesn't mean it's 100% safe for your kids. And if -- kids can't tell the difference no matter how realistic and and is this another one of the tragedies. Of the with the world we live in today. Nothing can be realistic anymore if it's realistic kids are Smart enough to realize that it's a toy. It didn't we have realistic things when we were young again I asked the question how did my generation even survived because. Well we were taught that you know what it might look real but it's it's not real it does it smell like food. It does it taste like food it's hard so don't put it in your mouth. Also there is. There's a problem we have five different littlest pet shop toys by Hasbro. There's no small part warning on the toys. And there are some parts that the kids could choke on. Again kids choke on food just watch your kids watch what they play -- -- teach them how to play with a properly. Don't ignore your kids and just let him play but something -- just because it's on sale doesn't mean that it's 100% safe. For your kids. I'm suits him for Tommy Tucker on display Friday morning it will be right back in moron WWL.