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11-29 9:10am Tiger Tailgate

Nov 29, 2013|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Publisher of tigerbait.com Mike Scarborough to talk about the upcoming game against the Arkansas Razorbacks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

After Thanksgiving week and it's the battle for the go to group 130 this afternoon here on WWR radio the LHU five -- the big victory last week over Texas -- it and -- you know what could be a big victory today and possibly. Eight Cotton Bowl berth at the -- -- but the Tigers certainly enhance their bowl. Opportunity last week by -- Texas Stadium coming advocating getting into his take on the battle for the golden boot. We're here by it's made -- from Arkansas coach -- he'll start three you know but they have lost eight straight six of their eight in laws are suitable point they've been blown out they didn't have a close -- -- But it's Mississippi State ball went through it egg bowl last night the bulldogs. Win in overtime over all this. Seventeenth eighteenth -- -- the mine's Barbara it was a recruiting update Jeff Palermo columnist at WW dot com and -- and that sports director whereas -- Arkansas program two years ago. Two years ago. On in 2011. When Arkansas was here this was number one vs number three number one vs number three arkansas' fallen completely off the map with the what it's a whole program is advancing to -- a -- debate that. Brian let's all be with a little -- about -- yeah 1011 it was a fumble on number three to Tyler preteen didn't faze him -- a number one LSU and that was Alabama. And it was well Arkansas I'm is glad they -- -- more concerned that the ride motorcycles. -- -- -- Because the heat about with Katrina did that program way when he arrived moments like isn't Ramos act upon again you know it is exactly that -- That's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is is that. It was so pass happy. -- understanding coach Petrino. We're now it is like old school bullish and Lechler and on the -- I'll appreciate this they get a run the ball and they gonna come off the bus. -- involved you know and be it their goal isn't that we can get more into it. But you know they kind of look at trying to get 200 yards a game rushing. Yeah that about yards I think he's -- He's -- he's gonna do good this week but yet -- it is kind of putters you'll. Right to recruit as far as well and smaller purses in the run blocking game he's had a big tournament big. -- crosses of them without an obvious connections recruiting. Because all artists of all have those kind of line and you earn -- -- that you might have that connection in the midwest. And you bring them down the art itself. Because the kind of put that a ball. That he liked that -- -- it was content you know you need those NFL I've run blocking linemen and that's why Janet. In the free pass obviously. The the utter brilliance of the bachelor it was constant but it was the happen. They hand to leave them relentless SEC. It's still the success that he that I had and -- -- and yes and only was it it was -- in the current Arkansas. And a against Carolina grout work but. I guess give it to your passes these recruits it was gonna happen at that. We'll come back and go inside the SEC's -- -- -- has caught up some huge into the comet this week who both its championship -- -- still -- will it be soccer and I wouldn't -- Missouri at -- Would be Auburn Alabama out of the -- a lot the -- in some big games and of course. A big egg bowl victory last night them all and all the hot seat at the bulldogs have gone bowling. Ball four straight season we'll talk about the importance of getting to a bowl with that means to a program and you know -- Got -- to break. Now they miss at least they qualified and -- again and it's that way and there's now is that there's now ninth SEC team that a bowl eligible you know I don't fourteen at me that that that's pretty impressive where talk more about that -- -- -- -- LSU and Arkansas here on WW I all right let's go inside the SEC he is the gala. The day of the week is certainly Alabama vs Auburn -- several other important contest. -- by the game that all the -- the east representative to a glare of the Missouri Texas a and M game time to go inside the SEC road you by -- solar energy provided solar energy options for Louisiana homeowners. Florida State at Florida well they -- -- -- that -- and one quarter -- that -- -- seven on the season and a -- sitting home for the post season in the other corner -- Florida State team with an embattled quarterback big game -- Gainesville which is not good news for FC -- Seminoles are the only team here with something to play before never count -- an SEC team in a rivalry game no matter their record this -- -- end -- -- closer than expected -- early -- Florida players believe they might have wins as -- head -- -- Muster -- -- job. Georgia at Georgia Tech. Both teams are seven for the bulldogs just lost their starting quarterback. But Georgia -- four losses against arguably the only -- -- schedule -- and -- weren't really close aside from a seven point loss to Virginia Tech the other three losses came by a margin of 1518. And one quarter Georgia's biggest problem. The -- discipline it will cost the bulldogs the Auburn game and facing a triple option team -- display important gap discipline on defense is a sure fire way to reward the Thanksgiving week yeah. Fortunately for Georgia. Their QB is pretty full speed on defense will make up for a lot still this is basically a tossup. Tennessee. -- This match but one bad team and -- Every team. Marks do you do a lot the Bulls are standing amongst the wildcats fans with -- win over a school's biggest rival Kentucky has regressed offensively and all offensively Tennessee on the other hand has only been competitive three times this year while pads only hope here is that the volunteers have -- the -- completely after losing to Vanderbilt last week and does being eliminated from postseason competition. Clemson at South Carolina. Has -- did you record but this -- the gamecocks team of recent years babe in some tight games against lesser opponents and have black thing a defensive instinct every season. But Clemson still real from a 52 to fourteen and Whitney suffered against the Florida State and as long as defense -- an optional premise for the Tigers coach's claims it will be vulnerable against Steve Spurrier and the gamecocks south Carolina's best -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- whatever happens in this game means little outside of state pro life. Wake Forest. At Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt needs this game to finish eight Warfield wants any shot at a boarding going to a bowl game five miles down the street some decent start a petition to get The Commodores I. I didn't Nashville for the holidays regardless of their. Thirteen and seven boy. Still is quicker and stronger in nearly every basket and a mere possibility of playing in Atlanta or Florida bowl games is enough of a parent to keep it commodores bogey. Texas in them that was very well you can't hear it here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As -- and Aggies rush defense is the Missouri pats defense may be worse for -- to dream. May very well come to an end here. Alabama. Auburn this -- Auburn's miracle here would put the paper the tiger simply just don't look equal to Alabama or anywhere close. Not you buy into the all over -- missed the -- equality Jordan hare stadium or -- does have a significant measurable home field advantage in big games. The real problem with -- the result of this game before played is that walker played it differently than it does anybody else if the Tigers are seven throughout the season. All will be I'm not for Alabama I makers are seeing this game is a double digit Alabama victory put on social work principal difference in this game is that all -- like how. -- playing for a championship as well the key for the Crimson -- like -- most every SEC contest is to stop the run game and the damage control the tigers' rushing attack but it's highly unlikely that old -- and manufacture enough offense to keep -- that's a look inside the SEC brought you by -- solar energy providing solar energy options for Louisiana homeowner. All right Steve -- work as always -- the ACC -- the evening Callahan of course yesterday you heard three speaking -- -- -- Detroit -- Green Bay Dallas come from behind to beat Oakland and last night I went one to twenty victory. Baltimore although the Pittsburgh Steelers have LSU forward David after the game a three point after and then that night at the Allstate typical prep football rather. Semi finals for three divisions and everybody else is playing in the quarterfinals. What chance to move on to the state semi finals next week it in three -- three division that it would have. -- state championship set up all written poet the big -- -- shoot two and will -- from Russell Mora they need all the weapons that. Consolidating used to be content that in spring he'll pick up and down from the spring you know -- -- being -- Warriors. Reporters at holy cross and bird coming in in. Central -- tonight are taking on. Parkway middle ball whereas about equipment on the road and they've -- him a better experience EU high. Taking on the point of view that the Eagles surviving we talked about teams -- teams in the southeast -- local bowling no one else can become. Bowl eligible with the victories -- before seventh or to a three and -- -- at the didn't notice it you know it hits everybody in the Al west division with the -- all and so in his fourteenth in the east. Then become bowl eligible what's what's so important about people to look at college football for instance. I'll take answers national championship game for what we talk about how some people thought well it's this season and it's a program already had a great seat -- Florida had a great season their programs on -- great. Programs. It was a it was just that he would like to pick it ducks at the fare ticket or Alabama to blow Notre -- and it's a reason why -- the type of player that -- -- brutal course -- like programs like LSU and that of poking like that same thing. And you've got to account for what happens between -- day tomorrow. And maybe next week for some teams in the spot of the next season he realized -- announces -- he's listed as -- for example. They've been a four straight bowl. They have hand it all whole whole extra season of practice that senior class compared to some teams that -- you did a mosque. Basically about a broader area prepared for attack the season means that you finals if you plan around new years day. And he did four years straight by the way you talk about practice in August September October and November -- full wants. You -- one off for each bowl game that's a whole another year of college football practice -- it for wants Spain. Over the course of four years that they -- ready to practice that -- Nicklas. That's beat its Big Ten if they're evaluating it and in the program that -- oppose it a year that's a big leg up they have on programs that he'll. Well they get and you look at that these Zimmer Politico about. That the guys you counting on next year oh wouldn't that happening. And I think -- two days like August you know get ready for the season or even bring well. -- -- you have extra practices like you say to develop players who you coming on in the future and -- comes about in December. Where all of -- son. You know that you have a long time and to evaluate that. You might be -- going alive. Always especially some like her -- and you know they're great players bring attitude that you count on next year like for at that. This that are Ethan pulled -- -- those kind of guys who have a bright future and all of a sudden. You know that there is so and they had a -- all arm speed up -- benefits and December. Because we priced than that Harden and that the continuous process that's the event like you said. -- getting ready hopeful. That it's much more in and that it's like looking at the future in your contribution to what you do for the program. Coming likely to go. The fourteenth -- Well about it -- dilemma comes over at taking Arkansas to -- thinking there with Scott the three straight bowl games against Wisconsin badger program he'd be noticed you doing extremely well. In the big team in the audited the steal the second best team -- -- stand behind Ohio state of course some would say look at -- -- -- would have -- a valid point. He's -- earlier this week it's at the battle for the golden boot although the whole wall globally for the sixth straight year today is available -- -- -- at the time. It's kind of ironic that the way it worked out this year that I was in dispute last game and not -- an -- in the post season play that. To play for the golden boot to history -- since nineteen along these teams and while playing your bit hitters history -- try to give a little bit more. He's -- season and hopefully bigger impact on the game. More from red mile when he gives his take on the LSU fighting type of front office league in defense -- their bigs -- -- six they. On the ball very very well they got skill outside. On for a terrific offensively their quarterback a very good player who was opposite -- there pretty cute with his trials tribulations that is taking advantage of the opportunities he's been given that they were three special player. And now fouling -- -- from Rick Adelman uses his team may be down but they are not out looking forward to playing -- -- so it's summer up. Well -- partners tires. Wasn't. Always have the results that you wanted to it's -- little islands. -- consult bodies won three straight ball game but ever since they lost that tight one at raucous 42 points for the have lost eight straight in out of him as this point 47 team lost in overtime and that -- -- most raucous. Six straight losses have been blowouts by ten points normal. A lot of outing I was driving around it is that that Arkansas Rutgers game pocket reflect back in an era like 28 -- -- -- most of the game and you know characters yeah and actually. Fell apart in the fourth quarter of playing on the road in. You know those -- -- the Bulls to win. But the you look at -- articles that right now. And you know considering it was too long ago where they were really relevant. Remember. You know Bullard is -- ago at this Kubel in the U playing Ohio State yes yes and -- had Albert and first ACC team Ohio State beatable right -- actually have an opportunity you know to win a game or utility in. Or for that to me it was Ryan mallet. You know I had and a great opportunity great career Arkansas. And now back up with the Patriots but. Be heated -- it really applaud additional that the -- would take Ohio State in that game they had chances but you look at markets saw it in there when every department lately. They have gone a combined seven and sixteen overall. And it to a thirteen in the SEC. The the -- with -- if you look right now their goal at seven in league play this season. And ended trying not -- that the the they all four right now and SE CB try not to become. The the first hall team since 1942. To go winless in conference play. So they've played all like -- -- commitment ninety part units World War II you know that when they went oh win listening conversely so. Is likely mean is that they playing this is their bowl game. Given on a trophy the golden boot and so a lot then the play a part obviously -- shoot. Student -- -- -- season. Along without bowl victory down the road. That it deputies that is at 930 want to have a first name is we'll go to David Blake. Recruiting analysts that published -- What tiger made that com Mike's Bob -- is the awareness now -- the LSU Tigers now taken on offense solid day. Other than acute that if I play him I would imagine that. That they're good kids that it is the best Q just who played football right now -- they Louisiana. Yeah we're we're trying to figure out where we're gonna go to and I try to watch some football. My be in their New -- get to see Catholic. In their great quarterback Jason Keller and for next year 2015. Vs. 2016. Quarterback. You know you had both those guys to camp last summer. Course dug it doesn't do it and -- -- a lot of recruits. You know of course brings to the car and -- decent got three Gaza everybody's looking at -- -- these -- so. A lot of good football players involved and -- which you recruits. This week yet. And then -- you know you break -- our recruiting young players. Like that by coming out of nowhere in which -- elaborate on this and they tell the fans to all of a sudden this call might hit you look at rich aren't Robinson. The BB yeah. It from Pompano Beach, Florida his first career start. You shut down texting and top receiver -- -- that -- -- -- -- four catches. 51 yards he's match with him man to man coverage for most of the game. And then -- limited as the -- receiver. That SEC low 44 receptions second lowest yardage output. In an SEC team this year that you want him and and held without a touchdown. Now an offense that backed me ago what wife Elin waited till the put him in as a matter of getting him eligible. To just break down where he's at and oh boy Heatley and a lot of -- -- swagger considering who's going to -- it. Yeah I mean the thing about rob and let me just knew he was hadn't are richer. All of whom you know this spring and summer when he was the late. Your member he did not get NCA clearance. Until school had already started. For kids to become in that he played just a week or two later. After probably didn't you start collapse late. Missed all of August king -- -- could go on you know such a late start to being the starter. It is incredible for him we knew that trade AB's why it was you know rubble dot com -- dollar we've seen Robinson Cano. -- -- -- you know he was a little. And now little gap with the guy that was wrong that was gonna need a year. In what he's done different tactic but now don't you too. True freshman in a corner. And we talk a lot about Tony Brown from Beaumont Texas to look spots are cornerback it's. Be considered a Leno acute or long term. You get people there are saying that maybe he's. Worried about depth and in Utah at that position. So you know somehow -- and backfire but. We hope that's true or not we we we still think that he's gonna. Into -- you know she's tiny bit. We needed to go to perform at that level it is at a young age. You know they're picking also the a detriment it on in recruiting. And Mike you know staying on the passing game note. Look it was stagnant -- what he's been able to do obviously coach Cam Cameron. I mean being -- had excitement -- an NFL type player you look at the production last year vs this year and with 748. Passing yards against target thought that he can become the third player in LSU history to pass the 3000 yards in -- season. Now you say well this Allen talking about 5000. Considering -- -- she's been a lot of power football. A look at going back Rupert Jones all American. He's still alternated at times and really Ellis who's been known as a power -- in a mile. -- football is still pass the ball that that's a great accomplishment. But with Vandenberg has done this program and and what are you see in the future as far as that competition. Or is that all the competition. The replaced the consistency. Wittman Barrett has brought. Here for LSU. Yeah I just think competition that springer and a lot of people just assume because there at the beginning as the number two. That if he's gonna have be at the start job wrapped up. You know Brandon here's a -- -- reporter noted these. You know what people should know it true freshmen that come in and when that job but. It's our copyright. What that's that he felt very confident I've heard him interviewed. That yeah -- he thinks the cut here and play he's the key yeah let me think it will but he thought. It. You can go and and I. Yeah I think it's that the coaches think he's got a opportunity. I think -- Redick and also -- which unions in the setup issue richer. I mean he made big strides from what -- so inspiring. 22 Augustin. You know we don't know if there's any unions can throw that well when we haven't seen. We know he knows that -- Annika but. You know how well the Eagles football and so I think the court -- to just reasonably wide open. My -- whenever I get the latest on recruiting in today's matchup with. Falcons. Yet -- that tiger -- that -- pre game notebook so there right now that it three. Can't deny them and move -- -- becomes special right now beginning -- subscription tiger that you get in 99 dollar gift card or gear so it. We didn't the same value subscription to houses it's suspended what you want -- our store so. -- -- -- -- Mike thank you so much we'll talk after the game. Put your portrait thank -- All right all right Mike thank commitment to a comeback get too caught up on what's going on in the state of Louisiana it's a big matchup this week and also a team that that. We -- now before they began pulling off what's going on down main hand and the blue reported next county down to LSU and Arkansas 130 this afternoon here on WW. I -- actually hear what talk about what's gone in -- state of Louisiana he is Jordan Figo with all boot report. Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We love our college football in Louisiana and here's what's going all -- teams from around the -- I'm Jordan -- in this is the -- report. Do you bike -- solar energy providing solar energy often Louisiana opener. The Northwestern State -- not solid win over the Stephen F Austin lumberjacks last Saturday forty to 27. The demons avoided a bit straight losing season with the victory improving to six and six overall in Korean or the Southland Conference. Southeastern regular season ended with a big win over Nichols in the Lions are getting through it undefeated in the Oakland play. That these -- earned their first ever playoff berth at that number four seed and a first round bye. They'll lose the winner of -- other people -- Houston state at 7 PM on December 7. The Cowboys the big -- they will also be heading to the FC AA playoffs securing their self -- conference record fifteen playoff appearance. Beneath and it tended to only losing the Southeastern Conference game. The Cowboys earn an at large berth isn't over policy. 111 round bye and will welcome the winner of BC ever hurts Jacksonville's big game at 6 o'clock on December 7. Do they played their last regular season game of the superdome last weekend and while all of you -- have 45 victory. Greenway take on the rice owls tomorrow at 2 PM. It has to be right in the Louisiana Tech could be the -- they broke runners to be able to reach the conference USA title game. The Greenway spent sixteen great rushing defense -- from around the L fourteenth ranked run game. The latest doping personnel from Louisiana -- but it could be affordable or do. The bulldogs also it also when he sort of fourteen last week and travel to San Antonio Burton thirty Saturday kick off against UPS thing. Bulls the -- dropped back to four and seven other runners are six and -- -- -- -- game winning. You will know who you will live in the battle on the -- at 6 o'clock on Saturday. They're raging agents are riding an eight game winning streak and eat just one more with a lot of their first ever bright sun belt title. The war on the other hand are flying along at five and didn't have lost it would -- now. If Louisiana moderate drop this one they'll have their third losing season in four years. Recent history is on the side of the cage and you LM hasn't won the battle on the bodies -- 2007. -- LL a slight overall lead in the series 25 to 23. You LO head coach mark that's good -- that holiday weekend who wants the fans show up in force. We needed he'll -- holder. Think that hopefully pull out all year they made a difference and -- it every home game really we need. In a -- The famous -- you classic kicks off at 130 tomorrow afternoon this is the fortieth edition of the annual feud between Grambling State and southern. -- the two teams first played in 1936. The Jaguars and Tigers and it sixty times the pork in this series is tied -- -- -- This season has been a steal -- few programs. Grambling has had a tumultuous year winning just one game in -- hitting another after the teams staged a boycott. However has compiled a seven and four record and has won this wet west division already. Don't face Jackson State in the -- championship on December 7. LSU was the only team -- the big plays today and they're taking on the -- eight Arkansas Razorbacks in the battle for the golden boot. The hogs are very well having lost eight straight. The Tigers are flying high don't jumping to number fifteen in the BCS rankings after he beat down and Johnny mandella that Texas thing in M Aggies. The -- you -- -- scoring 37 and a half points a game 42 best in the country while Arkansas ranks 88 in points allowed. A -- abilities chances of a fourth straight ten win these -- It though the race director or win within MPT play coach plus miles and is the Tigers can't overlook them. Arkansas -- very good football. Perry. In the -- Allan they run the football. The defense. Flashed applause well. This report has brought to you might -- solar energy providing solar energy -- -- the week -- homers. I'm Jordan would WW LAM and then and WWL. All right Johnson. They work as always talk about. That the game to the cinema wheezing and I he's the Kasey Kahne and Bobby apparently noticed that -- to LSU Arkansas plus. Some big games -- a lot of meaning and we'll take a look at some scenarios and not too far -- it. One of Alabama were to lose to Auburn on holiday out of it out so fans come back. Count down LSU and Arkansas here on WW. I don't like to keep -- next hour typical MO column was that WW dot com and the reason network sports director give us his take if you will be covering some big high school games tonight as well. Trade video -- sports dot com publisher recruiting analysts -- -- -- the latest whereas as Arkansas program two years ago that they in this very same matchup with number one LSU and number of three. Often soft plus browse Aussie you're right it tiger -- dot com will be what does. And -- be -- by the eight Bears take on LHU and Arkansas Bobby and we rolled a break illiteracy some things that are happening Clemson and South Carolina. Florida state of Florida Ohio state of Michigan. Missouri Texas seen him Alabama and often that's Alabama were to lose today. -- -- whoever picks we can get double game it -- -- -- I have a question Alabama could steal -- their way into the national team exhibit the right things happen because. Let's not forget Michigan Natalie. Rated. And to be pigeon toed it a lot is only there weeks that there's a lot of football to -- made a two week. I think you look at the big hit -- game Michigan State -- realize they all have to you know handle. I'm assuming after the that a break top power but will break down -- Alabama and Auburn and then also obligated SEC east Missouri. And their big challenge against aid entitlements they'll kill them last year -- coming up next visit WW.