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11-29 10:20am Tiger Tailgating - Jeff Palermo (LSU)

Nov 29, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert talk LSU football with Jeff Palermo, wwl.com columnist and LA Network Sports Director.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But Jeff Palermo -- don't associate now and Jeff where would you be it tonight I'll be at new light area for the Catholic high calvary. All out on vehicle and I thank calvary -- yeah. So you gotta be -- -- await me there isn't that that's right that's right -- -- -- to cause I'm not sure that some other people but this is. In our calendar year yet nothing is it along with data you we implement yes if it is right and in the time we have all the way at night about 11 o'clock at night it's very long day but it's a lot of fun. And tonight it was weird that you have a bunch of teams they can punch their ticket you said the state champion pleaded it is an and it if tonight wasn't good enough where you got more games tomorrow you high. And are you baptists -- that's obvious there again that's going to be OK I didn't know mark you Baptist and I believe -- Saturday -- -- Roman senate doesn't sodas and you've got to look at cynicism even bigger matchup. India next round of well -- we were talking earlier how big -- win was it last week LSU away I think it's. You know if they go on him you know win today against Arkansas and went handedly you'd hate to see and them allow the Razorbacks stay in this game -- and right like last year -- exactly a lot of 12114. And -- need to. Miraculous one handed touchdown catch by Jarvis Landry went -- game. And go on into their bowl game and win. You know I get a nice when there I think you look back at that Texas in and game as a bit of a turn around and go and it's 2014. Very much. Like Alabama in 2010 when the Tigers beat them in Tiger Stadium that was a game that kind of got him going and they finished that season off with a win over Texas seen him in the Cotton Bowl and it had the SEC championship season 2011. Or it's just a one game thing I don't think it's a one game at the week. We did see some young guys really developer jarred Robinson to -- like those guys look like they can be really outstanding quarterbacks. And the pass rush with hunter grass go with violates you know more consistent pass -- -- I think it's. I think it is the start of something good is some of these younger guys that we've been waiting all year long to finally show up and played big in a big game and they did. Jeff you look at we all like traditions in you know kind of before takes a campaign that SEC with -- -- him at Texas will look at the -- of Mississippi State now beating Gomez that overtime. Explain that offense than explain to -- reflect back. If you look at LSU Arkansas they've played on Friday after Thanksgiving what that fifteen out of the last seventeen years the only exception what an O nine and 2000 the end. And then they resume their party tradition 2011 in Baton Rouge but next year is that like all of those that are result QBs get there early -- -- playing -- -- That's right arkansas' earlier in the schedule next season and so LSU will play at Texas -- and have. On Thanksgiving night all good now on the Internet gold turning the sun after a day ahead we'll alternate. Are big time out well you know I'm a football fan -- looked back and forth between the Steelers in the Ravens on how with a good game but I don't watch him lower big vote Gloria yeah I can see a football -- -- -- -- -- always -- at -- There Friday night at the day's -- and the third did most of Thanksgiving night so well executed him on their Thanksgiving but one name that comes back to Tiger Stadium in 2015. Ellis he's artists that were not playing on Thanksgiving night so we evil and don't try to Bryant -- I don't think the play Friday night or could be a Saturday night game. Right interesting because of rampant now a couple of years back in. And I mean team in. You had the arm bar Friday intelligent -- so -- assailant that is that if Ryan -- -- enormous talent they came back we thought that you want that was that the LSU. This apartment it'll news they want that winning that ballgame that to be there. But does -- and now moving forward. Big games in his conference that we -- -- and -- a lot of strange things can happen in just so happens you know you look at Alabama that will want to take all but. BC or my minds or in the national championship game. The last two seasons is that -- -- they have their loss in early November mid November against inept but they had a chance they had time to recover you know if they lose to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. They don't have another game bounced back and hope other things happen so. I think it's more farfetched. For them they'd lose tomorrow for them to find a way to a national championship game because. Obviously you need Ohio State to lose he -- Florida State to lose the more I think likely scenario Ohio State lose but then I think it goes -- Whoever wins the SEC championship at. And yes because the FC championship game a game that I mean it is in and out comes Saturday night -- -- and that 645. Texas seen -- Missouri the Fiat Johnny reds -- bounces back you know that he an unbelievable game as ridiculous or it to them right. I get this through and and really it was who has the -- that are solid Carolina's in the AFC championship. Well you have. You say that it has not and play for but they don't want and their season with to know is there for the regular season but. Missouri very balanced team also. Good defensive line -- -- at the -- though and Johnny Damon itself you thought -- was -- -- -- -- like last Saturday at Tiger Stadium. He may -- do that again tonight I think that's going to be a fun game to watch him as part of me and it just the streak of decades it. Obviously the articles the main attraction that's a really nice -- finish off. What's which should be over the next 48 hours they're great football Jim quickly before we go to new who's LSU point five and a half point favorite here with the well I but I think that they're gonna they're gonna they're gonna play well in this game I think he'll be 4114. Maybe a little sluggish start you know as I think they can eventually turn and they should be able -- -- -- my only concern is is that Alabama was able to run the ball very effectively and they will go all the bus run in and arkansas' got big offensive line and they can run the ball slow LSU defensively as the physical. This is a big game for -- Boston's. Jeff Palermo columns that WW dot com the reason network's sports direct it and you'll be covered prep football and yet you all -- Twitter and it. It Jeff Palermo -- aren't yet thank you so much our offensive.

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