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11-29 1035am Tiger Tailgating - Trey Biddy (Arkansas)

Nov 29, 2013|

WWL's Deke Belavia and Bobby Hebert talk Arkansas football with Trey Biddy, Publisher of Hawgsports.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have we talk Arkansas Razorbacks athletics really an honest man since 2000 and -- -- show -- sports that are all things Arkansas. HA WG SP or two years that contrary -- don't does that -- I hope you had a good Thanksgiving -- and we tell that but the other day but this Arkansas program and two years ago today it was a -- one vs number three matchup everything was still a laughable openings club this -- and -- a championship. A lot. In two years' time we know what is taken place I guess my question is how close it was programs becoming a bowl caliber program very. Well I think it can happen. In a year you know operate the opposite and -- -- growth and that gang here it's not like -- angst -- pride. Got things back there beginning -- -- -- tenure and and that of the different -- you gain public debt he was quite as good as pain but. That was really springboard them notable win that game to a bowl they got -- win. Provided a lot of motivation for the off season -- ended up on that court last very strong enough -- gain a lot of people like. And done that -- -- a -- moment so that's what they'll be trying to do that get momentum going into the offseason for crucial too much recruiting. But obviously Arkansas want to local nine. I think they're coming into on this team on all surrounds. But -- looked -- numerous rounds at -- seven on defense that are just so many questions. I'm talking about all the corners all the safeties and all the linebackers. So -- with that you bring up all the corners all the safeties and and also bring up is that almost. That is because he has the make of lake that's right they're talking about Allen turner. Look he has 86 total tackles. At the interception. Looking at is play last. Game record a career high sixteen tackles. And you know one pass break over the Mississippi State but look at sixty tackles second highest total one ST player. In a conference game this season it just is it that where that's like good because all -- then they come right out of an end and obviously it's in the second -- that we can make. Those plays because you felt like they make you play an unnecessarily that he's been that outstanding. Yeah he's been in position a lot of problems he knows where exposed to B and he does those things right. Al closets it's a different story I think that's probably a situation where the numbers you're about you at all worried. -- because there's a lot of outward you know and it's not just you know it's it's everybody we might in the apple. Kevin Mitchell literally used Ole miss cost them over 100 -- Because of missed tackles part of your yard kick off return CPP York moment shall pass. Just because you don't leverage the guys drop the one -- Against Puerto you know that's another -- it was just short little. Past. -- he did belly flop you know absolutely down -- maybe you know big plays but he might go there when you on this team. Mercury in position and have -- but they're not making plays all. And you know -- -- is probably their best cornerback fitness and on gangs with an injury would've broken arm. And he's back out he's in shape yet -- So you know. There are some young players on the strained they have potential but they got to know what they're exposed to be doing so -- compliment but now there. They're just not a -- now. Strahan and thereby get the latest on all so. HA WEG sports but don't offering. Not in our dollars in free rubble here right now are all moves travelers so. And certainly Toronto so the monitors that. Trade you were hang -- got a couple questionable mansion by young -- -- ultimately for several years it would take a quick break him about it want to prop couple questions. We'll keep you updated on LSU's opponent to -- trade beauty of all sports dot com give us the latest. On the Arkansas Razorbacks LSU -- -- the battle for the golden -- at 130 day here on WW and welcome back. Isn't portrayed video -- sports 88 derby GSP or use the latest of Arkansas Razorbacks straight. And nobody's got a couple questions both the leaders of greatly coveted high school last minute like -- gonna go to the C would Derek Dooley. He wanted to -- Arkansas. I guess at the point he's soft voice -- didn't -- a lot this year it matters senior what's -- what's the future of Michael. He has played a whole lot these last few weeks and and really. Bobby drew a lot of great -- will be open got figured -- -- -- ability. But. If the hip injury in whispering in that setting back alive -- -- grounded much to Becker's spot. Then he broke well. Tan and just want it now. There you know so that's that settled back -- -- they actually. Walked -- you know. Very Smart guy knows every -- billions. -- -- -- -- ball at all. And I like him as much ambiguity. Began physically you -- need Padilla all. And it -- -- a true freshman Brooke all pro linebacker and he can play pretty well. Just technical proper and it took one -- He feels comfortable there and -- is pretty much like I'm you know but not simple routes going to be in the city where do future would come. -- they outlawed the use one of the best. Backers it was probably one of the top their linebackers. By PG a couple years I didn't use -- system. Overcoming injuries all of the early set him back a lot of what it'll -- in the -- and this year -- -- -- Now they're trailer before with that a break we're talking about the -- both defense and the struggles on the back in. We're looking along the people at the line and just look at these numbers all you to comment on value if you're Chris Smith. Eleven and a half tackles the velocity has sacked and you look to -- flowers. Twelve and a half tackle for loss four sacks and an interception. They both quarterback hurry six and four respectively. So if they like that they've playing at a high level and get in and get it done. Yet they are at all -- really. And they lost the best -- the tackle Robert Thomas. Plus raise your style on that role. He's a -- like -- a lot of questions are very strong bull -- sure. Just always in the battle -- jones'. A senior. You know restarted all Warriors in his career and astute -- or have been better of course messes. Public many sacks last -- anybody offered to -- and -- You know we have made this year. So into it will be back next year but those guys there. They're a whole whole different demands -- sit there they're more like that story. But very long long arms and very -- in terms of technique tree flowers. Coming immediately. He -- He has an even though he's not very tall Betts popped up he's gonna make him. You know -- well not this year probably picture. Now Korea look at an artist and things like their mindset. That they can get -- all of the bus running ending continue to run the football. Look at rush for at least two yards and seven of eleven games. And it to a 125. It's Mississippi State talk about these a couple of running backs Alex Collins. I was reading where he's a -- the hundred yard mark on the ground at four games that you look at hundred Henry. Had a 109. Receiving yards as far as you don't we are gonna pass kids though -- him. So I holiday gonna try and maybe they exploit LSU could you know -- -- that. Have either not nine in the box -- -- do you think is still will be able to run through this thing is there's times. You look at Georgia had success throwing against the -- issues voted Ole miss. That that he'd be a key. That if they can run the ball even though they have 89 -- blocks and hit a few pass late. That they could maybe stay in the game. Yeah I think that were available wants to accuse players in the box that I either of -- on pass plays. You know his ball Beagle at Dunlop and Ryan but -- know how -- do it anyway. And get him on the play action pass and he wants his players in the box. You know if ballots Collins. Very talented freshman but he's a fumble and -- in your blog -- about big minutes last Saturday last Saturday -- -- -- today. But yet but they're they're still -- the -- of government in John Edwards have very strong are working back. I'm very powerful those two guys that and it was very good. Under injury it is one of the best -- and become their Arkansas ever already. He got acute future in front of them the thing Arkansas -- -- -- did not get all the details. With that being the -- -- -- if -- -- and the Yankees in fact it and you move the ball. All things up a solid 88 WG sports back tomahawk sports that compliments to trade -- straight. Always a pleasure thank you so much fouling out on -- partner.