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11-30 8:10am Dan, Gardening

Nov 30, 2013|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with his exceptional expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and are joining me on the power of the Garden Show this morning and it's so beautiful out there Crist being clear well leaving the album but blocked if you go -- does more than that though loaded again now. Wander around injured or has some look at some of the nice things that are going on in your garden this time of the year. Mrs. shank or as a blooming beautifully are all on Tuesday as like the on course and others are blooming this time leader actually is is are blooming. So -- beautiful -- on a clear gorgeous state what the well balloon. Should too polite to get out there that crystal clear lighten. I enjoy some of the aspects or Kuerten -- it to do act. Great around the plant have been -- -- -- -- through the first hour and into doing the army -- -- partners as well. I talked about the cold damage that might have occurred if he has tropical to copper and match you want to do with the war. What you -- -- continued in the winter. Some questions along Cole would be appropriate. After the kind of temperatures have been looking at the year oddly enough the late November and really early for us to achieve this kind of cold. But hey it -- from the year it gets so if you regarding questioned 260. 18 certainty is that number the -- and call this morning it's information you need to make your plans grow. Do that you want -- to -- the phone number for a while local -- cult here. You can uses 866. 88907. In toll free 866. 889. 0870. Is at number Nicole. Caller on -- reveal long properly calibrate. In so -- it and thank you for playing in the euphoria. On good morning. The question concerning about -- -- and -- He would -- in quarrel with integrate content blocking content packed courtroom. Well -- would obviously be prudent for a variety of crimes that these so there isn't special time when. It's best to true but India's during the year and you should -- -- in the at the time we really trying and he is almost on an as need basis. -- through the years that you have the best way to handle them. Now this time of the year we often times -- look at that you. Those growing containers. Because you have to bring them inside bring them out cold doesn't think -- -- colder like in the book is back. In practice time in the year elections smaller and more manageable shall -- as a group they're the using containers. Interpreting back in the late fall and church and mobile in the fault beautifully all of their minds blooming period. But from what when they finished apple boom period as they do bloom. That agree on the captain back. If you got them all in the -- down -- -- in the ground level Carter's earlier but it is in the ground took -- trip that McCain is second spring -- opening cold in that might have occurred in Nicole being -- it really occur. They put them back the company shake them up at that point so but it is growing in the ground on calmly -- back. -- in the spring of the year but he didn't contract on the -- and via the control size or control wild shoot to come crawling on the plant. You can troubled that it is a little bit all the time. Either maintain the size and shape you want them to be looking at -- -- on grow so coming back. The immediate surgery move blowing it and wrote that comes out Jakarta back. Is likely to blow that straight the content -- in the back frequently. I -- discourage flour and some people are able convey is strictly in the ground mimic these huge enormous plant in the ground. -- -- clinic that's have been in the about constantly try to keep control after planting into the ground. Is how we want to discourage foreign earning a lot. Other party a little bit every now and again it's not a big deal major turning on other plants all -- -- -- in the ground in the spring. A -- -- need to thank you so much and it. Really nice. -- publication property of their own growing the convenience that addresses some of the problems. How fertilize them questions on earning and so forth that you sent me an email. I'll be at this in view. Racial growing areas and -- usual relations -- on on that -- with a successful. -- -- get beat thanks so much patients that are. It next week I am calling in from the port for it -- get more on the partnership. Hello. Yes and it is euphoria hey guys you know -- -- I need to work probably about inch. Hurt invite you all -- You know to build. I'm not sure. I got seventy. Right now I'd like who would. All of the so my question is would act the -- the only instance. And then later they ought to be on top. You can't and so am. Surely something along lines of reverse fan or. Up on -- something along those lines. If she spill waste and that it's from the bombing curious though it's sometimes. Both so much real -- like that contain. We shall we see do we -- slump like that in the -- typically. Maybe avoid those but upon hamburgers and will be trying to use. Com and are you -- -- probably cut down -- should repeat that you -- here. As much as possible also -- dreary period short. If you don't want to repeat that pop up in this Saint Augustine. You may even decide that you wanna -- at first just to make sure that she's. Successfully make that transition you want to make from senate -- The Saint Augustine and so what that would mean same as. Around about April when the senate Pete is growing nicely. You're mowing it let it grow it looked like it needs to be mode and in spray it looked like those states. Are rifles they sold liquor brands like -- kill Paul. Eating grass killer. If -- goes like goes straight to our province can be used to kill -- the senate -- And then -- the -- -- down very very short after turns brown and dead. I mean really stop the -- shortcomings with your bill after that -- -- news on top of the -- Sir you figure in the real. Am bad bet that depend on how much you -- this bill but Eric. Based -- -- I don't know how much you need to fill oh. Yeah it was an instant -- -- not for too much so are you decide how much you need to shall venture out trying to save that rant during. -- you can go out to three inches are you aware. The tree roots can react negatively and to -- as well. So if you country in the art we shall chilling over the entire hour hearing over large areas of their roots citizens. Trees really don't. Appreciate more than about two inches at one time. So if you can culture -- a tree -- and all. If you can hold until the two inches. That's going to be better for the trees. If you don't -- tree roots and all they have a long and all you can diluted EP you want to -- you need to adult to correct the situation. -- If you think social call appreciated. -- I think if you regarding questions this morning this has applied to get that information you need. 1870. Out by the local Lou Williams called her to call and poultry. An example remember -- 66. 889087. BI Indian deal with the question sooner. Album to back with more the art show right after that morning and thanks for joining the gardens and this morning. I don't talk at all about what's going on in kindergarten and in your landscape then. Your potential partner flower beds and everything else out there this -- grow and or -- -- -- -- We're chat about that -- subject regarding question this morning. -- has somewhat questions about how to deal with -- the cold -- you may be the war. I'll watch you should or shouldn't be doing as a result of that not be happy to talk about it or popular commitment at this time of the year. I have some questions on interest resort to receive that. Situations like animal sources situations available so again -- -- negro until you make sure the information you need. Make your plants grow to be lumped into that phone number call is 260. 187. The interoperable. On the war in calling area called loophole for example free number is 86. 8890870. Upright that was dear colleague from Slidell -- more and. -- anymore. Are are adequate and more about and -- related arm. He's ordered nine. -- when you'd thought about the -- trip from earlier at all large oak tree. In my front yard there is lower recruitment oil and prayer and -- York. Could be not recommend going -- and when. Any type of art and what what would you recommend -- Well it depends on -- -- looking at -- RU 01 underground copper in that area. Right. Oh well you may find you can do a little bit of peaking which -- the roots of the tree. So you can get out there what garden -- Bigger around in the year ago in this whole outlook although the award sure roots. Are running to the area that may be other areas where you can actually help with the turning port. And turned -- be at the few small -- but mapping out really major chain may be able that chill up an area to some degree. I'd recommend -- article -- to do that under tiller in the air that like the chair of the -- up music art for. And he can loosen that up by hand but you -- if elected but richer so there and -- shallow. That you simply can't get anywhere in the villages in many -- our overall. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would it be better maybe to bring in bill and the answer is. Yes that's a qualified yes because if you were listening earlier. You heard that too much fuel can actually Greg issues for the roots in the tree so here's what you do what Geary. Get enabled and did so oil mix you wouldn't go in just get a reverse hand upon sand. Or are a -- kind of spoiled cultural you want -- getting blended soul makes where a manufacturer has landed. A lot of organic matter you know that would be -- -- and reverse -- -- maybe just our -- To create based oil makes me I organic soul mixes are more. More tolerated by the roots of the tree social call around the console companies that about their guard Russell Banks are optional extras. And that's what they blend together to create the majors and took a large amount of compost organic matter that would be perfect. I can come up with four inches of that -- -- what would recommend. Obsolete -- about four inches about -- -- organic -- this whole -- spread them over the area in the clincher ground copper whether it's Asian jasmine and her monkey around -- prequel lecturer for Japanese are leisure. Usually were buying those like four inch pots and complaint the -- -- that trail that you put down. Without it ever has unduly disturb the roots of the trees -- spare. Hunkered down or -- -- OK here. It all up in Islam. So if you like or information on planting ground covers. In dealing with the tree ridge I examples of brown covers. Taking care program covers to make sure they spread rapidly and all those sorts of things as local law. Which your question. Just sitting in the -- when your bank you're all right. Are all right Gary banks. And you know also mentioned any email a couple of times -- -- treated me well regarding questions such as on Saturday mornings but. According questions crop up any time during that we shall off the preakness and eagle summit offer something on the air there's somebody effect should you or. Our document not put together with information on a topic. Feel free to jump -- -- that and failed to and I urge you -- for something on. You know -- you -- is 21 that your callers I have somewhat blocked a concentration as well. And sit email me it's easy enough. Just to -- hi my name into the search engine the end kill. L issue an extraordinary and -- bring up a -- to my web page and you can click on that we go there and emailed me from. Obama web page or at least get my email address shortly from my web page and you can park that in your -- milk program. I -- in an email that went and photographs if you I think a photograph would be helpful in identifying. At the situation. Photograph will be on -- were also given every offer something. It's not just for that person that -- -- up there was. -- feel -- -- I'll reach out for two -- uncle protection and goodness gracious all but cold weather we've. Are you may want to focus reformation on on -- protection. Outlook I'm back how to deal without -- -- -- concurs and so again just be you know looking at this and -- are quite. Let's -- -- to -- to talk to look at bullying call shall Morgan City. -- and good morning. Out Jacqueline on the first let it come up Jacqueline got more what to do for. Yes I'm calling about -- situation in Macon Georgia. My daughter who lives to make and tried chip plants beautiful flower but it's deer coming eat up apartment how do we keep that -- away. Jacqueline generally speaking in those situations. It's better to begin to achieve as -- -- and gave. The deer are not as likely to eat the only thing we keep them -- it would be fences and repellent. And both of those are useful techniques. Now that the world information on year. Parting with skiers on the Internet Jacqueline and he can failure baldor. Under the aegis type and it would be years in -- -- -- and -- or deer resistant landscapes. I've -- -- amount of information on senses how big the fences need to be. They can put up big and so all the way around their property and exclude the gears are going to be a lot of my industry and but it under the -- To keep the -- offered their property. Eight and since Saddam the that -- in Japan. A year anymore repellent can be useful that they have to be real why. Frequently. And so if you don't use repellents keep -- mr. -- you re applying repellent. As needed repeatedly. From the year -- option this year but next year seniors and now you're -- you're still a problem. Open the people but you've got to understand that they you know -- that limits as well look at as a a lot of information. A lot of a lot of techniques. And and and large check on I would recommend that she children to be in the focused on goals plans that year. Our last like the into the easily. I'll post my child and planting plants and here's what to eat and I think that the trying to keep alive. Yeah all right much opening up Paula appreciate that and ultra bring it to be at our means -- take -- Yell all along that one down on main page and Jordan regards this morning I'm not open -- available. If you like to call and get the -- to achieve my. That phone number in the called -- parting question as -- Is 260187. If you're a viable local Orleans calling your call and -- free at all free number is 866. 889087. Happy to answer our questions you may have questions to. Hadn't thought about the given the answer questions about your holiday plants. -- -- Google and it is looking. It's nicest possible through the whole holiday season or other sort of thing again that it's apparently questioned you know well my best answer for -- -- -- that information that you need speaking of the time of the year it's become very import there's China. A gift for a almost. Or what party or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Islam which that -- get rolling calendar Abiola -- and get it going out there for only fourteen. Is now the counter that acute indications that I put together every year and it's a great elder for partners that. Includes beautiful photographs. That we select from our partners -- submit their photos from all over the state -- electric photographs from our little state. Amazingly beautiful and the -- elected. To go with each month of the year usually something blooming. -- about that armor could be approachable world are great for. As well you have these beautiful older restaurants are -- year. There are gardening tips for each month and so every month -- embarking trips lined up to mention that your aware of what you need to be doing what's going on your. -- Barton and timely advice on things that you might want to. Through the year as a feature article this year on roses on a variety of topics in the years but. It's on roses this year so that's great a great future column. As well I was in a mall -- online publications such an actual computer. I should start and -- a beautiful. I think that offer partners it is the music growing calendar. -- -- -- 2014. If you would like to 211 on you can order from mile -- web site. Some local or treating are -- may also be offering for sale. It's nice give -- regarding friend or you can drop in the hall and something the pick up to give your post -- -- a holiday absences as well. And so you can simply do and Internet search for rolling calendar. -- election where. Or just get rolling calendar and that you Google and pop but you can -- get more information on and you can also -- a ball on line as well. All right that. First would that John -- from error being John Warner and. Q what about the whether to issue. General general question one. I wouldn't go to water plant at. In the wintertime. It don't require much water -- it thought it might not vote it down to one day you'll get. And John -- playing in the crime. As well so which water well we certainly. Don't have to focus -- walker Balkans is every -- days. Gradually in the wintertime so are you -- judge John it's much water it's you know after -- the trial. And simply -- around in the bid to achieve our suspect may need to be water if you missile you know. You don't have to water so this is something you have to check it. You know again what an archer plans to be -- connector -- This'll felt like what now I'm thinking and it will be in check on the -- -- also the plant election now if you change slight opening occurring. That's an indication I need to be your gauges also keep an -- on the planet. And even check the sort itself and determining how he may need water to impossible to plant on the schedule and say like around their retreat days could again. We knew in the apartment and the water at all. To the interest she's not only every now and again. -- also. Question mayor a political war that much in the top junior what answer performance. Other will be -- rapidly when they're dormant overall. And what -- -- and again it's more because of the rain and the only areas that keep that we do need to walkers in the wintertime are active period like flower garden from actually we brought flowers or vegetable garden -- legal and vegetables. -- certainly about the only two areas that you might focus on walker in the water. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That don't have water has often in the winter. If you want -- in the I'm a -- to answer warm weather is chilly. And they get the -- just check this oil and the shall tools strong water war enters into -- Berkshire's -- on. So you'll be your landscape or you water your plants and -- Women need to be walker -- our support kind of weather is fortunate weather's cold weather or whether it's mild weather we water when the need to be watered and Google took the temperature conditions interfere with -- That's great thank you a good on etiquette. You -- John appreciate that -- take care. Our idea that he would -- -- is that a calling from -- and -- more -- show. Different game. I have to -- and I hit trees and bring it on in the -- really began. Hell -- where the puck high in fruit free now are yet. It will freeze there okay and and again now gotten chilly. Your apology didn't hear from earlier in the protest -- in the early summer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just didn't say that's crop this year or early next year so this is the world that little planted in a Jewish cult being mentioned as winner. A -- has probably answer from earlier and you have a better chance of getting somewhat applies next year. For the cold weather right now and it's got a cold it's like that applies in the refrigerator there are -- and at this point. So don't expect to feel what applies occurring over the winter they just don't like -- when it's -- like good news though and a I don't is that -- screen applies group pilots are perfectly at all. And there are -- a higher recipes on the Internet just to an Internet search. For bringing up higher recipes. -- -- contract demand that and challenge. It in the largest of the group I have some carpets clothes and at least now you're getting some some partners softer tree. It is in the into the upper twenties commit when he that's likely to rule in the fruit and so harvest any green papaya is that you might want to use endorsed. Before and -- freeze occurs because street and campaign in general in the effort. Impact my diet some are little bit lie -- it is the green directory. And I'd make two out of it but anyway. It -- -- ball are they an apple yeah. What kept it. -- -- -- I I would and I think don't have have that for now pretty intent and get. Unit in the conference. OK with the recipe that -- okay. Thank you very much stand. All right Eric thanks for the call. Article states and -- more partnership coming up right after that morning were talking gardening and if you got regarding question. Few -- call them and join the conversation. Didn't have only got jury calling from. Hold up next hey Gerri good morning. Good morning -- Do total in the country. I really enjoyed your show. I got a question about this book and bill and Bob Bob -- -- on the ground. All Michelle Obama -- it was going to vote on board you know -- know a trio of birdies. -- it was a full blown. But it sort of understand -- to -- Russia proving that bad until the spring. Well yeah because if you print it back now we get some more cold it again so you pretty accurately called it -- camps are you -- rhetorical. -- and there's -- Misha for leaving well enough alone at this point. -- but there's also last regular church area and that is that it is a tropical. And they are copper -- party. And so that's not -- an incredibly severe for a we're looking at me -- maybe they'll double hit twenty. I am only here you can count to forty or. So you know if you're if we can count -- fifteen degrees later on as well there. It alone that wouldn't be without protection. So it is it's to be right now for you to congress that's why is corporate or it was it was about the copper which is to thank you needed to now you know you need to. You know need to cooperate if you have treatment like that -- this hour visit to get them as COLT justice called pig out of this past week. It'll be achieved even more trees -- back more than it is the first time. So instrument have a major free that can be is it taking it so don't work protecting if -- -- -- right now to corporate practically protective. Can you make of the at this point remove the cold image and also reduce suicides and have to make you able -- to save its life. Our during the course of this coming winter. Arm and that would be a good thing to do because you -- try to cover bougainvillea. If we're going to temperatures like which as well and certainly gave temperatures colder air. Gergen -- much would regard are they can think is what you call appreciate that our idea let's -- we got. And I'm calling from mad -- and good morning you're on the Garden Show. -- I'm sorry I can't. Other program my mind is can't talk about that junior on the -- show at a hold on -- thank you via that great Jim good morning what she got. -- and are plenty more on the hands on people when lions are you can look. Italy and Germany. In the weather to cold but the ride that come out. A little slow down the termination -- -- not in the in the gap toward. I keep him down from the twenty pills certainly slow right rifle this kind of weather however they've brought it -- pitch in the thirties. And days in the in the fifties. This is maybe -- have slowed down termination. Would you expect to see a good stand appear within about two of the three weeks after planting. So look over the eerie about three weeks after planting can. Eight patients still piecing and a pretty good stand coming out. OK good thank you. All right Jim thanks so called. Are you folks to take a quick break if you got regarding question really separate ago. 260170. Is the number all. We'll be back with more regard mr. right after this good morning we're talking guarding Vietnam little. -- call from better. -- -- -- -- -- A lot of animal can I do for you today usually -- If this is me speaking out on this dam road it is the end and all -- -- occupied it for you to answer about that. But recently he. -- -- -- -- spot with two. -- a lot of but. But that -- a company and that is that the gone steadily. Yet Psycho whale -- kind of yes exactly. Well you know it -- should I move the I'm movements there is out of that -- now that moved it and I'm a realist in what -- -- to lead. And specifically. And -- to do to do this necessarily mean. Exactly. In making it do it now that is. You know like I hear it like it -- -- -- like this. How -- didn't deal with -- so you take it out of the pot. You shake all -- well all of these -- -- serious roots. And the -- that might -- serious summer fresh pot of fresh pot so oil. You take the camera realizes. You shake all -- for the amber religious roots and you re pot yet has not been -- -- pot. With fresh pot of oil. And by by carefully shaking all those -- call from the roots of these -- Hopefully. You'll be fine all global so far -- So mature outlook fell popping up in union new pots that your best bet for getting -- -- paralysis -- -- Are careful and diligent job with shaking all those oil often the roots of the Bible venture assuming it rules all. When we -- them back up again and just everything else away. I think Google Rose Bowl -- written. Amazingly it is that in ninety movements there the unity that one of the most -- they don't need that's -- it. Appeal giving -- that bill. That appeal wave of of getting it into a pop by itself. It's it's slices in that are being in -- -- at the -- to -- -- by. You wanna grow them in their own separate pot and so again. Going to tackle now I did that make -- project for this weekend trip up a picture but there's no hurry to do that either damage aside. You wanna do it next week or next month or in this boring. That's all fine as well as nonspecific. And that the you'd have to do that problem serious. Definitely Q when you spoke for me I'd probably do it do it sooner than later as. -- -- trial is gonna grow our war war should assume you do with the -- -- away. That is so much been an issue. I was like all right and the I think. And and it -- And as punishment might call your questions make official. Regarding questions later on don't forget to email me with a pretty hard chart booklet.

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