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11-30 12:10 pm The Food Show

Nov 30, 2013|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks food, wine, dining, recipes and cooking with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bump bump bump bump bump this is the leftover voice so viewers local announcer Tom Fitzmorris. And this is the big 87 EW WL and WWL 105 point three FM. It's time for the food show how did that happen -- all the football and everything going on. A spot opens up in the middle of a Saturday. This is like those stories you hear -- but people who go to the North Pole. And find that there's no ice there. It's weird. Well welcome c'mon -- nice to talk with -- but which have been meeting where you're thinking -- meeting in the in the immediate or distant future. Our number is 2606368. Topic a remains Thanksgiving. Although in that boat I did it already -- the wrong number already. 2601 mates having excuse me I do that alive because I I have another program same show actually. Different people different time. At this time noon till three every weekday on thirteen 53 WL. And I'm so used to giving that number. -- but I you know just and I'm human I'm only human. To quote Bugs Bunny. 260. 187 we'd love to talk -- Leftovers and this morning when I left the house to come over here for -- some in the studio weird. For the show and she had a gleam in her I -- almost an evil lose -- year but it wasn't quite like that. It you could also have been interpreted as a lascivious. -- -- As she began packing up the leftovers. From our Thanksgiving dinner. I know it's two days later in should net of stop and have packed up already but. We had a lot of people over here about 28 people over. We cooked. Way. Way. You wave too much food. And we're just now catching up with -- and even the dogs and the cats. I'm getting sick of it you know and when the when you have a dog stop eating. The kind of things you get off the Thanksgiving table you know you have given that dog enough. I know and -- post do that and all don't nobody called me and say you're not supposed to give your dog table scraps I know that. Tell my wife that. 260187. Let's go here's Greg Greg welcome to the food show. I say Greg. What happened here. That and a push it hard enough is not coming up blazed quite as Greg -- there. You can hear much. Now punch you punch again okay I'm punching a second time grew. Is I'm I'm clicking the button that I always click which what which one is here this one okay yes you do it for. Greg. No I -- I'm doing fine come on it. It is absolutely anything if it's food it's good enough for me. Look at what the tyrant who was it. But -- in. Place on Monday it was Olympic logo industry. Forever Jackson -- using the program. Yeah I would say the closest. Would be. A place call Ignatius. When we Ignatius eatery is the name of -- on magazine street. I wanna say a 2800 blocked only 900 block right around there you know where you know where a Joey cases. On May have seen no. Well well look at the name of it is Ignatius eatery. It's a revolution -- that. But not quite that far in fruits yet it's between Jackson and has been affected between Washington. And and and Louisiana. On the on the lake side of the street to pretty obvious you'll see it then make a great roast beef -- -- there. Yeah. -- disruptive for some reason. Well united you children because that's good that's why it too simple isn't it pulled it a go blocked 260. 62601. -- have me. Like I'm I'm Tonya I'm clicking on the right button and I get this weird deal here. Only went what's going. Which I what would be a Bruce welcome to the food show. -- -- And -- nothing. You know it's that damn school I'm telling you he comes any screws everything up. Bruce welcome to the food show. Yeah. Under -- to relate something that. Happened to me a couple of. Okay it's this way -- before going before there is this a bad report on a place. Well it's a real good report. Report remember all bad reporting on your brother OK we don't know who your brother is and we don't want and so -- -- yeah. You need -- in my brother. Beat Italy and yet you call that led. No but that's where good needless to say can yeah. He came to visit me. And it wanted to take him someplace could be -- took the minister. Mr. Ed which is -- Absolutely. And I couldn't believe he ordered. You know I think I'm Emmanuel and told them what a lot of the stuff was anyway and -- ordering days. Such an award. Know what it means he could go out there in New York. Well I don't know why that that that creole hot sausage and then they get over there I think it's pretty darn good. Well everything mr. it is good but I. It'd just it was very peculiar to me. This is a whole lot of things that you needed mr. -- but I don't. Okay well and you say that's all you have to say. That's -- of this I just wanna do. With the word that the -- just want to note that. Good and to people who would travel 1415 under my post as something new could all. Well I don't know but I -- you could haven't exactly the way they do it here. Well probably. Okay well. I did all hot sausage seems like pretty local thing to me. 2601870. -- we who's -- here this has become impossible to figure out. We tried again and again and that they can work but this one and now but this one but this one. I don't know. What totally what do we have here. We will we will take a break that's a great idea will come back -- the Fallujah OF the first if you will that's. But but but but these -- pop pop pop pop hello it's the food show it's the big 870 WWL. It's. It's it's 105 point three FM. It's it's. It's two days after Thanksgiving. It's it's. Him and Tim welcome to the food show. And you. -- Well actually you were talking about. Uncle cousins creole tomatoes creole tomatoes challenges that are remote -- during a very good server -- Not a great I mean that's that's the thing that they made their name on and it's. I use we always have a jar of that in the refrigerator and I use it on sale which is we use it is dips we use it all contacts. Try to that bowl you know urban. I'm actually got to put mayonnaise and to a crowd out -- -- and there were blamed for the Bernard. It was just at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- Could be a clear -- -- I'll try that next time when I'm just rhetoric Arnold good there you know. I appreciated -- it's called -- cousins. Salad dressing it's in the elect a mayonnaise jars -- it looks like -- -- -- homes middling small mini stroke while not a small and the middle -- And it's in the refrigerator case it's not on the shelf with the other salad dressings is locally done. Very nice people at Buick and a great great product here is Ricky. Yeah there are welcome. Well oral law you to. And about the the very great Troy is that on what -- -- at the melting pot you you were there on Thanksgiving. -- don't -- -- hook up our Chris and -- went to work all weekend at Mark Ellis burial what you have there. Where we had a spate lovers then they are -- who you know it was laid out. -- -- -- -- It'd just this is a fondue restaurant they are hoping that right so when you get the steak. Version of that what do you what is would you get what they -- that in. Well it putted Atlanta all in political war it -- it really does happen in order. Mark and you know as a -- it's like -- real real real soon. Our site there and -- and an enemy that while Romney and the economic. Itself you know man. There's not a -- it's very quiet. Now you know. All right well you know the UN we don't hear too much about that place and I've been trying go there for years but it's not the kind of place should go to buy yourself. You really need about. It seems to me about six people to get the most out of one of those those sorts of deals but -- -- the big guy who wants it was on the show when he said none though you can do with two people. They can -- it to look through you know you know we always enjoy a -- very night. Well good thank you for the report. The he went to the melting pot on -- 72 it's a fondue restaurant which never has really done very well around here but he has managed to hang on he's been open almost. Since Katrina. Let's see -- joins us over here on the beige phone. And -- you. Generalized comment on the lawyer for. Thirty years. And with points. Parent able to order. -- yeah. And you know. In the -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you certainly in Europe and I respect and what -- much and I tracked it well. You know -- -- question at such a natural wonderful ingredient here and call. -- pole vault will track. Well. Rhetoric batter and it and it's like what -- expect all. Come over here. Larry -- you know. Cooking them. Apparently you know little you know a problem and Eric and Eric are at all. And so here you'll. End watch Robert -- that they are just. Nothing wrong with -- here's a here's what you need to bring to the table to to solve this problem. Order intelligently. -- you do not have to eat. Fried things you do not have to eat they are the cream sauce you don't have to eat salty -- is. You don't have to eat any of that if you go to any good rest in this town now. You can get exactly what you're talking about but you have to be the motivated because. It's not the war it's not the 200 year old culinary. Culture of New Orleans -- do you. You have to just you know do -- on your own and they will do it -- I mean I -- any restaurant you go to. -- -- -- -- Others as well for the idiot like that out and all that's -- that's -- Show an -- is to get I'll tell you what you could improve the healthy in this of the diets in this country. Off of a by some incredible margin. If you people would only stop going too fast food restaurants to -- that if they did nothing but that. Everybody would weigh on average thirty pounds. Oh -- up able it's yeah how many people came over your house for Thanksgiving. -- -- -- Polls -- -- so well what about staying at home the people with the -- Or. For. -- you have that would you would you serve at them. -- Optical bench. Where are actually share that hole. -- -- the year came in the doors you know yeah well that's pretty cool it apart. -- I appreciate all your thoughts thank you. -- trumpet -- Jim welcome to the food show. And there. I want you today it. Like basically -- six years to Katrina and want to sing more live and let us. Audition realize. 00. Yeah they achieved -- -- And it from. Absolutely it's our you know all those sellable. -- it. There's nothing to this but this a little trick and I don't know if you please know about this or you used. But -- you take the you take the of the French bread out of the out of the freezer of course if it's in a paper bag which is coming you -- Not the one in the plastic bag actually comes from the same big creep but the the plastic bags keep it fresher for a few days the once in the paper bag really are -- the next. But that it's I think it's better so you get that bread and you. Wrap it pretty well in the first plastic wrap and then aluminum foil and then you put in the -- And you'll -- CPU quoted in the spot where it's the -- Then when you're ready to actually eat it you take -- -- you you preheat your oven to about 400 degrees -- you take. And you wet your hands I would I think I'd wash my hands first but then you -- your hands pretty good so -- dripping wet with cold water. And you rub your hands all on the outside bottom of the bread and then you put in India. And it will come out. Exactly. Like it just came the -- -- that they. -- -- yeah that sounds like you. Works like a dream infecting guy who you who owns. Like commerce told me how to do. But I'm just amazed I didn't know that's all my life. Well there you go over the -- -- it for a long long time I I thought that the reason they called it. Thousand island dressing is it had a bunch of little islands in -- two minutes now why they call it that at all. There right now. Well. Rick I thought I had. For the -- for the Thanksgiving you know my favorite place like you know we I listened to the Irish -- -- all our -- yeah -- And it has -- Italy of one. Talk what -- wanted to take it to them to actually give them. And eight that. And I haven't eaten it -- -- yet but the lady who runs that we used to have. Used to run the now remember it was a -- -- Yeah that's it -- orchid. And on -- what if that wasn't the best is certainly on the North -- it's certainly one of the best Tyrus multiple cities so I would imagine her new places to. Currencies don't see story that I mean it's it's just. All right I highly issues it's on 19. Right -- -- act nice hearing from you the food show we plunging head once I think we've talked to one more person before you take the news break then Korea. That gene or is it jewel. Considering where you're going a I have thought but anyway welcome. Thank you you know Taylor. A good restaurant I had about polling POL like EG. On highway one and -- are being at a better. I'm sorry -- yeah that's that's a little outside my range. But I'll tell you -- keep listening. We have just been -- ladies and gentlemen for a good restaurant in the polian -- there -- valuable foolish. Down there and I just don't get down there often enough to have a good information so keep listening and will find some port. Thank you. These food show perfect timing it's time for us to swing on over. To where -- names as waiting I done. He hardly receive me here on Saturday. Yeah -- well you never know it never know who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. Hello hello it's the food show. On the big 870 WWL and WW 15 point three FM and WWL. 105 point three FM HDE. Which is amazing Dave have you listened to those HD -- use. -- man that's. It's unbelievable you thought FM was good it's a lot better. 260187. Me give back to our phone Rooney's here in here is markets markets welcome. Unger from the injury. Or. I don't care I repeat myself over and over again I don't care right repeat myself over and over again. I don't care of -- -- have you ever had a feeling of eight other. Have you ever had a feeling of deja -- And I would tell America Asia boom. Yet. To meet you guys what a weird coincidence. Okay. This -- -- -- -- Yeah which is. Here. And here. -- okay. You get the French bread you by the French bread in the room in the old paper bag not the plastic. And and you know fresh -- not one that's already artists rock. A look at it you bring it home you -- that or whatever part of it maybe you wanna use half of it makes and -- which -- -- the other half for some other time. Anyway you you wrap it in plastic -- -- you rampant in the aluminum foil and you put it in the freezer closest to the spot where. The freezer is blowing it is the faster something freezes the better comes out. When you're ready to to use it turn on your oven to 400 degrees take the wolf out. Unwrap that I didn't -- to the guy to unwrap but I hope he picked up on affected you kind of do need to do. Yeah. Yeah and then you you you -- your hands with clean you know grow cold running water I would wash my hands verses. And then just use your wet hands sweat dripping hands at just nine. Oh -- you know run your hands all over the loaf of bread until you know it's not soaking wet you just what comes off the hands. And then you put it in the oven and you'll find that that wonderful French bread crossed. Comes out nice and crusty in the inside is still soft and and you know how good French -- can be it's kind of almost like a spider web and their sometimes as these big holes. And it's that's just part of the nature of our bread but it comes out great it's like it. -- fighters are so it. Milk or -- in the. You know well thought out you just throw at -- of and until -- browns a little bit on the top that's what I look for. I wanna see it actually brown looked visibly Browner on top than it was when. And they are ready to. You have got to thank you. The food show here's somebody who says. Tommy it is -- a place to eat Napoleon -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I know you were on the pink phone this morning but this is the afternoon so you're on the blue phone with the orange -- that -- a pinstripes. -- that'll work or not. Actually. It also wants to head towards their windows and lack alacrity -- -- when he. Thibodeau and only bill that are really nice restaurant on the buy side. But an -- legal problem. Well Bob call him police gauging carefully. Families. You can get. -- jeopardy. Make from scratch in the desert so hurt -- -- -- Act on those groups are crystals. Bill. -- But the loans. -- -- opened agree yours and we we just discovered it awhile back alleys and it is the only 130. One on the right side. And she's opened for breakfast lunch and dinner six days a week that are excellent art. Oh very good -- They wanna go the other direction. And you've got great are somebody else called that that -- -- excellent bout that. In the orchard here but all. That were bought. Out anyways part of this -- partly on the agent cabaret and back about Robert. -- -- right. Thanks a lot for that I appreciate your calling. Lady called up with the restaurants round Napoleon hill to 60. 187 me you don't have to call about that if you have something else you want to ask about her tell about. You know wide I have a question here man meant to ask at the very beginning but we got busy right away and now we're not so I'm gonna ask it now. If you went out to a restaurant. On Thanksgiving. Day where did you go. And V. A good. I -- I used to go to one Thanksgiving dinner a year you know on a Thanksgiving a long time ago. And then people started inviting me over to their house and then I got married -- and -- -- family and then I had. I managed to get the Thanksgiving tradition over my house and we've been doing that for twenty years. And so I just never get out on Thanksgiving Day to any restaurants I have nothing to report other than what you tell me so. If you went out on Thanksgiving. Tell me how it was so I will take notes in next year when I do my big Thanksgiving roundup. I'll let everybody know about it. And if that was a terrible place called me and tell me what was wrong with -- don't tell me the name of it until I ask. But that the two great place fire right away our program is sponsored by -- rans or points. We are really just entering the feasting season. And if you work. On business or your club. Or your friends or your family or any group that you're involved with. Once to do a holiday dinner. But they don't wanna spend a whole lot of money and they -- -- the food to be really fancy they -- be good -- you know and good New Orleans food. A rich -- boys no kidding they have two things two ways that they can help one of them is. That they have this private dining room in the back. That is really very nice looking. And it holds as many as a hundred people. And they serve there regular food which of course includes the four boys but also. They have beings they have fried seafood they have Italian dishes they really have a lot of different things. And the famous mini -- -- to my wife just nuts about those. The other offer that they have to make Q is that if you wanna do some big party at your house but you don't wanna do all the cooking yourself. Talk to get their get their catering menu and it's full of stuff everything from whole turkeys to. -- just whatever you can think of and they would do it for you -- give you great price on and I know that from personal experience because we have skated many many things. With food from parents or boys over the years there -- veterans highway 3939 veterans just just pass Cleary. When's let's see -- open every day for lunch except Sunday and Wednesday through Saturday for kind of an early dinner to about 8 o'clock. Good place to go after you finish up and -- RR a in apostrophe S. Vincenzo. How -- One a Serra no -- talking about Vincent. With sin. We'll -- that's about it. At sub that's about as far. From radio I'm sorry we do it's who won those -- things that. Now yeah. Yet my name's not on its mind. Yet spelled backwards. My name -- month. -- Two eight on Thanksgiving we had a lot of time and they'll -- -- All beautiful places and yes what did you eat. Carol -- -- about it duck breasts you know. Are outstanding in actually there was terrific. Yeah that's a great place the shaft they are now. I think oh with the exception of pat Gallagher who was here for awhile. He's the best -- they've ever had peace he's really turning out some unusual and and delicious food. But it was a it was a limited menu I mean Thanksgiving. But really outstanding. Well good and the and you've managed to get out of the cold. And focus idea I don't live all that far away from that place but it's nice and cozy in that he's that old house. Well good thank you very much. He went to and the bills in Irvington just quite good and here is pat pat welcome. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They have pretty high standards where they do in Turkey over the adjustments -- AT&T didn't. And it's the secret -- it Turkey. -- And better. -- acting. And that they can't cap world it was. Yeah everybody is talking I don't know why I never heard of that before this year and now I've gotten. Like 045 calls a week about that stuff we have a Reza we managed to get a recipe for it and. When I was worried a paid -- at saint it. Not going to be. -- good now well that's that's great to hear. Thank you for calling you know there were a number there was a number which is right and there were a number of restaurants there was a number of restaurants. Dave says there were a number of restaurants that were. Open steak houses that were open on Thanksgiving. And I've I've I was pretty sure that -- was doing Turkey as well as the stakes and all the other stuff that they do. Morton's was open I I never did look at their menus I really don't know. But there were a couple of other places noteworthy among them is a fairly new place on. On magazine street just off topic tool it's called the chop house. And they were open. On Thanksgiving. But they made no bones about it they said we're here we've got stakes we've got a regular menu. And if you'd rather eat steak in a Turkey on Thanksgiving I'm sure there were more than few people who felt that way. Come on over here I don't know how they didn't I hope they did well. We had Turkey we have two turkeys. We smoked one. And the other one I roasted in one of those plastic bags. And when I first heard about that idea of roasting a Turkey inside of a paper bag originally the first where Saturday. But it became popular around the country and Reynolds. Came out with these special plastic bags it seems crazy that you could take a plastic bag and put it in. 350 degree oven. Around a Turkey and not have a either melt their disintegrate but it doesn't mean and I don't know what the stuff is made out of but it it it doesn't. And that Turkey came out real good in terms of the the moisture and the texture of all the meat. It was just fabulous. Ahead and that this smoke bird I thought was the better of the two course would has its might thing. But that you get a little you know lot of extra flavor in with C news smoking and over sugar cane like I always do. You know what I'm gonna. Try to. Get somebody. To do a business. Of buying sugar cane. If you make a deal with -- sugar cane. Plantations up the river of which there are many union -- that thousands if not hundreds of thousands or millions maybe even. Of acres under sugar -- And I'll bet you they would sell Hugh. You know a couple hundred stocks. And then you cut it in the pieces of by eight inches long. And you get your fire started in your pit outside and obviously. And you just flick a few of these things on top of the charcoal. And it throws off a lot of smoke and I just find it just gets a wonderful flavor to the Turkey the only problem is getting. Getting a sugar cane and the only reason I get it is with two I have two sources and one of them is that I'm out that way that time a year. And I just pick up loose stalks that they -- on the road to some of it falls off the truck means lit it literally does you don't wanna go and parents to pick your own don't do that. But I also have some friends who only sugar plantation. And if they make it happen to make a trip down there they've lived here most of -- I -- talent. I asked him to bring me some may be edited from a bunch. So it's it's just great but I I think could be it be wonderful for somebody to sell that. Somewhere I don't know like a fruit stand no one of those trucks on the side of the street. We will return with more of the food show in just a moment but first if you will this it and -- pop pop -- hello hello it's the food show. On. The big 870 WWL in WWO 105 point three FM telephone. 260. 187. Here is Larry Larry welcome. Good morning and condemned. Those yeah yeah yeah. Are you going out and about two problems. And and learn English and injured. Europa league ultimately -- And you're just giving the recipe to doing your will. There on. It's it's a little far but -- And it is. The not a problems. Mr. I would rather have them. It's it's pretty easy. The only problem is that there's a lot of ingredients. And nothing uncommon nothing you. Probably don't have a new kitchen already and and I would. Tell you that if you go to no menu dot com and no and I I have all recipe all written down there -- Let me let me give -- kind of a quick rundown. -- step one is you make this goalies you start off with two -- of root -- 24 ounces -- root beer you poured into a saucepan. But a tablespoon and a half of Tabasco. Caribbean style steak sauce or pick -- well or something like. Yeah. Idea I am. Putting in a but that two tablespoons may be little boy that I think this year of pepper -- The super super hot pepper jelly like you by the Tabasco brand the green one is actually better than the red one for this by the real good but that the Greenland is the right amount of pot you know you don't want it to be too too spicy. And then idea I I'd take an orange. -- -- the orange. And then I scrape off the the news of the line which you could do that with a greater you can do with this special little tool for making. Or incest or it just caught the damn thing up the -- millions of people out there. And and then that's about it and you bring that up to a boil and then you cover that -- put on hand and -- -- with brown sugar. And but you'll see the rest of it on the recipe online no -- dot com. Thanks all right thank you we'll be back but first please. Problem. They won a chuckle. IE every year day after Thanksgiving and through the weekend a post on my website all the cartoons have been able fine that have. Reference to Thanksgiving. Twelve of them this year -- -- dot com it's very first thing on. One's really fun -- to you about it when we come back. Because we have the news coming up. Right now. Here on FM. On HD one on. Skyway even on the line WWL radio New Orleans at WWL FM Canada New Orleans it's 1 o'clock stay tuned thank you.

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