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Nov 30, 2013|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks food, recipes, dining, cooking and wine with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

870 -- cycles. Medium wave. Fifty. Billion. Micro watts of power heading out. Into the air and then right back down again and into the ground and across the the watery areas and into your home in your brain even into the fillings of your teeth. It's possible. Since 1922. WWL New Orleans first radio station. And WWL FM 105 point three New Orleans first FM frequency. This is Tom that's Morris with the second course of the food show. The longest running talk show in New Orleans radio. Okay now that we bragged all that let's talk to somebody real here's Jim Jim welcome to the food show. They chopped my wife and I achieved in the hotel Christopher Christie to say. The last couple years now we're looking person should check should what the one -- reducing it to about three years -- equality why you're just. -- Now. Buffets are a bad idea to begin with in my opinion. And I hate the the are there for people. They'll get everybody because. And while quality is something you have to know a little bit about. You don't need to know anything to go to a buffet and and -- -- much she can we have a lot fewer buffets because people catching on at this. The really weak and build the hotels that used to do it -- like the Marriott used to they don't do it anymore the more ready and they don't do it anymore. The those who restaurant in the in canal place they don't to it anymore. That the royals and -- has won. That's. They they do it in the ballroom over there. The Fairmont kind of does half -- -- the the they do the entrees. Plated but they do the appetizers in the deserts from -- day. But it's not a complete the fate though Ritz Carlton they doable -- it's pretty expensive and frankly -- it doesn't move me much. There are a lot of other restaurants ordering off the menu and that's what I would recommend to you if you want your food to be better you're gonna get much better food off a menu and you will -- -- Thank -- right thank you see it is the Puccio. But up up that he bout and up pop pop pop pop pop. 2601872601870. If you call right now you get right in right here at the beginning of the hour here. I was telling you rate before. The break on -- and I pushed it waits to. Who is this is so Whitney says here I've always enjoyed your bank. -- now. You don't. I would get this. One that's. My question is I learned something about this -- You don't barbecue period and the other is gave embarked on their -- Nokia and is it that every day. You know -- it and amber. Well I wouldn't know I I would only use it if -- were smoking. Some. If you're grilling years it would make any sense to use. OK -- you know that was a classic and the other eight centers -- -- It is this is one of the Turkey a due to turkeys at Thanksgiving year and one of them I've put out on the smoker. Or hours and it just picks up the smoke and it's very dark brown really good flavor. And one Roma but if you're grilling something that at the what you want is just heat -- you get that with charcoal. All right where I could use what I guess which oracle would. They use the book probably you know I connected and -- civic and this sort of -- concerned that it really didn't -- -- -- -- There's not been on bit. Yet throws off a lot of smoke. It's. The the cooking I use is actually still green. If and it but it has all the sugar in there. And write and say. Not just grown and I I take I take it leaves. But the I just throw the rest of it in. Right okay. I have a good. Appreciate it and thank you. Nice -- and the food show -- its -- only about anything did you go out on Thanksgiving call me and tell me about that. -- welcome. Yes good acting in town -- there's -- -- its with its head against -- recipe you're talking about -- bad on your web site. It is. Aren't. -- it well I didn't get it from them. Directly but. A The Who sources I got it from one in particular one of them was a guy who worked here as a chef for a while so while I I suspected might be. Why I don't know whether it's the real thing or not this I do know it's really good. I already tried it oh yeah I know I don't I don't publish any recipes and I haven't cook myself. Great series that would that part yet it is in fact that say if you go to -- -- dot com and click on Thanksgiving and you'll have to scroll down because the they won't do you know just take a few seconds but it's -- down towards the end somewhere. Okay that you will leave that on your web site like forever in line. More or less say the it becomes a little harder to find when the holidays are over but you'll always be able to get to -- with this formula. No menu dot com slash Thanksgiving that will always take you to that. Age up or this type it in the browser and -- you -- look at the -- right. It's the one on the question mark on -- -- adding that the -- right. Okay it and I am in ill on you and you know menu dot com okay count thank you thank you see up. Yeah this is. -- just to give it a quick rundown. It's mashed potatoes that have been cooked with the usual things you know news brown sugar that is cinnamon is not made. This Vanilla. And then it's pure raid. And actually there's eggs in it to not not a lot of -- but enough to flaw for doubtful it's in very light very fluffy and also. Not chunky at all in fact I would say the best way to do this is. Once you have it sort of semi managed to run it through food mill. And that way it really comes out uniform and texture he put this in a casserole. And then there's a mixture. That's basically. The cons. Brown sugar. And a couple of a couple of other things that nothing exotic. And you spew you cook that down a little while. And then you put it on top of the mashed potatoes in the casserole than you put the whole thing in the oven and you bacon off until the top gets. To be like a pretty solid -- -- it and actually breaks into chunks. Into almost like ice flows is what it looks like. And it's just issues. We can you know what I don't know how this happened. We had no sweet potatoes. On our. Thanksgiving table. Two days ago over at our house. But lord knows we made up for that with everything else we had so read -- -- mostly too much food it. What do these days we're gonna figure out what the formula news. But we always get to the point where my -- as we don't have enough food we don't have any fill in the blank so then we put in the fill in the blank. And then we wind up with -- way way way too much food we've got a lot of the people in in the states our family has a lot of twenty year it. Of people in their twenties so late teens. Nobody in the world eat as much food is those guys especially guys girls to to a certain extent that the guys especially. Even though we had a bunch of twenty somethings in there we implemented and we did eat the whole Turkey I see the hand miss -- -- In four fifths of the -- on. Always that regret it when the last of him guilty that love him. Dave welcome to the food show. Thank you very much and -- up to Thanksgiving. A -- to talk about repeating some on trips and unreachable. It is especially us being that you antlers and don't you know me -- You know why I I frankly I don't know how they prepare him all I know is that they are pretty consistent from year to year and I went back there and I ask him listen you buying this already made from somebody because you -- -- do that a lot of restaurants do that. -- and they said oh no sir absolutely not we make it from scratch 100%. So I don't know whether SP is but it's really good. So like most restaurant -- -- ask contrary. -- out of callables there it was pretty paltry given out there. It could be I don't know -- that would be kind of a low priority thing for them over the air but did you know they might I would may be write the letters you might become better results that. I think I'm gonna -- asthma got a -- repeat usage is -- -- But it I need to know what could well do without. You know there are. A lot of good rest good recipes for red -- out there. I I'll tell you that the one I have on my website which is basically my mother's recipe. Goose up a little bit. It comes out great there was one addition to it though. In effect to. Both of which came from listeners to the show 11 of them was way back like 23 years ago so. A guy called me up pieces how much salary do you putting your red -- and say usually just like once. One run win rib. Pockets it's -- by just figure the same amount of the onions and celery and the which is treaties will be open bell -- I'd I don't I don't put bell peppers and well anyway he said next time you make. You lose a lot more like three stakes may be you know in four. I said okay point means Sochi a bed committed. I chopped it up -- in the three stalks of sell. A lot of cell seems like anyway on regular pound red means. That made. Such a difference that I've done it that way ever sets. And I would recommend that to you the other thing. And I forget where this came from it's not original would be but -- Somebody called me and said. That the -- slavery. Is just the flavor of it is absolutely perfect in beans and really adds. So I bought some. And that put it in its Seles -- is getting a little hard to find for some reason the have to look around it's a I find it here in the -- supermarkets especially places like whole food you know restaurants a -- like that that have a lot of specialty herbs. But you like a teaspoon of this in them in a pot of beans. I can taste as a little something -- anyway it tastes like but it's good. Worries Avery as -- or why it's in -- and it's in the spice -- usually the expensive side of the -- And like likewise original cost more miles along owned. Cooking to always stood and Russia has sat down -- -- -- picture -- -- Paula. We're gone they're gone under under the that it that it entered keynote is -- would -- him mom may put. All you need help all go to you can't ask as you won't get the right answer you have -- say yeah mama this area. I'm -- over a wanna watch you make the armed with a red beans and whatever. Well which they can choose wrong on -- well no that's all right bit irritating but thank you nice -- the the food showed this stomped us and hear is Brenda Brenda welcome. -- thank you. I question. I thought hey -- Or Thanksgiving. And I had about October and I heard. Changer on that -- -- I heard that they're a really good at it put him but I'll just rolled. Being too salty. No. No no way just stub. You -- one thing that's nice about beans is that you don't. I have to -- red beans with all the salt that's gonna him from the outset you could leave you could not put any salt in at all. And then later on taste it and see how much it needs in just edit then. But I don't I can't imagine that him bones would have somewhat salt in the that it would cause a problem. OK because I'm kind of low salt on. I don't think he if you wait to -- itself did you pay him itself. You might have a little by yeah but I know that means I'm gonna picked out public plan on you like being. And I know you know could be they still got a lot of what are you put it -- -- you know. I fighter I would worry about that did just don't just throw that -- just throw in there you'll be unless. You know you really release sensitive -- -- -- -- your doctors don't know. -- well what about what these onions and celery and the rest of all the -- to -- an idiot that would that you -- Sure we don't -- no not at all no sure you you I wouldn't start of a pot of beans without celery and onions at the very least been in this Avery had just talked about and and then whatever I feel like try in this timer now you know. OK I -- you -- right. Now all right sounds good and Britain Monday night. Absolutely lying and yeah because a traditional annual -- Win life when that day that I thank. -- Yeah running it well. Well thanks nice hearing from him. It's the food show. We will return with more of it in just a moment but first please that's. I'm Bob Daly then. And -- of hello hello it's the food show. The big 870 WWL. WW -- five point three FM. Surely welcome. Now Yemen and strong a woman who questioned if I ended down the -- -- -- you know would that affect the case like you know make it Twitter and being. You know I can't imagine that it would affected that much unless -- -- -- whole -- Hamm left on the bone. Bet the other that would be up quite right. If you at all. And you know most of the it's the sugar is actually on the outside of -- day he went once you're down into the middle of the thing really -- I don't find it has as much sugar. But if that's a concern. I would just rinse it off just rinse it off. Or bring it to bring a pot of water to a boil throw it in the air 40 you know 23 minutes -- around take it out and put it into the -- with the beans that but I would tell you the truth that would do any of that just borrowing can -- it would contribute that. It thank you see. 260. 187. Of a better idea. The numbers that I it it's so easy to make it at home. And I have a problem with all of the outfits that spiral release slice GM's. They slice them. -- the when the. Toothpicks. For good flee for release. Anyway the the the root beer glazed ham that I do every year at home this year I I always do something a little bit different I'm always fiddling with all my recipes deceived by can't improve it one way or another. I think I had a keeper. This season. I have deal root beer. And the the stakes on us and -- -- -- -- -- was already in the of the pepper jelly. The orange juice the orange peel. On. And Clovis. Cloves are always in the -- cinnamon sticks. One or two depending on the size of the stick. This year I didn't have any stick site thought they did but it didn't so I've I've put in a teaspoon of just ground cinnamon couldn't seem to make any difference. And then. This was funny stuff I I -- my wife my wife knows like jelly IID. Of a spread of jelly. On toast every morning. And so whenever she sees some interesting jelly in some souvenir shop or something she'll respond to form and she came home from some trip. With this line -- Marmol. And actual stuff you could see the skin of the lime in there and it was a line marble -- in Orange memoir Marmol in just made that line since that point. And I tried it that like I didn't really like it on on toast it didn't. But I saved it because I thought you know this might be interesting in the appeared ways. So I put in -- a couple of tablespoons of -- in there and they started up in what happened. Was that later after -- strained it out and reduced it down a bit. Usually it starts getting about as thick as syrup this time it was as thick as jam. And after it cooled down. If you could do it turn the boot the ball upside down and it wouldn't have fallen out. This is great but it must have been a lot of -- and -- -- Marmol it is all -- can figure speaking of -- marmalade. That's the real name of Don aims alignment marmalade. But he changed -- some years ago just as I did mine mine my real name is not Tom Fitzmorris -- Bill Powers is my real -- And now here's -- names with the news. Bump bump bump bump bump a -- of the TTP -- and learning songs of love but not for me. Lucky star as a vote but not for me. Would love to lead. That's enough to six so. 187 me here is Janice Janice welcome. Thank you I have two quick questions. -- -- web site that you Hitler recipes for home on and -- this do. And how to look behind it. He's glitzy golden -- -- dot com click on cook. Okay I'm gonna do this as I tell you click on clock you'll see it it's in the blue -- near the top. And then what will come up is a list by in alphabetical order of all of the recipes. That I have these -- its way to the top with some clicking on that alphabetical list. And now I am going to click on title filter it says here. And then just you'll find it really it's it you might boost around a little bit at the it'll it'll turn -- -- -- popular -- Can -- substitute. The crap the crawfish. In other words using crawfish and said the -- -- sure. With no no no difference -- slowly he'll probably have to cook the crawfish. Need you to put the credit app that anything is -- Yeah crusty crab meat is is already -- but if you buy crawfish tails which is about all you're gonna find right right I haven't seen anybody selling crawfish in the -- cry. -- if you use crawfish tails that's also already cooked all you have to -- and it and and he -- The the the only hard part is that if you don't have things with shelves like shrimp crawfish here. Or even crab shells you to make a stock it really would help. To buy a package of those gumbo cramps there in the freezers you've got. And they're they're not very expensive they give -- six of them they're little crabs -- they look like they're from Vietnam to me it doesn't matter you'd be put him in a pot. You bring it up to a boil you know -- -- like him and union and it. Let it reduced just cook it for a like half an hour 45 minutes straighten everything out this is the base of yours. And then used that you add the cream. And then you with -- crab and the -- also helps to if you buy corn on the cob. And slice it. Standing with your hand at the top of the Cobb and him in the Stam is at the bottom and you just tennis. Condit is close is she can get to the middle of the com. And it's kind of -- it to get all that corn mill you know when I mean a ticket to go into this ditch at the bottom. And just save all of that and then throw the corn cops themselves into the pot with that's -- stock when we talk about a minute and we'll get a lot of flavor. Yeah thank you very much thank you have fun at born and -- this -- -- on gloves that just this book report for several days. And over here is grant grant welcome. Dario crawl under your report. -- Yeah when and where they prepare your right -- right much -- market. You know. -- -- -- -- Of course yeah. Yeah. The only -- It's Galileo ground. Pool you got. -- in particular. And it. You -- because. You have one ingredient there that to -- makes all the difference and that's that little bit live there from something you'd be pork liver could be -- -- but that little taste even for people that don't like liver cell. That premier would make the order. It is absolutely no clutch home. I found the actual. String being already out there. For the first the first quarter and year. My wife. My wife made that on Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit was -- they're good over your house. It. Well let's -- implement all. And that the that was the first thing we go. Delphi and apparently noble -- it melts -- Paterno also excellent. -- -- great odds are pretty sure Dario thank you thanks well it actually there are a hopes though. Here's Donald Donald welcome. Think something so let me hand you want. I have yet to agree that you would have been the media. Celery and that the core I thought of that abuse in the the topic the end to get you -- the. Oregon with peace with the stock with the with the -- stop what you cook it all together in you and a lot of stuff comes out of -- more than -- dimension. Yeah I agree our pocket the other day you mentioned that you and it's something different this time -- -- fine. You are we should solve it up. -- -- and I did indeed do that and if there was a difference I didn't notice it it was is -- December it was as moist as ever I did not paste any kind of sweetness from a. I don't know. -- will probably keep on doing it because. It -- all those creepy and and it didn't I'll tell you this is the main reason you do it is to make the Turkey. Voice that's what it's all about. Attorney was -- it would. -- really Vietnam that we had been part calmly try to guard Turkey breast. As you look crisscross and making. Well that'll help because a fat -- Lou will tend to rise just by many. It -- that. Well yeah they agree and think -- I'm glad you'd do it. And thanks for taking my call you. The video orange phone and here is Paul Paul welcome. It's are just one little thing that I can any of right now about it yet there are fortunate with the goalies are. You should of put it on before you put him. When you have all you did okay. Doctor -- deleted. The Willamette week you have the hand in the oven did you put the glaze on it. Okay taken out of the oven let it cool off how long's it been there half hour. Did you put cuts in it. The you were quote unquote -- -- restore with -- Oh. Oh it's it's it's a -- and -- and -- agree fully quote yeah. What sort of -- career. The no you do this at the beginning you put the -- on at the beginning before you put it in Libya. But yeah if you take it out I mean I have an hour is not all that long especially if that was ice cold going in there. It might still be ice cold in the middle. They earlier when you needed tonight. OK. With time you leave. I'd take it out let it cool for a by the half and now. And then. -- that's two parts to the goalies one point eases the reduce root beer and all that stuff or is this is this you bought in a while. Making you so okay yeah put the -- all over it and then come back with brown sugar. And I had two things to one of them is powdered ginger. And the other one is. On powdered mustard. But not much of either one of those like a teaspoon of each it just makes it an -- it adds a little something I guess I can't even ask -- Cape May explain but then. Mixed is how this Brett into like a cup and half of brown sugar. With a four total distribute right and then just have it on it doesn't have the coverage has decides it's all gonna fall off anyway. But to put it over most of the top and as it cooks it'll melt and then it will covered him with that -- But there you go but you need to do that before you put it in -- Well -- in the State's perspective trio. I think you can still do it if you take it out now and we're right. -- by the the food show. Coming to live today from the studio strangely enough on here's Bob. Bob. -- Right Bob you bring up really bad you hear those words were on board Obama. You know. You don't oh there it is okay yet -- glossy yes where it was so I'm. But I -- Bob I cannot hear you at all call me again and won't get a better connection here is -- Mena or is it mine. It. Welcome welcome to our -- He's once two things what is planet and that is that right now one. -- what I did wrong since I bought my dog won't eat. Like me for Turkey chocolates really organic beautiful Turkey. Never. And then. I'm Bryant and the 24 -- I didn't know what to influence on. You do you rent some very very well. Located on the steak and cook. They would obviously done and cook everything right except it was -- ultimately need to. Yeah you have to rinsed off you have to -- all that off and and you get under the skin in in the cavity and everything in. What I do is -- sync with cold water and I'm just to put the Turkey and it may start squish it around with my hands. And then you just strain and out but yeah if you don't take that off it's going to be solved. But anyway at least I know now because they absolutely gorgeous Pallet simply spend the money it paid two dollars for each -- and -- anyway. Well by -- thank you the food show who will continue in a moment but first please have a word about -- it's our sponsor. And to one's my son is in town he lives in it's infants in California was in Dallas at Los Angeles actually. And he and his girlfriend came down from there for the fourth Thanksgiving. And among the many things that he planned. He is a pretty good -- actually. He is tonight he's gonna have dinner with his girlfriend and then once. And he has done this the last a couple of times he's been here so now it's kind of a tradition with him. It's interesting how you can pass along the tradition of dining. Oh but we do here in this city even in our great restaurants. And even if you go a little deeper over it and once you find it. That there are waiters there and cooks. Whose parents. Or whose uncles. Or. Whose grandfather even in some cases. Were also waiters and -- -- and ones that really goes back quite a few generations the owners of the place. By the fifth generation. Of the descendants of -- himself and -- -- -- it's the oldest family run restaurant in America since 1840. And there is no more wonderful time to go than during the holidays it is just so beautiful and something about the place just screams out. Celebration and feast. And 21713 Saint Louis street in the French Quarter in all the world there is only one and ones. And -- oh please this. Bob we'll do not. The hello at seafood show at thirteen fifty. Nor does -- year it's the big 870 WW Ellen WWO 105 point three FM. Telephone 1260. 1872601870. We were told free to it's 866 KB 98 were 087. Let's see we try to talk to Bob a couple of minutes ago but -- the connection was bad so he's back again here's. Bob. Can you you know much better -- -- gray -- blush yet so as outrage from the all know this the bunch Lisa still make him. I I had Osama two weeks ago well why -- or commit other language aren't. But you that's the place and they say they yet this time a year who don't glossy one of the the problems with a it's it's really kind of a seasonal thing in this is the season ago. Though if I would be very surprised if you went to -- -- or -- in -- or is apart those either. And they did have that they make it in house it's foreign. It was a -- there are some other restaurants and get into that kind of stuff though one of them might like -- Is on Carrollton avenue pretty close to city park it's called. Hoops TO UPS. -- -- And if he's not doing it I'm sure he would do it if you ask him. You know it takes you know -- -- to do. Yeah I know it's very labor intensive by the noble. Used to work go to the auto economically the picture and you try to freelance by. It's kind of shoot around talking about saying -- and actually mop with a light call me yet. It really is you're you're right it's a very old fashioned thing but I think a lot of people still like it in the late -- This been a resurgence of interest in things like hog head cheese and -- bully and stuff like that so we're seeing more about it I had about 23 weeks ago over at Luke. But are you a beacon of all luggage -- Would you recommend them while I catcher on the phone. Same -- nice. The same butcher shops that do everything from scratch you know the great thing about the door next in line and signs in those places that they have this terrific -- you and they caught -- content on to that kind of thing all the time not the. I didn't know it was some somebody like little ball pressure and somebody like that. Me they always say that was a bunch of outfits that did that. In shell met it was and they know there's one album on guns now McEnroe remember the name of -- did move to Picayune Mississippi. Whatever god it was a it might get used to get it from it and try to ram -- shrewd judge Reggie yeah. That's somewhere right around there. I this probably Morrissey on peace. -- there was another place called half ST AFF he. There always unknown what's the name of that and when there's this of this and and another cup two or three that are famous but they've. They'll dispersed after the hurricane kids you know what happened this Saint Bernard. Well well -- a good day to day in my probably. Q my pleasure it's the food show hog head cheese. Where do you get hog head cheese Jay welcome to the food show. Yes and double yesterday with leftover Turkey good for -- shot change. -- get -- okay except that the top. What's gonna be affected. Well. What you can do is use more rule is that the first thing that comes to mind. And you could also and a little bit cornstarch to it but I don't you know I never feel the need to do that it it definitely works but it like I got a hesitant about doing that. You can also reduce the that's the stock down by quite a bit because what happens. As you reduce the stock. Is that the gelatin. In the in the stock which comes from the connective tissue in the cartilage and all that kind of stuff. It it is a -- I mean that's what it is and it and the titans everything up. But you have to do it at the stock level and you really can't go back and fix it. But yeah I had just make a little more ruined -- and put it in there that'll do it. No word on back -- it is not. -- and it. And it to the -- not the other way around oh yeah etiquette and Maya yeah all right thank you we'll be back but now police service.

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