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Nov 30, 2013|

Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris talks food, dining, cooking, recipes and wine with WWL callers.

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The -- on the Bob welcome back to the third course of the food show on thirteen fifty no no sorry sorry sorry -- Welcome back to the food show on the big gates have any WWL in WWL 105 point three FM. This is Tom that Morris a yet passing as a cultured person. And my look out is food we talk about eating drinking. Restaurants cooking recipes. All of that if it has anything to do with food it is welcome here. And if you have the idea or you wonder. Whether what's on your mind who really ought to be talked about on a radio show about food. The answer is yes go ahead and call I mean Lou we almost never have anybody that gets that wrong. 26063. And up almost it again to 60187260. 187 he we have a toll free number two it's 8668890. -- seven. Okay let's go Jim welcome. Eight -- from shell mad men actually. Wembley right now get ready actually. Yeah hall where we usually yeah I don't know what is. For minutes that always. Leaves -- -- and and I've got two things. One and get an answer and that's what we want to be answered -- -- tri colored slightly. That was the list. Along with captain. And so what is -- right that they go to try to look -- agency. Yeah there -- -- out there and Picayune we've had numerous reports so whenever I ask about hog head cheese. I always gets seven year eighty replies telling me that -- -- in Picayune. Yeah a bit -- no mention I'll let you know are now you don't want was well while I. That did you know have you heard this rumor I don't know if it's true that they're gonna change the name of Metairie and I'm sorry they can change -- name of tenor. To shell met tree. -- -- Haven't heard what I don't know it's true I don't think unions. Work we have to find. Him in or out wide spread the word you. Or -- what you're and so that that would that would. Well listen I am ma am beginning to get that would some very very. -- friend who grew up together and now we're born on December. Compete on Monday -- so old. I'm looking for a decade Gary good deed goes true. Com -- may be some cheap food or. The also what body like still it and I'm I used to take it to grow and Carl brown of the used to make it so. Where. Oh yeah I've heard do you get that award to all shall just have a great deal. Would be -- brands and -- Well we get together. There there are a lot of a lot of restaurants that would answer this question the one on the dole that's that's a little hard because that's the kind of thing that would be typically done as the daily special and they might not have it all the time I mean I can't think of any restaurant that -- -- all the time on the menu. But if you would call. Luke. That's the name of the places when John -- -- restaurants it's as most successful restaurant actually it's right behind one -- square on saint Charles avenue. They do stuff like that backward and forward and days I'll bet you if you gave them a little noticed they would make it four. So that that would be a good restaurant to do something into its moderately priced but if you're doing a dinner at that time a year. If it -- me what I would do is look over the Raytheon. Restaurants that are and getting started tomorrow actually all begins tomorrow. Runs through the 23 in most of them these are special menus. In mostly very nice restaurants. That have a kind of a Christmas he -- to them enough and corny it's in you know they they don't depart totally from their regular food. And the prices are very good and they do you know are -- and on a couple little -- -- kind of things on to it -- it's typically four course dinners. Prices last year was somewhere between 35 and 45 for the most part there were some higher than that but it's a nice thing. If you look if you do a web site search. For this name rather be on our EV EI LL ONN. -- -- -- -- They do want it's a want and really enjoyed would be the you know club manager. -- Clement and yet she does it every year. And -- are -- again. Well all right would you recommend and any other place I used up all our -- as well. OK if you wanna do that read beyond thing. I think the best place and this is very consistent Furl -- for quite a few years the pelican club. There is there menu first of -- to big menu they give you a lot of choices all the way down. Last time I looked if I remember right it was a little over fifty bucks for the whole thing. For four course dinner. And they they are on. The BM -- street and exchange Alley right across BN -- from the on modeling on parking garage. And they will validate your parking it's not free but it's cheap. And its debt and that you park right across the street. And he you know it well one would -- -- -- on Ferrari did together for produces the other one. He a few years ago did this special -- with the wind what did one in the and so the pelican globally and Brando recommended but. So the delicate global. That's a lot I think it is -- been has been every year since the days since they have been part of it now I think they've been part of it since the beginning. So. Anywhere there's plenty of them looked down that list itself put on by the French Quarter festival that might be an easier way to get there. FQFRI. Dot com. French Quarter festival -- F you FI dot com and just look for the -- Christmas. Creole Christmas is when I think they call or sell this I can't remember what their official name it once you're there believe me you'll find it. Are you gonna do you it's got a great. -- topsy and I would have -- if this were two days from now I would have said to go to my website because I always. -- compile all of the -- beyond the injuries. In to a page and I raped all the restaurants and I give. Recommendations for specific issues. And the make him a little easier to go to find -- French Quarter festival does a beautiful website but it's a little hard to read so like that kind of simplify it a little bit for you. I'll have that the next couple of days but I'm working on it. Lot of restaurants this year but fifty of them I think it'll be a record number of restaurants doing -- londoners. You will hear me talk about ready and dinners a lot RE VEI -- lo and I don't think very many people are old enough to remember. The original. Revealed on which was a a tradition. Here in New Orleans and every other place with the European. Culture. And the story behind it is is this there was a time. I was too young to remember it actively but I to remember right after they changed it. -- if you went if you were Catholic and you went to. -- And you had communion. What you had the fast. From the previous midnight until that moment. And a lot of people interpreted this talking about midnight mass. From the previous. Midnight. So you're talking. 24 hours with nothing to eat or drink. And so at the end of this -- A lot of folks would get together with their family especially in the old old days when everybody lived in the French Quarter and or nearby. And they would go to each other's houses. It would usually be a family group that one of one of their homes. And that would be a big spread it would be from what I've read about it. It sounds a lot like a brunch buffet. But at 2 in the morning. And the word -- beyond means an awakening so all of these people who have -- now groggy from having tested for 24 hours and plus it's 2 in the morning. They go to this. Feast and everybody eats -- and everybody has revived and that's that's the idea well they don't do this at 2 in the morning any more than -- on they just use the name in it to but it. Is an authentic cultural thing here in New Orleans and are a wonderful for a promotion every year this is just too restrictive but again I tell you. Forty. Or more. Restaurants this year I think actually it's more like fifty. And they are well worth going to I go to as many as I possibly can't during the holidays. 2060636. It is our up though winning either I keep doing it my in my brain no longer works in that. Nine knowing knowing -- you have to and then all of a sudden my chair ages. Went down. This thing back -- are. 260. I did that -- this chair it's just dumping this shared does not want me to sit here. 260187. Or toll free 8668890. -- have any we would love to hear from you one way or the other. And about anything on your mind about eating about drinking but restaurants and cooking if you went out to dine on Thanksgiving Day. I would very much like to hear from you. Because. Every year right compiled this huge guide to Thanksgiving. But a lot of the information I have comes from people who call me and they tell me how one's the year before. Because I don't go on Thanksgiving at that I have anything against this system busy cooking my own dinner and you can only go but the one a year anyway so how can anybody keep track of that. So. I would very much like to hear from you if you went to a restaurant. Any rest and at all. On Thanksgiving Day call me and tell me how you thought it was. And I ask you'll only one more thing about that if you thought it was awful if you wherever it was you went was awful. Don't tell me the name of the place until I ask you for it thank you. To succeed 0187. Here's somebody. You let me take a break -- -- take a break we'll come back with more of the food -- after first -- this -- it to do pop pop pop phenomenon. Hello hello it's the food show. On the big 870 WW Roland WWO 105 point three FM this stomp that Morris. We go to the telephones it's when is the mahogany phone actually made on a mahogany wood. Go figure upside is that can I did it again don't go on currency. She would have you you're doing that tried it he -- Guy or is -- It. I just to do it recently. Which you've been talking about but. I'd just. I just got the ball was my fault -- whether -- within Germany right now and it's coming across as anyway. His interest in Indian -- And specifically it was my son. And gift certificate -- Indian restaurant for Christmas. Itself is it's southern India to -- I don't know anything about it. Well we don't have very many Indian restaurants is to start with the the ones we have -- not bad. But there's that great -- and the compared with. A city like glitzy London which I think there are more Indian restaurants in London -- -- -- in India. It's just it's a big big field there it's not much of a big deal here. And southern it to break about even farther and say you know you want to go in Indian you know as a southern Indian style which tends to be much spicier. That's that makes it even tougher I would say the best place to eat Indian food is in a restaurant that's on the West Bank. There are only open one day a week there -- only open on Friday that they are in the business Derek -- caterers mostly. But on Fridays they open. And they do this wonderful. Special menu is the name of the place is -- on no law. SAS AF FRO and and no LA except -- on no. And very good. The idea of buying gift certificates -- in Indian restaurant I think is going to be very challenging. This guy's a nut is -- that's right yeah okay Diana feel that the. -- -- -- -- And we'll -- about. You know wanted the deal is if you wanna eat Indian food go to India -- to London or some other place where they have plenty of it but this is not a city that. Does very well with that. Yeah well sorry. And happy do you one of those is well we pick up the green fallen oddly enough with a question about militants. Larry welcome. I'm happy new year happy new year. I just thought. It earlier this question just about the small. Got my next door neighbors let it out on bond -- And then we have too many years. And go to court -- not grown up all your options and then York so Indonesia. Where Obama -- and so it is and -- -- But anyway. I've gotten -- one bit -- like for proper proper thank you yeah are probably. Wouldn't insult. You know I've had some sitting in just a basket in my pantry for what seems to me if I remember right months. Yeah all of them -- and relatives of the awards -- stop what I figured you're. Whether they hold out pretty well but they. There are much tender as you know and they. Have. And almost nonexistent skin I mean I think referring to the skin of a -- time -- Is that you know almost ridiculous this this is it is just not really much there it's like asking for the shell of a -- Yeah it's news that -- ought to have one but it doesn't real. -- -- discovered that the -- were actually pretty good when they're cooked you know I doubt Obama. Another rumor also Robert -- a little while on their mark on concede. It's you're gonna not a bit. One in the pocket they're my old ball out. All I do it but I'm I'm here at the WWL studio and I don't have my list here in that would only cause trouble can you call me some -- -- during the week. Sorry about that I just don't -- the booted up over here. Yeah all right well thank you for asking anyway I'm I'm flattered that you would care. -- later. 260. One -- time. -- 260187. Here is Jun John welcome. A Tom John building or news I'm doing. Steve your view. Target area. Description of the newsletter -- would of been different Thanksgiving Leah at least that the mayor never done well with a homer now all the and so here we we we were there yesterday. It made -- remember what are cute. And there and then but it. It was excellent book. Into book -- -- like you're saying no we're we all your outlets as we get older. By. And took a tour which really. The fund. What this guy has done to that place is just unbelievable. I hope other developers said not -- you -- we will bring competition to a but I think it'll ultimately be a good thing. Get a load of that and say hey you know maybe maybe there's something here is that that is turning into a major resort properties now. Oh and he was probably his name's Kelly Kelly. Kevin Kelly really nice guy. Very very interesting man to talk to. Well he has greeting by shelling and to the table. During the course of the afternoon and it sure is unbelievable amounts. Patronage. Very very good you're busy would lose. And -- And -- would. He said that they did something like 500 and some people yesterday which is very large number. And the said the big problem they had was that everybody liked the environment so much that they were just sitting there having another cup of coffee another cup of coffee and what used to take an hour and a half was taking two and a half hours. Well we're that they currently have the capacity. Took hold for a wedding receptions. One which -- a year -- it's it's quite quite a place. We appreciate it. And again -- very different something that never had never visited that orientation that it should never checked in the army war. Where was excellent -- we toward despite Apple's stance. Nowhere else should oh -- -- to work order reasoned that on the anywhere yesterday. World are. Pastoral. That actual score and -- scores dropped points are. All it could be it it's a terrific place that he used the oldest part of the old building the old plantation building this site I'm believe goes back in the 17100. And it's two rooms it's on the small side but they sometimes expanded out of there in -- some other areas. The chef is. A terrific young guy. And has been there quite awhile in the he has cajun swing to his food and just terrific. Beautiful place great -- Very good service. Fields LE TIL. -- Look teel can't remember his first name but he was the one who like kind of first landed there. And -- deal with the Indians to buy some Landers. Yeah. Thank you nice talking you. Used to it is the food showed that is. Homeless host plantation. On river road. And it's up. Upstream a little bit from the sunshine bridge but not too far from. Easy to fine. And just gorgeous it would whip this guy has done with the place and they just built this beautiful new huge dining room for receptions. When connected to any Clinton well we need to do in here is Regina. Welcome. -- term well haven't talked you know account number 70 good congratulations. When needed I heard this gentleman before talked about not. I grew up balling the -- on and then -- him out and inspecting. Does that process. Have to be done are. I don't see your bill yet you know the the best thing -- -- tons I've seen. Maybe ever in my life was. We went over to this the restaurant called one that is its name ONE one. Right there -- the corner from the Camellia grill one Hampson perhaps history. They have an appetizer of crab cakes little crab cakes and in the middle this is stacked. Of -- time French Fries. They're coated with with a kind of it's cornstarch and olive oil I think. Anyway they just deep fry him and I took a -- that's -- why is no one ever done this with militants before this is unbelievable. And you can't stop beating them that's the best new thing -- badly. But that now -- Stuffed I saw them -- now why I just couple months ago. I can't tell you that I'm I'm nuts about that idea it's not to be a great dish but a lot of people -- -- by the guy I think you can just scoop it -- -- That -- up and -- -- out of them are. A does that appeal will really doing -- economy into -- military and you see this it goes from like a darker green to a lighter green and that's about it I don't really see a scandal I felt you -- certainly eat the whole thing was. You don't peel that we just remove the speed and chop them up. -- of whatever amount you want then you mix it with whatever ails you wanna put in their bread crumbs parmesan cheese suburbs you know. I donated what I don't think you do know I think they hold up better if you don't. I think you see yeah. The food show. 260187. Only right now love to talk review by the anything if you dined out on Thanksgiving time particularly interest and speaking with you today. But if you didn't dine out on Thanksgiving but you did have something else good or you went to a restaurant today or that had nothing to do with Thanksgiving. Call me and tell me about it. 260. 187260187. Total free 86688908. Stephanie. A program almost exactly like this one. Same -- same topic same everything same time even. Is on the air every weekday. From noon till three. We're not sure it's gonna work. We're in -- 26 year. Hoping that it makes. But we'd love you to tune in and tell us where you've been eating what true what you were trying to figure out how to cook or anything like that that's with the show is all about. Linda -- -- hello Linda welcome. I. -- recently made pumpkin soup with lentils. So. It's great but it was just really the -- And I'm trying to figure out what I can do it next time to make it a little better. I was thinking -- I just read out the ingredient through quickly then maybe you play all the help. I got that while I was gonna ask you for something similar so go right ahead. Okay. The -- -- -- yellow we have per quarter that I have a couple of people. A table and evolved well yeah two teaspoons grated fresh ginger. Teaspoon curry powder teaspoon human. Point six pound box of chicken stock which is that they could substitute. Vegetable broth. And then a fifteen counts and a pumpkin puree it and it was just so. You know nothing. A fifteen ounce can of pumpkin puree this is probably the stuff that you would make pumpkin pie right right. -- well you know that kind of pumpkin. Is that quite sweet. -- and the kind of pumped in that we see for Jacqueline interns and stuff. Is NetSuite at all and if you try to make this week issue out of it you'll be very disappointed but I think it does make for a better so. And so I think I would get rid of the pain and stuff right off the bat and use. The and it just by a fresh pumpkin. And just scoop it -- yourself they're so cheap you suggest you know if you throw away 80% of it you still have all you need. Yeah well. Do I have to -- first and then. Well you just caught you know caught on in the air and just -- -- -- and -- -- -- yeah yeah maybe don't have to like put it down before I edited to this two person. The easiest way to do it is -- -- -- just take a big knife and cut it into into chunks and then get in there with a knife when you're cutting board and cut this is the the skin off. Knowing that you're gonna leave a lot of skin on their but the whole war again -- -- slow sheep yeah so much of it that you get out of it. I think the -- that was one thing missing from this recipe. And that is anything carrying a little bit of acidity which I think would be a good thing lemon juice -- little maybe. Has to -- it but it. And off I'd use that much but a tablespoon well -- couple a couple of -- yeah that would be about -- -- little more than that. Or some vinegar. Vinegar. And hot so loss well you could be evens. -- -- is largely connectors of that would that would help that problem. About and don't let curry -- -- -- -- it seemed a little honey get me actually really yeah caught it and can take over dish pizza it's a very strong -- once it gets in there. Well I don't want itself as it worked out I was seriously cream or milk in this now okay or you trying to avoid that. If you look pretty in the picture -- I'm -- not that was you know the. I would a little cream to it or assumes half and half or not this would be interest in some coconut milk. Well you know I think that might might have done the trick actually can be kind of in a -- category aero that but when that. Wanna know having that tasted it and just guessing but -- -- -- been I think forward for darn sure -- of acidity in there and I didn't hear any and that will add to the flavor because it'll it'll play against the bitter elements there are some bitter elements there to that'll go nicely with. Okay sounds great article thank you so much thank you -- very much it's the food show. And now home -- so let's see who's -- Keith Keith welcome. Andy and I can't thank you very much you. It's definitely did we are gathering at Thanksgiving so you know our heart and not fixing that up on occasion Obama. Tell me how to make a good old cheeks are lucky. Well I do I think they're really under rated. And it's simple broccoli and much around. I want to try added that it but war chest and it did you know what -- what you like Italy and chased somebody did you like I can't -- about. Sounds great to -- there that we used to have a restaurant here called flamingos. It was a in saint Charles avenue was a really wild place but one of your specialties. Was key issues probably the only restaurant in the city that's ever a specialized in key issues. And that remember the guy who owned the place. I was talking once he says. The thing about key issues is that you can put anything in them and then he said anything anything anything. And I think he's right I mean to really just about anything won't go there. It's her right yet I'm not like he -- crabmeat and instruct us on Friday that could. Possibly -- And out. I'd like they wanted to keep the partition Obama just obviously he cannot just put a robot -- about your national event. And then -- issues and that -- Brandon and then within a mixture you don't even deeper and it's only for their. Know that that is a little different now I will say that that's a little bit of a arch but OK if it works it works are at -- thank you see. The food show. The stock. Two. Nancy Jo-Jo welcome to a little program. I hate to. Agree. Guard one or. Thank -- been meal we. And the wall oh good we are ones. That they're deeper and stake out. Yeah I saw he was open. I don't know if well let's see the palace cafe was open I don't know if the bird house western. I think it was as well you know they are -- -- and ground that you buy organic Turkey. -- Turkey option. And as well as they should. Option. You the option. Are there weren't. -- you could. Prepared Thanksgiving -- Which included in our entree and it is there. You are the two options -- thanks giving you word traditional Turkey as well that day. Wait what -- topic. -- parliament sounds good to me. It every now and Apatow aren't there where it yeah. A call and that there aren't part -- -- -- But it would actually it would. It was prepared individually. And ordered. End if he wanted you also at the -- or. -- on the menu or anything else. Let's. Get -- -- what impact the world. And it was the first week is that eating out. -- from that you did well you know all. Well more more people doing it every year that's good to note thank you for sharing. Antsy by. We will return with more of the food show in a moment after first please afterward -- -- power and horrible ways they are open tonight to Obama. 8 o'clock 830 depends a how many people come in there you do not have to get a pork boy if you eat here in fact you could get the seafood platter. They duel of the great job with fried seafood they -- -- order it's all good French. They also do quite him a lot of Italian platters and if you have. People in town. Right now we have two of them and our hosts who are from out of town. And you wanna show morality and give them some things like red beans and rice and jumble -- and gumbo. Well you can do it there they have all of that it's all on the menu all the time and they make it themselves fresh in house like they do everything he even -- -- MB for the -- before boys and talk about a New Orleans flavor. Parents were -- 3939. Veterans highway just -- Cleary on the lakeside they are open every day except Sunday for lunch. Wednesday through. Saturday they keep on going for an early dinner at RR a an apostrophe current. And now if you will this. -- I it's the food show boy were running out of time today who's been a pretty lively program I'd say look look veer welcome misses the levee right now. Are you number one number two no you couldn't be number one number two or number three number four. Number three well great to hear from the -- unstable guy. How they look out stratified about. There and -- Out of brought some few weeks back and got caught with pro and now but. I -- note you can -- Fault what's the best way to yet so. You can grill you can hand -- -- you can treat it like trial I find it if you all the recipes for trial. Were greet with -- -- like on the team Norman year at some point that. The only problem with sheep's head is that. They're kind of hard to clean. I I heard once that Frank Davis told me this in fact that the best utensil to use. Is a new nice and sharp park -- night he says. Or does the job. And you'll also get for the size of the fish you get a lot blissfully and you think you're gonna get but I think it's a great fish I love it. Again whenever I run into it but you could fried you can broil it you can grow you can -- -- it it's very very. Amenable to just about any in the east. A particular group -- you -- I can do whatever Trout up pretty much it come out fine. We'll go to your tribute. Eric -- call -- show thanks god we only have less than a minute deal meets you talked to. CJ CJ well. Thank -- young man. I think stick my call Q how much rubber trees and the -- third -- -- -- -- honestly stand to pick out. Okay you know what I've I've I'm out of time to give you a good answer to this. We have time between now and in the would you call me either during the week or Horry get on the Saturday. Or there'll be probably give you more information act -- -- -- -- About it that's I think we can get away with today. On state -- and we have who just a little bit more the food show coming up after first please that's. Hey bill I have less than a minute. Are you there bill. Yeah go -- -- -- that aren't auto -- -- -- you know while it was good what you know. I was very expensive like -- outburst of real. And suspect given what -- -- A hundred dollars for Thanksgiving. -- Drink and in and -- of -- It actually was like that -- partisan. All OK so -- events that different. Current volatility in new. There it goes yeah. And your. -- more by -- -- here we don't -- it ought on the tables. You know that's that's that's -- these days where -- where was once. Oh really I'm surprised to hear that hey listen we've run out of time thanks for thanks for all the calls everybody. On FM on HD one on -- even on the line WWL radio in New Orleans at WWL AFM -- our New Orleans with a news is next of a most of these same frequencies.

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