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Dec 2, 2013|

Dave talks about the Battle in Seattle, if you're a fan if you think your team may lose, and topless haircuts

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this second of December 2013. -- showdown Monday Larry the -- yeah that. Well. Okay okay okay -- They did -- -- from. -- hard hit ground when you got the same. Can't see how on Monday Night Football. -- it -- -- against the and it won three. If they claim. The saints will be tentative the Seahawks will be sensitive. Think the -- the tiebreaker over the Seahawks assuming both teams Winamp yeah. -- we you've done about this is the battle for home field event you know that violate rules if they went out and saints got to play those. Can't there why it's -- Pampers and they're looking good right now. They're nine and green. And have been winning every evening everybody. Went forward on fourth and goal yesterday. Should have -- to use -- Hamlin. Jumped. About four yards into the end zone he's got like Michael Jordan leaping from free throw line to slam dunk he just like flew through the air and many dozens Superman thing right after -- And well pretty super -- bed -- I was pretty impressive but that having been that you know I couldn't -- have a couple of banged up hold back of the pack teams to play your division. No no no no gonna make it hard. But let's worry about tonight right now. By the way the Peyton Manning. And -- Rutgers -- tend to. Witness I saw that so all three teams -- -- the same record when all's said and done. And he -- tonight's game. But you point out the very good point that the winning out things coming nights and yet it is only -- advance bid is only a battle for home field advantage of both teams have identical record hit the ball is that's a tall order for -- he. Yeah. On fourteen and two would be varied impressive. For any media we don't have anything easy laugh on the go back a few years that the -- season -- -- -- their team I'll carry those wonderful days those glossy dreamy day that was was lose in the last threes though. Opportunities now like cores and considers the possibilities. So through line and you feel about this nervous there really yeah he had just. You know I I I don't have that not the key -- heard that people aren't document and they were. Yeah it's a win there like a slam dunk. But. I'm very much more cautious than that the -- that 113 road historically struggled when traveling -- panel. But -- they never wanna game under this current regime in Chicago before this season ticket buyers. Oh. Who's that in the -- Seattle now and take care of the absolutely aren't confident. Concerned. Or are you saying this may be -- column order. Text me 78 that column he one point seven needle free 86889. There and get this out there right now -- -- let's start. Bashing anybody. You can still be a fan I'd be worried about a match -- it's still be a huge man and realize that this is a difficult. -- and if -- team you can still be a fan. And even thank -- team. I've known some of the biggest brands in in town in this whole area and they start pacing like two hours before the game that I could ever stop. There were -- you know where or a thing in the -- all of a trough that it's okay. Eight to be a fan you nervous isn't the man what a great weekend but our goodness tags starting with the LSU Arkansas game on Friday. The Iron Bowl is amazing. Missouri's victory to get to the SEC championship with a great game and that was just the Khaled games. That was about a great -- -- -- yesterday. Even the Sunday night game. Man ended with a goofy goofy screw up by the officials and I'll talk about Steve Geller we give him any sports snags that. And Eli Manning. And the giants they got to win out but they want last night and questionable circumstances but they -- and there are some other great games. The -- him -- that's. -- -- I'm Dave on 515. Back with track whether -- -- next weather and then sports here on WW well -- next mediate 7870 says still a saints fan but I don't see us winning in tonight's weather and new ways to OK and other one says the saints have met their match but I hope they win so a couple of people hopeful but. Not necessarily. Confident. Is it okay to be a fan and not be confident. 26 187 people 386 X 8970. Protects an 87 V -- them in the forecast for New Orleans or call. -- -- partly cloudy today with a 20% threat for some afternoon isolated showers high temperatures will climb to about 71 degrees. Feeling a little muggy out there for the second half the day and overnight we could -- some patchy fog forming as well. In fact it's likely to form as we move after midnight and temperatures will drop to 57 on the North Shore 61 south of the lake. Tuesday highs will climb to 77 point percent chance of rain by Wednesday it still that 20% threat for showers and highs near 78 to. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist. Derek have. Or -- perfect weather to get out there and hanging the decorations it's not going to be cold the next few days 56 and cloudy right now at the airport in -- Mostly cloudy 49 at the National Weather Service office in the slide now I'm Dave Conte and it's the early edition of WWL first. Hard. We welcome Steve Geller ran them -- What a great weekend of football. I mean all weekend long and then capping it off with this super battle up in Seattle. That boarded the good morning gave you the schedule makers finally got it right. It's all the way around the guys they've they've yet we bank rate -- act couldn't pull myself away from watching football we've got well it's Favre. Being -- who dat nation and it's a big -- for the nine into saints. Who take on the -- once Seahawks in Seattle defensive coordinator Rob Ryan on the challenge that the black single -- Their receivers are extremely talented in this well coached and they got hired killer back to run the ball so mean. This is what you get I guess this time a year and this will be -- the job. Cam Newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for another score to lead Carolina to its team record eighth straight win. 276. Over Tampa Bay the Panthers quarterback has room for thirteen touchdowns and run for five others during their current win streak. Well Eli Manning completed 22 of 28 passes for 235 yards. And Justin Tuck had four sacks to help shut down Robert Griffin the third the second half on Sunday Night Football. Leading the giants to a 24 to seventeen win over the reds games. The win keeps the giants two games behind NFC east leaders Dallas and Philadelphia. With -- play. While the Redskins were mathematically eliminated from the post season for the seventeenth time in 21 years. Over to the NBA where Ryan Anderson powered the pelicans past the knicks for new orleans' second straight win on the road. Holidays -- what people who live topping our ground to screeners are examples thank you Anderson catching shooting with three. I am one. Anderson hit 73 reporters who scored 31 points as Republicans won the game 103 to 99 but. Lost star Anthony Davis with a fractured left hand the team says that timetable for his return is to be determined. Johnny O'Bryant the third scored seventeen points as LSU basketball beat Butler seventy to 68 overtime to capture third place at the old spice classic. The tigers are now five and two on the season. And Florida State in Ohio State now find themselves at the top teams in the latest BCS standings following Alabama's loss at all -- on Saturday. But there's not much distance between the Buckeyes all -- in Missouri with just one regular season game remaining for the three teams. The Buckeyes speech -- Michigan State in the Big Ten title game next weekend. And all -- beats Missouri. For the SEC championship. Tonight the -- battle the Seahawks in Seattle will bring you wall to wall coverage starting at three kickoff is at 740. I'm Steve Geller that your early morning look at sports here. Atop the reading college. Football win out because Auburn deserve a shot at the BCS national championship there's a huge argument going on over which two teams assuming both win there. That says that have -- In -- -- who should impeach it'd be Ohio State Florida State Ohio State. At a Florida State Auburn who should be in the BCS championship. Well as -- as Florida takes Florida State takes care business they're gonna be having a duke next weekend. As 110 game of the season as for. Most of between Auburn and Ohio State while Auburn has played. Obviously the tougher schedule. Old oh undefeated Ohio State team is going to be in the national championship game what are the folks like it or not -- -- proving to be the spoiler the only team to beat Auburn yeah unbelievable right. There have been a lot of evil thing has stated despite a crappy schedule on it hasn't been nearly as difficult -- again but the BC is definitely loves -- -- the Buckeyes and also Urban Meyer. -- -- -- -- and about ascent look at it if everyone wins out yeah but you know what Ohio State has a tough matchup against Michigan State this weekend and -- could possibly in the blues. How concerned are you about Anthony davis' broken hand terrible news for the pelicans which you know what they showed a lot winning without him as he went down the first quarter. The team pulled together but it's simply a tough road. And for them and if your prediction coming up but this four and a half sound right that's a much Seattle's favorite over New Orleans -- tonight's -- I think that's a fair assessment -- -- Vegas may have a right we'll get these predictions coming up. -- 25 minutes more sports here at WW round you're reacting like texting me 87870. Can -- -- F -- -- being nervous. And some people say absolutely others say no way -- she customers thought that it. I've Tony 72 forecaster -- agency's forecast senator. 57. -- -- Becoming a little bit more miles out there today as temperatures built to 71 degrees eight point 8% chance of rain and thanks to those winds out of the southwest will feel a little bit more muggy. Overnight lows will drop down to 57 north of the lake 61 for residents on the South Shore. Patchy fog is possible impact likely between the hours of midnight 9 AM. Tomorrow 77 and by the middle of the week we'll get to 78 degrees looks like things will stay warm for the majority of this work week. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist. Eric never. Announcement at 380% relative humidity cloudy and 56 at the reporting tanner 49 and mostly cloudy at the National Weather Service office in slide now. David Blake started the discussion but I mean he's nervous about tonight's game Vegas is -- the Seahawks who have won thirteen in a row at home to beat the saints by four and a half so is it okay. To be a fan and to be nervous one person next mediate 7870 says hell no it's not. Notice as you can't -- devoted and it's not -- confidence confidence builds our team Kodak. Can't -- thank you for signing -- camp I don't know I think it's I think I've been a fan of a lot of seems to have trouble winning a lot of games. And I think it makes sense and that always believed your team is definitely -- the know that that challenges -- hope they're gonna win. If I believe their get -- it is hoping enough to make you a thing. I coming up we'll get the forecast for Seattle. Atlanta what the weather's going to be like for this game that may impact how you feel about what's gonna happen continue to take your calls and text messages and FaceBook comments is it okay to -- confident. Or not count that if Europe man. Equivalents and CBS news up next you know it's Cyber Monday at any shopping on line today how much you're shopping if you do this -- it all straight ahead at WW. 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL for -- at December. It's the second it's 2013. In its showdown monetary have served Luke. Believe. -- program and lead. All. Yeah. Okay okay okay how. They made great. Think it's tough battle new. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- According to the biggest night makers. One this you know as a man who favored by five. -- about three points for being at home now they like Quincy hospital line. And you admitted being a little nervous about NASA's. And it -- I posted a FaceBook I am text messages a day 7070 if you look -- The question of can you be nervous and yet they. Wow yeah that people say fans have to be committed and confident all the time. But a couple others images that you can't be -- fan but you still think they will even lose. It's called thinking with your brain not your heart whom I like that those are still getting nervous as he would retain and but. While the same job at the very good team tonight. They are great to me they won't kick block -- There is nothing wrong with going in you know. We've your ears laid back. Stiffness hokey like this -- in -- -- -- now -- John. And I feel like you've admitted being nervous and while we acknowledge C thirteen game -- industry that Seattle is doing. The saints historically struggle in Seattle now. In fact -- guys on pointing out even in the superdome. His career ended with an injury against the Seahawks though he personally today as a -- again the the now you. Carried out and around where there. I tossed and turned on and and when I got up this morning I decided to take that Vegas. Number and reverse over Hillary. And I have the saints winning before now I get the saints winning by for an -- I -- I just to. 44 point four points when you -- and it's on now so that obviously they couldn't drive down into the feel gold suit to fix their problem. And I think they'll come up short on that last drive. And the saints -- Anyway he pulls out the -- out the end David like all right well you properly predicted the number one movie at the box office over the holiday weekend clubs. But Hunger Games catching fire stays number one for a second straight week on an 85 million dollars holding off his knees. 3-D animated musical -- And it brought in 67 million or both by the way -- new records for the Thanksgiving weekend. The movie that it brought in the most ever before it was Harry Potter and sorcerer's stone which is sort of 58 million back in 2001. Or both movies break the record and it was a record breaking weekend altogether isn't funny ever brought pain. And it weekend and Thanksgiving weekend box office or by the way drops to number three followed by investment -- -- and so I guess have you ever done with your shopping or you didn't -- even go there. You went in some movie lot of people did and I'm glad you were correctly. Able to predict the winner at the box office that took you directly. There in the battle in the battle in Seattle. I'd invite we'll talk about one more person it's on WW now. Man I was so gonna decide yes they'd love that that there yeah yeah. -- clouds this morning we got to find out what the weather's going to be like for the battle in Seattle let's go out nobody I would -- -- work etc. today. Are paying. To mr. meteorologist. Eric camera. Gave good morning to you -- -- -- -- -- -- for a Monday fantastic. It's a special lights and the saints are playing the elect Monday it really doesn't you know it to the weekend. The weather was just about perfect so many people yesterday output not the decorations. Fighting to find out which one poll was how to get the angle like arcane. Saw -- a lot of frustrated people avidly as the weather was geared toward it a lot of people out on the latter isn't trying to get everything on -- -- everything look beautiful and always better to do that and that way it's not it's what the weather's warmer it's warm all we can mean. This weekend we are in the sixties which is very comfortable I think this week were going to be the seventies. Or eighty. It was cold for Thanksgiving silently up buying Christmas tree Thanksgiving night it felt like Christmas but not so much since I guess the spring issue weather continues. Yeah we're gonna see temperatures today about 71 up partly cloudy. A 20% chance for me -- isolated shower today. And by the middle of the week were almost eighty degrees overnight lows will be in the sixties that could become a mile and when you know to look at Mikey do what about rain and any rain this week at -- chance of rain almost every -- -- a 20% today 20% tomorrow 20% on Wednesday -- lighter showers. Heavier rain as possible as we move towards Thursday and Friday. Like I chance of rain and the weekend yet is that. Decent chance about 50% vote Thursday Friday and went the next -- rock Friday night Saturday morning -- typical soft for the weekend. Aren't what's about a likens the apple. -- is. Via their temperatures. Are probably gonna -- -- low forties for them today top forty yeah and what does that mean for game time tonight. I think it's got about 36 OK and it's you know knows now. Yes those are the forecast light rain is possible light rain during the game and coal and just yucky. Yeah I mean I think it's better that the rain chances drop a bit I mean. The guys complain in the cold. I'd rather plane's nose and and that's true light rain is probably gonna make for some some balls up to catch again. Man as less miles is famous for describing it there could be some wet ball opportunities. In the game denied. No comment on the line that's what he calls it when it's raining vote -- last game. Miles it is now with the man get them match did you hear mapped to the victory on Friday like I love his press conferences with the winner he's. All right there we go about what's your prediction for the saints and that the -- in the battle in the all my guess I hurt her -- talking about it. No I really have no idea how this game is gonna play out because I don't know if Seattle is really all that good I mean I think they are beaten anybody great. And level find out tonight again at the thing to have ours maybe rate team -- right what they'd made it lost one game and yet to be impressed this far into the season. And Vegas has them favored by four man yen see. They've beaten 49ers right yes I'm so we hope that the 49 are all that good so. It's pretty. Eyes to what your prediction I -- the saints saints win I have no idea what the final scores of -- although 1960. Nineteenth Los going game with the rain in the passing game that is prolific and the grounded out there that thanks for helping me. No problem with the idea about this woman in the long month Colorado. Who is offering. You cut your hair. While she was. Well. Yes the topless. Style that was barbour's calling her while she's been arrested. Not for cutting year topless. She -- have a cosmetology license and you need a license to cut hair -- -- -- -- you need a license to charge people that they're right. Agassi -- appropriate I don't yet. The mantis try to keep down an honest entrepreneur or. She would charge 45 dollars low cut your -- with a group goodness gracious yeah. That's a lot of mean -- -- it's pretty nice. -- Pictures of it but here's my thing. I like topless women as much as the next yeah okay but I don't think I want a woman -- budget cut mine. It is. I don't know that it -- topless in this times not to be I just think that I -- professionals who knows what they're Dylan who's focused on the basket and got. And and that the battery boost that that might be while all over. I'd like to see I'd like to see a list by you times when it's okay it was outlets at times and not. On the dwell on. It put together a full list but I I just think that maybe it wouldn't pay 45. It's a lot for this pair. And out -- a good look at this the woman that's a lot of thank you very much an upright and good talk this morning I am very interesting and varied and Derek have to. Work boards Steve -- Prediction for the battle in Seattle up next. 5:40 -- good morning happy -- -- we get ready for the battle in Seattle I'm Dave gallant summit just exit mediate 78 it is on my way to work. Turned around went home. Puts saints and Anna's on the -- Thank god because if this person had gone home and put those -- and Amazon. And the saints lost it would and all their fault right because without the dogs where the -- bandanna as the -- Joseph just isn't there. I don't understand. But I guess it's only if it doesn't work -- ago that -- so that you say Steve -- are we're gonna get your prediction on us for the saints. And the Seahawks coming up but first you got a lot tells about -- Monday morning. Good morning. Good morning and the saints -- out to do something tonight that no team has accomplished since 2011. That's win in Seattle defensive coordinator Rob Ryan says quarterback Russell Wilson shores and suffering a sophomore slump in his second season in the NFL. -- just so many excellent things what is the first of all and then looks like he loves to play the game that he is so accurate. Especially when he's on the move running around like he does and making plays. -- Cam Newton threw for two touchdowns and ran for another to lead Carolina to its team record industry went 27 a six over Tampa Bay. The Panthers quarterback has thrown thirteen touchdowns and run for five other scores during their current winning streak. That victory sets up a crucial showdown next Sunday -- with the saints for first place in the NFC south on the line. Anthony Davis went down in the first quarter with a fractured left hand. But Ryan Anderson stepped up to lead the pelicans to victory in New York -- up the floor gives the dribble alive for the next match. The Sox hitters and angle right through three. I'll -- a professor Anderson -- 73 pointers and scored 31 points as New Orleans beat the knicks 103 to 99. Meanwhile davis' status moving forward is up in the air as the team set a timetable for his return is to be determined. LSU basketball beat Butler 7068. In overtime to take third place in the old spice classic. Johnnie Bryant led the tigers with seventeen points and eight rebounds. And Florida State in Ohio State are the top teams in the latest BCS standings following Alabama's lost all over and on Saturday. But there's not much distance between the Buckeyes all -- in Missouri with just one regular season remaining for the three teams. The seminoles are point 995 BCS average makes them a lot for the BCS title game. If they beat duke in the ACC championship. Ohio State owns a 950 average Auburn -- point 93 Alabama is point 854. And Missouri's next that point 843. Tonight the scenes battle the Seahawks in Seattle will bring you -- war coverage starting at three. Kickoff is at 740. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. I think too cute Dave Allen Steve -- with you on your radio on Monday morning when the saints are in Seattle -- went up there Saturday night. Yes definitely 48 hours that there is getting acclimated to the weather and the different times -- yes we sew the -- do that with the New England trip and also which Chicago worked out for water that's gaga and yeah I -- Lieberman all getting accustomed to the weather in the time -- up there -- -- very interestingly pointing out. While the Seahawks are ten and one if you look at who they've played right they beat Carolina -- when Carolina was back. Right they start to see -- that was the first game of the season they beat the 49ers early in the season but since then they've really -- anybody took them overtime to beat the Houston Texans. Which is a bad team it took them overtime to beat Tampa Bay Buccaneers another ad team. But the truth of the matter is the while maybe they have played any good teams since the first two games of the season they are still -- one they are still. Undefeated in the past thirteen games in Seattle right and the saints have historically had trouble beating the Seahawks in Seattle. Vegas think the Seahawks are four and a half point favorite what do you think. I have faith in the saints' defense in this one and I think they're going to be the difference maker got a fifth ranked unit in the NFL right now. A lot of people seem to overlook that would -- so we talk about the offense so much and I just think Seattle's offensively inconsistent. We'll end up having the saints winning this 126 which warning. 16 that went relatively high scoring despite the rain that's predicted in the cold weather -- Actually both teams will be able to run the ball -- have been able to do so. The last couple games. And Seattle with Marshawn Lynch will be able to get bears but in the NFC the states taken this one home. The defense somehow corrales. Land that too much -- And the saints running game. Shows if things get help healthy dose of PT Ingram and Sproles in the saints' run to victory. And I like and I love and I want some more of an apple you're right thank you Steve Geller what do you think -- -- -- toll free 86688970. Protect -- -- 87870. You to forecast. And the future forecast. High temperatures today will climb to about 71 degrees who call the skies partly cloudy LLC a 20% chance for maybe eight spotty shower in the afternoon. All right keep your eye out for some patchy dense fog lows will drop to 57 on the North Shore near 61 south of the lake. Tomorrow 77 degrees becoming even warmer for the middle of the week by Wednesday highs in the upper seventies from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist. Here. -- ranked 56 in -- 55. On the West Bank on the North Shore 49 degrees -- -- 878 Denny's is Dave I always make for good luck before -- saints game. The games I don't if they lose. Well but I hope you -- all they did they made a point in time wants blueberry and pumped you know same. I like blueberry pile pumpkin and I think I want to. According to beat Florida -- Tommy Tucker isn't for the next four hours upon your prediction on for the battle in Seattle. And take some numbing I say is going to affect the outcome of the game -- saints as sound asleep in Seattle but today in this. Between cold weather between that. Home field advantage for the Seahawks I'd be giving you gotta be Salinas a year less than concern the Seahawks have. Couple injured defensive backfield defenders one episode -- it they're -- out again. -- -- may have a big day so they get played flawless game right Tommy thanks everybody ghost saying.

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