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12-2 6:15am Tommy, Saints/Seahawks

Dec 2, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints game against Seattle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well good morning. Get ready for the -- between this -- -- again tonight. And anticipated -- heat moon lit night playing and signed my -- for these many many years. Link detailing it might look at the saints have to do to win tonight. I've always wanted to do one of those so sorry had to be part of that. Tell me we seriously -- first -- good morning and tell me what the saints have to do to win and. -- well. That that's priority. And I I think that when you look at Seattle Seahawks football being called the runner would demolish your kids after initial contact -- -- -- -- -- All of the receiver would doubles yours an actor carriage is Golden Tate. Will leave -- Seattle. I think its quality. Russell Wilson the guy that's gonna make some plays with his feet. So you wanna try to cook it in the pocket so to speak so alike what should be done and then they'll. All of a week ago. And I think it can. That's you've got to be able to tackle well put Seattle -- not -- Jimmy Graham Darren Sproles or attack or certainly eternal rest. It's always a big. Keep in every football game but and Adam Weber conviction. Which you build -- I think that that's certainly going to be a huge huge -- the year and with respect in order -- Alternatively be principally due to keep battle at all really well. Don't want the special teams -- game patterns that huge. Q to close. Of the Seahawks who the last say two -- this special teams in the return game to game. Has been truly was extremely good. Mike is Seattle is without their two starting cornerbacks is that right these guys were word certain game. Won't bring them around once you've heard that you would have been suspended anyway. And did now on retirement all that common. Has been and suspended -- games called violating the substance abuse so well and so they have Richard chairman. Well it's considered the best cover corner back in pro football they're -- ones wondering. This Pete Carroll's nick Kimball and Jimmy Graham similar to what you would it would it would keep the lead. In their football game great matchup in -- on the -- recently -- Indian pro football -- -- so they got a good football being. But I -- of the honestly it. On other than Islam movement got a little bit of gambling here we win thirteen games general -- Potentially. That street terms -- in and you start to see you Tokyo. When you look at out Seattle has won the last few games at all against teams like Tampa -- That's and telltale signs yet this football team basics to go down. Michael like the way you're talking negative texas' wish your faith about the saints on and I have faith but like you just that I try to separate my heart. From my mind with my wallet might make him -- if I had to bet this game. With with my money where no where in fact what I put it -- we'll come back we'll talk about the importance of this game in terms of you know we had a guy Barry -- and AP writer last week that says this was the game to determine who goes of the Super Bowl from the NFC Agassi. He thought the saints being born in Carolina which. I don't know about that that's to be a tough challenge see woody went eight in a -- that as of now. Yeah up yet so tournament that we come back in if you have any questions for Mike. 26018782038668890. Late Saturday Tommy Tucker with a sixteen when he one -- -- and head back to. Traffic and that was gonna terror problems Tommy Tucker six when he time talking about the battle in Seattle tonight -- to take -- our guest. Randomized double W. -- NFL and college football analyst Mike before we get tipped. The importance of this game and as it plays out over the rest of the season went -- often had to say last week. -- in the weather forecast for Seattle it's calling for a ninety. Percent chance no 50% chance of showers beg your pardon but then when you look at it. Overtime line. That chance for showers goes up does some 90%. By tonight what how how is Drew Brees and the rest of the saints -- -- -- can handle. -- cold weather hostile crowds and traditionally how have they handled that. Well he when you look at it dependent effects of quarterback more than anything is win -- thing book and I don't think it's going to be in the game. If anything effects. Our task now feel -- win a lot of mountains gold belt ticket to get to this human need a lot of the tools available. The wet web -- -- of the running back receivers. After the catch ball security soul. All those elements to keep an -- it could not win the game which is not supposed to. I don't think it's come out -- reason at all now this football team has always been labeled you know I don't set the limit its -- -- adults since. Fine on the -- it may 25. The call. -- -- record. Is one. On the cell. Record in -- -- and I call on booking added that for years those recoil. Well on the -- They gave -- 36 points that separate just go 41 the Seattle 39 there. Big differences equipment -- points in those three games the -- it. Did the prince and was not real good. This year you've got a really good and it's better than any year essential -- that. So I think people looking back -- old cyclical not in the web and trying to compare. And can do. But also look at the crowds. And that is the big group took football team this war thirty -- points in the game that -- And so I think. The big difference between this news and those other three idol know that this team's offense is as good as it wasn't known -- -- Because you've been to so much that -- or a really good don't see. Would get a very good road team and underpaid and certainly one. Second best road record in the NFL simple own Bill Belichick has done that. Up about let go outside. -- aren't always content you'll the second best record and a -- Independently. Mike I got a Texans. From somebody brought up of the last Seattle game and I'd forgotten as if you and I know what the composition is of -- of our guys were there for the Seattle playoff game and how many of their guys were there but. 030. Up from Seattle's -- while. All not that much damage. And watch all that you wouldn't be -- one -- oh really what the ignite. But I mean that's what you look at that here is that they're when you're this is a tribute -- -- now people commonly legal. Well the reason I mention that is if you think about it I think Rita Benson LeBlanc was getting ready to play running back toward the end of the game one cheek as we had nobody else. There and that they would seven running back that year and twenty you know reasons of course there. Floored that he alone. Remember. Following spring to get market. I really think that that was the big Fijian has so -- went. Down injury but. Would you look at that streak and look I don't know everything else and condition. This has -- perfect setup -- gambling. You Wednesday. Things -- in Seattle. What you gotta watch that. Because thirteen games winning Indian well has a long time in -- -- actually somewhat sketchy and so bored -- as good. Right now basically Seattle and you'll are big -- football. Only look at that stretch of weaknesses across the board it is they did. It yet a couple of minutes when we come back just wanna ask you quickly about. How important is this game in terms of what plays out for the rest. Of the season you a couple of more minutes sure thank you 960187. Neitzel 3866889087. If you have a question. Or come and a pretty jaguar opinion poll who's gonna win the battle in Seattle. 60% of your saints saints but 40% of viewers ANC Seahawks and the other question I have for Mike is if you are betting man or lady. The -- the saints and win by four and a half or not is all hypothetical right now time for -- WL first news which is not. Hypothetical so actually it's. Tommy Tucker is 640 time quarter till seven talking about tonight's battle in Seattle here and crescent city of blanket of clouds over the -- area right now 2% chance for showers highs of 71 today. And Seattle I'm getting conflicting forecasts might retaliate who -- seven appeals and a calico college football analyst now they're saying. Any chance for precipitation but wins too -- to morning five. And that's not good. By impressionable. That. You may have a shot that that. Now -- though you would have passed in the wind would not be as bad so the wind is the biggest element. In throwing the football and in effect the football we we saw. And the last toward the plane and in New York with the win it would that football spoke. I'm just saying that until watching the football game because liberating -- the quarterback it is there a way to win. On the in terms of something like that advantage Seattle Lori -- heard. We got the is that. Play in one and you know and and Eric seemed at and lies but warned that letting -- -- which then -- this. The -- I think it repeated night. It would look at certain games Seattle has played. The -- -- almost 200 yards on them -- -- -- and Bill Russell 440 York might change was a back -- running back in Tampa well 130 York. Against Seattle. For the copes. In big game in which the coach who aren't good football teams are all 100 yards so. It is an honorable to the saints can get away from but it is -- a windy day. Back it is kind of -- and it -- Seattle where -- -- in that environment -- war ones have got a active quarterback. But toward been -- in coal. Knights of the saints trying to get there I attempt to win tonight. There nine into Carolinas already gotten their ninth when they won the last state in a row Barry Elson. And AP writer tells last week he thought this game between the saints and Seattle would decide. Who went to the Super Bowl. For the NFC because he was looking down the line instead lever has a home field advantage. Throughout the playoffs gonna win and of course saints. Neck and -- -- Seattle right now for that home field advantage so you tell me Lou would what do you think the importance of tonight's game has. Well. I agree with Barry's. Whoever gets home field advantage that huge huge advantage -- -- -- But this game a piece of the puzzle. Is it you don't think that well we beat Seattle -- to -- out elements out like against Carolina in saint. That everything gonna be great. No it's a big piece of the puzzle in a member. At that conference. Wins and losses was a big port is that a heartbreaker. Seattle's one law that could coax. So despite that -- two losses have been AFC teams so it's it's a big piece of the puzzle but it's not the final piece. Not the final. Item when it I'm sorry wafers of the guy's name was Barry -- not burial on -- that from. Carolina. When he rolled them they'd lost the cardinals in the opener in and beat the vikings rams. Buccaneers falcons. -- now and I'm very close game against 49ers and the nine very close game against the patriots when he of 2420. I'm very close game against dolphins when he was sixteen and yes they blow Buccaneers -- I guess in terms of strength of schedule. It is and it matters elbow happens on Sunday and there. It's not applicable when you lay it all that stop me is meaningless. -- that you played an opponent this and I get the campus full credit they're the dark secrets and you know well the biggest. The thing happening at a tonight in the thick enough to wake about the world. Think that Drew Brees and the bottom line is you know in the contest. Drew has been the difference maker. Across the board and I think that is why then I I think -- -- -- Seattle's thirteen game home record streak. On that note we ended Mike thank you it's always -- to be on with Angelo later on this afternoon and we -- ignore it. I really do appreciate your time Mike had a great day.