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WWL>Topics>>12-2 7:15am Tommy, what bowl for LSU?

12-2 7:15am Tommy, what bowl for LSU?

Dec 2, 2013|

Tommy talks to Jerry Palm, the BCS expert for CBSSports.com, about what bowl game the Tigers may go to

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy -- is 717. Talking about the BCS bowl picture now after that. Stunning end to the Iron Bowl Auburn and Alabama new BCS standings Florida State atop the football world for the first time since 2000. Followed by Ohio State Auburn Alabama and Missouri and of course Auburn in Missouri will play in the SEC championship game. This week and -- on joins us right now he's a friend of ours he's a BCS. Expert was obvious which account morning Gerri. Are you pretty good. Your you're thoughts of the weekend's action and the rankings of the teams that -- for a. Yeah a one that he. What a remarkable. Iron Bowl purple. That the Auburn scored two touchdowns in what thirty seconds in the game -- Took -- meeting. You know album bite you went second clock the leaky well that's true and what they were. It was the that was the biggest waste of the second since my -- And I said. This is it because I couldn't find the room key that -- -- up and everybody understands. I'll -- now you've got a court order that it stop. And what are you don't know the last two preteens and and -- -- Auburn the glory winner it opened a one -- to speak Arabic and wait for the title. And it really simple -- that you know -- -- sweeteners and and -- very open our corporate content. No way Auburn gets in the title game because alliances and seeded. Yes but yet that's right Auburn will not apple updated they were going to look at the weekend that. It's you know the -- respect and be eaten major copper agreed -- which is real art it -- to do and and don't dribble -- -- in in you know I'll update it more difficult opponent at a. Omniscient and say this weekend and that chance of them stumbling a faltering. Oh yeah it should state capable of winning that game the other eleven and one that got one that eaten in the country did not -- that country. They are capable of winning that game I don't I I'd like I don't speak because the reduced to speak up and. What have a harder time score you're at Iowa State in the other way around it up and the it -- it then there's that that but so that it oh update released. -- Florida's state plays duke in than Agassi CC championship. As soon wouldn't think there's a lot of chancellor state I believe. Or. Wind -- -- let's get to -- issue now on. -- nice victory over from Arkansas on -- bought. -- guard -- and and maybe we you know and at quarterback next year I don't know we'll see how it turns out that. Tell me where -- issue is projected to go now and as it stands in terms of bull in on New Year's weekend. What he met Pete and that would be Cotton Bowl. -- -- -- usually get the applicable western keen competition that and they hit them. On the floor. But made it. And it might be his last -- even though they were last year cotton mill protect the program. But I did not -- it and not that. A blood it's that sentiment -- -- by Johnny football and and and are in the pros that -- Richard sophomore -- is Richard sophomore season -- Yeah right he's. He should you would be part of removed from article that he -- -- all authority. Tell me about it. If for whatever reason. Some ideals. Loses would that affect -- issue on. Anyway. Point I don't think at that point or anything can happen you know we're talking about it. People in order. Unless the Cotton Bowl and -- end up with a little party and I don't in double that was convicted Jeter. On -- he looked to be either cotton or go to -- -- NN that -- digitally game now in Atlanta. Analysts you plan maybe dealers and accountable is that the Leland and yet and yeah. You eat well I don't I -- Florida State BCS national championship that's the way it works out. In Ohio State run with lower Tuesday. While yet again. Don't port it would be a net gain I would get a touchdown. Lead you to get partake. But Florida usable by religion defense you might not know what mission of the people be -- or. Around the little quick -- all that great quarterback Brett Miller would be a bit. Three weeks early in the heat and -- with the global certainly going to win the trophy. All right I got a relatively easy to like that don't support it a little bit better at certain pin. All that at eight Puerto beat out the channel of regular -- People not to. Gerri appreciate your time first time since 2005. You're looking at a title game without an SEC teams I guess we -- operator Rhonda. Yes and Netanyahu -- it did in 2004 Auburn with lower than -- with a team that -- out in all actually you know what does your net debt with US he would get well. Put your -- and what your -- happened on the. Thank you Gerri appreciate -- time Jerry palm BCS expert for CBS sports that common remember when you answer that extra second it might be sorry. I had a good day.

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