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WWL>Topics>>12-2 7:45am Tommy, what grade do you give LSU?

12-2 7:45am Tommy, what grade do you give LSU?

Dec 2, 2013|

Tommy talks to Mike Scarborough, the Editor & Publisher of Tigerbait.com, about LSU's win over Arkansas and the season as a whole

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about real issue football's ain't Seattle tonight we'll talk about Cyber Monday you know it'd be it. Audience texted says he can you imagine if less miles had done the same things is knicks game and at the end of the game people would want it and images and loans and and then it continues innings over -- met numbered in the bowl game. I think you have to look at com rewarding loyalty I think you have to look at. What you accomplish in double game and how it relates to recruiting and I don't know -- if litany and Utley went out our joys. And sorrows editor and publisher. EBay account -- might. What is the latest on magnet burdens need do we know. Didn't get up and diagnosis and prognosis about it at. The emotional dimension. So you know you got this and threw bricks QB -- -- looking forward to agree in the NFL maybe Elena. Do anything to jeopardize the knee again we don't know how. Badly it's injured. And yet this guy comes in the -- Anthony Jennings and it looks fearless. When he takes over in in a tough situation and it's you know -- the cliche about eyed kid. I'm done and good when the game fours I'll be darned if he didn't so. Tell us about Anthony Jennings why he went into the game and at the other LA she quarterbacks and looking ahead to next year if you can talk about the bowl game as well. That would have been imagining those -- and don't want to -- the the conference championship race. Wouldn't even. And start -- ordination and talking about the quarterback situation in the outfield positions and she is gonna. That question marks that that that was what couldn't -- get the -- -- not. And himself from -- Osama respondents on mental. Problems would. Be different and that the would build. That question -- and Friday with -- -- can I considered absolutely fearless. And you know. -- and so it's in the ocean that again and that damage -- -- about twelve points and and not forget just how bad consultant who wasn't the question should have been should have been a position to begin with that. To the kingdom. A true freshmen and redshirt freshman wide receiver and tremendous attitude question that about. So does that portend for the future and union. The bowl games can play I mean it's tough thing in college sports you always have to be welcoming hand. Yet the look of how it affects recruiting and the young guys you know after. -- any scrutiny by leaders solved that for -- Neither of the -- You know that this is still that the 2013. And the -- Yeah. Did you ever have. Packages for the project and lenient than cheers. The men had to be part of the Middle East peace and it. Also wanted to get some ground as. Some more -- from Africa second spring practice. So many of these have additional vehicles trojans. I had them but didn't began. -- opinion and reconcile. You know he -- start. What grade do you give an -- issue N and less smile as you put him together given different grades. My that -- look -- -- -- back predicted pre season and that's the most. Six and it goes to perform and actions in the beginning in the business that was and that. It was a dangerous football game but it didn't benefit of the Princeton. And I mean it is -- -- finished. What was most people but mostly. And three in the -- and so. 93 and a Cotton Bowl which looks likely to meet its. With everything the -- dropped rations. And the important that was to. You know when -- is that. Receivers. Possibly build defensive tackles. -- digital. You know. Still remember a lot of question marks. And so it's going to be at the -- -- And give -- the -- and it's a big question -- for next season -- With religion and you know that -- -- just epidemiology and didn't get. And quarterback competition -- destroying a between him in any given a true freshman quarterback compartment and yes. Palm did did -- the only team to beat Auburn this season so far does that. Offset maybe Georgia or old minister I don't think there's -- with Alabama but did it under people just so he's remember the losses. Look at that happened just. You know just police. I think as a popular. -- -- would be a nice game. Back then people started to grumble about. You know it is it is you know how. Is it going to be before -- backed Internet EC championship. And that and that -- the we have had sent a message board. You know what you would just. Except in the bridesmaids status to Alabama. And saying that they say that nobody's beaten him. And -- advantage it -- going to be from now on. The would have been saying that that's unacceptable and that the Bear Bryant and the Clinton situation all over again. Tell me about tiger bait -- count. GAAP fully loaded question of sports website covering football basketball. And recruiting was too -- to get the good news this morning at 10 o'clock on our student Jones. But never in his decision themselves -- about and so. Stuff that happened this week. Thank you Mike I appreciate your time. I think you.

When it comes to how to fix Louisiana's budget shortfall, do you trust John Bel Edwards or John Kennedy more?
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