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12-2 8:15am Tommy, Cyber Monday

Dec 2, 2013|

Tommy talks to Herb Weisbaum, the Consumer Man, an Emmy-award winning reporter who covers the consumer beat for NBCNews.com, about Cyber Monday tips

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

816 Tommy Tucker glad you had a -- this. Beat Seattle Monday morning it's. About 55 degrees right now highs should be in the lower seventies with a 20% chance for showers and looking ahead. We talk in mid to upper seventies for highs all the way through Friday and on Saturday and another cold front should come through in the highs generally going to be. Around sixty years ago. Herb lies on joins us right now friend of -- the consumer man he's an Emmy award winning reporter he covers a consumer beat for NBC news that come. A reality stories that is website consumer man dot com morning terabyte Dylan. Good morning I'm sorry what what they say what Monday. It is beat. The Seahawks Monday nine yards had a seed may feel a little differently. Good here it's going to be here if the think you're gonna go back to go home for the last month but it and a lot of different day every place you -- Now it. It's also Cyber Monday you'll get that second but we we've been hearing conflicting reports. But the weather tonight and you are in Seattle that houses it's supposed to be tonight game time Ian. Whether it -- outside. But other talking about cold cold snap a prominent from Canada writes my hands you expecting like later on. We added that they do -- artificial light at the stadium -- -- And which could have Mike Gilbert you guys that you practiced indoors. And that we're used to the cold and the rain and it's forty now -- -- target and go down into the yeah. Mid thirties or so -- in times -- sites that might be factored in the advocate. I'm here in a couple of drunken debts and drown out the entire twelve -- left to see how it goes. I tell you I would want for the other record tonight it's like this this level and. Tell me about Cyber Monday and I guess first thing -- oppose the Black Friday she can't get beat up bright. Let you know when no one can race and pushing aside make it to the taser. While you're shopping online. Question a lot of people wondering is is Cyber Monday a thing of the past that's -- eight years old. This year was started back when economist at high speed Internet access at all. So if it was to -- people could shop while they were that would work. And the whole idea of Cyber Monday started but no it's still around and they expected to be the biggest one ever could. Hit two billion dollars in sales today -- would make it the biggest online shopping day in the history of the Internet. But it's still nowhere near compared to what we spend it retails stores and -- stood still -- not limited to today there's going to be a lot more sales. Both at the store at all line after today but they're going to be some great deals that people confront as well they're careful and and and look in. Take -- time to think about it. Before we get -- deals and what you need to watch for and be aware of homicides are certain things that. You've research shows people will buy -- on line certain things they want. Electronics are huge draw a line that seems to the big thing a lot of people are focusing -- I think people cradle by any take on line. The question comes what you're gonna save money if they're shipping involved and of course what that's what the big things to look forty shop online but meet people order of fifty inch. Sixty inch TV screens online have shipped to their house so I don't think there's anything they they won't buy that -- Nearly consumer a -- her would you buy shoes online. Really don't know retailer who guarantees they take it back to pay the shipping department that. -- set bad examples are going to someplace. And I don't what -- I know exactly went sighs you know the brands agenda by so that was a good -- deal from re chilling new entrusted -- -- probably would. And I always got to try I'm on the outing is thing now -- is having to do that. Cumbersome send back -- shipping back procedure unless they and it -- leave it on your porch you know pick it up how many companies do that. I don't know about legal support but a number of them do pay for the shipping to return -- that's of course that somebody think about before you. By the second line is how could you possibly return at some you know won't let you return to the store so it will help pay the shipping somewhat. So that's one of the factors you really think about before you buy some. All right so for people going online today for Cyber Monday what do they have to to watch how did they not they really get in a great deal and how do you make sure you know again ripped off. Wolf -- everything on sale on everything McDonald's sales by Monday it even this built our president aren't necessarily the best prices they're just like. Black Friday prices are not necessarily the black prices that said before it's important for your audience -- know that you're buying toys. In specific. A forced them to go on sale the week or so before Christmas so. There may be more sales. Occur as we come -- to Christmas time for towards the may not be the best prices on line right now. So that's something to think about and TVs if you -- big name. Brand name TV. You'll probably find your best field on those after the first of the year as we head towards the Super Bowl so of course you have to put the triggers a particularly. Big question is don't assume that it's free shipping looks for free shipping it could be very very important for you. And if if that's important you should check. The -- free shipping dot org. See if it's available for free shipping and also with that not maybe it's a -- free shipping day which is December the eighteenth. A lot of retailers -- appreciative select the last chance. But forced him to come down the chimney -- replace it checked out about that it's free shipping double work coupons. So it's fortunate for coupons. There will be coupons on top of these bills. And just be careful when you shop bad guys are really. We're going on line right now publicist I think are important indeed he needs to. This web site is set up bogus -- -- about emails that are are booby trapped with the kind of malicious software that can do nasty things to your computer. So before you click he'd just have to stop and think. Especially -- personal information is involved giving her credit card numbers. That kind of thing and I guess at least in my final trip if you're gonna shop on line I strongly urge you please do not use your debit card. Only future credit card shop on line because you have. Guaranteed federal anti fraud protections which your credit card the do not have would your debit card -- say that the guarantee. Particularly that no boxed but the the -- protection. Once you do that one diabetic -- won its credit using the banks money I want to have the bank's money on line now by checking account online at any fraud isn't well. That is some great advisor before we let you go are there. Specific categories to which people can look today where they really are gonna get some great deals. I think it could be. -- -- across the board is going to be clothing it's going to be attacked. All sorts of things are going to be on Cyber Monday that the big -- big hoopla just remember. Look for the deals make sure scooted don't get taken by the the percentage off -- -- but there are people talking Black Friday are quite good as they got 60% -- its not a percent off he got its what's -- please keep it. Look at it could be 60% inflated retail put it to me it's not like what -- -- could take is that a good price the web mr. -- use comparison sites. Like Google and adamant opponents supporters to make sure you're getting a good place that anybody got a good deal. Herb does is on my business but do you drink beer. Do I drink yet. Yes we don't really big homer of micro -- secure the northwest on a keynote apple board now big wind it would big micro -- It is a little -- umbrellas as you can be Ryan and -- and have a great day thank -- -- probably.

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