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12-2 9:10am Tommy, the Battle in Seattle

Dec 2, 2013|

Tommy talks to Tim Booth, a sports writer for the Associated Press who covers the Seahawks, about the Saints game against the Seahawks

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Him with humans and sports -- -- the Associated Press covers this Seattle Seahawks mourning him. Are you could have used a lot of time measuring quarterbacks unions lately. No I am I I have an -- I don't -- dirty punch it again I don't know where only. Comes from it and people been assessment and tell me about the Seattle Seahawks and and now. What kind of season and had winners ranks what are their weaknesses. Well I mean it and it's been a pretty special into the apartment and have never been one and in franchise history. Called -- noted that a couple of you know they have a more earlier he and and it was going to be about what the law but they. It kind of they they handled really talked call it kind of start the and it became commonplace separate Cisco in the back backward in Houston and Indianapolis never bought what they got through that wave. In the it'll kind of he's up for a little bit a kind of kind of what about prop -- survive irked by game 41 in the -- ball. You know I think -- straight -- straight at that point. So -- -- -- you know they've had a couple weeks where they didn't play very well. We thought in the Monday night game against England and let. On the back in October and in the all the equipment were a complete. Per Gergen. Against Tampa Bay almost 21 not welcome back when game and over. You know it's it's routine that. You know Pete Carroll keep saying that they haven't played bat and equitable. Agreed there there's a couple of game they played pretty well. It regionally in Atlanta they looked great I dominated that game then -- came -- and and and beat up. But it did you know that doesn't -- one appointed it it it. It took Obama walked calendar because they think everyone -- that. The kind of the kind of ramifications. That would be accompanied. Accompanying the game. We're going to be there and now we're here now got you know being like home field advantage and and -- spot -- -- -- double what happened. -- tell me about century link field in the twelfth man in the noise levels there about it being a tough place to play. It it is an extremely loud and and I thought I heard a -- on -- that all last night that there's. But the medical arena mean that the fans here they know. They know football pretty well comedy that I'm yet to give them more credit for it there's a lot talk about. See. The structure of the stadium and how was built with over and -- -- out. Thelma basically been -- -- thought both groups and then back down on the field about. Potential mixed. All makes the play so well put up quite well I think and you're really more about finding and under any situations and knowing. Knowing the right time to maybe take it up doctor -- but the beat. -- -- but on paper but we're really true these beach and are are really good at. At having three and out power screaming -- ball and over time out. You know clean and that sort out. You know -- -- in your head can really -- that -- -- yeah I think there's been trying to gain in the proper in the coming here at about opera where they -- If you a lot of the a lot of people sort of extra Pol Pot in the -- out of the game. Call -- I think you go to -- that you can attribute a little bit you. Com the -- are all playing look and that cacophony of noise so to speak. And just yelling. From start and much. Com and -- I mean they're always jacked up on caffeine -- a lot to do with it doesn't it. -- me when he went -- and we have a copy shop around here you know you get economic and Bart -- -- somewhere around downtown. Is there any truth or fact about the stadium being designed so it can be -- withhold more noises such as the men. Now it it did in their -- is that there in the back there with. The way that good over the boat kind of root for cover. The -- that that. Or crop the Spielberg -- You know covered that believe -- about 50% the and yet there has there ever coached to where they're kind of an angle to it to where. It was somewhat in line with -- idea trying to track noise and they want an open air stadium but the 01 bit. They want to cover of the book and couldn't you know -- every element. And end it the way it was designed with such that that noise just kinda gets propped up Kurt you know it within the confines of the stadium though. That there that there in the culture and out of the designers should be made the stadium were buried. For very clever how they and how they did how they were able that people -- all the all the loud noise and by. Let's look at the blackboard and talk football and not architecture what is Seattle have to do to win tonight when the saints have to do to win and I. I think they -- premier but the bigger thing is going to be whether you know able to run the ball down. Yet he -- needed to and I don't think the played better against the run and we recently com. I think that one of the biggest key to whether he'll be able to get my college on and get the running game on. I think -- because Seattle on a couple of guys and secondary. Com I think there's -- genuine concern -- out that they don't want the -- become. Kind of shoot out and they don't want to give. The paint ball and too many pressure I think you know really want trying to all the -- can't control -- A bit of -- perfect situation would beat out. About a 1210 to twelve play drive they eat out. You know the seven minute -- all you interpret on the sideline spectator allowed a bit ago. They I think in the paint -- -- kind of been protecting or route because. You know I got in Seattle down a couple of guys in secondary and you're you're out in back up the try and and and can hold up. And not and cannot be. I think go to the jury watch what else can run them whether they can protect -- get that aren't. The pick apart the -- and they'll feel. Oh we've heard is going to be windy maybe not so windy cold maybe not so coldly what you hear about the weather tonight does that give. An advantage to either one. I was watching the weather forecast. Great report came on and and what the call for now it. In about thirty and I'd be pretty big kick off. And there will be a band of weather of -- come -- but -- around. Between toward the aux and a chance of rain and know that and it so. They're injured they're in there are certainly the weather up and tell I get I get the call for media chat moderator note the early game but it vote. But the weapon and then as the night goes on yet is going to be -- anymore not. At what the global war or were not for about thirty or agreed throughout the week. Did did you mention wins Tim or was there any mention. A lot. A lot. There Dirk talk about white and they're not popular -- anything significant. Are like 25 pretty -- because. And you're more of a cold and the potential. Range now that technical term for sport in anything human and food that you know. Not that it is going to be adding Nabil a great night out there might be a topic on a bigger vehicle. Did that a lot -- because would -- be that -- at the Belmont with into the might even bigger. Regular season game that England got in. Media created it it if you'd gain appear at a paper out and out of the year. That that matches that -- the deal on a walk via. Thank you Tim appreciate your time now have a great game in and don't be too disappointed. --

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