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12-2 10:35am Scoot, Saints vs. Sehawks

Dec 2, 2013|

Saints Sideline Reporter, Kristian Garic, live from Seattle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning studio for garlic today and all this week hoping -- a great Thanksgiving Day you know albeit -- Thanksgiving weekend -- still I've Turkey in my refrigerator and perhaps you do -- well. You know I knew this is going to be an exciting Monday and it's it's always good to have something to look forward to on the Monday after along holiday weekend. It's Monday Night Football the saints and the Seahawks in Seattle. You know it's really interesting to me count the seats in the Seahawks. Have become such a heated rivalry. Of these cities or even the same region over 2100 miles separate Seattle and in New Orleans and in many ways the cities -- total. Polar opposites of each other but yet because. The Seahawks eliminated -- in the playoffs a few years ago. This is really developing into quite. A rival Kristian -- six sideline reporter co host of double coverage on the new three WL towards -- -- from -- Christian good morning. You'll wanna exclude -- I'm good so what is your sense of being in in Seattle into the system as city that is. You know known for its diversity it's beautiful pristine very clean city but yet the Seahawks fans are -- Aaliyah and there -- have reason to be so mean they've got team with the best record in the NFL. Really good quarterback. Heck of a defense and I -- running back they've got. And all all reasonably confident their football team and looks like this year. After coming up short last year in the post season that this might be. A year they can make -- -- back accessible there would there not so long ago against Pittsburgh Steelers but for the most part. And you know the rivalry I think stem from the fact that he hit an element and in 2010. 2011 and January. A follow that eleventh following the point in season. You know assays were eliminated by and then. Below 500 playoff team Seattle Seahawks and eliminated and in a pretty embarrassing. Fashion. Which is really interesting how this has become a rivalry and it's not. It's not geographical proximity that creates a great rivalry it's its proximity in. In the rankings in the NFL. Yeah I mean look when you look at because the rivalry. It's -- -- because the fact that. He got two really good teams here and I've been communities for last few years certainly the world -- -- -- -- it longer than. Seattle from a recent history here but in Seattle. Before Pete Carroll's arrival and then the Super Bowl losses dealers. And good runs early 2000 there as well as well as dominant teams in the NFL and looks like Pete Carroll has gone back to back and got them back that. You know that elite stassen and Russell Wilson. A lot like Drew Brees shortened stature pick in the third round a lot of folks felt like he couldn't do it the NFL level -- -- a year for Drew Brees -- out of Purdue. In the late nineties early two thousands there me and in both them and gotten it done now Drew Brees body work is much larger as the National League. Long ago Russell Wilson is to our sees it sees -- plus now. As there has been nothing short of tremendous and I don't know. About sees fit into the silly tonight but any other day he -- Russell Wilson he can't help of the -- this guy and what he. How he plays the game and how -- lead this football team out here. It's I think it's always important to have a degree of respect to you can respects Russell Wilson and he's a very good quarterback did in. I Cam Newton a lot of people don't like it but you gotta respect display. A Seattle's 113 in a row at home. And they're gonna trying to get fourteen tonight. It's a tough place to play him superdome. Kansas City and arrowhead. It's really -- three tough places I've been obviously the superdome been out here is -- -- I have not been out to -- on it yet. But when house out here and when he -- 111. That crowd rival that of the superdome Imus thing is louder but earlier this year they broke the Guinness. World book of records from allowed us the home they -- It's tough place to play and it's also not just because of -- the way they pack in the stadium it's the way this stadium was constructed. It's kind of steep steep angle and they can't. The sound leads on top -- in a way they set up the visiting team they they hold -- in this tunnel. -- opening crevice in India stadium. Before they introduced some. And it's right in the corner of the stadium where the fans can just absolutely -- -- happen and don't think. That's not done by design to build up that intimidation factor in. But the good news is since 2000 -- -- the saints have had. The other best record on the road from visiting teams. In the NFL so you know that it it traditionally play well they haven't played their best on the road this year but traditionally. They play well. Under Sean Payton away from the super ego. A Christian you'll get the most accurate forecasts being there in Seattle what's the latest did you -- for the game tonight. Yeah -- I heard -- say that -- pretty much run on the money and that's -- -- -- it appears it's going to be in the thirties though chance of maybe some. This person you know snow flurries no accumulations. Expected maybe some rain but the game time temperatures. Low forties. I thirties and it's going to be cold that's for sure we'll see how windy it is idyllic twenty -- 111. In a playoff game. -- I remember being really really windy and really cold so. I think it's that you see today. Yeah this is the time of year when no specific fronts many of them end up here SR cold front city they come into the Pacific northwest and they come in with quite regularity in and it can be very windy and nasty and it's something that obviously Sean Payton is has been prepared foreign and he's a got a coach that gets his team prepared for the elements. Then it's the -- the good thing about this saints team compared to others in the past the reason why I feel much better about this matchup that may -- I -- -- three years ago is because the fact that this defense. Is playing so well. Stopping the run here recently in -- after the passer they're playing much better that the line. Is getting out that the quarterback. Among the league best anytime you have a defense that. Can get after the quarterback and stop the run -- usually translates into road victories you can go on the road -- that kind of defense. And get wins and if there's a saints team are if there's a TV the NFL it's not built or that I would pick. There's only an 82 others that -- pick they'll come in to sit drilling feel in this environment. It snapped at their thirteen game. Winning streak by the Seattle Seahawks. It would be the saints just because of the way they're built the weather played this year. Another methodical on offense they're not taken as big as big shots and getting impatient there dictate what the defense isn't and that defense gives them a chance to win. Christie Garrett will be on the sidelines with the saints and you'll hear him tonight as we cover the saints from Seattle lies here and -- WL is also the co host of double coverage on the 23 W real Christian have a great -- able to hear you tonight. All right who thinks about it I'm screwed for Garland if you to join us for the comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. Texas -- 7870. So you be the football analyst not just the saints fan. -- the analyst talk about the game tonight what do you think is going to be the key to victory and what is your biggest concern about the saints in Seattle against the Seahawks tonight on Monday Night Football.