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Dec 2, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- Monday good morning -- studio for growing this morning and all this week. I knew that coming off this long Thanksgiving holiday weekend. It was going to be exciting because news Monday would not just beer or ordinary Monday sometimes these -- can be difficult after -- holiday weekend but the saints play on Monday Night Football tonight. It's a gaming entire nation is gonna be watching this is. I gained it's not a playoff game but it sure acts like one you'll be talking more about that too on our show. A door doesn't Seattle have one thing in common even though these cities are very very different in many ways that I I spent a couple of the years and here in Seattle. -- from New Orleans and it's still to be back home but these cities have. But one thing really in common and that is he rabid. Fanatical fan base so will be talking about that also Seattle is hoping to set a new record for crowd noise tonight in the game against the saints. They held the record the Kansas City Chiefs fans broke the record. And Seattle wants to win that record back and by the way the this is an outdoor stadium and so is Arrowhead Stadium and in Kansas City. I would like to think that in the Mercedes-Benz superdome we can break the record and we will have a perfect opportunity to do that no matter what happens in Seattle tonight. I think it's time for us right now. To start focusing on the Sunday night game against Carolina Panthers this coming Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Let's set the record and that would that would have to worry about -- because if we're in an indoor stadium we should have the record. Now we think with a lot of stand sports. Apparently. We're not aware loud and you know we might be consistently louder. Over the course of the game than other stadiums but it would be nice to have that record even though that does it nearly need as much is the record on the field. The Seahawks are ten and one saints are nine and two. Saints are in second place behind the Seahawks in the NFC so again the system. This is a very very important game. Is it time now to start talking about the saints. And the playoffs we'll get into that later in the show also -- to 1115 our time. We're gonna take you like to Seattle we're going to be on the air on a radio station in Seattle and they're going to be in the air here in New Orleans and we'll talk about the game with a radio station. And CO is coming out there to about 1115 here on WWL. But the first thing we wanna talk about this morning is an interesting case in. During the George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin's case and to some trial. A talked about this other case in Florida didn't -- stand your ground actually it didn't -- -- stand your ground but. The defense attorneys were trying to invoke the stand your ground law but the judge I didn't allow. It's a case of a woman named Marissa Alexander. And she fired a warning shot. That she said was. Too. To frighten her husband. Who was attacking her. And her kids and as she felt like her life which threatened. But the judge Stewart out instead stand -- ground doesn't apply here. So the question is should the stand your ground law in Florida or anywhere should that also. Include firing a warning shot Dave Newman that George is quite often here -- -- -- you real he has with concealed carry Nolan. And an NRA certified pistol instructor registered with the Louisiana state police state good morning welcome. Good hey this is a really interesting case this woman is now. Is now out on bond she's gonna get a new trial she -- assistance to the mandatory twenty years in prison. At a lot of people thought that she was just trying to protect yourself by firing a warning shot. But I understand that this might be somewhat of a confusing issue -- let me get your take -- Well. The reason why they should be forever stand your ground claim. From what I understand it. She left the house to go to the court to get economy and came back. So that clearly makes it out -- stated your ground situation could stand your ground and retreat security retreated from all to go to the caller. And then she came back with a -- So. I could see why the prosecution mourners say that they improved and chants and she came back with a -- Yet you know she might have wanted to teach him a lesson and and sometimes that happens a teacher analysts invited to scaring him by firing a warning shot. -- that was the really interesting thing about the hold their -- during the trial. I if he if he could've gone to his car should be going to his card that was the big controversies -- Did he have the ability to retreat although stand your ground doesn't require that you retreat. Yeah that's true our. -- the same time. Well I mean. Let me back up just one little -- And Marc -- about overly emphasized that 90% itself sent -- awareness current and before you find yourself in a confrontational situation should be used where mr. -- the situation around you all are. So that you are aware there is an ability to retriever or if there is a gentle right around you so. That you're prepared. For you actually encounters that wreck or that things began to escalate gusting as -- really expects him any kind of confrontational situation so. The more you can prepare yourself even if it doesn't -- And you know what I'm -- you can where it was going on to -- you -- You don't find yourself at a disadvantage. And I are are you personally that without stand your ground. We are requiring people or in in a life threatening situation that has been thrust upon them by someone else to the aggressor. To stop and assess the situation. Which I admit they should probably just earlier on and that's our preacher -- collapsed it. We we're requiring them pull down to a higher standard -- -- as a citizen and the person who's the aggressor. And him were erring on the side of the aggressor and not stop at -- Do stand your ground laws are in you know I've talked about this before or -- -- he would get a sense that's in the minds of some people against people. And a motive to shoot rather than retreat because the law it's my understanding at the stand your ground laws. You or do you always had a right to defend yourself even with lethal force. But you also had the the -- the obligation to retreat if necessary but the stand your ground lost -- Louisiana and Florida and across the country. Remove that requirement to retreat. Does that encourage people to use some of violent force if they don't need to. I don't think it I personally don't I don't think -- balanced. I think it is removes. One part of the equation that. Democrat -- it's got the the ability to retreat is what you read in the -- you after -- whether the use of their records appropriate or not that's that's which remains focused to meet should be. Updated its destructive situation. We're quiet and I used this firearm. Whatever it is I mean there's more than one sell arms and firearms is just one. And and he should be in your focus should be on that one -- up on. The other things around saying -- it two shares. It's retreat with -- option now -- I'm being trucked into the situation. I'll make up the kick my. -- person who's attacking any who is the aggressor and that would put me at a disadvantage. Yeah I don't think of the situation I was in involved in last year in the CBC and there was no opportunity to retreat -- I guess that would have been justified in. Firing. Yet you would and and and -- but let's focus you have on the potential attacker orbiter back. Did the less likely you are to respond in a manner that will save your life that situation that they -- enemy state. Unit that you have to you have to be able to respond quick enough. Either in America which is self defense pact that is even if we take our armed -- the equation just talk about -- taser or something else if -- -- not respecting the situation. Properly what's going on it's forced the threat is concerned not about -- we're talking about just what -- not to respond in a manner that's gonna save yourself. Dave I know we'll be talking about this is this trial comes up on -- Alexandra is going to be there's also there's another case this is in Duvall county -- Jacksonville Florida area. There's another case in Duvall -- involving a man. Who shot and killed a teenager he was getting gassed. And he. Was upset with the loud music and some of the things that were being sent in the car across the Ireland from him fired in the car. And claiming that he saw a gun he's using stand your ground that's going to be an interesting trial that I think may come up before the end of the year. And will be following that as well I'm sure will want we'll be talking to you thanks again for your expertise. -- breakthrough like Dave Newman with concealed carry Nolan and NRA certified. Pistol instructor registered with the Louisiana state police. I'm screwed it for Garland were coming right back with more there's not a sinks jerseys a lot of saints' colors today it's a Monday saints and the Seahawks tonight on Monday Night Football it is a game that will. Perhaps be the highest rated game of the NFL season up to this point for Monday Night Football because the entire nation is gonna watch this game even if you're not a saints -- -- Seahawks fan. This is one of those games that's an NFL fans are gonna watch Seahawks number one. In the Tennessee ten and one saints are number two and 92 and -- -- is right on our rear. And when we started this season Weaver concerned about the falcons especially because of the season they had last year we were concerned about the Tampa Bay box. We -- really that concerned about the Panthers and I believe the Panthers have now won eight. In a row and they looked really good any move to kick off to Sunday night for the prime time national televised game next Sunday night. A kick off time 730. In the Mercedes-Benz superdome. If the saints win tonight you can just imagine. What's gonna happen in a game but even if the saints don't win tonight and I think they would even if the saints don't win tonight. You can just imagine what the -- going to be like in his -- I said earlier. Since the Seahawks fans in an outdoor stadium. Had set the record for the largest crowd ever. And over a hundred -- nine decimals. And then the Kansas City Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium and other outdoor stadium. Broke the record at I think 137. -- hostile to look look at those same exact numbers. They broke the record and set set the new record in in -- Sunday night game against Oakland affect the on on Sunday night game against December Cisco 49ers and the record was broken in Kansas City. On a Sunday nights against. The Oakland Raiders. So the saints would have a perfect opportunity next Sunday nights in a Mercedes-Benz superdome to break. The decimal record for the wildest fans -- like I realized at that record is not nearly. As important the record on the field. But we do pride ourselves. As being a really loud who'd had nation. And I I've been in the dome for every game so far this year and I have just been amazed it is being as loud as it has been. Through and through much of the gain there have not been many times when it has not been an. Just hit it extremely loud. As loud as I've ever heard it in in the dome. So Sunday night we really should just think about this this campaign to set that record and and break the record if it is indeed broken tonight it said. In Seattle and I think they're gonna try to hit a 140 decibels and the last time I remember. A couple of games ago he was really loud in the dome and I saw the meter registering at a 118 decimals. So we have a little ways to go buy it there's no doubt we can do it if you wanna join our show with a comment this morning our number is 260. 1870. -- 38668890. -- seventy. At a text number is a 7870. About 11:15 this morning we're gonna go live to Seattle will be on the year with the Seattle radio station and they'll be on the air here in New Orleans. And they also have a former seahawk player John Moffett who was with the Broncos earlier this year before he he -- I will talk to what those guys at about 1115 we'll talk about the game. On the network is carrying the game is promoting it. By saying it's not a playoff game it just feels like one and a lot of interesting similarities. Between Seattle and New Orleans but in many ways the cities are absolutely opposite of each other. And I don't mean that in a negative way they're just totally. A polar opposites but they do have that one main thing in common. The fans the fans are absolutely wild and you wouldn't really expect that from the the Christine emerald city of of Seattle Washington the will. We'll talk more about debts coming up a little bit later in the show. There are some new information coming out about the fast and furious star Paul Walker who was killed in a car crash over the weekend. I this is the guy from fast and furious he -- him reflective of my -- in the movies that he did this. This underground. A drag racing culture a Universal Pictures is set to release festive period seven a coming to of this July they have announce what they're gonna do. I'm Paul Walker was with the French news. At this fund -- in the community of Valencia about thirty miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. I'm -- left there. The car apparently hit a light pole in a tree and burst into flames. It was a 2005 red Porsche Carrera GT. And we know those cars can go fast now police are saying they believe. The drag racing may have been an issue here and if that's the case. Then this would be another situation where. Art is imitating life instead of life. I know I guess this would be cases of life imitating art as opposed to the other way around and this guy is in this this movie year. About it and driving fast fast and furious. On how ironic it would be if he did indeed. I die as a result of drag racing on street Padilla that's not something that we know for sure yet I've universal again is not announced what it's gonna do about fast and furious seven. But it a tragic story. Nonetheless and it just goes to show you that speed can -- when you drive carefully. Good morning I'm studio for early today and all this week -- -- we had a great Thanksgiving Day and -- -- -- Thanksgiving weekend I'd still have Turkey in my refrigerator and perhaps you do as well. You know I knew this is going to be an exciting Monday and it's it's always good to have something to look forward to on the Monday after a long holiday weekend. Is Monday Night Football the saints and the Seahawks in Seattle. You know it's really interesting to me how the sinks in the Seahawks. Have become such a heated rivalry. Of these cities or even in the same region and over 2100 miles separate Seattle and in New Orleans and in many ways the cities are total. Polar opposites of each other. But yet because. The Seahawks eliminated sinks in the playoffs a few years ago. This is really developing into quite. A rivalry Kristian -- -- sideline reporter co host of double coverage on the new three WO joins us live from Seattle Christian good morning. You'll wanna exclude Arianna I'm good so what is your sense of being in in Seattle -- that this is simply a city that is. You don't known for its diversity it's a beautiful pristine very clean city but yet the Seahawks fans are rabid. -- and there would have reason to be so mean they've got team with the best record in the NFL and really good quarterback. Heck of a defense and I go running back they've got. And all all reasonably confident that football team and looks like this year after coming up short last year the post season that this might be. A year they can make a run back to consume more they were there not so long -- against the Pittsburgh Steelers put for the most part. And you know the rivalry I think stem from the fact that he hit the nail on the head in 2000 in tenth 2011 and January. A follow that eleventh following the point in season. You know assays were eliminated by in. Below 500 playoff -- in his Seattle Seahawks and eliminated and in a pretty embarrassing. Fashion. Which is really interesting how this has become a rivalry and it's not. It's not geographical proximity that creates a great rivalry it's its proximity in. In the rankings in the NFL. Yeah I mean what when you look at because the rivalry. It's a -- because the fact that. You get two really good teams here and have been good tease her last few years and certainly New Orleans -- all of it longer than. Seattle from a recent history here but -- -- Seattle. Before Pete Carroll's arrival and then the Super Bowl losses dealers. And good runs early two thousands there as well as well as dominant teams. In the NFL and looks like Pete Carroll has gone back to back and got them back that. You know that elite status and in Russell Wilson. A lot like Drew Brees shortened stature pick in the third round a lot of folks felt like he couldn't do it the NFL level. Same -- a year hurt for Drew Brees coming out of Purdue. In the late nineties early two thousands there me and in both of them got it done now that Drew Brees body work is much larger has -- -- the league. Long of -- Russell Wilson and is two. Our season season plus now. Has has been nothing short of tremendous and I don't know. About sees -- and even on the silly tonight but any other day if you watch Russell Wilson he can't help of the fan this guy and what he. How he plays the game and how he leads this football team obviously it's. I think it's always important to have a degree of respect to you can respects Russell Wilson adhesive for a good quarterback did -- -- don't have to like him you don't have to want them to win basically -- -- ever say with the a Cam Newton a lot of people don't like it but you gotta respect display. A Seattle's 113 in a row at home. And they're gonna trying to get fourteen tonight. -- it's a tough place the -- superdome. Kansas City and arrowhead. It's really feel three tough places I've been obviously the superdome been out here is Cintron -- I have not been out to Arabic yet. But when outside here in 2010111. That that crowd rivaled that of the superdome I must say it's louder but earlier this year they broke the Guinness. World book of records from allowed us the home they -- It's tough place to play and it's also not just because of the way they attack in the stadium it's the way the stadium was constructed. It's kind of steep steep angle and they can't. The sound just -- on top -- in a way they set up the visiting team they they hold them in this tunnel. His opening crevice in India stadium. Before they introduce some. And it's right in the corner of the stadium where the fans can just absolutely let them hadn't don't think. That's not done by design to build up that intimidation factor in but the good news is since 2000 -- to the saints have had. The other best war record on the road from visiting teams. In the NFL so. You know that is it traditionally play well they haven't played their best on the road this year but traditionally they play well. Under Sean Payton away from the superdome. A Christian you'll get the most accurate forecast being there in Seattle -- a way to see you here for the game tonight. Yeah he -- -- -- say that doozies pretty much run on the money and that's what I'm here it appears it's going to be in the thirties -- a chance of maybe some. -- -- -- some you know snow flurries no accumulation. Expected maybe some rain but game time temperatures. Low forties. I thirties. And it's going to be cold that's for sure we'll see how windy it is idyllic twenty it's 111. In a playoff game and I remember being really really windy and really cold so. I think it's -- GOC today. -- this is the time of year when no specific fronts many of them end up here SR cold front city they come into the Pacific northwest and they come in with quite regularity and end it can be very windy and nasty and it's something that obviously Sean Payton is has been prepared foreign and he's a got a coach that gets his team prepared for the elements. Then it's the scoop the good thing about this saints team compared to others in the past the reason why I feel much better about this match -- that may -- I -- through three years ago is because the fact that this defense. Is playing so well. Stopping the run here recently in giddy after the passer they're playing much better on the among the league best anytime you have a defense that. Can get after the quarterback and stop the run they usually translates into road victories you can go on the road with that kind of defense. And get wins and there's -- saints team are if there's a team in the NFL it's not built or that I would pick. -- only maybe two others that out to Kabila comment. To -- really feel in this environment it snapped at third to thirteen game. Winning streak by the Seattle Seahawks. It would be the saints just because of the way they're built the weather played this year. -- methodical on offense they're not taken as big as big shots and getting impatient their dictator with a defense Hisham and that defense gives them a chance to win. Christie Garrett will be on the sidelines with the saints and you'll hear him tonight as we cover the saints from Seattle lies here and every W -- -- also the co host of double coverage on that do -- -- real Christian have a great day we'll hear you tonight. All right who thinks about where I'm scooter for Garland if you -- join us for the comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 Texas a 7870. So you -- the football analyst not just a saints fan. -- the analyst. Talk about the game tonight what do you think it's gonna be the key to victory and what is your biggest concern about the saints in Seattle against the Seahawks tonight. On Monday Night Football today and all this week we're talking about the saints and the Seahawks in Seattle tonight. This is a new rivalry they're prepared relieved started after the Seahawks unexpectedly knocked the saints out of the playoffs a couple of years ago 20102011. Season. And it was not supposed to happen and it did but since that time the Seahawks have played great football was not a fluke. They're very very good football team well coached. And the saints are playing in Seattle which as you know is a very very difficult place to play not only as far as the elements are concerned. It's gonna be in the thirties tonight with a chance -- missed it may be a few. I'm still flakes mixed in the air that is very typical for new worlds this time of -- for Seattle this time of year. That lived and worked in in both cities development from here and happy to be back here but I I loved him living in Seattle it was a beautiful a beautiful city. One thing that I did notice whoever's there. Is. How. The maniacal attitude. Of the fans. To me seemed to be contrary to this pristine. Clean diverse image of a Seattle and it was something that you know coming from New Orleans and and being there it was. It was interesting to me to. Just to see that the fans were were totally different from the image of the city and I mean they are wild -- a rabbit. Now they're not so they're not wild fans like the raiders stands in terms of of the way they dress up. But they are there -- really do consider themselves to be the twelfth man and indeed they are. If you just joined us I mentioned earlier will. Talk more about the the the decibel level at Seattle is trying to break the record tonight for. The wildest crowd ever by hitting about a 140 decimals. Now earlier this season -- game on a Sunday nights against the 49ers. The Seahawks crowd set the record for the wildest crowd and an NFL game. That was broken on a Sunday night game in Kansas City -- stadium went Kansas City played the Oakland Raiders. So Seattle's gonna try to win that record back tonight. How great would it be if we. Break the record next Sunday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome would Carolina comes to town. Will be talking about that all week and -- I do realize that. -- -- is more important to. Have sustained noise than that peak. But I think a lot of saints fans have always been under the impression that we have a lot of stands in the NFL. And on record we're not so I'd like to have that record even though I realize the record of the field as a lot more report. A from -- would Jimmy -- to be WL a good morning. -- -- It. My brother lives in Portland Oregon that you have -- years. In the big ego. You know what that. Google today it is and they did this in -- thing -- -- -- as soon. It was -- want to -- in Britain and -- want to grow the video. Not Jimi what do you think is going to be the key for the saints tonight. I think the -- -- date certain players. Who have been in use in cable news in any game. There -- convinced you don't. About doberman. And who is a belt. I. By -- his body in years ago period. Yeah I I've I I think that's the case that Tommy Tucker was talking about that before -- I started at 10 o'clock so I don't know about that entire conversation -- Hand size is a very important in the NBA and also in in the NFL. But you know it it it really doesn't matter what hand sized Brees has because he's already proven that he is an incredible quarterback in a very proficient quarterback -- look at the records -- -- really -- matter what sizes -- -- All right Jimmy enjoy the game tonight and I'm glad you called here's a Texan -- State's defense will shut down the run and the saints will win the 28 to 21. I here's a record here's a text that we need to us as we need to protect breeze I he has to be able to stay in the pocket. And whether may have an impact on how successful the passing game is if you wanna join our show this morning our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Texan emperor has a seventy Stephanie who's gonna win the battle in Seattle let's or -- W party general people are good Oregon scoots in from Arlington and -- week. Here's an update on our poll 80% say the saints are gonna win 20% say the Seahawks -- to win it would answer question like that try to be honest and not just via a saints fan. And what do you think is going to be the key to a saints' victory or what are the saints have to do to make sure that the Seahawks don't win this game. When the weather may be a factor in the thirties and misty. And damp and -- it's a possibility of a few snowflakes we may know more about that. A little bit later in the day under two or your text here in just a moment for -- and DeVon your and to be -- -- on good morning. -- morning. Yes -- I was just follow suit saying that as long as yet. And Darren Sproles had heavy news in -- We can do it Marshall went off the field and I don't think they'll be it was opposite to get elected bill. Well you know that would be a key you know -- other teams have strategies to keep Drew Brees in the saints off the field because of their potent offense and that should be one of the strategies of the saints two. Two to maintain ball control and to keep the Seahawks offense off the field. Absolutely and it's -- -- -- and off topic you aware that on defense failed and now. On the right it's going in you can open up apparently. DeVon I'm going to call and I will all be watching tonight if you wanna join our show with a comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. It's -- And a text number is 877. We'll talk more about this this record that the Seahawks fans wanna try to break tonight they had broken the record for the largest crowd to an NFL game earlier this season. And they're trying to set the record again tonight here's a text that reads indoor outdoor stadium records I believer different. I don't believe BR I think Mississippi are correct me if I'm wrong but I believe. I've -- the record -- doesn't matter where it is an indoor stadium or an outdoor stadium and you would think that an indoor stadium which certainly had the advantage. But the two NFL records for the loud as crowds. Where Seattle earlier this year and that record was broken and -- -- stadium another outdoor stadium. By Kansas City Chiefs fans. And both of those games I believe were on Sunday nights and the saints. Have been moved to the Sunday night prime -- game this Sunday night -- Carolina comes to town. And that should be our opportunity to break that record and I hope. A plans are in place to two to promote data will be talking about that -- all this week. Are coming up but in the next half hour we're gonna go live to the radio station KI SW rock. In Seattle will go live with them and they'll be on the alive and us and we'll talk but the game also and this morning we're giving you a chance to be. The the football analyst what do you think is achieved the saints' victory tonight I'm skewed and we'll be right back on WWL.

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