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12-2 11:15am Scoot, BJ SHEA of KISW

Dec 2, 2013|

We were joined from our sister station in Seattle, KISW, co-hosts BJ Shea, Steve Migliore & John Moffitt, Former Seahawks player.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning I'm studio for Garland right now we're gonna take you live to Seattle radio station KI NSW rock for the -- she experienced. Mine right now it's scary. Notice that you -- Good morning. All right. You know if I had an over I really didn't wanna say any but you know it never works and we try to satellite the last time I tried this remember Opie from -- they thought we were trying to sabotage your show because things weren't working that. Those -- John -- here John you know John's here John you're here right yes I'm here I can CEO but it's still could have a problem hearing you -- playing how my life go. All right so still it's on a station called WWL which is a big radio station -- popular station in New Orleans. They did a fantastic job but with the hurts you Hurricane Katrina coverage that they serve that city so well. Arafat there there probably are radio station and our family of stations right there is absolutely on the same company at the saints over there and -- the saints are here and Seattle's what better time to talk now -- -- that really good time to talk dispute now than it was he did. Even be hearing us so it's -- if if you are hearing us. Were at least give you some pretty good programming trouble is you can't get a word in edgewise if you're trying to -- they actually -- when you're making your skin can you guys hear me very there anything. -- -- full part this year. I'm I'm sure they can hear me we could hear them through your mind electric here I don't know -- thing there. You kill me also he's been there the whole time and -- headphones don't hear employee I'm haven't let's -- -- and in him and I can't. But after -- -- This column up and. In my -- will work we'll work this will work is out it would have been great if we -- like that we may have to do a phone call -- the -- Vijay experience on. And Entercom stations Seattle KI SW rock. And also former seahawk John -- is at the studio with a Steve is is among their their staff. These two cities and New Orleans and Seattle really are are opposites in so many many ways but the one thing that we haven't comedy is justice in. Credibly fanatical fan base. And and not in turbulent -- the saints I think saints fans dress up more not like the the Oakland Raiders fans. But like Karen. The -- at fans they do dress up as Seattle might not do that but Seattle is very very loud -- trial was trying to get back with the BJ Shea experience. I don't know what got you you guys doing where geography about technology -- technology to our friends that would decide to go back to the tried and true. But the idea tonight of course a big big game for both teams New Orleans here in Seattle. As to what you don't want and lawmakers of course at WW -- -- huge huge station there you guys of course loving you're saying. What are you guys saying about the Seahawks in this match up little what the opinion of of the the world they've -- all of these TLC. Well the collective opinion is a lot of respect for Russell Wilson a lot of respect for Pete Carroll lot of respect for the team and also a lot of respect for. The twelfth man a lot of respect for playing in that stadium under those conditions. And it's really interesting that these cities are so many miles apart over 2000 miles apart so opposite -- so many many ways. And yet this has suddenly become a very intense rivalry it's because you guys -- -- some of the playoffs a couple of years ago. Yeah that was a fun game for us which at that time we didn't realize heralded pretty much the success that Pete Carroll and his group of Seahawks that we have now. You know it started there -- zombies mode do what he did it at. I yesterday on fox live it was -- many but I guess we do our team -- to the shortest quarterback at least in the -- if not in this the entire NFL. I didn't Drew Brees is a short quarterback he's not Russell was short but not much stock guests. Now he's -- he's not a talk quarterback it quite often you see the balls get to get patted down but you know look these guys have both especially breeze with the with all of his records but both of these quarterbacks it doesn't matter. Earlier today they were talking about hand size that Drew Brees you know none of that matters because they've both proven themselves especially -- all the records and Russell Wilson is one of the premier. Upcoming stars and in the NFL. Not let's talk about how you guys perceive the weather being a factor tonight. Focuses -- this note. Yeah out. You know that's all that that's an interesting thing when you're talking about the fact that -- -- we have John Moffett former seahawk and I I think -- -- audience that John. You know here you are you get to play on the circus that you played on in you know at that that it's actually feel for so long. What does that do to the Seahawks if in fact you know what the snows here we -- -- because we don't play until much either you know as far as the women's world doesn't mean that we yeah. I I don't ago. I don't know how much effect to I think that's such an effective thing heavy rain affected game maybe the passing game and and such I'm emotional response to be. I think it dusting it most -- they're still saying it could be rain in the Seattle area that we may not get the snow. But but this is so is rain a lot a lot worse than snow for a for a dude I was fell again heavy -- Heavy heavy rain. Could be worse you must like that the blizzard like member of the patriots and Oakland yeah ballot that really don't often created yet. Exactly so I actually get that kind of you know I am and New Orleans has played enough -- -- call them -- played enough football -- pros I think. You know it'll -- I don't think the weather got too much effect and I think both teams you know it's funny when it comes to perception it's cute you know you guys obviously had to deal with a lot of the negative perception do you guys after all that crap went down. You know what there's an end and of course now the Seahawks with the suspensions and think that happened with us. It seems like these two teams to the best teams but they do have a black cloud over him a little bit. -- yeah it is something that we really forgotten about although there's still a guy in the in the French Quarter who want weekends and it takes himself for gold that he stands on top of of a box and he's. He's sort of flipping off just in this it is stats US position of a flipping people off and it's signed says -- this Roger Goodell gonna -- something like -- like to get over it you know I mean that's that's that's all right we really have moved on. You know earlier in the season there were a lot of -- fans and even the media America comparing this saints team to the 20092010. Team that won the Super Bowl. And I thought it was way too early for any comparisons but there's something about this team in the way the saints have dealt with. And I injuries to key positions that shows that this is a team especially with the approval of the defense with. Rob Brown Tennessee defensive coordinator. This is a team that really does have been strong character and I think they're gonna beat Seattle tonight but it's it's not going to be an easy game and I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out either way. -- let -- think that they are the same thing with the -- they have a lot of depth because they've had injuries this season but they've always had guys the command. And it's funny how likely do what you did the talk about the saints -- I feel like the same way that folks talk about the hawks here a lot of the professional a lot of people outside of Seattle. It does feel like in -- way they're similar teams what the short quarterback and of course Russell Wilson it seems like a class guy Drew Brees has always seem like a class -- to -- I -- you know and if it does feel like it's a mirror image thing and it is going to be a close game because. You know I I hired I had the opportunity do work in Seattle for two years time I'm from New Orleans on my back home but -- -- love being in Seattle that -- ago a great city. But I I have to tell you that -- V that the city of -- of a Seattle city of New Orleans are so different so many ways that the suburban street I think of -- Capitol Hill I think of I think a pioneer square which can be a little wild at times and built around. But this is so different from New Orleans I'd like to know and I all I noticed this when I was there I'd like to know. Why you guys stink that how does that sound pristine diversity. Fans have become so focused and wild about the Seahawks and so locked. -- know -- about -- -- very very good question and and John you played here. Do you have any insight to what it is that it will what it is about the current batch of Seahawks. Including the teams you've played on -- to resent -- because now we we at one point we couldn't. Even watch our games because they were blacked -- we could get anybody go to the stadium. And now we've got this ridiculousness of of riches of great tandem. Loud and that's what did you have any insight as to why that is I personally think is that tall man phenomenon. I think they retired the Jersey and really like brought the -- them. And really incorporate them and really count on him and I think they've done a great job treatments and well and I think the fans responded that's a very good point because there was a time where they kind of this they -- disenfranchise the Seattle fans and even mention the twelfth man when you know and mandate all the sudden realizing we got to bring that back -- and so they raised the flag. And and then you know Paul Allen has done a great job of saying oh yeah we bring them back into it including this stadium that's designed to make the fans as loud as they possibly can be. And it and I think it was good how about you guys what you guys do to bring the fans back if you will after you know after some negativity that was -- you guys. Well I think it was just the collective resolve of this area you know we we go through so much with with storms and with the flooding not that you guys don't experience in your own. Problems as well every every area has that but there is a collective resolve. And determination in this city and I think that transcends over into. In into the saints fans and and you know that there was a lot of bitterness after. Voted to hold -- gates in a situation a lot of a lot of that you know denial people not wanting to admit that saints could ever do anything wrong and you know you have to admit he's -- and other teams may do -- but so what we got caught but let's move on but that really is in our. That is in our distant past right now and you know when you consider that we have an indoor stadium and I've -- at every game so far this year it has been extremely loud. You know we're a little bothered by the idea that an outdoor stadium might have set the record for the wildest crowd. You guys had set the record I believe on a Sunday night against the 49ers. And then the Kansas City broke it on a Sunday night's against -- believe Oakland. Well we are playing Carolina. This Sunday night that games who knew there was Sunday night game this week so if you guys set the record tonight we got to work on setting allowed his record in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. This coming Sunday. It's kind of a never ending and I you know I was just. Like you should at least give if you want to leave it announced. That it commemorative plaque in Lebanon and instead and so all of in in the making is this something called. Leaders spent dot. But what it's like to get married after the honeymoon annualized with the -- out there. And what can we have a little few years and. -- when you buy it a player's Jersey and and he gets traded. Yeah get beat Italy match that's what that that's why I love the fact we have a twelve man that Turkey will always going to try to learn that. I think -- -- -- you know the -- that you know -- -- there -- -- -- the big -- I -- more excited about the fact that -- media company normally outside of the -- Every experience I I heard somebody in the -- the other -- say while I had no idea this was such a big deal I mean this is when they even bring the high class ladies to town. Yeah we go to break we got ladies here all the time but I said the high -- -- I -- I. Don't I remember -- -- government of the year the cerebral hearing a story about Sean Payton -- talk into the saints in the locker room and they were playing the Miami Dolphins in Miami after -- but the record was but they were really good at that at that time. And the saints -- playing this is the 2009 season they went to the Super Bowl won in 2010. And and which Payton said guys. Remember what this feels like because we are coming back here. And I wonder if Peyton and and maybe even Pete Carroll had that same -- his speech tonight because with the Super Bowl being in New Jersey. And there's a good possibility that the weather's gonna be like this for the Super Bowl this idea of a preview for what the team's gonna effect it may be an inspiration. What's by the ways Q this -- why I think you know the widely the hawks will go to the suitable cause the -- -- like the cerebral into the crappy place Detroit. Like a champion and nice sunny location for people or at least you know or -- war -- for that matter I mean according to go to. I think New York in the winter are really -- Annika. Is that the NFL irritates me sometimes the court that The Beatles like you've said but the cool thing is that debt. -- targeting New Orleans is really really -- like you say it's good the city's cultural life and boy they've bounced back and a great way and and the saints have been a big help that. So it really hard to hate them. And it's also hard hit the -- octopus a lot of quality people on their guys to play the game right and so it's sort of like and they're two good teams you don't wanna see any of them will accept that they do not want my team to. And I really can't say anything bad about Seattle it's -- it's a it's a great city and that the people there are great ended the Seahawks are our team to be respected so this is going to be a I agree matchup tonight in the whole country's gonna be watching guys let's do this if if the if the if the saints win and I'd like you BJ to go -- by his saints T shirt and -- on the show as soon as you get the T shirt and then between got a picture and and post a picture on your FaceBook page. I and you web site and if the Seahawks win on the lot bias Seahawks T shirt and a weird on on my show here in New Orleans well. Tell you what how about a somebody from mark -- does that path that I am and all the negative I didn't want it to be and it. I would put my -- anybody that would. Fanatics dot com look at myself but things aren't all rocket it is not going to out work -- because Steve double the big player in the show. See that's fine there's a -- -- like this somebody does it and and we we all get to see it's somebody's sitting there in the studio. Wearing a -- -- I'll do it all things are okay but what you gotta be -- got to -- -- -- hand grenades. Yeah. This could try to do the NSA -- the -- They'll look like yeah exactly and I'm not I'm not sure Homeland Security would allow that. -- -- commemorative company comment yeah. Yeah I had -- but I think I lost it. Well you know what bothers me is I see people walking nightly downtown suburban streets elect a block away from where I live. I see people walking down the street they're they're drinking one hurricane but they've got. The empty container from the hurricane I mean from the -- -- the hang grenade they just -- so that means they're on their second and oh yeah no good will come of that that that would be immune. Like guys let's let's talk tomorrow about the stock. Our group actually it was appreciated right Vijay thank you an analyst John thanks Steve as well yeah that's. And that's the beechy -- experience with this Steve and former CIA player John Moffett from KI NSW. And Entercom station in Seattle we'll talk to those guys -- tomorrow civil apartment.