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12-2 12:10pm Scoot, SAINTS at SEATTLE!

Dec 2, 2013|

We talk to WHO Dats who are in Seattle for the game.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon -- studio for garlic tonight's saints Seahawks in Seattle Monday Night Football. A game not just the who'd -- nation and Seahawks fans are gonna be watching a game the entire nation is going to be watching in this. Should be -- it's really great ratings and a great conversation with the the morning guys and it's radio station KI SW rock. And Seattle and Entercom station in Seattle the BJ Shea experience is the show and former seahawk John Moffett who was also with the Broncos this year. I was in the studio as well and we we talked about this game that isn't really a playoff game it Justin is acting like a playoff game. If you missed the conversation we had about New Orleans and Seattle the saints and the Seahawks. The latest audio is on our web site two we've got that under podcast on her latest audio. On our website at WWL the economy I would listen to that and share with your friends -- this -- will be talking about how opposites in many ways. New Orleans and Seattle are but the two cities do share one thing in common and that is fans. That are absolutely. Men nightly devoted to their teeth into something that I really didn't expect from a city like Seattle. And did a couple of years and I spent they are on the air I I noticed that these fans reminded be in some ways have. Of saints fans -- Erica Obama Rory is in Seattle she joins us live on WWL -- stand in Seattle Erica welcome to our show. The morning and how many of you guys are there. Well right now and I'm. -- And you went to the game. We're going to game. All right. It the weather IE I hear is nice right now but there's an affront it's supposed to be coming in it's gonna drop temperatures down into the authorities and their might be. A some rain with a little bit of snow mix but no accumulation. Yeah -- implement Smart and thought I'm at a time and we're ready for the temperatures drop at all. Warm here. -- have you gone out to some of those spots around Seattle if you encountered any Seahawks or saints fans. -- -- -- -- And -- -- there's the years he talked and the very nice era that are out there second that he is the night and the and they really liked. -- it interesting how this this rivalry has developed rather quickly and it all started when the Seahawks knocked us out of the playoffs and it was very unexpected a couple of years ago. And they really have -- continued to develop from. From that moment and and it we're not close in terms of our our geographic locations but we're certainly. I've close in the in the rankings in the NFL so this has become really quite a rivalry do you do you sense that. You're correct in an act of and I I hope we I hope we do get it I I do think the saints are gonna win and I didn't. Yesterday read on nfl.com. That they had predicted the saints would be the Seahawks -- 26 to twenty and that. Would be considered an upset. What's your impression of a -- -- But that city great people great that it -- Good guess it really beautiful city if the sun's out you could see Mount -- to the sell the -- have really a beautiful backdrop and also via appeal Olympic mountains to the west. About -- island at -- going down right now that's great mystery for now what what time you actually gonna get to the steadying America. Well -- -- I had pat -- and that the debt and I think we can -- and few hours before game time we're gonna go and is that the thing that we can't we don't it. 88 key Portland my achy achy but -- -- at -- at the plate today. 88 keys outside the stadium. All right. Enjoy it you're gonna run into some fans that are that are going to be crazy they don't dress up like the Oakland raider fans they don't dress up even as much as the saints -- it's my recollection. However they are they're very very dedicated into their team and they will make a lot of noise -- There are actually hoping to set the NFL record for the wildest crowd -- an NFL stadium tonight. What you're putting how that doesn't count the. Well yeah that would be terrible if you if the saints fans really just contributed and it pushed over the head -- just. When their cheering don't cheer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That would because of Erica you guys have a great time is -- it is a fun city in the should be a quite a game tonight and it's at. That's a great opportunity that you have to go to the game. Thank you and I apparently. -- -- Thanks for sharing your thoughts with if you wanna join us for the comment this afternoon or number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number is 87870. From Baton Rouge skip -- -- -- WLA good afternoon. -- This one get below inside idol band. Seattle. I went back and eleven. Playoff game in. Then Chicago what does -- -- -- but the center with this topic pretty much follow where they'll network. -- absolute worst player other veterans out my trial he wouldn't bluntly skewed. -- -- They -- -- us but strain that they've -- status they actually. Hit me and not. I had what got hot -- don't respect order. Let somebody informed me all purpose to one up. I'll still Andres after I don't look at it was -- and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We we we actually -- about six minutes of play after march aren't. Did it run its port all of that out but all out -- -- screen and that's an old. Well you know that's unnecessary and you know there are some rowdy saints fans and and and they don't really reflects there who'd had nation and those those fans don't reflect all of a Seattle says and I'm sorry that that happened to you if you've been around you certainly have some experience to. A compare those fans to other fans of Chicago fans can be rather brutal and to saints fans. But you did you find it interesting when you think about the image in the character of the city of Seattle did you find it interesting that there were fans that had that attitude. Well it was -- -- were angry because you know they -- at seven and academic year and we will get a half point favorite. Nobody wants also beat it's so. You know. The Reggie Bush thought that perhaps about glory and we have we have itself -- field goal. Trying to gain ground and that's when I got a alleged daughter summoned back it was just. They just gave it to us the -- rest of the game it was a and out that it was the biggest problem in the moment I mean it would never go back there picked up just because -- Ask you that would you would you go back again would you like to be there tonight. Now no I wouldn't know. You know I would not go back to -- -- ever. We'll skip you know it -- and that's it it's him it's important for people to hear that because that's how important it is. You know to to be a saints fan but to also treat. Those who were visiting with other team I mean you know you -- -- I mean I'm in the stands and quite often come around. That the fans who were in the stands around before. The other team their their pitcher for the other team and you know you can have your your competitive. A cheering and and put downs but at some point it it has to end. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was probably. Eight -- ten people that sold tickets around mainly obscene ticket and no doubt at all that -- -- repeat. On the seventh that we do not that we did just -- it out boring and. -- somewhere but honestly go -- some some way or somebody may have a story where saints fans were routed them and that's why it's important for us to you don't have to be competitive but. Also to. Be respectful of quality skip I appreciate you sharing that story with us. Up from home of Bubba you -- WW LA good afternoon. Exterior. You'll call Procter and ought to Bosnia and it goes well we -- and -- We will clear. Blue. Give -- an oil output. And I'm and we barely. Major hole that was there. He was agreement we had a group of people that workers. Screaming all the way it did -- Out of that actually crowd. You -- -- could really relate better. Were you surprised considering the image of the city of Seattle were you surprised to see fans like that in Seattle. Absolutely well understood prepared to go to war and bring it -- and everything but now. On second Sacramento. You know -- -- based NATO. That error. If anybody's in -- This being an extra actually I could go to night but -- -- indisputable beautiful scenery. Seattle will -- Peace -- bit beer and destination victory and let it go and visit but. There and what just localized -- we walked a couple of pay around. -- marriage. And hit it pretty. About it a sort of have a -- glad you are shared the story with a snow and overly much in the game tonight. Seattle does have this image of Christine is there one worded it comes to mind -- DA is beautiful but. Along the I five -- Seattle. Portland. Those cities might be very diverse. And accepting in the cities. But you don't have to go very far outside the city to some of the nearby suburbs. When you find. A very blue collar. If you will somewhat redneck mentality. So -- that exist in the Pacific northwest as well who is gonna win the battle in Seattle tonight that's our -- WL pretty -- opinion poll here's an update 77%. Say the saints at 43% say. The Seahawks give us your opinion by going to WW world outcome I'm screwed in four -- and PJ has just landed in Seattle TJ welcome to our show this afternoon. Don't view on -- if you've just flew into Seattle what a beautiful airport to fly into. He got the Olympics and Mount Rainier. I didn't always negative things about Seattle but a complement whatever body they would want to get. That. Better be all out there. Seafood plate right now what it sort of fit equipment which. Which posted a -- that farmers get a -- look at it rove relaxed a little while but a great Thanksgiving. Kia out is Bob. It's also people be happy at all that you know did not anatomy and there's a police officer ever caught so -- so it was a typically -- security on yes. I don't I just got -- -- I just got a text from somebody who said that they saw an ad in. An article in the paper in Seattle saying that police are going to be wearing saints jerseys in the stands. To find those fans who were gonna be rude and and that they should do that. Because I think it was good to see how do you -- That said. If you could physically see once looked like you know he could -- taking a way to delete you know it's polite and aren't so law. Just a little bit about seafood market. At least feel -- good food -- wants to go only do they figured out. -- -- -- Had that oral Pike Place Market. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll watch -- but I go to college I believe he did a great charm and. That particular that later that you would ever want -- we will. BJ have gone legend there I -- felt to the last couple of weeks looking at this game on the horizon that the saints were gonna win. Looked at right across from pike place to place market is the very first Starbucks that never opened in America a because Starbucks was born in Seattle so. I just an element you might wanna stop by there. I object about double break up. Optimism and it could put the saint about it what he would appreciate everything else could all pumped up there. All right TJ thanks -- calling us -- from Seattle TJ just landing in -- yeah about Pike Place Market is it is fun as what date they toss the fish but they've got. All kinds of things available there -- flowers and it doesn't freeze that often in Seattle so the flowers in the foliage or -- really really beautiful. It isn't a playoff game but it feels like one that's the way tonight's game is being promoted by the network is carrying the game. The State's 92 in second place behind the first place -- once Seahawks in the NFC. And tonight's game could determine home field advantage for the playoffs. Not only does this feel like a playoff game but it's it's interesting that persist that Seahawks eliminated the saints from the playoffs a couple of years ago this matchup has become and an unexpected he -- -- -- the Seattle -- new worlds are different. About 2100 miles apart. But there's one exception they have do have one thing in common we'll get to that in just a moment Seattle's nickname the emerald city its pristine it's clean it's it's on Puget Sound and Elliott -- It's bordered by of lake Washington lake union. It's debt evergreen trees reaching up to the -- it did doesn't freeze it often -- I just says so the flowers in the fully insured. A really nice a temperatures are are cool about ten months out of the year. But he can be cloudy and rainy and there's a possibility of some rain tonight. But it really is a beautiful beautiful city that does have a lot of history -- 92 had the opportunity to live and work there -- -- B Derrick Coleman nor its. New Orleans in many ways is the opposite of Seattle and I don't mean that in a negative way. There's certain certainly a mystery about New Orleans New Orleans is authentic it's it's frivolous cent. And there are few areas around Seattle where there's a party atmosphere. -- town on Capitol Hill. Hop pioneer square. But nothing compares with the un bridled enthusiasm of being in the French Quarter here in New Orleans. But it really is our culture it's the collection of people here that really distinguish us from Seattle in almost every other city in America. Now while Seattle has of Audi of fresh seafood due to the proximity to the water in the ocean. It's just not the same it's not seasons like the seafood that we enjoy your New Orleans in the dungeon is -- is really wonderful. But there's nothing like the blue crab that we cook here in the way we cook -- again I've -- Seattle but happy to be back in New Orleans. The one thing that new worlds in Seattle do share in common is different medical rabid fan base to every NFL city as crazy dedicated fans. And having lived in Seattle in New Orleans and other NFL cities like -- -- -- firsthand experience the saints fans and and Seahawks fans shared this uniquely. Fanatical dedication to their teams. Tonight in Seattle Seahawks fans are gonna try to break it NFL record for the largest crowd ever will talk more about that coming up after the after the news. And it's something that we need to set our sights on when Carolina comes to town Sunday nights in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Every year at the beginning of this season there are those saints fans who will always proclaim this year we're going to the Super Bowl. And after the saints beat the falcons in the season opener and went on to beat the bucks in the cardinals there were fans and many in the media who started comparing this saints team to the 2019. They went on to win the Super Bowl in 2010. I was called and asked by one listener and I was called non believer by a few others. Who were you know were commenting on the fact that I said you know it's really too soon it was too soon at that point. To say the saints were going to the Super Bowl but there -- those fans to do that. In fact. Anybody who is gonna call me those names would have to say the same thing to Sean Payton Drew Brees at the time because they rejected the plea on Super Bowl talk at that point in the season. As well. So there's up a lot riding on this game. You don't have to be a football expert to figure out some of the aspects of this game that are really important if you wanna join us with your analysis what do you think's gonna happen tonight. Don't say it is the saints fan the status of football analyst the objectives. How the -- gonna win tonight. If you gonna join our show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a text number it's a 7870 here's a text. 3813. Saints win who -- in early in the season even when the saints there were winning some games I still thought it was too early to talk about the saints and the playoffs. I think it's time that we can talk about that now more on that coming up here in just a moment I scoot in four garlic. A saints fan now lives in the Seattle area Edward Jenkins joins us on WWL and welcome to the show. You live in the it would it would mile area of Seattle. Yeah on -- at Seattle -- calling -- you've been there. It took six. So even their fraud yup you're seeing stand up born and raised our right now give us your assessment of the Seattle Seahawks fans. Seattle -- and are higher. They're a pretty passionate but the one thing is is they're kind of like saint Grand -- 09. They know they haven't broken through. This still really bitter about Super Bowl forty I mean even an example. Keep you walk into Iraq and they -- the Steelers. Like -- that is the weirdest thing they just can't let go. And for good reason -- came out -- you know whatever the -- -- -- it haven't broken through and they just. There are nervous bunch you know and they try and find every reason why. Like that you -- not quite as it won't win panic if it's cold there you know whatever though. They just you know it is waiting to break through and haven't done it yet. Now they're very very arrogant they've got a they've got a thirteen game winning streak at home going they're gonna try to make it fourteen -- tonight. I have a strong feeling the saints are gonna break that. It Edward Howell how do you how do you feel when your round Seahawks fans and you know your saints fan because it this this. This this and match up has become a rivalry in recent years. -- you know and -- I don't believe in people all the time. I get actually -- FaceBook post. You know of course I got about twenty reminder would be quite. -- that they -- you know that's got to keep that that your signature moment in franchise history in the usual picture breed you know holding the Lombardi yeah. For the most part I got a lot of good friends were -- and for the most part they're really you know they're really good people. A lot of your callers you know a few a few bad are getting most the fan -- and that means. Stratton had been to chargers and acting the chargers in San Diego they're making weaknesses. Yet depends on where you are on the stadium and I'm not defending Seahawks fans but you know there are incidents here in New Orleans where there -- people who will tell stories when they go back on a caller radio show and say those New Orleans Saints fans. -- worst fans ever. And I know they're not talking about me. And I know they're not talking about a lot of people the so it really that the message to everybody is it's important to to be competitive and to be loud. And to have fun with the -- the competition in the in the crowd but. But you gotta be nice tool he can't be brutally you can't be following -- other sees -- there's a difference between supporting your team and becoming intimidating. Cracked well in US record and listening online we're a little bit here and you referenced the and -- -- not the first time that the Seattle Police Department will be -- out in a visiting. Certain. The first time that it actually was -- -- week to immediately in response to how bad it would you let he. Though. It is baffling something of concern that even though Seattle apartment you know it is neat that these kind of precautions. Well if if the Seattle police are going to that extent and obviously this season has been a growing problem that might not exist everywhere. Like you know like a sit -- and I'm sure you've experienced this as well. You know Seattle this is one thing but you don't have to go far outside of the city to find a whole different mentality and -- and in many aspects of being outside the Seattle area it remind me of being in the deep south. Oh yes I mean -- pretty you know that the area where you are actually turning down written. You know -- you -- to do two miles away from from the -- -- it is it'll be a little. Edwards thanks for talking whiz are you gonna go somewhere watch the game with the crowd yeah -- 10 you're going to be at the game. -- while Wii -- we call us tomorrow be on the air tomorrow Collison and let's talk about it regardless of what happens I want to talk about your experience of being at the game. It's if I got to -- obligated union call. Well even if you don't have a voice just do the best you can't talk with us tomorrow. Night good. Night Edward thanks a lot. Average audience. Seattle on analysts say standing in Seattle gonna be going to begin tonight we'll talk to him tomorrow. Earlier in the showing had a conversation with the morning show the BJ Shea experience in radio station KI NSW. I it was important conversation that included a former seahawk player John Moffett and we talked about the game in Seattle and New Orleans and that's trending right now on our website -- podcasts and also under the latest video. And that's it to BWO dot com it's a great way to get back into the reality of a work week after a long Thanksgiving holiday weekend we get the saints look forward to tonight our coverage begins at WW -- beginning at 3 o'clock this afternoon with fans first take. With a resident pro. Former State's offensive lineman -- Steve court and Todd Manassas following that at 530 it's the but like countdown to kick off with Bobby a -- life from morning call city park drive. And -- in -- in -- and then at 730 the best play by play team the football -- the saints Jim Henderson color analyst cookie guy issuance island reporter Christie -- then after the game to indication -- and the big chief for the point after. And that's until 1 o'clock ten hours of wall to wall saints football coverage on the flagship WWL. Begins at 3 o'clock this afternoon I'm -- suited for -- and from New Orleans John welcome to the show. There I don't -- good. -- think -- to say it's a nice chance. I believe to bring you throw interceptions you're not the greatest. In the cold but it bowed deeply and can step up. And you know really step up. And take control of the game -- -- and I think it's really gonna -- that whoever has the ball lands if we can keep it close. Probably Drew Brees can marched and Felix and it putting and all -- Garrett albeit it's you know kick a field goal by. I think it's going to be tight -- these steps to keep the senate we got a great shot at. John I appreciate the analysis. It is going to be an interesting. It's a going to be -- game tonight on on so many different levels so many many great match ups and I can't decide whether I'm watching your home sit alone focused on the TV you're going to watch it with the crowd. From Seattle GQ you're on WW LA good afternoon. Other real way and honest -- Beirut coral. How you do we're talking about saints Seahawks. -- -- as much -- -- is much we're out here but the great outrage in Seattle got here on Thursday night. And -- in the tank that advocates. Have you encounter any Seahawks fans -- have the Seahawks fans approach you because you're saints' thoughts. Are yet we haven't encountered them and we have urged them much -- Britain. It's been a good time. We also one of the Vancouver -- on up there are paid and appreciated the other but you know what. And its people rid of them out there. Answers Thursday we have not seen it blues guy yet we wake up today not a class and again -- development cooperating. Cold weather. I'm -- I would nervous about -- sleeve on. The sun -- out today. And they got some problems could -- received some good -- They had a much that they are about to -- out the people here don't Indian at this -- and as an -- negative. Because they think that's gonna benefit the Seahawks. As if they think that's gonna benefit them and but you do. This -- a break it we're gonna bring it it's going to be out of control. -- if that does I think the saints are gonna win I checked nfl.com the other day and they had the saints winning 26 to Tony which they call an upset. Can you imagine the intensity of the game next Sunday night prime time against Carolina at home in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. I can imagine I'll be -- -- as well there's it's going to be -- I'm outward about caught trying to put it that -- never lowered and the equipment that we oh. It doesn't masks things are going to be this thing. Carolina played it twice and to -- using -- on a candidate going to be the same place in three we -- -- -- on. We think the saints are going to be the team to put Carolina in its place. It and I mean come on now I mean. I think and and McCarron senator good team had a good defense right now I personally think that they got from a lucky break its -- -- -- at the end of the ballots brake fluid and they went about a yeah please think. And -- just a little bit different story. All right GQ we call us tomorrow be on the air tomorrow for girl and don't watch a Collison tell us how the game once. -- -- who -- will know how the game turned out but I'd like to know how the experience was of being. Here's a Texans pot is legal in Seattle can I smoke at the game no I don't think you can. -- so there's a lot of talk about the Seattle Seahawks fans tonight trying to set the world record for the wildest. Don't loud -- crowd at a stadium. Now they set the record early in the season against the 49ers and I believe that was on Sunday night. They set the record at 136. Point six decibels. The Kansas City Chiefs fans -- like that. So they set out to break the record and they did in game Sunday night when they beat the big deal Oakland Raiders earlier this season. The -- officially hold the Guinness book of world records for hitting 137. Point five decimals. Now Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. And stadium in Seattle or both outdoor stadiums that we know the Mercedes-Benz superdome is loud we know saints fans are really loud. But here's and here's a way to put this in perspective. The other the other day and again I don't remember which -- because the last saints home game. It was loud. And I remember seeing the decimal on meter get a 2118. Now they broke the record at 137 point five in Kansas City. A jet engine and a hundred feet is about a 140 decimals. The Guinness book of world records for the -- concert was set by heavy metal band. Mental war in 1984 at 129. Point five decimals. So the Seahawks. And the chiefs. Have achieved a higher decibel level in outdoor stadiums. But even that the -- allowed -- rock concert in the Guinness book of world records. So I -- I got a text a moment ago from. Somebody who said that the the superdome hands. New ways. New ways. Deafening. Of qualities to it and there's there's have a plan to change that to make the don't even louder. When the saints -- and I expect him to win but regardless of the saints turn out tonight. The two records have been set on on Sunday night. And may be broken tonight on Monday Night Football. We have a chance. Next week when Carolina comes town to set the world record for the allowed just crowd in a stadium now I would think that throughout the course of the game. Saints fans are the -- answers over the course of the game -- allowed us fans. But it would still be nice for us to have that record in the books not to support there's a record on the field. But I think we can do it and that's something will be talking about. For the rest of this week setting that up for Sunday night's game it has been moved to primetime saints. And Carolina Angeles coming up next with Jefferson Parish president John young and all social talked to -- WL TV sports director Doug move -- NFL analyst Mike retaliate. The conversation about the saints Seahawks games continues and will have this conversation tomorrow. Win or lose will be talking about the game tomorrow from ten to one here. Went over to -- I'm screwed in fort -- Alan -- on the show good afternoon. -- without that hey Alan. -- don't let it all. -- -- It at all. I didn't do well I'd heard that there might be significant that you can't. And the fact that the people trying to tell you that all Seattle and it -- -- trooper. And then it goes right through Seattle. Then I hope you're right about then Allen what do you think the scores going to be. The outbreak touched down. But you -- ticket -- all of -- very touched down. You -- your turn to play it out -- -- may keep quiet. Don't eat at you. Right now and who. You're right today it would be great to see you win by three touchdowns but you know you gotta give Seattle a lot of credit they are a good team. You know if if I make predictions on the -- did turn out to be accurate quite often -- -- sporting event I've placed a great deal of consideration on desire and motivation. Of course Seattle has desire and motivation along with saints and they also have home field advantage something the -- -- joy in Mercedes-Benz superdome. But tell emotion. With the saints right now. Seems to be the difference. Not only talent and also that emotion you know you know the saints are I think you're gonna overcome yet another huge challenge on their way to the play -- by beating the Seahawks in Seattle tonight. And by winning on the road in hostile environment and that's gonna silence a lot of critics who believe the saints are a dome team in the breeze can only play. -- indoors. Now the weather may be a factor there's some sunshine in Seattle right now which can be rare at this time of year. But that may view whether we'll lobbyist ban is as as we have thought and you know I'm sure coach Payton is telling the team you know what guys it might be called it might be damp it might even there might be a little snow. But you know what if we expect to go to the Super Bowl and win that's the kind of weather we're -- encounter. Next year. At the end of the season in New Jersey. I'm screwed for girl -- thank you Shelden Williams our studio producer Angela is next in our coverage of the saints begins at 3 o'clock Columbia Orleans.