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12-2 2:10pm Angela, Saints vs. Seahawks

Dec 2, 2013|

The battle in Seattle! We talk Saints/Seahawks, the road to playoffs; and home field advantage with WWL-TV Sports Director Doug Mouton, NFL analyst Mike Detillier

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Well it's one of the most important games we face the Seahawks are good so -- week but we're playing on their -- We need to win this for the many reasons you already know by heart. Can only do it. Let's talk to two guys who know a lot about the team and this game. Don't Bluetooth on channel four sports director. And a very nice man and Mike to Chile hit WW will radios NFL and college analyst. And also a very nice man how did I luck out to get both that you guys. I have no answer for that I'm thrilled on -- really mean that. Doug ominous start with you because I want to -- is the first time you've been on the show and a much talked to about now you you're well entrenched. Possession that you are and but you know you had some big shoes to fill out and crazy and it felt sure and are you loving your life. I'll actually this and this football season last football season. Was just crazy it was my first at channel four's sports director taken over for Jim and I told Jim a hundred times and as they managed him Anders and as there is in the city and weapons and he knows that. Taken over for GM and the week that crazy saint CES is broke it I mean. Ridiculous crazy things happen and all that and from personal standpoint my house got destroyed and Eric -- -- spoke relive it in a tiny Condo. While organ now how it's rebuilt we -- a tree guillotine house and the crazy saints season and a new job so last year was just. And anomaly in so many ways but for the saints do just crazy football season and fiscal policies and I've had time to sort -- sink into it and it's just been so much fun it so much fun. Watch in this saints team the coaching has done so creative and so. Ahead of the game and the one thing that stands out to me understand there are thousands. Of people get in the coaching every year and there are so many people want to be football coach the 32 people who elevate to NFL head coaches or literally 32 people who have elevated out of thousands to get there. To get an NFL head coaching job you have to be one of the elite of the elite of the elite. And even among that group. Sean Payton stands out in a way. That is really special. Came back refreshed and came back pumped. I think he came back. Much more I don't even know how to describe it much more intellectual. I think DC and things a little different. And I think this team please -- Smart. Maybe even smarter than -- nine when they got on the that great role they've done so many things right and they had. Such diverse game points offensively and defense when they look like different schemes in different games depending on the match up -- what would work in its -- coaching. That has taken. What is a very good level personnel and got right at the. The top I have to say and I'll say this to both UN might. Had a wonderful hour here with Jim -- a few weeks ago -- who is a huge saints fans let's say it right off the bat but he said very clearly. Angela I don't think they're gonna beat the Seahawks. Are right. Take that as a challenge. What can we do to beat the Seahawks. Well I I certainly think the saints can -- But I also think this is gonna be. A very difficult game Seattle plays Smart. Fundamental football they call -- turnovers -- the NFL's number one ranked pass defense which is going to be a great matchup for Drew Brees and saints. I think it's going to be a close game that could go either way. I I would not sit here in -- I think Seattle's gonna win. I wouldn't see here and say the -- you know I really think. This one could go either way and from a betting standpoint from a from a just a logical standpoint you get an edge to the home team if this same game in New Orleans Saints would be five point favorite Seattle's 41 half point favorites the home field for these two teams means more than for any team in the NFL and played in Seattle it. Give them respect they have earned -- ten and one record and to win there will be incredibly difficult OK Mike. Well -- marble right and it's like don't. Tell. Every government program that I think it's -- we're not. The reason I'm saying yes and what about this back and within our group we don't access but -- real advantage -- and that some. Two games. That you wanted to -- is huge. But eventually. You know it's. And -- and give -- a couple of cute girl. But it doesn't team. That beats Seattle oh -- loans. And you think about that can -- named as a long time and the telltale signs from the years. That. This isn't football team has given up a lot shortage. To our offenses. That you wouldn't pick up tempo -- when the ball extremely well against them. The -- ran the football extremely well against them did not -- and all parents with you and weapons to all principal. The big thing is when you break down. This thing -- to where you can say they'll. It's much Monroe also will it cannot say that he has a tremendous football where young football player -- should -- The site -- -- we. And everybody keeps pointing toward -- road record and how they play out the words and everything else all I know is. Since 2006. Sean Payton has been 33 and one you're on the road this second best road record in the NFL. I think because of that went well losses in Chicago San Francisco won't sit well. And how those teams play you know -- angst you've built the reputation. Of not playing well in the world with just told -- true. Bit different this year. And I think that would agree. I'm absolutely adamant -- totally. Totally apart but any adult student human gene that won the world championship. Is not as good as the deep ditch your appetite. While one of the statement. Not yet at yeah I definitely think Mike is right on that there's no question is this defense has been terrific. And I think that if the weather conditions. If it's cold in that -- -- is one thing. The thing that affects a quarterback more than any -- you win. That's the thing that night to watch. Because -- the wind conditions can take a football on the go at all by an -- the world. Over two years ago -- play about New York. And figure did play doubles once September opt out of hot steamy day no problem of football played there in the bill. And pretty pro football that you knew it was gonna get it receiver and it I'd like absorbed at a -- Won't have to have a tendency to either typical or kill one so that have been -- -- to watch. The winds are we Cooper. No but but it's just to be cool but I hadn't heard anything about win so we will be watching -- And you know they -- so much about how loud they are in the stadium and you know god bless them we are too. But how can they be so loud out there in an open stadium verses in close stadium. Actually have heard people talk about that there's something about. That musicality of the way this stadium is built. That's -- reverberates -- the actual structure. He is somehow really conducive to sound bouncing back and although I. It's got a pretty of the noise I don't see as a major factor they're good in that building and -- good team. I can't I don't think noises registry of resolve and an -- Mike's point I mean robberies histories and he has come back. This year with Sean Payton and being so good. And so much fun to watch and -- -- is so. Diverse and they do so many things well. -- it's going to be fun this what is is just going to be fun. Well this is a fun hour and I want anybody who wants to talk to Doug or Mike to give us a call 260087. -- OK and taken in by seven you heard it here. Oh yes can pick them myself and I really believe that. -- it is going to be a tough games to be a great game. And but I think our team is everything -- -- have said I wanna think -- moved on in my detailing -- both of you for being here talking about. Probably the most important game of the year you saying until next week until next week but this one is very very big. No that's true it is till next week absolute this game determines. What happens in the third week of the player who might be number one. If Seattle wins the saints are in effect three games behind him with -- ago when you're not pass them. -- at the saints win then they're actually ahead of Seattle by game -- it beat hi. The game against Carolina determines what happens in the first week the second week and the third week of the playoffs. The -- Carolina games in three weeks our form more important -- -- not that this was not being. As you get this one and you can get that number one spot which is obviously enormous but if you get this win and lose to Carolina you've just given back which it. Okay we've got a caller Mike from Mike from New Orleans. Air into our you -- great. Beat -- favorite sports capital -- alone that's wonderful this year. You -- your question or comment. Yeah I understand. And like referring to win the -- and spend a cornerback. In Seattle gobbled up a good number of Beijing. And I understand that calls that are honorable sentenced full on prepare. About that developed. Well I think what is that thanks to watch tonight. Is the and it is actually what that -- but tonight even more important. All now watching what is strange place today. You know what you -- -- and -- -- -- you know people will now what -- that you thought the -- Darren Sproles and get to football there promise to shore up the catch. And appreciate the boats in these guys do. But I'll look at Seattle more oil rich and running back he would lead the league in York -- the first contact. Corbin Tate got what we believe he should be in. The boot section. So that they'll need -- this -- -- -- you all got to get our tackling and making sure war. But the -- goes up into the hands. Make it shouldn't -- They can get there were just didn't get -- yardage book about the big play. In the -- into woods into greens every game trouble. I think that's huge. And that's. Just -- the format this year in being able to squeeze changed into rentals. It's the kicking field goals and not giving up touchdowns. But also struggled worse and nitpick about the fact that it's been about 37. Quarterback. -- -- The -- that -- -- national update narrowest but it will suspects they don't want -- from that. The big difference this year he gets -- tackle that they're big game played. But tell that night. And he had this football -- it is going to be -- highest priority. That Marshall went to the -- -- what you're actually at war and -- fourteen of 44. Can look at the Dublin township innocent Marshawn Lynch -- -- and he is terrific but that it. You back on what Mike said the saints are number one in the NFL right now in least. Missed tackles and that's something that obviously killed them last year was incredible number of missed tackles they have tackled extremely. Well and that's a great sign -- I'd get in Darren Sproles back fully healthy is a great thing but I think just as important Jahri Evans should be full go. And a 100%. Jahri Evans is a peak heat with the saints -- up front in the middle you've got to give Drew Brees enough time. Getting Jahri Evans back and fully help these kind of been banged up all year. Get him back is huge tonight and and I don't mean to say I don't think the saints can win I absolutely that. I -- -- -- think the saints can and probably will win tonight but. Did this one I'm just trying to -- -- in the strongest arms I think the saints are better than Caroline those two games against Carolina -- -- huge I think the saints are better than Carolina. I think Seattle is the team that regardless of who wins I think that's the team the saints play in the NFC championship game I think they are the real deal. They play solid fundamental football they're fun to watch it's old school they run the ball on. Mike's point is great you've you've got drew -- you like your chances. Something you -- Hunt sir Michael brought up on the quarterback sacks and you know we're talking about. How did we improve those quarterbacks sex wasn't Rob Ryan are or is at this confidence that the team had its. What better players that this meant that the I'll probably a Cogent -- sort of speak in L. There's been a lot smarter and better don't you got better player it's good and underdevelopment. Kim Jordan in -- picks. And into what I'll look at that -- the best. Tandem of young retort defense had been simple football today. And I think that's a huge part of not only to date but put -- -- and went outward about tomorrow -- -- -- today what you think now in the world. It is a huge part of that you -- John Jenkins and rob lion the one thing he was able to do and I think coaches all tell you this. Is finding out what the players do best and then getting which you do. To be quick to their talent level. Last year Steve Spagnuolo is a good coach. But it's gotta be this way on no way. Well and I think play -- -- response to that is you've got to adjust to what we got. In with -- because he's bounced around a little bit. I think you have that temperament that I'm gonna adjust. To the players and get it how much out this it's free agency world intricate commute the world. And to adjust very well to a you tranche which article of the same components. That would work in NFL history a year ago. And not taken him to a top five defense. Is development of players. But I also think too -- and talent is close coaching matters even more it always matters but it matters more wind power is close. And rob been able to get this seeing so bought it would be I think the opening game win against Atlanta. It has scored a touchdown when the game. I think you know date is another win for the offense the -- big divot on defense. Conrad green -- -- -- -- his team that you know what this -- forty extra win. I'll Wiggins scored twenty and weird and now in that ninth game that you want. You've held your opponents to twenty point collapsed mine and not meet -- a combination coaching and players. Saying I wish you could see -- -- on -- things. Tell you what your thinking. Quite a while and I I almost always agreement might detail I looked at an -- first step up. Mike Goode added any knows -- restock their bodies funnel isn't it I became Jordan has just grown up at the right and and Rob Ryan has been terrific. And created -- on 90% of the snaps against Atlanta he played three safeties they played a ton of nickel he's adjusted defense done things differently. But he was also lucky. To get a superstar. Who was ready to blossom in -- Jordan I think Curtis Lofton has had a horrible year and when you ask Curtis Lofton about Rob -- he will talk for -- and it's about how much he loves the guy how to -- takes important listens to players. And and makes it it it's not my defense it's our defense I think Keenan Lewis has had a Pro Bowl year and I think Hakeem hicks. Is half a step behind. Ready to become a superstar. And -- Kenny Colorado has had. Generally they say but the pro bull you get to the Pro Bowl a year to ask do you earn it. If that's the case. Jordan and loft in and Keenan Lewis should go now team hicks and -- a car should go next year they've gotten great individual performances and I think -- exactly right. Rob Ryan as speaker at the way to put big guys in the perfect position to be successful Carson Palmer after the -- Arizona game when the saints murdered them. With a form and pass rush Carson Palmer in the locker room they said they -- what is it about this team and it's different north or would they -- dramatically he said. Terrorism that Jordan is a great -- And junior -- is our great player just -- so it's certainly a lot of it is coaching and put guys you know make sure that in the -- a lot of it is just. 88 an exceptional play by an exceptional player. And Kim Jordan has made a bunch of those this year in a couple of games a lull there where he was nicked up you could see him getting it back against Atlanta and he is a superstar. In the -- Only got a couple agree got all righty -- five hours away from that big kick off and feeling good about you Doug saying you think they can do it. Mike knows we can do it and of course I've picked up by seven. But if you're listening you wanna talk either John or Mike -- -- to 2600878. And we have but Cooper from -- -- took. Yes. Like the saints to win tonight 24. When he got a couple comments. Years ago in green but he. They had immediate dead they couldn't lose in the cold would Brett Favre and all -- the -- seeing how to just stop. And the ability of an old -- Tuesday practice in enough for all of them a question of might give. Is Corey white that much. Drop off from Jabari Daria I'll hang up and listen thank you thank you yeah yeah what. I agree with you fall in the fact that you know not use that. That'll cowboy term but if it's true are we saw this week in Alabama. Now. You know they're coming here would it just go out there it just needed is that it's not the national championship game and got beat Auburn he. And -- you know cotta war so to speak early in the year. I'd I'd look at this football team in Seattle -- Spielberg between what they do certainly along with the site's best -- -- -- I'm just saying that Doug and I got going by the same guy. -- Gambling and you put all tell you pair of these -- and -- scrapes. A -- -- when it comes to an abrupt halt. And I think tonight. -- welcome to bought -- has no question about it. Popular in the bottom group is the best cover man on this football he was the best one on one cover guy on his team that includes you. Are they want that in order to Bobby Grier. Our during the it would it would help. Cory young it was a lot of talent. Got excited got a little bit so it wouldn't. -- -- the greatest defensive player to have a little help but Diop missed it recent articles and they don't want -- typically. Great quarterback of the mentally. They want them breaking down. And who did some things and go through that bit of adjustment made the big question in itself and state Cameron actually. If he broke the term outlook all American coming out of high school all the all the American -- floor when I could you know -- -- care of -- -- -- I don't know but -- vocal guy important not to let. And get at least physically. -- because one of Brittany. And that's what they've quoted I gotta bear it out below that team is continuing going up you know they were hit it. It will break him -- What I mean I don't love enthusiasts -- -- at that time I'm telling a -- I have to ask both of you. Aren't we talked about the -- -- -- -- phenomenal what he is John what about coach Pete Carroll. Out Pete Carroll's been terrific night. About the global credit goes Roland -- would you know -- that -- -- long time until I got in the piece that will be it. He is a lot wild with no insulation he's well as well we've got yeah. He had to -- -- and that belt that didn't column that -- well coached. And then all of a sudden hit Seattle after a great run at NC. He mixed -- gains on -- player and it's all about ramble. And it's what did that in college and back. Consulate didn't Anna bell -- -- Seattle played there have been a lot of pollen and it's all about and went with them and they're awfully talented. He has made a great transition. From being and what a lot of people's -- not -- a real good college coaches won't make it and NFL. No he's not a micro manager at either event -- assistant coach and he's a great scene you know -- act we do that. But -- and yeah it. 100%. Yes I had been a big fan has a lot of time on the job he -- at southern cal was spectacular. You talk about the elite of the elite. To be able to do it in college you saw what happened with Nick Saban when he got the bros now. Granted he may get another shot just like Pete Carroll got another shot. And maybe Nick Saban could be a great NFL coach but to be able to it. -- put up the record that he passed at those levels at that level of competition. You don't need to say any more than that and exactly what Mike said I agree that what I love about Pete Carroll is -- -- just -- Football is just fun and it's like. The superdome when it's loud and next Sunday night when Carolina gets here and it's crazy -- football is just fund that's what it's like in Seattle last week should be. And Pete Carroll coaches that kinda fun football it's. It's actually my favorite team to watch each year obviously besides the saints is is Seattle because I love the way they play. All they they play with a passion that has a lot like the saints and it's just fun to watch. All -- we are now four hours and 45 minutes from kickoff. Nobody is counting on dollar tour it's exciting to think about this and I think everybody is just really chair in the team on. After last -- just exciting to have games like this that -- is so much of the NFL actually just moved the saints rams game. In two weeks to -- 325. Game it won't be at noon. It'll be delayed afternoon game so that it can be on national TV on a bigger audience can see it. Next week's game got. Lex is what they call it on NBC they they basically have their choice even open weakened NBC pays a lot of money winner and it -- package they get the right. And it inserts. -- eight weeks depicting -- and they want basic you know what we want that. So the saints go compliments it is it's a huge compliment the saints go from national TV against Atlanta which was set for the year to national TV and Seattle in this game is the biggest game in the NFL this week they think. At this point it. It could be one of the great Monday night ratings since Monday Night Football moved ESPN gets ripped at the saints do extremely well from -- reading standpoint. Nationwide people nationwide like watching the saints. But for whatever reason I think it's -- fun to watch Drew Brees and Sean Payton had just made fun to watch on football. And that's on national TVW national TV against the Panthers they'll be on almost national TV it'll be the late afternoon game and the vast majority accountable seat against the rams and and don't be surprised if that happens the next week to Carolina it's it's just. This team has caught fire they're fun to watch and they've got a shot. Tick tick go all the way and I don't nice shot in 09 they had a shot and they got there in eleven. And I think that team was just as good they had a shot and they lost a tough one in San Francisco they get out of there I think date win a super ball so. To me in the last you know in saints history. It to Super Bowl worthy teams and you got one Super Bowl. I think this team that we're seeing this year is your third Super Bowl worthy team. Now whether or not they'd get there in Gwinnett ball find out -- got Michelle this is he thinking about it is -- the way eleven and 09 more. Let me answer real quick to both of you what do you think the Seahawks right now for hours and 45 minutes -- what are they worried about. The single biggest. Okay yeah. -- that that activity at a time when you talk of spoke up and Kurt -- that they is it bleeds. And the one thing I did some great. Compliment sort bitten by a corrected quite Gordon bat the ball he distributes the ball so many different people so if I wanna pick out one. -- All of a sudden now -- promise of getting it instead of their bones. Wanna pick out Marcus Colston Jimmy Graham is getting at Lance Moore. I mean he just has a knack of getting everyone involved and not part of that he. It's part of an old football coach -- -- well today but nobody does it better than Sean Payton who agreed. And so they are in Seattle. One on the list. Is who we secondly. It is how good thanks so long to be such a blindness. The most underrated part of this team of how well they have weighed in here and we're breaking -- out watching tape on them. They have not protected real well fortunately didn't but Bill Russell Wilson has pretty mobile. -- a lot of weight of a lot of football carpet. What do you have the inaudible a lot of ways this night because the spectacle a lot of pressure on people and drop seven incompetence. It's a great part of the NFL we could just. Look Wharton dropped seven -- not going to have been able to -- this year are so many times so -- complaints won't -- -- Secondly how good the -- defensive front court has played this year against the Seattle Seahawks all -- so long. We've kind of gotten on some open to run this year and -- appointments. But -- offensive line. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I agree completely Drew Brees is first second and there and and Jimmy Graham success this year. As a lot because you. -- it all for play him too much and then you have seen as teams have. Really over played him you've seen Darren Sproles and Kenny stills and it's the beautiful thing about this offense Sean Payton. -- you know nine when the saints made that -- sort of invented this to re running back. Situation where different guys come in for different things and spread the wealth and now sort everybody. Has sort copied him and as multiple backs. That was a show on Peyton -- from that Ron. As he used. Pierre Thomas and Darren Sproles and Mike ballot that point. And now everybody's doing it. And and that nobody gets it ran different people and I agree completely that. It can't Jordan is without question in the second guy you gotta worry about and then maybe Jimmy Graham third is -- Jordan as an elite player on the defensive line. I have no doubt I agree with Mike the -- will get to Russell Wilson the problem becomes that Russell Wilson can get away. And it's getting to him is not the problem it's actually put hands on him and get him on the ground that becomes the problem. But I think. Completely what Mike said getting getting to Russell Wilson will be the thing tonight getting to him and finish in the. An -- go a little bit off course you're for second. I got this email and was talking about Louisiana leads the nation an NFL players per capita cap and I did not know that some. Only bond thing here I had no -- -- -- talked about this a lot we don't this is terrific. What team OKMR Mike do you think has the most. If -- in any NFL. -- -- and until about nine and ought to mean met all of the Louisiana players. What. NFL team has the most Louisiana players today. All while that's a good question that you've been doing them but until they don't hold a crowd anymore. It's Dallas. Also Denver each with four and other chiefs which I did not realize. It's into the use a lot of early round picks they would have been my second choice but it's for me now. This didn't tiny drop of blood diamonds they heat that five out of the last seven years. And you know what's crazy 2005. There were 216. Year old high school kids and signed football scholarships coming out of this great lesson of -- war. You go -- that at least -- in the country colonel with the run around here it's almost like. What are we doing it right or any at all this year this crop of high school seniors right now we'll go down as one of the great. Classes. Of football talent in Louisiana history great guys the top like -- for an -- and gusting. And I and speedy -- a car but also eight on. Of the kind of mid range -- like Keenan Lewis who went to Oregon State what was almost a little unknown at O Perry walker turns out to be a terrific NFL play. So we're doing something right we're doing a lot of things right. Good high school coaching for sure let me tell you what we got good people and you two are among the best of them and I cannot thank you. Doug -- on -- detail yet you the best and we're just she we're now four and a half hours a four and a half hours from kickoff or pick it up by seven. I'm feeling your confidence in the team. It makes it worthwhile thank you guys now let's -- -- an Olympic. Thank you.