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Dec 2, 2013|

FANS First Take” with our resident pro—former Saints offensive lineman “Jumbo” Steve Korte & Todd Menesses

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome -- Fans first take here on WWL 260 on 8786. Exit 89087. Along with Steve court time Todd Manassas and it is finally he year. Who'd bats it seems like a might want to encircled right since we played a game as what I am saying it seems like for ever since we played but. This is the one everyone circled on the on the list but I think when most people looked at the schedule the beginning of the seasons you that'd certainly. They didn't they circled the first game you just circled -- the first day with the Falcons just are the second -- -- the Falcons -- this when you look Debbie if things thing okay the Saints can go back to Seattle and redeem themselves from that playoff loss. But I don't think anyone thought you would have the number one and number two team in the NFC playing at this time. No I mean it. Look prone to super results like everybody else a methodical and to be pretty good and there was no reason for them not to be now. -- you know obviously they got -- you know rash of injuries to some really you know some of their superstars. But at the same time. Who would have thought that the Saints defense would be sort of where they are at this point I -- -- Look up there's going to be -- could be any worse yeah okay so so that's that's paying him for mentioned that. I guess I guess my point being that I I think that they just they're really sort of jumped on the bandwagon and in and Bryant's philosophy and I mean look where they are now mean they've exploded there's turned into you I mean they've turned into really one of the better defense seasonally. You know that have to be reckoned with I mean have the most sacks the league now the Saints yes. Quit without a predominantly. You know big time pass rushers so that they're getting it -- ultimately sort of step really sort of what he's been. It is said much about him and IQ points you know I keep him -- bought a house at Hawthorne. And guys just making plays all over the place he is one of the fastest linebackers I've ever seen him and then our defensive lineman I mean Jordan's really come to the committees on the team hicks is really becoming. The guy that I thought he would be in training camp and watched in dismay and handle it but yeah there. Bunkley came back to health and is really sort of helped out you know -- to sit in Marietta but the guys in there that that provides depth which I think right now is the thing that's. Bettis is so important you know I know I look at -- lose -- -- corners you know I hate losing you don't Jabbar and whatnot but. I hate you know we got some other guys to step up and quarter -- gonna get picked on but you don't want. He's got some guys in front -- -- they're gonna help him but Dick -- darn if he is this can put him at a good spot to make some plays. Cam Jordan and those guys and continue to put pressure on the quarterback as well and obviously helps out of your best way I can play I can play the second Wellemeyer. But at the -- you know look it is certainly helps him make so it makes a secondary guys look awful good. You know when you can provide that kind of pressure and get those guys off balance and you know they're throwing the football so. Hopefully tonight we can forced to you guys threw a couple of us. Another thing also talking about the defense looking at this season and things that have changed. As you mentioned you have some of those bass players like Hawthorne in the guys flying around the ball but. There also tackling. This year the critical it's you can have a guy that's fast and can knock him catch it but if he can't tackle -- bring the guy down does you know good the Saints are leading in tackling well. You know that's that's impressive because before there was just it was sloppy. And -- -- that's something that is it's kind of I don't say a lost art because so. -- this much are into it but they're certainly -- technique involved and -- problem is with these todays NFL you can't practice tackling. In practice. You know you can sort of kind of go through the motions of wrapping up and stay low and -- your pad level and so you know. All that kind of stuff and you're breaking down all the stuff that you fundamentally do that you really can't do it in and replicated any kind of speed. Could in the hit anybody on the ground he can usually late to put anybody in the ground it's safe so. If that's something that is that that that has to come with some tremendous focus you know and and you gotta hand it to the defense and what they've got to do that. Ice to comment -- on about watch him. The niners play defense and also the man one guy gets to you and as a matter what. Position he's playing. -- go down yeah I mean is does that to be a big hit but he somehow is gonna drag you equality and -- to the ground or is gonna knock you down there whatever you gonna do is going to to the ground. And and that's so impressive when you could see one guy that could do that but when you have a bunch of guys that now. On this team collectively that are doing it I mean that gives your defense shot offensively look I think you know. Sproles keeps coming and doing his thing -- of course number nine as we keep him upright. You know we're going to be we're going to be fine and obviously. You know with eighty from what he's doing and in the freaked that he is. You -- you just hope to -- the -- these guys healthy you know at this point but it but it's the same time. For the Lions begin to sort of come and sort of together here are pretty good time you know it certainly was -- seat and run the ball. Tonight and then obviously I think that's going to be key factor of course. Are pretty jaguar opinion poll love for this afternoon how confident are you. That the Saints can win the battle in Seattle tonight not very confident somewhat confident or man we got this 44% of you say we got this 38%. Somewhat confident. 19% of you -- they're still not very confident the -- single to. He win well. You know this is I've watched this team and speaking of Seattle at this point and now. All of sports this way a much more confident that I would be. Had a defense not really sort of been taken strides at the -- -- coming in the past couple weeks ago. I feel much better about it ranked. There's still some competition I still have a look this is going to be this is gonna make a lot of difference and I think we're going to -- some mistake free football. And I in opposite take advantage of anything they give us it's the system. It's a tough place to play if it's like it's it's tantamount to somebody coming on an airplane exact its hard to play there. -- this -- Seattle is just like the Saints they're out different for at home and they are a wise I'm not worried about the weather I don't think it's going to be a factor -- you know you -- it's going to be cool and maybe rainy here. Them -- -- whatever. They got to play to know they're not from the north to host people from. You know. Northern Saskatchewan or something like that mean the only draft people from camp yeah we were perfect so look they gotta play with a -- it and and looked for three hours. You can get it done I don't care who you are you know you can suck it up to what the -- you can get it done so. I don't think that's going to be an issue force but I think their turnover issues -- obviously going to be. You know the biggest thing. He Steve Gordon top and -- is all right and that's what do you think about the game it's the game even waiting for you heard so much about it the past eleven days. Waiting for this game to -- here. What's your gut tell yeah about tonight in Seattle with the Saints. 26018786. Exit 89087. -- nothing happens what is -- the sudden it's. That's their doubts and my time there we go. Now we just talk about last night so Monday Night Football game if you are over. Talking about it between here Oslo was Dave courtside Manassas. From it's the Monday Night Football and actions that Sunday night last night Monday Night Football tonight is the Saints and the Seahawks of course in Seattle. Everyone's been talking about it. Are pretty jaguar opinion poll for you today how confident are you that the Saints can win. The battle in Seattle tonight. 49% obviously -- and we got this 36% somewhat confident. A 15%. Not very confident now. I'll take the other side of that because is as -- always says it makes him nervous. When all the national guys to pick in the Saints to a nearby picking a Saints makes me nervous. Well they pick in the Saints this game so. Hope he's -- he's by arresting these so hope is resting easily and probably not too nervous and a couple of people have picked the upset of the Saints but the majority. Of the national media types are picking Seattle to win simply because they're at home. And I think they got a thirteen game home win streak haven't lost since 2011 I think and. That's what's. Up that's. Like I said before it's that's you know compare Bulls -- sort of what we do down here it's hard place to win a football game as a visitor but. I don't know I just. It it's hard for media. To have to look at it and B I guess such homers -- that I did I can't say that but yeah. I don't know I mean I just run really feel like. Our offense is really sort of hit on all cylinders at this point you don't feel like. They've -- offensive line has begun to sort of establish a bit of a running game I think it helps us -- tremendously you know I still think it's going to be. You know Seattle's offensive line really sort of verse or defense that front seven and whoever sort wins that battle because. We don't April. I don't think will contain Marshawn Lynch but it certainly feel like we can pretty. Pretty much hold him from -- run away with -- like he did the past several times now. I can't say that he's gonna run for 220 yards or something change. You know I I do you feel like there's there's that much better Victor displayed so much more discipline and I feel like -- just tackle and so much better. I think it's gonna put him in some situations where they can't use him more time and so look -- -- he's a great pass receivers well in the game Heatley came out all the time. He'd easily get hurt too bad -- But the big mystery to Marshawn Lynch like Hussein is the fact that he breaks those tackles and and makes an extra yard and if the Saints can tackle him in stopping moment first contact. Then you well. You know he's one of those kind of guys that begins to sort of way area out yeah as the as the game goes on you know and because he is such a physical -- he. Mean look he's like he's done that pretty to watch I mean it's like brutality vs brutality and he is just run it like a madman. But he is one powerful guy in and slowly what happens as you sort of begins to chip away and then he breaks along one. You know that's what -- chip it but looked it got some you know some talent like that does to -- don't. You can't look past like you know Golden Tate and you know as Baldwin and those guys they've done and then Miller tied and you can look past what what they've done but. Russell Wilson is a guy that gets -- lot you know with his feet and I and man right now he throws the ball well as anybody I've seen Enron and he really as you sharp guy. He got a long way to go we -- gonna see him for many years. Let's go to the phones to Devin man -- -- -- every year on offense first -- Are tired don't they got doing -- ruled. Probably. That statement standout questions are first the statement. Offense. And defense wins championships and it just so happens we have -- -- and secondly I had a question I was wondering what is -- injury update for Victor Butler if that would get him back and also. Jenkins -- that it. Given that the last couple games. I just wondering. But the injury update. Well I don't I don't have the latest for today you know they give me the last one right before the game but. The -- to pull up -- one week guts on Friday. And in the moment here. I might have to give back TO on that one because it seemed to find it. Object with one of our guys are probably Texas and let us know if -- if there in route -- their listen. Are right now is my phone's going on and off. All right but I'll let you know about -- Butler when he's expected to come back but right now I mean it. As far as it goes on defense as he was mentioning. They're putting guys in and out left and right and everybody that's come any yen. Is doing their job and that that's which you gotta admire about this in a way that a Ryan's got his defense play. Well no William you you can run and I think what. You know I think a lot of times I think gets a little old schools and kind of what he says and I'm I'm look I'm old school. You know about defense winning championships I I hear you but I think what happens is. They've proven so much now that that offense and in as many points as you can score you can sort of have a bend but don't break into sort of a so so defense like we did moment when Super Bowl. You know I'd be able to pull it off but but the problem is. When you begin to have that plus minus ratio. And that's in your favor then things seemed to go your way it in him in a precipitous way. So look to turn overs still looking in and right now. Right now our defense is is beginning to look collectors started strides and things are beginning to look like. On their create a lot of problems for offenses and that what a perfect time of the year. For that happened so I look I've got I've got more confidence that I would have had had this team been. Sort of struggling down the you know wait your with the defense with him you know -- -- of the way they're making strides this past you know few weeks. Really sort of surprised me. I DeVon at thank you for the call man. We'll check on that -- we can get the latest injury report for you hero when things come down. Are 26087866889087. Yard. My computer which all the people and that's that's that's why -- stallings. To get it to you but will get it as well let's go to. We got time's gonna Jimmy in can't -- agent a year on France Thursday. I think -- do it. Yeah well this morning and my brother and do -- or it would Burton started -- years you know -- ago. Eight days ago cook in they go out they out of the -- and a -- -- -- to put Seattle. -- -- He's know so he's going to be in a corner all by himself is which is saying Bryan Bennett. I don't know. Didn't put it Bartlett it would it comes to caps did work anyway require bowed out there are playing well you're on the -- you know -- be a. At a or. That's what I said is going to be emotional as the -- -- couldn't -- we lose and. Craig got a chance and I we've played games there. I'd made a comment about the -- that was small Bears. Do the right -- -- feel I probably don't -- Ortiz -- they're number. Relative and yet -- Russell Wilson actually you very large chancellor idea but -- the ball a lot. I'd Jimmie thank you so much. 26 allotted 786 exit 89 -- -- seventy they Jimmie started the party are ready. But today students. Might -- -- it's. It's a long long night to Monday night you know things from -- nine prime time. They say he's played really well on Monday Night Football yes they do now the injury report that we got the last when we got was Saturday. And what it's states so far. Did you know that gave me an updated one right before the game. Is that right now only two New Orleans players are questionable on the injury report. That would be Oakland Foster with a knee he didn't practice on Saturday. And Dawson didn't practice on Saturday either. He's linebacker and probable game. Darren Sproles with an ankle but he hasn't practiced Jahri -- full practice with -- ankle and Chris -- full practice with a hip and hamstring now for the Seahawks. Cornerback Brandon Browner is now. He didn't practice on Saturday. -- Harmon is listed as doubtful. You didn't practice on Saturday others got a hip injury. Probable. It is Marshawn Lynch with the need but he practiced -- on Saturday and Jermaine curse with a concussion but practiced well Wednesday. So you know at this time of the year I'm pretty amazed really puzzles. There's not just a larger laundry list of injuries this point so. Commendable had there you know they had their -- as well before yeah -- we -- you know. We sort -- by you know what it is about a ten day period there so that was. What -- pretty nice deal you know coming into the -- same time. Only view you look at sort of those injuries pile up on people and you can sort of be lucky enough to be in that group to not get you know some your starters really nicked up them. And looks rules and and -- you know -- and you know with the ankles and stuff like that. You know obviously I'm sitting there in the locker anymore but watching -- bit. You can get those guys back in those guys -- Sproles -- the -- you can't lose her our Swiss army knife I mean there's too much too much stuff he can do you know so. And obviously he gets to do nothing unless you know the guys up front get it done so look both those guys in of course are going to be there. I. Let's see here let's go to -- Metairie a pats you're on. N.'s first take. -- -- Yeah I register court comment question. Are there watches non genital Carl -- -- in -- that guy is oh with the field everywhere I have never seen anybody. That's tenacious and -- I wanted to know which you guessed -- and the immediacy. I didn't hear him on the west of being questioned more pop the ball -- team out there won't be playing inside now and often wasn't. Well you know I'm sure is like everybody in on to stages of of the season and you've got. And countless number of little things that bother you that. How does anything that they have to report you know as far as him having to get really specific treatment on on specific. You know injury year you know what he's got going on so. Well as far as I don't caution yeah as far as I know and I think he's been -- he's been cleared and seems to be under percent but it look as far as a rookie coming in playing that position the way he's played it. You know I've -- told people before us and you know he'd. He'd begin the sort of reminds me a little bit of -- Public Troy Polamalu. -- of Troy Polamalu was there a lot less there. But nevertheless sort of has that same physical malady. -- -- Polamalu as sort of a different instinct about it he really is that's. Boy that's one football player and and he really has put. You know the car can be sort of in that same group. Especially young as -- I I think he's going to be here for awhile I'm really into watched him play he brings a different kind of mentality toward defense and coming in as a rookie in doing that that's pretty impressive. Someone has mentioned you know his name may be and defensive player of the year I know some. The pundits are saying it's amazing how rob Bryan is utilizing cable car this rookie and playing him all over the field at different positions and moving about -- all these different schemes and he's. Playing very well latter of course I'm and a tiring and Mathieu was mentioned as well probably that the the favorite to win a defensive rookie of the year. But -- -- football hall play and -- there I'm blown Garland just as close yeah. It I'm telling you it has to do with that with sort of an attitude and not only that but it has to do -- -- With a football IQ. Not only they're very instinctive players are kind of what they're doing but at same time they're able to really sort of harness that. You know it flipped a switch when they need to end and the same time I haven't have a deeper understanding the most guys coming of Lee. It seems to me like the ball -- slowed down for them somewhat quicker than it does for the rookies coming and that was a big adjustment coming out of college you know online I've played I played Arkansas it was -- -- past college football but. At the same time when you got here you realize who is a little bit different speed and I remember it being. And I take you awhile to sort of adjust to that in these guys seem to do that fast. Tex comes in an 8787 he says you can't win at home forever. They got to lose some time and I can't think of a better team to do it oh well says the -- -- on grass Texas from Lafayette also someone else I get a lot of text for this and the answer is. Know. Has anybody heard from Suzy in Atlanta lately. Are used to call us all the time his pre season. She's been pretty quiet. And you wonder why -- really no I don't I don't think you really want -- like I don't and a lot of text people talking about. Saints and Seattle course the big battle in Seattle tonight is -- -- ready jaguar opinion poll. How confident are you too. That the Saints can win the battle in Seattle tonight. A lot of you logging in. It's 38% of you are somewhat confident. In this Saints team going up there and winning 20% not very confident all 42% thing. And we get -- you know one and look at the way the way the way the NFL news. You know most. Of the fans down here. Connecticut understand that there really is a football OK if CF and so. Knowing that they watch. A lot of football and so they become very knowledgeable. At what they're doing and what they're watching and they're able to sort decipher its a he's a really good teams this is why. Well most watched Seattle and the like will. He has a really good -- as a team we play a couple of years ago appears that there and they get some of the pieces together so weak and doing different teams but my whole point is. You know when you're able to have that ability to really watch teams that -- talking about. I think if I think. OK look everything will be incumbent agreement and everybody that's Saints back -- its safe to Bryant okay they'll question okay the -- analyst and look at and it. Realistically I'm -- You know we have a I have a better feeling that I would have a year ago about this game obviously or even two years ago about this game. But the same time it's not like how comfortable -- thinking man this is going to be like a one point game. Right to me it's going to be in 127 to when he deal -- that they might go to overtime for all but my point is I'm not. I -- I feel less -- about this -- You know every says on you know we're gonna kill Atlanta well no. No we had the ability to feel Atlanta later that would give up so we know it is that's the way it is I mean everybody has been ticketed Jacksonville's the worst team league what they've done run off four straight now. C'mon does National Football League is not a whole lot of separation between -- they're very good good teams in the ones that are supposed to be. That really really bad teams yet it takes some critical letters and sometimes they just don't play well but. You know by and large if you got a really good quarterback -- mean you're going to be enough. And you know we only happen to be blessed with a one of those and we're doing and the former Drew Brees. Let's see here got to Texas as the Saints 37 Seattle twenty. That's their prediction for tonight's game. Someone else and of the action earlier omelets he somewhat -- -- Percy -- has been ruled out for tonight's game. I haven't seen that officially anywhere so I don't know if that's the fact. Whichever team controls the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball will win this seems to be. Something. You know what yesterday watching a couple of games and this is one thing I think it. They need to do away with him and talk about the media and so forth and it's that pre game interview. With the quarterback. -- don't tell what's what's it. What do you need to do today to win well in every single I think they all -- from -- well and need to control the ball we need to not turn the ball over not make any mistakes run our game plan and we should be okay. I thought that was my that was Eli Manning and the Giants game and an earlier on hundreds of well we need to run the ball in the you know establish around and not turn the ball over -- and you know running game play. Also the same thing they're not gonna tell you -- it's the same thing and coaches say exactly like so I think that there's some sort of really intriguing question like you know coach when you're trying to do the second half. Well depends on where they on the scoreboard we're gonna keep doing Robert -- -- are playing real well or -- say well you figure out a score some points she -- a surprise how profound. I'm waiting for somebody for somebody to figure it out when they do all these and an analyst who would of the keys of victory for this game. I'm wait for somebody put on their score more points than the other guy as I think that is the final key to the victory that you need them to beat somebody. Redundancy of some of that stuff they'll they'll drive yeah mine I mean I haven't listened some of the analysts and I'm like who. Do you need to rethink that hurdle you have to say they only really don't count. You know it's okay. The better team and it's not like you have to like everybody with these drops was demolished a -- mile point as you like this completely say the obvious it's almost. Becomes condescending it's -- because they're the people that are much more sophisticated football that you respect. It's very cliche. Is what it is and I know I love the cliche. Can get a lot of -- about Percy Harvey and that he's out it's reported here in there. All of these reports are all speculating. They haven't come out officially -- Pete Carroll has said he's doubtful. That's just like the analysts say some currency department says he's -- I'm not playing that card in the last fifteen this -- -- we we did and you don't wait till till they have till I know one thing half hour before they have. He he would even be in game shape to really -- affect a lot of but I can tell you one thing that guy can hurt too bad he's a game breaker. Now -- how effective he's -- and he has that we have India. So. I wouldn't count on it the same time. He might make camp you know who knows. Who knows so again that's why we're saying it's not technically the official yet all right until right before the game. I know that -- all the headlines inject cortisone shots he won't play its that are at center it's there but until league and the NFL players on the final report. Saying -- take cortisone shots to play he's not playing exactly I don't. He's not the way we don't know -- idea. These state court -- tough Manassas got another hour. Hang on those you on the line -- that looks like Susie from Atlanta maybe making an appearance will be right back. Here on WW --