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Dec 2, 2013|

FANS First Take with our resident pro—former Saints offensive lineman “Jumbo” Steve Korte & Todd Menesses

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back for our number two. Fans first day here on WW well you heard the numbers 260187866. And 890878. Big battle in Seattle tonight as your New Orleans Saints and there to take on the number one. Seeded team in the NFC right now Saints -- number two and that's all of the playoffs started tomorrow like they say. That we wanted to do. The Saints could. With a victory move up to that number one slot but they would have basically have to win out to continued well look I mean. You know you can hit -- -- do that cliche thing -- you know you can do about it is is what you play because right now. It's all about matchups. And so. You know the fact if we end up matching up better than I think they're gonna mention tonight against Seattle. That puts us in a pretty good spot his home field advantage in the playoffs it is silky if you get first round bye. You know get into that home field advantage to that spot and you know with the wild -- play on all -- and that it's. Well that is you know you get -- space there because that's definitely helps your rest wise but he gives you another week to study opponents I mean it just. It makes all the difference in the world so but that's what you sort playing Portis point but that's looking way down the road rises at this point. You're looking about how that -- I -- I get out there and open that you feel good in warm ups. Yeah and he's. The Saints aren't looking at anything like that right now that's not what they're looking at they're looking at we got to get another victory in and we got to get another victory the next week you know whether it's that -- It's so easy. I shouldn't say easy but it's it's it's it's a lot easier I should say. As a pro. To have to make sure that you could state level as far as what your emotions were doing. A week to week basis. You know you see your team every now and then completely blown out it's because then they might have been a better ballclub at the same time. You know they had a bad day at the office and everybody was sort of -- whatever combinations are reasons Morgan on all cylinders and the other team was. That's sort of when you see that can't happen and that's the most -- now look at things when DC for instance the Colts to beat Seattle like it did at times they'd beat the living daylights out of them. You know and it and you look at it that command -- Seattle sort of taken a step back now it's is that these teams are that good. Each team that good and players are that good and obviously there's a discrepancy any kind of emotional. Level they disagree sort of get a big discrepancy -- college. Of god and that's got to be. Yeah I mean those kids are all over the place you know as I can -- I was thinking about -- story. It. Football was like certainly one of the things but it was you know it wasn't decaying so. Yeah that's that's crazy I mean I got Kenny mentioned that. Pets who won texting a -- we're talk about the last hour about how the guys that they need to stop doing those pregame interviews with the quarterbacks and everything that they have to do and what the keys to victory -- someone just texted. -- had 870 -- have -- has scoring more than your opponent is vital I've been telling you that about points all this time. It also helps to keep those other big bruiser from scoring more points than we can't. The Saints have these two simple concepts and mine now so it should work well together and it's just now second in. Just now and score more points the other guy and should be a part of the this gracious. Seattle we heard about the weathered today and I got a text asking about the the running game Powell our running game be. In this weather today is that something that we we need to hold on against that a defensive front as we said we we saw what happened with the Jets and you've kind of compared them as were talking in the break your right and that this Seattle defense of Ron and the Jets defense upon or kind of very similar. Well they still had a similar you know physical style and obviously it's the it's the down guys that make me obviously the biggest. The difference at that point but you know I guess again I don't know that they had a -- -- feel that there hasn't been ringing and I don't know if you those things and it's supposed to be missed. Well -- away yeah well see yeah if it's not McClain in London well it's not you know sloppy. You know turf you know and and stuff we can at least it's some sort of floating. You know surely belong cleats on and I definitely do and -- paid a mixture of -- to a it. Not the same time I mean look they got to play to its not like. He ought to we have more Raiders equal amount of rain down years they do with Seattle. And you can't. Temperatures might be different but I think -- put the earth is briefly and some a gone but I hope. So this team. Yeah I a look at all the it really affects you and it's it's it's wind and cold wind that that is the one thing you'll. Yes or throw a wrench your gears but as far as everything also meet him. Like I've said before has been some -- time depleted. You know minus twenty chill factor that kind of -- the new Englander of you know whatever it's. That's miserable but once you sort of get out there playing you don't. You sort of block that out it's not a big deal yeah your hands are miserable if you take -- the two hour warmup. You know you warm up on the plane ride home but but other than that. I mean it's it cold wind is I think it's can sort of effect. And it can affect all aspects of the game like you're saying now right now. Currently in Seattle if you wanna know that it's 44 degrees and it's clear. They have a 5050 chance at some some showers. So that's what it is humidity is about 67%. So ago. Cool and it perfectly and it pointed out to you on the green screen in the map and you know and looks a bit on the I think -- to make a lot of difference now like by game time the temperature should be about. 3938. And as the game goes that's not so. That's not that's not like oh yeah you know he -- -- -- -- -- -- videos. -- let me ask him -- this is not a big deal. I don't know that has to do with staying dormant will affect apparently with a break he Steve court I've but that's his that's that's first stake. Jan -- Dan and Alex Brown hang on we'll get to you guys as well also. Some -- coming in an 87870. And also talking about keys to victory. For the game tonight and the majority of you seem to agree. If we score more points than the guys on New -- sharp bunch we will win it -- and -- coming in saying. That's -- of listening to Seattle's version of WWL they're calling the Saints mediocre. And they are super confident that they will get a fourteen point victory. While well. It's a little farfetched but yeah I guess you know turn the ball over and he does it makes stupid penalties -- semi conservative I haven't. And then another -- what we get to the calls that don't forget these keys to victory. Pressure the quarterback make him uncomfortable forced turnovers don't allow the receivers to make big plays down field you gotta love the generic in site frequently. He only those things happen and now you wanna win you know you don't want to score period -- -- to Jan -- Jan -- on. Fans first day. How you do in the evening that was funny at. Just because this is something that I know. That they should lay off the -- host this evening because they're great infielder -- The instability doesn't she just stayed clear that. I guess my question Bob Bryant wanted to do a 34 defense all year he had put together take -- at the first game injury. He reverted to a 4352. I want to know because all three of those guys they're healthy and they didn't play in all week do you think Bob Bryant might. There some at this 3:4 defense in this evening because especially since there's absolutely. Hate on they might be able to -- Seattle out that way. Well YE he brings you brink of a couple good points but I can promise you that they they know the tendency is of rob Bryant what his defense has a lot of times we have. A 34 defense that will play in a lot of it'll look like a 43 defense but it but it's actually 34 personnel and vice Versa so. Look at it it's down a distance stuff. And it and it's -- stuff so I got all I got a feeling that when they game planned this they feel like. If they feel like they can exploit. Certain weaknesses if in fact they see -- and Seattle's offense OK so. In doing that they're gonna try to put their guys because they know their personnel speaking of the Saints. Against Seattle's offense to see if in fact. That he creates a mismatch somewhere but. You know by and large it's still one of the line of scrimmage so on both sides of the football is where this thing is going to be won or lost and I know again that's what those cliches deals but. It couldn't be more true than that it's it's sort of what's up front that counts and you don't get it done on that line of scrimmage and it really doesn't matter. Iowa personnel -- you have. -- and I think and so let's get yet the advice on the penny goes on and -- outlawed those things anyway but those things went out of -- -- anywhere. I don't know I never bought any in my life when he it can't ever a go to Dominique give pearl river -- governor. Dominik. And he has ago. I think it's going all right I'll wait for the -- to do it and and but I want -- some about the game last night what Peyton Manning become among many fans when his dad Archie in Tucson the bunt play would school and I'll put our outlook celebrate left -- look like two more intent on American record and win a game. I shouldn't have been in that late. In the pads and his numbers and hit it awful guy and one fumble that -- well no I. Tonight I can tell you this I don't think there's an east anyplace. To be humble on the foot heals I think he's out there and I don't think he's. Look I get tea I don't think he was cared about his numbers first say. I think he was basically trying to play he you know this guy wants to play every single play Kenny -- in what even back a guy even played a practice. So he's done but I every single -- -- to get -- look at him and say. You know you disappoint him when he's trying to do -- pad his numbers they I think he's trying to. He's got his foot on the gas the whole time and that's what you wanted to every single player out there that you don't want him taking off anything thinking about how would cut these guys some slack and I realized that you wanna go ahead and you know maybe not punch it. You know right. Right or anything -- open and -- -- -- back here -- -- -- back where it right up to the goal line and it took a -- truly know what what touchdown pass. -- remember that that. Now I. No I didn't remember that but I goggles you know -- how I know is I know there's no way he's thinking about being. You know. -- he's the good guy you know it is when you dad he Ely high school putting out good you know. Well and at this point it would got hurt what is necessary -- it at that I'm well. No accounting that's that's that's an idea that's the that's interesting thing if he doesn't get hurt it's no big deal to get hurt there was no I was the end Mary -- I don't know numbers are not. But but like Steve said I mean you can give her any time how many times have we seen. Players get hurt in practice. Just run and out on the -- yeah I mean if that's gonna happen it's gonna happen and most times it is during the course of the game but it can happen at any time at any point against could be the first snap of the game you know. Well I appreciate -- taken LB was that you output against thought. I don't -- took off. I -- 60187866. And 890870. Let's see here someone says it's extending its 78 Seve about this is the novel fought the Saints full win only. If they score more points in Seattle that's my opinion. 770. As the cliches on the keys to victory continue. To roll in on the text. Someone else says I've been telling Seattle fans and Saints fans all week exactly what you said about the cold Steve Nicol doesn't affect the players. Once you strap it on him. Someone else is someone listening to you and taking your advice and passing on your your foot -- rally around it. Seattle doesn't respect the Saints they say we're just an average team and nothing special and our receivers are just product of our system no play makers. What they're saying on there and they're really over there yeah no playmaker we have no playmaker Jimmy Graham does not thing. At all there -- schools on a playmaker no not at all he does nothing moral. Nothing at at all I think I think that's and a bunch of that play ball at the it's all because of the system. -- the system. I -- fine -- they don't get open until Drew Brees tells them to get open right and it's Sean Payton's system they don't they don't you know. Sean Payton is taking snaps by the way it. His system Jimmy Graham doesn't drag defenders into the end zone with him. Unless he's told to do so in the system now that's how it works. That's all it is coming up. At 530. Year it's the Bud Light countdown to kick off of Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia they'll be live from morning call in city park. You know so that Maclin beat yours there at city park. -- going that 56. As a Dreyfus drive. -- -- -- so that by coming now however the guys is you -- -- won a black -- and are really doing is no I really don't get a -- you know -- and doesn't know a -- -- black. He's right -- -- and I use the one time one time I wanted to put him which I was that I was there my dad would get the idea. Get heavy cream on it at the top it's at their look like. Look like cottage he's sitting. Never mind and it makes yeah its -- crisis it is an error -- him out of -- I don't have that shoot through you know to get to get the the liquid part. But that's what he seems like all right 260 updates every 866 and 89087. Is get back to the phones. To do we wanna go here we go here. Susie. Susie and Atlanta everyone's been asking about how -- don't tell me. Your Seattle and now. You tour they're concerned about. Doing -- -- you think been at it. It's not that under the that he net and pitcher Q can nine. This honor in India a guy subdued hey you know -- -- you realize things are not you realize what a thrill it was really cool. Drew Brees and Matt Ryan right now -- both winning -- wearing the number of their victories on their jerseys. We're looking into it mentally to Andrews and ninth. The topic. I guess the ultimate in the bottom. Well we've been in the top of the mountain in one you got there and lost so there you go what else let me just say -- keep coming among. -- all you value yeah and cultural -- decided not to win because they had sympathy dry. And I -- That they used to being married -- it's that appeared. Seem to be your -- -- -- -- -- out. Aren't well you should you should know how it should know about arrogance and being egotistical season yet thank you wrote the book all right -- it elevates avenue it's exactly and ignited your medicine -- that you know the occasionally let him make calls from the award every now and then so apparently -- gut call privileges called lithium. You think some -- Where I was asking what happened and there it is and so now she's she's gonna take delight in being a Seattle Seahawks man. OK okay cardinal should go hit the all right let's see here. Let's -- eleven Texans 87870. A key to winning is covering the field goal. Aware it was a one that someone Texan in nice it was the ultimate. Cliche. -- good. And win. Keys to victory you worded it to hole it just so I just lost it here. -- can't find now. Com and it was great to spot on I have the I have the -- neck is that will be so far that is our best. Keys to victory. Cliche in tennis that I got in the sixty minutes giving a 110%. You know on -- trying to. And here it is. On any given Sunday -- all 22 guys give a 110%. For sixty minutes it's still a game of inches that will be decided in the trenches. -- doesn't come. At the wells at the very wells that are those give back to the phones to us Braude sprout you're on fans -- -- A little guys for a club I like to yell at halftime the city's married this year -- -- say a prayer for us. -- I'll let. You know you. You may be a black widow. But anyway my question was would play aggressive style defense. And until they -- -- the lack creativity with the offense split against like the Jets got into a lot of misdirection. Please or even a lot of movement and not so much movement to determine whether -- cooperate but it. Lot of misdirection plays -- -- or that type of defense they take if you discreetly comedy and it seems like. Sometimes he gets the Wear it to our policy predictable not right work it may appear that way and they watch a lot of film and things like that it seems like. Certain times he gets a lot more creative with the play calling and another topic obviously. You wanna get out early on the -- in like in previous years that I like to that number this year and our first initial drive. How many -- that we have on that first drive it just seems like -- yeah I mean the world to dip and you come out on top of the putts and keep people on the gap. So I was just -- to what you guys thought about that victory. Well you know I tell you what that's. -- especially someplace like this where you had the advantage and you can take their crowd out of it a little bit you know -- start fast like that. Now I think the states typically have been pretty good about starting pretty quickly and though and in the Super Bowl -- they I mean I think we scored. Perhaps the ridiculous seventy something percent of the first drives that we maybe more manic and -- laws but. -- -- -- -- and final follow it that closely were I would know the percentages of supplement that but I can tell you that that certainly would do. A -- were -- to -- -- you know at this point of trying to get out as early as you possibly can't take some of that crowd out of it but -- You know self scouting is is so important in this league teams do it constantly to make sure that they are not eating. You know putting themselves in in tendencies that they don't sort of recognize in the room and becoming very predictable but. By and large each week you know they're they're watching a lot of tape on these guys and they feel like you can factor. He -- has this defensive personnel in or where they typically lineup in these types of situations what they do. According -- down and distance and they feel like there's a handful of plays that they can exploit that with and so that I think they do so with. What do out of those uh oh for five plays depending without a distances. You know they try to pick a couple you know and then drew says say okay this is what you know the ones -- the biggest -- to him call a couple in on the line of scrimmage or what have you but. Back to tell you right now that I'm. Peyton is done and speak Sean Payton's and he's done an unbelievable job. Of being re live that quarterback and that what they've -- is is fun to watch. We dusty doesn't do greatly got a rocket for -- some character that don't understand and it's been a while at fourth and short -- I'd get it quarterbacks each. -- I think -- -- especially now we -- running game which which changed the dynamics of that that a few weeks ago we did that it sure -- yardage in. -- this year seats. Quarterback sneak this. Trying to insider -- at least don't I'm bill you know obviously -- up and don't work batters. If we don't we I think we scored rank second -- being a quarterback sneak protester a couple of times -- you know the -- Detroit -- yeah do you have left voice in the middle of field in the fourth down scenarios that and yeah I got you. I guess maybe they feel like they've got a better option than number nine sticking his head is there just to sit here but you know I that you. Flopping is going to be good gate and I can combat turnover that we can be even apply also win other than that and we'll you know -- need a few more break but I think being that it's in the night. Wash your old self. Or -- -- -- thanks for college 26018786. Exit 89087. Lot of -- coming in about. -- skull. Here's a Texas as if Suzy is a Seahawks fan now they should release or drug screening their bandwagon. Someone else says. Keys to victory. Have -- people against your team. Yeah ago and I'll forget coming up at the 530 about like countdown to kick off with a cajun cannon Bobby Baird to -- chief Deke Bellavia their -- -- morning call in a city park. Game time 740 night with the best play by play team football it's the voice of the saints' Jimmy Anderson. Saints color analyst hokey guy John and silent reporter Kristian garic. And then after the game you can join the cannon in the big chief for the point after 201 AM. Well you know when I needed. I nobody's listening to any warning not to take that five hour energy in an easily correct coffee. -- the -- can put Jones who the top they're ready. And one of the other -- point after I go to 4 -- yeah that's the yeah. It's if he'd go -- go -- up -- -- reporting Paul thanks for call in France Thursday. So I respect them a call. Have a question or will art and the short game that we take one game and -- -- -- -- To me the -- they -- but I'm old and beaten up day. Almost going to be like playoffs because. You need that extra Obama coming up after this way as to that accurately. There the bank and Carolina almost that the NC. -- how they go and negotiate I don't know -- is. Great coach and he has a rule that -- I think on the same emotions and how I. Think that challenge. Because he's going to be an back close the spot. Playoff type games and act at the end that they and when I go well how can you make sure. That physically they are going to be as good as they can't -- and that emotional. I don't know -- in the -- Yeah well I'll tell you -- say this the -- you bring us some good points I mean. Look this next five week his collar around the golf but yeah it's tough I mean and they say all the time you know later that you go on the season the more important games -- all kind of stuff. And -- this fact -- you're sort of Bears out this is the way it is so. Knowing that really are. I guess our conference in our conference competitor being you know Carolina. It is we know -- played -- yet and we got -- sandwiched in between with Saint Louis so we typically haven't matched up real well with. -- And then we start off you know tonight. This is. This is this is a grind and it's going to be a test and if if we can get out of this next five with. With three goes three into. A must feel pretty good about it. You know I I in again. You know I'm not so confident it's gonna happen like that but at the same time -- as far as. If in fact we do make it as the next season so being you know at that we're trying to play for ultimately is that as the playoffs. Look Peyton is he is a mastered being able to get his team ready you know and given and that just and right amount of of work to kind of keep them. Kind of gold at the same time kind of keep them fresh and got to keep them. I guess. -- -- -- well not only focused but I think I think what to look 41 year you try to see if in fact you can get these guys. I'm rested but the same time sort of you get and give an edge to him so I think it's sort of creative -- he has to do that it. You know he's good at doing that so I'll I'll I'll feel that that's a problem and as far as the emotional part of it. Look come in the -- pro in this league and you've got to come each and every week each and every day you know bring it when you feel good whether or not you have. You know a bad day afterwards or you know whatever you know over we're kind of distractions you have. Easily goes to door you know -- -- there -- -- what's happening with your team and your team study. All the stuff goes out the window and and and most players begin to adjust to that that becomes really sort of their sanctuary anyway. Paul law all I've got to say about this is for Saints fans who -- fans. Fasten your safety belt it's going to be a bumpy ride to the end of the season because these next five teams coming up starting with tonight. They are all going to be rock them sock in games you can't look at the records. For a the Rams and even for the box because you know they're gonna play us tough the latest off the beginning of the season. So I don't. You know I may be wrong and I hope I'm wrong but I think the days of us having those. 49 point gains there going to be over these next five games I think they're going to be very close games and a physical defense is what we gonna need Oakland -- game. You always think Todd that let me say that that might sort of bring and that is if the defense because the score yes. That I think obviously I think we still. Offensively score so many points that I think -- you -- you might get into that sort of 49 point range to get it. But I I like -- they get those the points are gonna become. Much harder more difficult to get. I Paul thanks for calling Steve scored on top and SS will take a break can be right back B it's WWL.