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12-3 6:15am Tommy, Saints vs. Seahawks

Dec 3, 2013|

Tommy talks to WWL's NFL analyst Mike Detillier about the Saints loss to Seattle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker -- you all talking about the saves gave last night you gotta love that that nation and the optimism Robert I didn't quickly for go to my deteriorate. I didn't know. And I have been better you. Oh well yes and it gets the -- -- They went to hold on tight one at night political. Yeah tell you something else I'm glad you called Robert it it just seemed to mean so many times here about -- -- other people talk about punching him in the mouth and seemed like the saints went on got punched in the mouth and can get this -- saints killer. Numbered 24 strikes again with a dropped interception they -- did turn game around. That play along with us on three and out before half turn game completely and Seahawks -- -- did today and a friend -- -- real NFL analyst in college expert joins us right now Mike was there any. One turning point nine game other than perhaps that the fumble and touchdown early blitzer Drew Brees. And you get totally dominated bottom line you've got to give Seattle credit for the good of the Saint Paul -- there they explain I don't know what. And we get -- -- last night just outgrew that you talked football it is. And you know people brought up the home field advantage the coal man and that that would now like I didn't think it immediately. And typically got beat all receivers drop in football. What about it Corey white don't want in a game like it's got a chance that make -- like come down with the football. -- -- This and that would have made a difference one written up. Noticed in my in all fairness to Drew Brees it would seem like Seattle was breaking up a play them you watched it on instant replay -- receiver had their hands on a ball and in hang onto. Yeah in the into it is that it worked in this game you know Russell Wilson. -- -- that -- came up what was a pretty good -- the you walk away games in that guy's got a chance -- -- -- you know well. That's the one thing I think you walk away problem is that their young quarterback. Not two years and -- lead. Hasn't really really progress -- level that use -- you a lot of them do a meet. -- -- someone's special cat playing quarterback I think about it. And our ability at the battle up about that he's not at North Carolina State let him get. -- didn't see him go and let it transfer to Wisconsin. And go to the final inning runs. At about a coach. You know difficult I think there was some friction there and that was debate -- element -- -- -- -- -- on new. League baseball player and get built where it's just easier to play it would. It made it. That's why pummeled on my coach -- -- elements in more legal but our. I took away from that physically beaten down but he talks and also the fact Russell Wilson development professional quarterback. I don't think -- out of that play any better that would get. Yet they sent announced she took away and I followed you on Twitter Mike and for people went to -- -- they do. Though it might be doing. I'd needs DE TI LO IER games like issued tweeted it's how she would saints need to get better at an all season. And repeat -- and -- as the rest of that. I wouldn't think -- was -- game like it's it's almost like the final game of the season currency old -- who lost. In one is that fact that in the in the starting receiver all of its obvious that you're able to get the global now you were limited. Once you know big it would -- did he take Jimmy Graham all the pressure of the middle either it -- you can that. Pick a guy early to get in free agency that. Also true. You always need depth at the cornerback position but because of the entry in Yates did Jabari Greer an apt to be upgraded and -- You look at -- Seattle -- every unit to bring in either. Sort back to the -- It helped put pressure on the quarterback outside linebacker. So I think both those four areas. I showed up. Right now you can point out a lot of other areas. In the off season both areas you the take a real long appearance they would get better. If you want to play and keep up with team a team like Seattle which now that should be accountable 10. Talking in my detail -- another Mike to Rico made a point last night that. That's got when -- in the NFL you win a championship you have success you pay your quarterback a ton of money to keep -- Now all of a sudden it's hard to keep the rest of the team together is a pretty much that that scenario happens all over the NFL. Yeah I mean and everybody goes through it green -- went through -- rod does that mean the patriots -- gone through with Tom Brady. The -- did you know for awhile was Peyton Manning. So what you gotta do -- you gotta be really good draft choice lies. And also you've got to deal will be lucky you would want called middle range we agents that incumbent clay court. Everything you'd pick what you look Richard chairman opt out of him in college -- formal wide receiver. Who was a fifth round pick it was a solid players in college but was not a overwhelmingly. Dominant player all of a sudden you know it that's one on one cover cornerback. And pro football today. The development of what Carol is that it's Seattle that they are Richard Sherman. Who would blow Mittal now pick a lot Russell Wilson was a third round pick more child. Who -- related accidents thankfully economy in the hunt for more solid so that -- That they'll all because he knows it well. And he got the ball tunes Seattle in the type player he has -- -- its -- round pick from Notre Dame. -- they didn't bite developing that talent they had and -- servant. Girl picking a bit about the prize. You play what will the game last night to. But I Colin athlete that a past structure. He killed a wonderful job accumulating that talent out in Seattle. As good that they saw. You know like you got to feel keep you can't worry about it you know which got -- and so. I mean it happens don't here but that you've got big. That thing is now what you know what if this same record yet so that elicited they'll feel a little bit about the the watch it what happened in Seattle. Yielding yen might be more confident that might be the only answer is reacting its second guessing -- with. My dad retaliate and I cajun cannon Bobby Hebert lightens -- -- -- casino and beaten in that county Mississippi. 630 saints coach he -- and Bobby deep in my and NBC Sports Radio with John -- our. And Amani Toomer and I didn't deal imminent and that now might bring some closet used as an -- diseases after an. --

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