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WWL>Topics>>12-3 7:45am Tuesday Morning Quarterback

12-3 7:45am Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Dec 3, 2013|

WWL's Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic's interview with Saints QB Drew Brees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome in this Tuesday edition on Monday Morning Quarterback here on saints -- Seattle Seahawks this man all the -- 34 to seven. The -- fall to 93 on the season and held to their lowest offensive yardage. And point total in a Drew Brees and Sean Payton -- Monday Morning Quarterback is what -- by the great employees and Crosby doesn't Galliano. And Joseph septic got to go called Joseph I'm crushing are joined now by saints quarterback Drew Brees. -- surely a lot of people might put on the along West Coast trip or. But crowd noise tonight death ultimately shows me please in this -- -- haven't played great today and unfortunately. We've we've -- sure it's always shores and we took on the chin today. You know unfortunately there's there. More -- days like this you know where. Or just come together for you this -- trial. Seems like everything comes together to the other side you continued battle and battle and unfortunately. You come out on the losing end of games where you stood. It can be on the other side of these you know you're in big financial ball spends 30 regrouped very quickly. And get ready for extremely talented Carolina teams coming to town and with a divisional want what were they doing defensively -- -- difficulty they were all. Yeah I mean we have. For saudis seem like we -- the whole place Winston like we had a whole lot of opportunities to take shots to push the ball on the field too you know. To the run game going to mean. You know it. Who's there is a matter of just getting drives going a lot of cases you know 43 and outs in the first four or five drives -- on the one where we do. Can get the drive going beyond -- touchdown. Second half and we had some opportunities go for a fourth down. You know had the opportunity get at least two more to assessment fourth quarter to. You know close the gap and maybe -- some on side kicks and make your game but unfortunately we we weren't able to convert those. I know since 06 and 09 you guys have played so well may second and second -- and thousands of six on the road in 09. Perseus fell on road. But why the difference three in three this year -- Well let's let's let's look at the places where we lost you know at New England. They're one of the best in the league playing at home at Seattle. They have lost again in two years. Then at the jets where they played lights out and we didn't put -- -- Chicago plays great hall of Chicago company when you land plays well at home to -- got to win. I mean in the division. Those are tough came through this tough things to do so. All the matters is the fact we got you know four games left to her home to way. Three of those four divisional games they're going to -- games. So each one matters just as much as the other but. None more -- than one coming up against Carolina to what is -- tell you guys after the game we can't just gloss over this loss for the same time play easily -- move on quickly but so we are were reprisal team team to top slot the team that. Plans on accomplishing. A lot. And -- In one breath you eat you you can't just push this from the side you've got to learn from which we will watch this tape. Go through the fine toothed comb and find every little thing we need to get better. And on the other hand you gotta say you know it. Today it was not our day and we've got we can't sit around for a source for ourselves we can't let this linger at all. Because on a short week and long flight home we're getting ready for Carolina he -- -- does again analyst general but there's a possibility. Of course we want the opportunity to be -- post season and by the way it is looking. You know the road to the Super Bowl goes through Seattle right now and the best way is going to be there that's where it's going to be and we got to find a way to obviously get to that point and then worry about those guys when we do. Drew thanks to time to look again next week that's the saints are back and actually this Sunday night at home against the nine a three Carolina Panthers in primetime currently riding an eight game winning streak. For Drew Brees I'm crushing Garrick this is saints radio.

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