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12-3 10:10a, Scoot, Saints loss

Dec 3, 2013|

Now that the Saints 34 to 7 loss to the Seahawks is out of the way, what are the factors in Sunday’s matchup against the Panthers at home in the Superdome?

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Good morning obscurity at fort Garland today handle this week. You know I guess the best way to deal with this shocking loss last night to the Seahawks is to continue to talk about it. They -- regardless of the outcome of the game we knew that everybody was going to be talking about the game today. Now psychiatrists will tell you that if something bothers you if there's something on your mind that upsets you -- something makes you -- the best thing to do. Is to talk about it and that's what we're gonna do right now we'll continue the conversation -- was having this morning. I will talk about the at the saints and the loss last night. What happened it was a shocker it was a shocker. Because nobody expected the saints to be dominated 3047. By the Seattle Seahawks. If you wanna join our show with your comments this morning again this is a cathartic conversation. Our number is 260. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy in a text number estates have the seven here's AW WL pretty jaguar opinion poll. What contributed more. To the State's poor performance last night against the Seahawks. Cold weather crowd noise. Coaching. Or poor player performance. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com a beloved HI of that coming up in just a few minutes from the applause earnest here at WW relative morning. It well I would be better if the saints had one that I'm okay. -- -- -- All while the I think. I'll -- that. You'll follow. The all that. Well and I hit. -- victory at that particular. Yeah. Well. There's all. That so. And there. -- -- -- -- -- -- And of course. -- that. It. -- And it looked. At the. Our side I agree with you and I also think that this is this is something that we were not used to we've -- Sean Payton Shawn Payton has been the kind of coach who has headed teen go on the field. They get in the player's head of the other team he hit he's a master at this and yet he was mastered last night. -- -- but I. Guess. -- -- -- -- -- -- that little. Political bill. It. Oh -- that they -- the -- That. The power to get. -- -- That it. I was. At lunch and -- The that. It wouldn't be so far. And it won't. -- yeah important stuff but. That's. -- are really going to call the show and I I think it's a very accurate description of what happened this saints were absolutely psyched out from the very beginning and and that's just something that I expected from Sean Payton's team now in all honesty everybody can have a bad day. And teams collectively can have a bad day the key is to rebound from this. We're talking about the saints -- shocking loss to the Seahawks last night 34 to seven. And if you want to express our bureau of frustration and talk about what you think went wrong. Again this is a cathartic conversation this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text numbers except 170 from Alexandria Mike you're -- every WL good morning. Well good morning it's going like you sort of therapeutic opportunity year. I'll probably hear about his argument about a -- the -- where everybody's different weather purpose stadium always had sort of DeWitt. We're basically screw what I told you may have their -- talk about. It has the site. And they were going back to the simple but. This slang did not match -- group with the physical ball close the year that we want those simple -- a slightly more there's gold in the and it just August this -- just all appeared to match up with the -- as -- turning. -- Rangers are actually out all over the last Mike. Lleyton probably just a bad guy -- excitement the it. Like Alabama. And a lady killed earlier about bringing the number counties in this -- -- that -- you know but I mean this as a business. And down. There's there's slight is just sort Lotta people that touched on it just there's people criticize slang that'll that'll mean. They -- not sites science by falsely dislikes in group and they try to get some constructive criticism. And arrow in but it actually. That maybe -- to slightly different I just don't play disliked or physical and are saying. And probably a lot of the problem. Is -- offered to apply. Whatever reason -- -- -- and whoever else it also an ultimate appliance. And it's just I mean public of that game and GB and it also like -- nobody should get back to get a gala because well I'm talking about. -- -- -- -- You know I really don't know we're just. Gonna happen I don't. -- -- -- -- like they need to get my head and hit somebody you know not enough -- she's been. Well you know the senate armed with with a shot -- amateur ovaries the saints have to have become very much of a finesse team there there's no question about that Brit Brit. They don't brainwashed into their brains -- more predictable. With some of the like Ali like yeah I didn't know what we're just going with the ball coming -- -- -- they don't seem very. I know these are the like professional you know I can actually be a joke that it. Act totally agree I think the game was decided on the very first play. Are running play eight predictable running play. Short -- Arctic was a coach who take chances and it seems as if the saints have become so predictable. That they're easy to figure out there's not as much this is my impression there's not as much creativity. As there used to be but from that very very first running play. I knew what was gonna happen you knew what was gonna happen it happened the Seahawks knew what was gonna happen and from that moment on I I think they had the saints number. Mike I'm glad to call -- -- thanks for listening. From Slidell Charlie you're under the WL. Agilent. Yeah they -- a couple comments. Era I'd hate that I'd eat these. What law. They were running around you know like they weren't even in the same ball field. Are they had no clue -- at all. And then and it and it's it's kind of all actors you know not be predictable in Europe offers part about -- and forty. -- -- he got to have. Blocking up front so I personally attacked it and -- throughout Cousteau on defense. And optic lines did absolutely not and to allow us to do anything out there. And that the at the other thing that that didn't happen that we were all hoping would happen would be that justice would be made during the game and especially after the first half. The score when the saints Gordon it was seventeen to seven I thought OK wait wait the -- will be one more score is fourteen to seventeen that's a ball game. But right that you -- a bit -- this Seahawks never allow the saints to get in the game and that's very uncharacteristic mistakes seem to be dominated like. -- -- I've never seen it and and -- there. Never seen that's good you know routed me. Blown out likely -- a -- it was embarrassing. Charlie I'm glad you called the show yes it's a therapeutic Tuesday morning a cathartic conversation as we talk about what went raw. Look it's it's fair to criticize the states it's this is this is what. Happens in this particular business not date this is Julian just my business but when you're in the business of of of playing football. -- you're in the business of running a team and coaching a team and playing on a team. I've -- you. Get a lot of praise but they're also times when criticism is warranted and I think this is one of those times but we will get over this and we have to focus on Carolina. What do you think contributed more to the saints for performance last night against the Seahawks. Cold weather crowd noise coaching or four player performance. 18% say it was the cold weather combined with a crowd noise -- percent -- coaching and 62% say it was four player performance. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com we'll give you an update on that as we continue to track that pull through on our show. I'm -- it for girl and and we continued the conversation about what happened last night. From the very first play it just seemed as if the saints were not in it to share with you very interesting text for an event here calls. This text reads I know Sean Payton didn't plan on losing. But I think they didn't show much on offense cause of the big game this week with Carolina and knowing that we will play. Seattle again I'm not saying he threw the game. But they open up offensive. -- the but they open up offensive book. And I think it will blow. Carolina -- that they're gonna open up the offensive book of this week. I've -- could Sean Payton have have thought about Carolina and now wanted to showman because the saints were. We're very boring last night in terms of a place election. Not only execution was poor but it seemed as if the saints were very very predictable. And here's another text listening in. Seattle right now you are correct nobody could have beaten us last night go hawks from a -- -- here and every WL good morning. Where are you doing animal. And you know I think I think pick alternative -- have been donated. A big debt. They were pushed -- tomorrow. Any good at -- Google gaining I think it never recovered from. That socket server always that can't become in it and the first aren't everything range in hybrid being that's what happened to the saints. It was coal they were also. But I like -- just stated could be operated -- -- the big -- and you know. You know. All caught because we've got a top candidate. And all booted it would mean -- -- It wasn't -- integral to an atmosphere it -- the -- I'll let you know that would be one at one. Explanation because. Most of us are now searching for an explanation of why the saints played so poorly I don't think Sean Payton threw the game and I'm nine. It's sure that he was looking ahead to. To Carolina and may be meeting Seattle again. But I I I did rights that and in a blog it's going to be on our web site. I did write about how this really does set the stage for a huge drama if we. And Carolina's eight game winning streak and then potentially meet Seattle again in the playoffs win the stakes are bigger. And we beat them then that's gonna silence a lot of critics of the saints. But if you remind you I'm not the Obama picked up but -- being so elusive as they would regard it as Larry they care more. I have a bet he'd written. And it CN net gear. Well another thing it's curious I hope Robert and has a better plan for containing a running quarterback than he did last night. Action protocol so there. I think -- -- are created -- You don't want -- people and -- hands. Most socially so I think we've got and I'll argue it's cool cool salute Joseph gave a -- lonely island. And as Saint Louis is a game that we that we can't take lightly either and it. Saint Louis right ruined our season and in some ways there a couple of years ago by beating assembly we were undefeated going in that game at -- They they they -- I remember there was an embarrassing loss to Saint Louis and that's into the game we can't take for granted and and get to play Carolina twice -- -- two week. Our expert who -- And converted it he's treated this -- He hit big data Carter you interest rates were. Outmanned out and certainly would -- just. -- Katie and -- it. It had bought the Seattle -- now it. -- all it's true. We. Don't have do we don't have to come back posed those species downstream -- you -- gotten. Just beer apartments yes. And you know the people do it again. We do something to. Ball better that would indicate there's been learned an important knowledge of the game results of the day. About QB did and I. Board were and yeah I I would agree with urine and it's not common for Sean Payton's team to have somebody get in there hands. If you're on hold stay within a sort having a cathartic conversation it's a therapeutic Tuesday as we talk about what happened. But in talking about what happened we put this behind us we do have to get over it and as a team and as fans we need to get ready for Carolina. And that the remaining games the saints are still in a prime position to. -- win the division and get to the playoffs. But that really was at -- shockingly embarrassing poor performance last night in Seattle and to make matters worse and you've heard this. And the saints got stuck in Seattle last night it's a long flight home. So I I hope they use that time and and -- a short week now becomes a shorter week because they were stuck in Seattle. The saints were wearing because of the noise the saints were wearing noise reduction earplugs. And I want to make a comment about this and maybe he'll agree with me but it's something that I and maybe it's been said I haven't heard yet. But something needs to be said about these these noise reduction earplugs that the sanctuary last night. And I think it's a really it it might seem insignificant but I think it's important talk about that right after that is the answer to the question who dat. This morning is the Seattle Seahawks. Here's an update on our -- WL party jaguar opinion poll what contributed more to the -- poor performance last night against the Seahawks. Cold weather crowd noise. Coaching or poor player performance 13% say it was a cold weather crowd noise. 20% say -- coaching and 64% say it was four player performance. A give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and will chart the polls on our show giving us an update coming up in just few minutes here's. I know there was some big deal about the views viewed the rams beating us a couple of years ago this at Texas the record straight. A -- the on the loss by the loss of the saints lost. To a windowless. -- Saint Louis team twice during the Payton era. And the Saint Louis has some very very strong aspects of their games so. 20092010. Season. Finish strong well here's a chance to. Actually live up to that here's a text that reads I hate Carol. Pete Carroll coach of the Seahawks beat. I think there might be another way to word it I'm screwed it for garlic from Slidell shown here -- BW real good morning. But hey. How are you John and I'm glad. I got -- Okay illegal if -- did it there on the part of law and number -- would accomplish that thing. And at stop the momentum for the saints. And almost hit it it was well it. It was also not you might see it'd be plugged in what this people who who has true. Look at pictures look the other team order on all its hero -- loud noise going on there it's when you. Become an approach a situation. You know. -- in the country and you beat him to country or something. So that you can it's a moment. And -- -- -- momentum that. And yeah it was. I didn't sort of try to run at these failed -- run in. Keep music as an it would Ocalan who will be dictate -- and that's the problem. Part straightened you can sit between -- -- but the -- to intriguing. The party. You need remembers. Upload. I don't know how much it's now that it is that until. Sean I'm I'm I'm glad you called here's a point that I wanna make about the noise reduction earplugs. And I I I can relate to this and very personal level because of of what I do. If there's something that is suddenly different. It can throw you off your game. Now. Noise was a factor. But I couldn't help when I heard about it yesterday before the game. At the -- we're gonna Wear special -- clocks. To try to reduce the noise. And I thought this is going to be a constant reminder a physical constant reminder in their head. Because you you're gonna feel those earplugs in your interiors. This is going to be a constant physical reminder. The year at a disadvantage. This year in this did you did your in this state. You know there were times when. I had to do a show with. A new pair of headphones or something. And doesn't work in this is really throughout my career there are times when something doesn't work in the studio it's that's the microphones headphones. And an I have to tell you as professional as I'd like to think that I am and it does throw me off. And there's a possibility that if you knew this was going on in in in my life at the time you might actually notice it you know -- doesn't sound the same as he is usually sells. So there are times that we have to deal with those things where the first things that I thought about. Which just how the -- were going to deal with this. This ear plug in it as it is just is a constant reminder that there be an enemy territory I'm not sure that really does serve the right purpose. From. Policy Eric your WWL. Paid or do good Eric. I don't wanna say and start Atlanta nightclub where they were the cure technicality. You -- I edit. How critical. From start -- They did. I -- to be you know somebody mentioned a moment ago about something happening that would stop the saints' momentum I don't know that they really had momentum and -- this is from the very first play. Yeah that that ours are well -- four or love about the bag it it has escalated our real air. We couldn't run we couldn't pass and we couldn't different and why couldn't he couldn't. Well. You know the satellite -- press covers daylight not to receive -- Let it could have very technical. Our cornerbacks to -- ebitda twelve or back off -- -- allowed works for currently. On holiday and that gets and Lebanon. At this point like I'm I'm not taking anything away from Seattle this was not just a saints lost this was a Seattle victory there are very physical team and -- Russell Wilson is an amazing young quarterback I have a lot of respect for him on and off the field he's he is truly amazing and again as I said a moment of going Oprah Brian has a better plan for containing Cam Newton that he did for containing. A Russell Wilson last Snyder is going to be a long afternoon this says this coming Sunday afternoon. But you know if if if those things are things that the Seahawks would do -- -- that the coaching staff should have known that and I would have thought that regardless of -- Seattle would have thrown at him. The saints would have been more prepared than they seem to be last night. I agree 100% lead up to reset it and -- more that we Larry. It was it was a oddly all around. And and another thing an omelet and everybody is in the Carolina game minute. Haven't really here on out there yet. Everybody that CommVault quiet Seattle one of mood in the -- -- and yet we're in the now we have added that it would get in the South Carolina game. Noise and it's a very tough Carolina team Eric I'm glad you called the show I've got to get to a break if you're on hold stay -- this. We continue the cathartic conversation. On this therapeutic Tuesday. Here's a text excellent points -- I hadn't thought about the earplugs that's from Paula gentility here's another way and you're right about the earplugs. I here's a text the players of those players were rude to fans were rude don't forget about the we can't play too aggressively. Well we can -- will put the saints have done to this point look at the defense up to this point we have been physical we have been a very very tough defensive team under rob Brian. But absolutely nothing. Went right last night for the saints near a disappointing performance by the saints last night I've studio for -- we're talking about that. I get a good number of text about the year the crowd -- last night and we talked about it yesterday and show. And the Seahawks fans did city Guinness book of world record. Record for though the wildest crowd noise -- the stadium hitting I think 137. Point six decimals breaking a record that they had set -- and Kansas City is said. And we've always been under the impression that we -- in who dat nation or of the wildest fans by accident technically we're not. But I'm good exit text about something that I actually. I actually thought about last night to what what's what these little megaphone things. I didn't know you could could bring in noise makers like that in a few -- and didn't we need to start doing it. Indoor stadium or outdoor stadium. That needs to be that -- to be fair and if megaphones can be brought in and maybe we need to start bringing incidents and megaphones so. It's everybody's voice is just a little bit louder that may be away weaken -- The crowd -- record we have an opportunity to do it this Sunday on Sunday Night Football in the Mercedes-Benz superdome against Carolina. And from that every hundred year -- the WL or dogs or wait a minute here my screen is a little bit messed up here you know maybe this is being. Maybe this is being controlled by those who were calling plays for the saints last night. This is. More escalated to -- okay. Some kind of football game you have to take the post took that into perspective ignored instinct. People react and type two wins and losses in this case the same laws to look into that bill that night they were the better team more physical more aggressive. We just got humbled. The -- -- command in three evolved to regain on the -- this year in north began it was a tough environments. The point that it's one and make the date when it's also didn't at the end of the season. The championship game still deeply that we have been as a go between one -- in effect typical 49. That will be the -- and gave the saints would not have traveled this year in the play. Demon I hope you're right about that and you know there's always a possibility that somebody's gonna knock Seattle monitored and we won't have to play them again. I you know I but I I I I'm still going back to something that I thought about as soon as I saw the ear plugs in true breezes here. The noise reduction earplugs. Had to have a mental and physical effect on the saints. And I got a -- a moment ago about a -- equilibrium. Year. Sense of being centered and focused can be thrown off if something is senior year. And also having those earpieces in to reduce the noise at the stadium last night in Seattle. It was a constant reminder. Of physical and emotional reminder that their opponents. Had an advantage. And sick if you went into a sales meeting. Or think about what you do in your life if if you were reminded that there were some kind of competition and you were reminded that. That the person you're going up against has an advantage over you. It would be even more difficult to overcome any shortcomings. If you run -- -- -- we're gonna get right back to all of your calls here just a moment you were talking about what happened last night it's a good to talk about this and get it out -- the way psychiatrist to tell you -- up his -- -- at the natured -- angry talk about it get over it. The team has to get over and we have to get over to saints fans. But we'll talk about it now and then we'll start focusing on the games Sunday night against Carolina. Does anybody know writing get a Seattle Seahawks T shirt because -- talking to a radio station in Seattle yesterday KI NSW. I'm BJ -- a -- was the host and a -- hey you know what if this if the saints win you've got to where saints T shirts for show take pictures and put all over your website and NetSuite and out. As that of the Seahawks win that I'll Wear a Seahawks T shirt on the air post the pictures on our FaceBook page tweeted out. And on our website so I will honor that I just needed a way to get a Seahawks T shirt and soon because I wanna get that over with -- from home market urine -- WL. They don't go. Is that it is therapeutic -- -- -- -- -- and America. The Green -- cynic and I remember that documentary shot reinstated it. -- and -- doing the teacher in the -- if successful it. And I remember there's so much in Russell -- state and it. Gave me and this thanks to admit to socialism with a lot of different is key to ultimately. Either -- now. And you look at that it did everything we do it to the tight and while wired. And this -- RW -- Also -- -- their client -- in the Atlantic that -- and that engine program. And build the economy configured -- -- tech. Yes I won't go out there were bonuses they were passes there were many tests as they were broken up by very very good defensive plays -- You're defending holiday and any kind of policy the economy is -- it takes you to -- to watch in the receivers you know. In a boat going over it and like at the moment -- -- -- take whoever the receipt of the but that's a sign of being afraid. You Apollo means you're afraid that you think about getting the big thing about this government doing your job or something. In Canada and. Yeah I think that's a legitimate pointed the saints from the very beginning seemed to be totally intimidated me from the very first play. And the personality and I don't know -- saying though are -- them Monday night game when Bill Belichick took radio. And looked beaten and beaten and you know it detonates here. Payton went undefeated they probably -- they wanted them. And we Mexico would you Eagles. So Obama and related in the that they need to got to regroup get better in the direction it will physical and protect voters protector. -- the receivers you won't go it. And there's -- take. How we beat the but it came we're looking out there and BitTorrent. Date date date they cut out that they've been to beat to that -- part. Marvin I'm I'm glad -- called our show and we are gonna have to put this behind this and really get into the game. Sunday nights he's been moved to primetime saints Carolina Carolina has won eight in a row and now we're literally tied with the Panthers for first place in our division. Who would've thought this would happen at this point in the season the saints are 93 that's that's very good. But what happened last night too wasn't good the saints couldn't do anything right Seattle couldn't do anything wrong. And conviction did talk about this -- prisoners -- suited for girl and and we'll be right back on Debbie WL.