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12-3 11:10am Scoot, Saints loss

Dec 3, 2013|

Now that the Saints 34 to 7 loss to the Seahawks is out of the way, what are the factors in Sunday’s matchup against the Panthers at home in the Superdome?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know it just feels better to talk about the loss -- let's get this out of our system. I excluding for Garland today as saints lost 34 to seven last night did not only that but they were stuck in in Seattle because of of playing trouble. And just a you know imagine the frustration of that. You don't we all get frustrated when we get stuck in a city in I don't know whether it's ever happened to you but if you get stuck in a city -- future plans and we think about the logistical nightmare for -- the saints officials. Who had to suddenly find hotels they could house all of the saints and everybody traveling with the team to spend the night because of mechanical problems with the plane. Apparently things have been fixing to be in this afternoon. It's a very very long flights and a short week has gotten even shorter. As the saints get ready for Carolina Sunday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome a so let's continue this or cathartic conversation talking about what happened I mentioned in the last hour. About something that bothered me from the very beginning of the game when they focused in on on the earplugs that Drew Brees was wearing and some of the players are wearing. Noise reduction earplugs to deal with the noise. And they were. It personally fitted for each one of the players. And I couldn't help but think that having something like that in your year. It might seem insignificant but something that you could physically feel. Would be nothing -- a reminder. That the opponent had the advantage. In that you had to have this in your hand. To deal with. This. This negative factor of a crowd noise. And it just seemed obvious that something totally through the saints off last night I'm not blaming just that. But I don't think the earplugs were really good idea. And by the way the Seattle fans did set -- record for the wildest. Crowd in the stadium ever. Which 137. Point six danceable so we talked about this yesterday they set the record earlier in the season that was broken and Arrowhead Stadium by the chiefs fans. On a Sunday night game and now which broken last night in Seattle. You know we have a chance to break that this Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz superdome will be talking more about that as the week goes on. If you wanna join us with that your comments about last night our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 86689. Is early seventy. In a text number is 877. -- from New Orleans we'll hear -- -- -- WL good morning. But it -- -- okay. Just what a -- and you know hurt -- terrorism actually prepare for the signs that this is like you know anything Euphrates a -- well well there. It is it is -- against such things it's you know I mean like backing a two dollar and we beat them at our house I mean we. That's what they're fairly well you know snuck into play also and legal. It is totally different ball harder because when -- snuck into -- we haven't actually a -- -- ovals. You know will -- I mean I'm sure that's a factor -- you know the saints had what ten days eleven days to prepare for the Seahawks we -- election time is raucous who played the game on a Thursday night. I don't think that can be an excuse it it it might be one of the factors that ultimately -- what Pete Carroll. Pete Carroll is a really good coach and he's got a young team and it seems as if Pete Carroll kinda has that youthful attitude. That goes along with a young team that he has and I just found the saints to be very. Very steel and predictable last night from the very opening play. Yeah those -- ordered her you know they're -- -- that the whole night and it just seemed quieter place called it called just they'd they'd been rattled the -- -- -- eaten -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it. Actually two different stories on the -- gotta you know we'll all the other forgive figured I'd say that as what -- -- -- Boy it is but we're gonna have to we expect the team to forget -- -- to forget it as well here's a text about today earplugs. Duck hunting with earplugs. Will make you miss a -- -- I I would think that as some kind of and I hear cardiology cardiologist or some kind of heard a doctor would do would really know more about this and and also I would think this psychiatrist would know about this as well. This physical reminder in your ear. That you're playing an enemy territory and that you're at a disadvantage again I think -- a minor factor but I don't think it's something that can be taken lightly. In the second quarter when there was a penalty against and Kenny -- are not against Kenny stills but Kenny stills was knocked out of the end zone. And unnecessary roughness was it was called on the Seahawks that gave the saints first and goal on the sixth couple plays later Brees. Two time Graham touched down. And it was seventeen to seven and at that point I thought the saints can turn it around but they never did Troy a year and -- WLA good morning. I think more about I was speaking on both apple my whole school of saints and the weather's been a couple of comments toward predictions Obama come to this. I think the saints because it would happen but what else. Game plan to stop the -- which state did do entirely in more shortly because what he did to us in the playoffs and I think. Well also well politically and it all goes against that they power our scheme menus I think it was partial crowd noise as well. And and the weather because Brees was all four aboard the -- and old ones. We -- -- law but I think. We're gonna go eleven and flopped 1204 or problems at least water to more games at Saint Louis is going to be talk and act -- will be told but I think what taker business again. Duke Carolina get available and when the division. -- are not going to call the show. During Thanksgiving I was talking about how it's it's human nature to to think about the things that we don't have -- supposed to -- things that we do have and this may be another one of those opportunities to think about what we do have. The saints are nine and three all right we're not tending to -- we're nine and three. No excuses to disagree we should be complacent with that. But this is not a bad position to begin and -- in a position to still win the division and still get to the playoffs and ultimately the Super Bowl. But the performance for the saints last night did not do anything to silenced the critics that say the saints are dome team. And can't play on the road in cold weather. -- -- -- a year on WWL. I'm glad you just regarding the don't seem criticism because -- thought I'd like to make one comment I like to really want your. -- I played football in north we got to you know what's reported areas. And that -- -- stated applicant or between the poster. -- -- I have a friend named Scott weighty work for an enormous company and he is a big time Alabama along contributor. Except for you know Mark Ingram the Heisman Trophy BR apartment trophy winner from the start university of Alabama crimson. I believe mark was paid what he was paid by our owners because of the come again. Now I in my opinion and my -- was in Alabama a -- and another and with the Pittsburgh steeler organization taught most. Who is involved with them they all feel like he has not earned your money. I don't mean to be critical. Being the child -- all hard. But last night we -- been what what I'm getting in the water we could've slowed down matter. And because you're putting all on reason receivers and sloppy weather and cold. We're not used to it I'm not saying that it it killed this but it slowed it down. And we're acting like you know what West Coast scene in college football all pro when they get in the air it's hard to beat. And are you -- quite often and this law. Republican. In my -- and in this. Well there is that there is that that possibility but you do you can't really blame this on Mark Ingram by I don't -- I don't think it I don't think mark Gingrich has urges his his. Pay yet but now Reggie Bush didn't need our. Uncharted and rookie. And this is not just my opinion -- of the dark and all the and got away. Well it did look hunter I think it I think we can dictate the salary and Mark Ingram statistics and say that it's a fact now that he hasn't lived up to expectations that's not just an opinion. -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't you feel last -- are not -- well. We have minus one you are on the ground last night -- the did not realize it at the game wore on and bigger bigger lead we don't understand. But my -- and that yeah you know also we struggled on the except for the -- in which report. If we can get ground against Carolina and we want. A ballad singer I don't want to get injured. And -- ball well and I can burn. All right how are you brought us some very interesting points here's attacks and reach a scoop this is all part of show is planned. We will have to go back to Seattle in January. So he let them smoke so next time. They will be overconfident. And we will be coming in strong. And would that be nice. Here's -- a BW a pretty general opinion polls -- what contributed more to the saints poor performance last night against the Seahawks cold weather crowd noise. Coaching or poor play your performance. Give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com we'll give you an update on that when we come back also more of your calls are next oh by the way the pelicans one on the road last night beat the bulls. In triple overtime so. There's some good local sports news did the defense last night trying to remind you of the defense last year these these full blitzes. And they -- don't get to the quarterback but there aren't enough people to cover the receivers. And so -- was big gain after big game and I -- there was there was one moment of the game pretty late in the game when I thought it was a very telling moment it was. Like fourth and one and the Seahawks are. This tremendous lead late in the game. And they go for it. And they make a big first. I stood in for Garland to second guess show with Bobby -- -- -- -- an NFL analyst Mike did affiliate. Lie from the silver slipper casino on the beach in Hancock county Mississippi this afternoon at 4 o'clock. A lot of second guessing. So join the show this afternoon. A -- at 630 the saints coaches show with former Oilers and falcons head coach Terry Glenn field at 630 and former saints linebacker Scott Shanle. As 7 o'clock followed by Bobby -- And Mike and an NBC sports -- -- at a rate of zero AM FM and dot com. From Slidell Taylor you're going to be WL. I error we are real yes we are -- What they call him I want and that they've. Burton or look -- -- Me and my wife for both bra hum. Northwest area. White was born generated in Seattle but I -- really well and Colin not talk about the game I wanted to call and I -- We. We couldn't establish our thanks and of course being -- -- that we were. Outnumbered. And let everybody there was very. Like that same -- Very very Mary night we ended up meeting. For -- couples. We -- -- you know where Britain into the areas within the last couple wolf blocks. Five days. Yeah and who did politically the -- for. But everybody that we network's super super -- -- really good to hear that it we do welcome you to the area I've spent two years and here in Seattle I'm from here so I'm I'm I'm back home hero on WWL but I don't know how beautiful Pacific northwest is in Seattle's a great city it. What a great game and and I know what it's like because I've I've lived in cities around the country and as the saints fan I would is I wish I treated by. Opposing fans sooner rather nicely when I would go out in public and and watch games and I'm really glad you had that experience last night a slight hill. You know we were we we -- and it's going out and you know we were all -- -- and our gear and got a couple funny looks right at first but it's me and my wife both rarity. Personal people like yes. And we talked with everybody and even though the game we're going copies for. Sure you'd it. Everybody was super super nice to it than it was the -- Well Seattle played an unbelievable game they did everything right the saints and couldn't do anything right it's around coached him in and out played by eight. By a better team made it was not a game where there hours. Questionable calls about the outcome of the game their noses at the Seahawks just beat us and it was a it was a very -- adverse environment to play him with a crowd noise and that the temperature. And and like -- and now that we're out here I'm gonna root for the -- come and weak against. Pampered. But. I'm not gonna root for when they plate and -- again. And I understand that yes there were times when I was in other cities and I was always the saints fan but if -- team wasn't playing the saints selected before the other teams so we appreciate that tailored again. We welcome you and you -- to the area now -- George here. From Tucson -- or -- under the WL. There are -- good. He shot it that much different than and -- The better that and I as the arm. Which I think it's refused and so you know -- on them and -- solutions. Like that man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not certain patterns you can shoot them Serb refugees and concerns and there are ignorant or that's changed you know -- you that these professionals. Security team. -- -- I -- I agree with you and in the different cast with last night it's John gruden was quite often they're calling the plays suit before they happened and if it Jon Gruden can figured out you know of their coaches -- have figured this out I I thought the play calling was extremely -- and very predictable last night. -- -- -- they haven't gotten -- -- and let them. Persons and -- -- I'm sure that these sanctions. For a solution partners especially kind of numbers. A hundred yards -- as and abuse through in -- and that's an important. -- like Americans in the concert I didn't actually written a certain. Our nation's. He and so rant about thirty apparently he supports a question and I haven't backed out there were the -- actions are -- -- sort of social and execute I'm sure that we remember we are an arsenal that are not ethnic. We need to happen to use in your -- source. You're coming proper assessment. JR and I'm going to call the show. The saints were just it's a totally psyched out an off balance from the very beginning of the game and I thought the play calling -- is what is very predictable and I don't know whether it that there -- there was a time I don't remember the game but there was a time this season went. I it was obvious that Sean Payton was playing not to lose I think was the patriots game. Think the patriots are coming back amid the comic the next day and it was it was as if the saints in this was very uncharacteristic of Sean Payton. But the saints were playing not to lose as opposed to playing to win. You know Sean Payton needs to still be that same coach that it in the Super Bowl. -- -- called the on sides kick at the beginning of a halftime took everybody by surprise. And it. Has the play calling become so predictable that other teams can figure out what the saints are gonna do before they do. The score last night 3040 sevens suggest a disparity in talent. Which is not the case. You know the -- the same treated perhaps more talented has superior talent in the Seahawks. But once again I think we witnessed something that -- -- to talk about and that is the human factors of emotion and motivation. David slew Goliath. Because he had the will to do not because he had the the power the strength and talent to do it. And and sports history is covered with cases we're. Emotion and motivation that intangible human factors. Superseded. Raw talent and it Seahawks Natalie had the talent but meals are the emotion to win last night saints had neither policies have the talent they just -- every emotion. Up from Slidell -- your under the WL. -- -- -- Good job you have about that we can do the -- law for that I -- out of that -- you know and end up and I think everybody -- look. In -- there are a lot of variables and factors that that they come in with a loss last night but what trying to think people are overlooking. And I haven't heard a lot of talk about at least must've been at the radio. Games are won -- law and churches. Are offensive line this year is atrocious. I think that this that they've got Drew Brees almost compare Archie Manning at times let me run through life -- it that'd be. A -- one point last night where. The two offensive -- doubled in one guy any bail out on the him Drew Brees has been sacked more times than ever. And if you watch any -- they had yet to get out of pocket he tried it in the pocket and deliver the ball any just get hammered. And I think the offensive on topic we let guys go over the last couple years routine and not to get the name. But we let them -- -- that's been in the month. And where the money should be we will money should be spent injured foundation which is your what your offensive line. When we went to the simple bowl we had an offensive line that could not be able. Seat that I think is doing well. I mean I don't know austerity it can't get 200 yards out of the game what you expected these instances. Joey I think those are legitimate points a lot of people talked about the money they went to breeze that may be should've gone to secure. More offensive players and better offensive players what do you think contributed more to the saints for performance last night against the Seahawks in Seattle. Cold weather crowd noise coaching or poor player perform here's an update on our Pulitzer WWL project opinion poll. 16% say it was the cold weather combined with the crowd noise. 18% -- was coaching and 66%. Say it was poor player performance. And could the poor player performance have been inspired in part. By those custom ear plugs the the noise reduction earplugs the saints were wearing. On a physical and emotional reminder constantly right there in your year in your head mystery an enemy territory. If you wanna join us with a comment if it will help needed to talk about this if you just one event and get it out of your system that's what psychiatrists would tell you it's it's good to do. Now let's go ahead and talk about that but then it's gonna be time to move on to focus on the game Sunday night. Against Carolina coming to town with an eight game winning streak were now literally tied at 93. With the Carolina Panthers at this point in the season. I'd join our show it to 601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy enter text number is 87870. Before -- calls and -- I won't tell you about this a woman may be heard this on the news but a woman says that her sister. We shot to death over the annual Alabama Auburn football game. Police say 28 year old Adrian risky ways it charged yesterday with murder in the killing of a -- Crimson Tide and 36 year old Michelle -- Saturday. After the game. The killing took place outside of an apartment complex in Birmingham. I just moments after Alabama oh loss to archrival Auburn and they -- last second thriller and I'm sure you saw that. Witnesses. Say that. Bruschi flew into rage. When she saw the sisters and others. Joking that the crimson tides loss was not. As bad as the NBA's Miami Heat. If they had lost. Not exactly sure what that connection is but apparently this woman was. Was outraged. That they would talk about how the the loss of the Crimson Tide was not really that big of a deal. -- suspects said that a they were really Alabama fans. And they started shooting. So you know. It's just a game and we can say the same thing about last night so. Get over it from shell that Marty year under VW well. It's stupid more married him and okay. You really can't make any excuses for the saint -- A weather weather is always an issue if you look back they'll actually let's go back ten years you know you. If you'd see he feel directed what on the road in December in the cold. It's not good. So I mean overall -- that felt and they just didn't work or maybe. Practice and outdoors during the December you know current electricity and you know may help our. Slightly but at the -- term. Is Seattle -- like you know first part question. First first putting it. I I I agree I I just say I got this horrible feeling with that very first play it it was just so tentative and I think that's really a key word that describes the saints last night they were. They were tentative in every aspect of the game. Now we'll say Carol I will global industry Carolina. -- it made that indicate this but I would -- -- they're probably equal is Seattle in they have almost a better defense and a better quarterbacks. Well I said earlier. I sure hope Rob Ryan has a better plan for containing this running quarterback than he did last night. It's you know they have their hands they have enhanced. And they worry that when you do the full bullets Marty and and you you -- got a mobile quarterback and you can't get to the quarterback and you've committed people to trying to get to the quarterback you can't get to the quarterback thing you've got receivers open in the it is in that this. Down the field it's gonna lead to a big completion that's it that's one of the things that happened last night. Our Brian -- players and I'm Carolina both here and there it's it's it's going to be so you know you like it's literally -- -- blame. And you in a factor that I mean happened that it venues in Seattle and it's it's no different then than now actually -- -- -- So it's you know letter said. Weather conditions I believe is actually you know one matchup problem. Already it really it shouldn't be this is the NFL and they are still all a lot of outdoor stadiums and -- the team wants to be a championship team and they're gonna have to learn to absolutely deal with those those conditions. It's some -- prepared for you know -- -- like I said maybe stick them outside you know instead of put him inside and eat in an -- that just as they go out. I don't think about the thing about the Super Bowl this year being in New Jersey and that the farmer's almanac laundering long range forecast calls for freezing temperatures and and snow. A Super Bowl Sunday. It's like I've said it. Is it it's a fact there you you look back and it's always been a factor today it's. There's no robberies and so they have don't have a good record cold it's just that that's really report comes out so. Certainly they certainly certainly didn't do much to silence critics last night Marty and glad to call the show are we willing -- -- get over this. And their sense of controversy over the megaphone is that a lot of people had in the stands people with little megaphone it's. I should we all bring megaphones to the superdome on Sunday to try to set the record for the wildest crowd noise. It was senate set last night in Seattle but a lot of people complain because of the megaphones in the crowd. Didn't know that was fair. What do you think contributed mower to the saints poor performance last night against the Seahawks in Seattle. The cold weather crowd noise coaching or poor player performance that's -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll. And here's an update 70% say the cold weather in the crowd noise 70% say coaching and 66%. Say -- player performance. You can respond to our poll give us your opinion by going to our website WWL. Dot com Olympic tournament coming up again just a few minutes. And does this group blog today is titled tough loss but get over it and and hopefully there's there's there's there's something in this blog -- -- you. And -- saints fans get over this so it read it and sure -- you're saints fans it's on the front page of our web site down the right column under our opinions. At every WL dot com and our cathartic conversation continues this morning on this therapeutic Tuesday this week. Continue to talk about what was under shocking loss to the Seahawks it's not that they lost it's really how the saints lost in. We continue our conversation a margin -- are coming up from New Orleans Reggie year under the WL. Take them on the right to do well I'm okay Reggie and I could be better but I'm all right OK don't don't want real quick I'm not -- Okay public ownership blood -- You -- not only not hit them with equality bill is brought you that equilibrium on the you know I used beware of those things. -- that just today. It's been 67 weeks now I've been wondering and it meant emit an element into almost straight up and it very -- Arctic in its very predictable -- is set records but they haven't yet so people apple win but what we're doing. Meaning no way to make a system which is great because I don't know we were down the entire day and we never a lot of. It. It's letterhead and boy ended in that hostile environment -- no medal would be good strategy. It looked like a chaotic day in batting an important -- -- there -- head and actual credibility. And -- That there is a winning team. Reggie of the -- good points are going to brought that up here's a Texan reads when patent called Brett Favre for helping Andy and Sean Payton called Brett Favre to say. Hey how did you deal with the noise when you came into the superdome. The text goes on to say can you imagine the fear that gripped the hearts and minds of the saints as they were being fitted for ear pieces. Yet they had custom made ear pieces in it. And I know this seems like it's of a minor factor but. Think about what that would do it it in your job if you had a constant reminder right there in your year. That you were at a disadvantage. If you had to compensate for being at a disadvantage because of the territory that you were in if if you were in at a sales call or sales -- fewer. And giving a presentation or something that was competitive that your work. And you have this constant reminder that you were a disadvantage would that not may be affect your performance I don't blame it on the earplugs but I don't think those earplugs help at all I think it was a bad idea. But the -- surely you -- to -- WL. Page article on Tuesday okay. -- outbreak it was intimidated. I'll Odyssey. Sank it -- as -- the -- that it appeared I think it's -- -- became man what what they do want history. Why do they keep running the -- of the -- when it doesn't work flaw I don't know. You don't you date doctor -- or any -- bring in around ought to act and he. You know stop -- doubly you know around and what did you always article looked at Miller in April may. I would I would agree that they're just has. Did too much predictability with the saints offense says it's it's frustrating and then. You know you but you know in in talking about the things that the saints didn't do right. It it you have to give the Seattle Seahawks a lot of credit they played a great football game last night in all phases of the game and they were times when. When our receivers had a chance to catch the ball and -- the passes were broken up because they do defenders were right there for the Seahawks. What ya. -- and it is it is people and -- sure that beer. This art the greater good. But is -- completed. I just -- good but. That's not a part time it played a bit so that been now it shouldn't be in a fact that. Just go out there and do your job. And bat. And what all you YouTube put on that amount and concentrate all what you got to Winnipeg gangs. -- and I'm glad you brought that up I love to use football as a metaphor for life that I vibrant blog about this once and you know you can you can look at what happened to the saints and in related to year old life about being -- in hostile environment what can you learn about motivation about emotion. There's a lot to learn if you look at football as a metaphor for life. I don't be overconfident -- continue to be creative in your job. Here's quick update on our -- W a pretty general opinion poll what contributed more to the -- poor performance last night against the Seahawks. 70% say cold weather crowd noise. 70% -- coaching. 66%. Say poor player performance. I remember inside two minutes in the first half the Seahawks had a third in nine. Inside their own ten yard line. Russell Wilson completes a pass instead of defense was very very sloppy and then. Not long after that there was a penalty it's junior -- gave the Seahawks first and goal at the five yard line. Wilson touchdown pass and the Seahawks led him to have 27. To seven. I'm scoot it for garlic and from New Orleans pat you're on the VW well good morning. Yeah bottom couple things actually. I don't think that whatever their game much like my opinion that he hoped and beauty -- will -- about. Actually important management changes you can't -- most important thing I think is to win and you're decision. And happily. Coached basic game plan together last night. -- players and look at this doesn't work it doesn't work if it works -- group that's good. But I don't think you -- too -- old thing. -- the Carolina answers Clinton and started the films in and. You know pat I don't this could get any shares would be -- -- distinct strategy noted there are their similar kind of strategies when it comes to politics and and winning winning office. I I've heard this so on their show -- so far today and that would be a genius or strategy but your right it is more important to win the division then to win a game and as much as we wanted to beat Seattle and prove that we can win there. This really shouldn't be about our pride as much as it should be about a strategy to win the division and get to the playoffs in the Super Bowl. There's or didn't and if we do that. You know on camera and have to go back to judge probably play them in some sort of play. And there's always a possibility that they'll get beaten. Yeah I don't think we should never be afraid due to go back in place Seattle any more than team should be afraid to come and play us in the don't. You know we got a good idea of what it feels like when teams come to the dome and and play. A -- on political show and and I'm glad you brought that up could this be part of very genius plan. By Sean Payton to make sure the saints beat Carolina this Sunday night in -- Mercedes-Benz superdome to make sure we win the division and then get to the playoffs. And by the way the pelicans beat the bulls on the road last night in triple overtime so congratulations to the new -- pelicans. I've scoots into Garland if your whole stable this repellent right back as we continue our cathartic conversation following the -- -- on -- VW well.