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12-3 12:10m Scoot, Saints loss

Dec 3, 2013|

Now that the Saints 34 to 7 loss to the Seahawks is out of the way, what are the factors in Sunday’s matchup against the Panthers at home in the Superdome?

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Good afternoon I'm screwed it for early today. At all this week and -- cathartic conversation continues on this therapeutic Tuesday following the saints. Surprising loss to the Seahawks last night what the six or nine at three. And the centrist -- a prime position to win the division and move into the playoffs how ever last night's loss to the Seahawks was. A reality check for the saints and for the fans. The saints did nothing to silenced the critics who say added this is not a good team on the road in colder weather. It also rained a little bit last night during the game. The saints were soundly out coached. And outplayed at every level of offense and defense. The coaches in the players. Seem confused. Very out of sync. And I think about the difference -- political break here. I just. Again did this is the life radiologist eight and deceit of about cracker and it went down the wrong way so. Let me civil penalty let's me take care of this. And -- continue our our conversation we've you know I missed a perfect opportunity to make a comparison -- -- -- show I've I it's a crackers during the the news and I received a choking had to take a break early and I I should debates and commented comparison about how. -- -- like I was during the same thing missing it last night which was sick -- choke. Now I'm screwed it for Garland dug it back to your calls and text year just a moment for the very first play last night it seemed like the saints were tentative and actually intimidated I think of one of the announcers said. And at the end of the star spangled banner it's Seahawks seventeen -- nothing. It was amazing. There's the saints full blitz reminded me of the defense last year. They rush the quarterback Kurt Russell Wilson. But they were able to get to him and he's a mobile quarterback and then when you send everybody and you don't get to the quarterback. There's nobody to cover everybody I'm downfield. Last night the Seahawks at a fans record for the loud -- crowd noise in the stadium. When the meter hit 137. Point six decibels last time I remember. The meter being high in -- in the Mercedes-Benz superdome was earlier this season I forget which game it was but it was a 118 decimals. -- noise was certainly a factor but not an excuse. This the saints or specially custom molded that noise reduction earplugs in I think that might seem insignificant to many if you. But a foreign objects in your year not only could affect your performance but. I would think that it would affect your performance emotionally because she would. It would remind you constantly of of where you were in enemy territory. And if you were at a disadvantage because of the crowd noise I don't think that help the saints at all. The six really couldn't do anything right in the Seahawks couldn't do anything wrong. And and -- criticizing the saints this is not taking anything away from the Seahawks played a really great game last night. But there were a number of examples of how the Seahawks just could could foresee real and the saints last night and one of the examples that comes to mind which late in the fourth quarter. The Seahawks were leading 34 to seven. It was fourth and one. And the Seahawks went for it passed for a big first down completion. It is Seahawks coach. Pete Carroll has a young brazen team and he has an attitude. That goes with that team. And you -- the frustration of the lost the saints were stuck in Seattle overnight due to mechanical problems with the team's plane. So now a short week gets even shorter. And I'm sure it was a challenge at the last minute to find a hotel to accommodate the saints but they've they did it they spread type I think there in the air now and headed back to New Orleans. If you've ever been stuck in a city effort over night stayed it was unexpected you can relate to how the states of must've felt last night after losing the Seahawks and and not being able to get home. If -- and if the saints to recover from this loss and they will and they did beat the Panthers on Sunday nights in the proceeds -- superdome. The criticism of the saints being an indoor team will continue. But let's remember that. The saints are still a good position to prove those critics wrong I mean it's possible the saints who meet the Seahawks again in the playoffs in Seattle. And there's been some talk this morning about how this is part of a master plan. By Sean Payton -- two to win the division to not show anything because the saints were very very predictable last night. And consequently very boring. So you wonder if Sean -- in the back of his mind wasn't really focused on the game this Sunday night against Carolina and that the game's suited for the remaining as season here. And didn't want -- treating it almost -- -- a pre season game I know that's that's hard to believe when you think about the and the pregame importance that which have put into the at a game last night and but there's no really there's no reason to to panic or overreact to this lost. The states will bounce back they have a chance to redeem themselves Sunday night against the Panthers. Yes a short week I did get shorter but you know that shouldn't be an excuse. You know football's a metaphor for life and and you can you can learn from what happens here if you meet challenges in your life you have to rise above those challenges. If today would have been a day for team meetings. And it says the saints are flying back then turned the plane into a meeting room. Separate the defense the offense the special teams the coaches could be meeting with the team on the plane right now keep that rhythm going. You don't have -- not have a meeting or changer and maybe that's exactly what's going on the plane. Nebulous it might that be an ideal situation but sometimes life throws -- sent us. And our only option is really to adjust and not look for excuses to fail. There are countless times in in my career that I can I can remember their unexpected things happen. And you have to just think about getting the job done regardless of of which you face. And it's. You know I I guess it's. It's easy to excel and do well when everything's going right but real champions. Rise out of the challenges and obstacles. That ultimately define character. And the saints have a chance to show their character by putting this loss behind. And dealing with the logistical nightmare being stuck in Seattle overnight and come back and be prepared. To beat the Panthers Sunday nights in a -- televised game in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. At last night's game may have actually set the stage for a a bigger drama to unfold. The saints come home beat Carolina. -- ending their eight game winning streak of the saints would have an opportunity to then go on and maybe -- Seattle again even in Seattle when the stakes are even higher so. Of this loss is disappointing a chapter as this is this is not the final chapter in a book -- written for the 2013. 2014 season. If you and join us with a comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text amber -- -- 7870 unsuited for Garland and Leonard you're on WW real good afternoon. -- dirty politics -- okay. Great what Jamaica a couple points you real quick some something that. Some of the saints haven't brought up an open -- and a lot to say football. All my life where we have a problem. With our receiver. Which separation. With an aggressive. It's -- the skiing. Any time -- you noted that we truly a gift for seeing that put pressure. But commando and be aggressive. We don't -- -- no separation with -- uber cute. All the ball pitched it past that put that leads -- -- to make have to make a -- Every single. And Leonard I also noticed last night there were a number of times when the receivers were open but they had to slow down because the pass was under thrown and that helped defenders catch up with the receivers. Absolutely absolutely I really think to be honest with duke at time -- -- think -- be a pretty good thing. How ever we need to work a look in order to make Mercury came apple all aspects. One thing -- can suggest is that were hampered -- again. Keeper or receiving corps that's. -- and strong and aggressive that demand the ball. Like -- Want bold and or tribute other receivers that know I'll get the ball. LB aggressive and -- -- -- toppled cheating on third down on the black holes or mark would you know step towards a war. The ball and put pressure on the hey I want the ball troop drove the ball let's get the first. But Leonard I think about some of the just -- the great plays that Jimmy Graham and Marcus Colston are made this year where they really have fought for the ball manes are great receivers in and I don't know that you can criticize the receivers in Geraldine I agree with what you're talking about in terms of being aggressive but that's the that's the play that I see from Bremen Colson and others this year. Well absolutely and that particular -- -- but I hope that they even go back into the game and went out to -- Go -- and luckily I'm. He told wish that there was not a copper copper coaching staff to put it out old allies to put him in motion and makes him out where. So -- that it's in -- because. Bigger lie in six he angered only slight bit in the middle that someone -- spot and I can. But the coaching staff need to make -- out some how to run a good one double. And that's -- play -- Action so effective. People who bought out every Anderson back in the days and Meachem. So that would go open Obama being it's gonna happen abroad and at -- receiver can all that they have some separation. It regrets supporters. Good analysis and I'm glad you called the show. You know one of the things that disappointed me last night was that the lack of of adjustments by the saints can I kept waiting for them to adjust even the first half and -- especially coming back in the second half life. I was looking for adjustments that never seemed to happen from Pascagoula Fred you're under BW well. Here are gonna look for so little to -- -- mullah. You know gone -- the party. Look at all. But I didn't let you can't -- A little more employer some times. Dependency to believe their -- -- -- -- not. I think that much dialogue. I -- Sean Payton Freddie is such a great coach about telling the telling the -- of the players I think what if his mantras is don't eat the cheese Syria don't don't don't believe the media don't don't believe when people tell you you're great. And that's been one of the part of the strong points -- Sean Payton -- coach. Well yeah -- You can tell you could tell element usually keep your sport -- sometimes -- poor girl you know just like in the Super Bowl -- when he told by Jerry Kelly who didn't change -- -- -- -- and all that well well. And sometimes -- have to report and -- You know. We're about from they have -- buying into the theory. We ward show. The world our invasion now when you're this fall in the -- In New Orleans that he taught the game we're playing for home field advantage throughout -- we're gonna show. Everything we could shed light on what took. I would -- was fluent in the -- drop out when enough. Regrow and they are -- -- your gear then I'll to a free logo. When we got the ball back and the Gerber hobbled tyke and him for such doubt that that they are important. I certainly was usually hear what you. Like that and we weren't able to answer anything last night friend I'm not going to call. From Baton Rouge Samuel WW LA good afternoon. It'll pop on notice -- nine -- discussed on the Baton Rouge sports channel coming here to New Orleans. And it dawned on me that we really did not. It's -- that hit the read option plays that Wilson running where he was handing off to that they running running Mac. We kept concentrating on him. And when will pick up -- where they go it he'd made. -- the only doing. And the other talks you brought that out you know. It may play a little bit in two to watch on -- -- and doing it because he's going to be playing a quarterback who runs the read option. A hundred times better than Wilson does next week. In in Cam Newton who -- twice. Quite well so that maybe some. Small merit -- watchers saying referenced in the actual hole and to win that debate. But there was so much riding on the game in terms and -- home field event. Bill Clinton with the saints would have been have really gone out to win the game so I just a theory that came up the story. Do agree with the -- call that it was very simple to beat him because it would put us in a home field advantage. But until we can immediately tell. -- that read option with a guy like came news you can bet every dollar out we will lose the game next. Because if we have been done -- I would say -- the fiscal played there Green Bay. Today they would it would get a cabinet. Failed in and that's enough apart or not you -- code it. You can always in the NFL ruling now you can go quarterback -- read option because he no longer walk back. -- running back and stop -- -- cabinet. Like that read option when he got drilled a couple of terms. And it is important we all different. We're gonna lose next week to read about it which. I didn't want to mention that could we did absolutely nothing to stop -- Running that read option and made it funny guy out -- that would a one game. We will absolutely game no matter what we did we did note defense and it'll be sure. Sam I'm glad you brought that up and thanks thanks for calling their there's you know there's no question that what we saw last night to -- Seles will we think about what's coming to and he did Mercedes-Benz superdome this weekend in Cam Newton Cam Newton is a better running. Option quarterback type quarterback then. Russell Wilson Russell Wilson very very efficient. Brilliant young quarterback and I just I -- I love this guy he said something. He says something -- of a pre game interview. That I am never gonna forget I learn something from him in the pregame interview and I'll tell you about that we Comerica after the news here just few minutes. From Biloxi David -- WWL. Yeah I want -- -- -- thing Qian talked about is the they had two weeks to prepare. You know Pete Carroll had two weeks to prepare for the saints. So you give Sean -- two weeks and it you know -- not -- You know that's one. The saints did they they did have a little extra time because they played on a Thursday night so. You know I don't -- I don't think it's fair to use that as an excuse you know there are people who will say that. Yeah it did at this time of the season it's really good for the players to get some rest and to be able to he'll be cleared they're taken a pounding every week at this point in the season. That they're not they're all they're all little sore. So that the two weeks off really does help put to use sometimes teams we'll just have stayed. Just as focused if they don't have a week off saw you know I don't know that's that's part of the game. Rock. But I mean you know you look at it. You know two weeks to study their play -- -- bands are all pants. And you know stuff like this it's -- -- -- -- -- -- site for blue on the board did it on every place same. David I'm -- political show and thanks listing here's a text if you don't have anything nice to say that shut the blank up nobody wants to hear that BS. If you know the one of the one of the problems it to people having generally is that they failed to. Look at things that should be better they feel to look at things that should change and he believes in them. They -- and isolated bubble. And they just think that today everything around -- is wonderful and and it's very important for us as stands as what we do his fans. -- for important for the saints to take a look at what happened and to reassess. This idea that you you don't criticize you don't point out. Mistakes. And that's wrong with the your coaching a football team or raising children. We're trying to -- your self on a daily basis. This could bloggers on our website at WW dot com read it and share with -- saints fans hopefully will help you out a little bit it's titled tough loss. -- -- -- It's on the front page under our opinions at WW real dot com. Let's -- what I eyesore closeup of the the customized ear -- the noise reduction earplugs that Drew Brees and then the players are wearing to deal with their crowd doors last -- Seattle. I thought you know it's something new -- your -- I just don't see how that would would would benefit the players you know I guess it's supposed to cut down on the noise obviously. But -- pretty constant reminder to me that you were at a disadvantage and I know that it in doing the show there -- times -- I had to use a different pair of headphones or or something is is is different and it really does throw you off tonight. Just thinking about those earplugs I realize this seems like a small thing. But you know let's remember that that above and beyond the statistics above and beyond the physical match ups of a two teams. Is a psychological factor. And in sports history shows that the psychological factor of the emotion. The motivation. It is actually more important then than the physical match ups and the saints were totally. Out -- emotionally. And not mentally last night. Here's a Texan Reid says school when coach -- Sean Payton revealed to the media that he had contacted Brett Favre to get advice on how to handle the crowd noise by wearing earplugs. I knew that he was not confident in his team playing in Seattle coach Payton has been in the league long enough to know that that you showed that he in the team we're not confident. From Baton Rouge Tom this year and -- WL. Spot -- agree with the idea. That comment on this does the coaching 101 coach is responsible you know the -- giving the statement that there. Distinguished not prepared to play they didn't have the will launch didn't steal to get the job this -- cute he broached. Coordinator -- as the actual patent and you know you economy place it and go. There was so much it's -- -- from a revenue standpoint. From day. Going to New Orleans from -- big standpoint I just feel like the team is really most. And and Thomas -- seems so obvious from it to me it seemed obvious from the first plane you know I was hoping for adjustments I was hoping for a comeback -- but it was seventeen to seven I thought to another touchdown it's it's fourteen to seventeen emotionally. That's gonna lift at the -- but from the very first play from scrimmage it was a apart on an electoral from a from a for a loss it was just it seemed to be so predictable and such an indication of what was to come the rest of the night. Actually. And I'm proud and so open up the middle to loosen them up with the perfect it and you know you don't have a -- -- on -- type wrong. They had you know PG -- Obama but. You know you -- -- -- the children the -- -- that play into it which you know this didn't really -- It was a it was tough to watch Thomas a budget called for Amanda's bill Robert -- WWL. I Hastert first on -- First operation which sent it to commentary. For the most part we're right on you know political overall view -- that but it took place it was a perfect storm. That they ran into I think that. They're well coached. The -- Think that way out. Happening in the game you know readers -- you're lucky yes well they prepared for that gave. She was wary of that game and ball. Bounced their way every which way adorn. The saints look barge in the from the get go look like they want prepared. That word that opal well and it looked confused. Yeah and and it just it it was. The whole ball five. From the from the first play all to set the tone for the rest of their. It was just an error and are frustrated -- a little bit and Sharon great. It he was out coached -- -- was out coached in the playoff game we -- Seattle there and he Lugo coach against the Seattle. Threw everything at the very. And name and in the sense. What predictable out and they want him in calling the plays before -- rare it was that -- the. Well and it's also predictable when you see certain personnel. And I know this is such somewhat predictable with every team -- when you see certain personality game you know what to what would play the saints are gonna call in -- if you and I can figure that out you know the other teams figured out. Absolutely so it you know. You know bottom line and I think I think we're going to be at all I think we're going to be fine I think you know we you know -- -- Carolina areas we know. Well we're up against there. The home go home field gonna help person I think will be okay. I think now just like you -- saying we -- put -- behind that you know. Removal anyway this -- college -- Arctic -- commentary was was pretty mark right on. Appreciate you saying there. Robert I appreciate you calling us the scoop blog it's a trending on our website write downs titled a tough loss for get over it. And it might it might help you if you're still I'm still in pain because of the loss last night is on the front page of our website under our opinions that every W delta account. Before I get back to word your calls a graphic a breach of -- before I get to the spray -- and that we're gonna effect or your calls mortgage tax. -- is something that a Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson said last night that really impressed me. It was a taped interview before the game and a reporter asked him at these are not the exact words but a reporter asked him something. About are you surprised at where you are in your young career and and all the you've accomplished -- was that this was the fourteenth consecutive win at home. For the Seahawks and their Russell Wilson is a phenomenal young quarterback and the so much talk about size. And with Drew Brees who he's even shorter than Drew Brees soul. Contrary to what many believe in pop culture. Size doesn't matter. It really doesn't. And if you can get the job done you can get the job done and it look at Greece is certainly part of the smaller quarterbacks in the NFL. And look at the records well Russell Wilson is also showing that he can do it he says that he is. He is admired and and -- it tried to I use Drew Brees as a mentor because he he does have some of the same physical attributes. But he was talking in this interview about did he ever when he was asked basically did he ever wonder how far he could ago. Any talking about his young career. I thought it was very profound it's something that I will always remember. When he said. Why not me. You know so often in life we think about. Well you know I mean I'm not going to be that lucky and again it's not just about luck but sometimes our attitude is. Well why me and he -- why would that have it was happen to somebody else but not me. -- Laughlin said last night why not me. And it made me think about how I could change my attitude in life in general and you could change your attitude by just thinking well why not me. It if it can happen to anybody why can't happen to you. And I just thought that was a reflection of a really great attitude of and upcoming star quarterback in the NFL. Why not me. And why not do. -- is coming up next you'll want to Clark from one to four today financial crime scene with saint James parish sheriff really -- the biggest problem. Heroin and crystal -- plus urologist doctor -- bomb. On women and men's health below the belly button his book is titled what's going on down there it's wrecked by doctor Oz. And if it we have all pondered that question -- suited for Garland and from Metairie butcher and -- BWL. There's probably -- it by Google go to step -- -- -- so Purdue and their first. At oak trees. We don't -- we can get their retreat stereo. Didn't. -- Deutsche route through a separate Q school in order. And Jimmy perimeter during. Your particular. -- spoke Crockett bowels. Overdrive -- -- a bit stop and what general. This seven people -- Here it was soon it was -- Seattle couldn't do any wrong in the saints couldn't do anything right. And as we talk about their failures of the saints and let's not forget to talk about. The Seattle Seahawks as a very very potent football team especially in that environment. But as a -- but as as as the saints and we know you got to do more than win at home. -- -- -- brought up it would and that they're all their work match. -- medal teacher and put it against. It would have been. I'll butcher -- right you know we have got to nine and three I mean I I appreciate your call it again let's not look at what we don't have. And I don't mean that we should be satisfied or -- somehow pat ourselves on the back for failure. But let's look at what we do have -- nine in three and we can still. Control our destiny. If we beat Carolina this Sunday night we can still win the division and we can still get to the playoffs and the Super Bowl here's a text about the earplugs. It's not just a mental thing. It's a foreign substance in your body that you have not had a chance to get used to bad bad idea. I would agree that the think about it think about if you had decidedly do your job with something foreign in your ears. It would be a reminder that what I think it would just throw you off in and I I can relate to that because of of of what I do in times it. But I've had something thrown at me that was different right before I went on the year a from home Eric here on WWL. Cancer. And I'm good -- Probably the Seattle. In combination -- shouldn't. Two great corner. And that's -- -- on the they were not done it. -- There and bring it -- you build a global. I think -- Seattle. Broken broken aqueduct. Race. Drew Brees. -- That was totally different -- job on a year in. Common than it. -- probably didn't yet have a good game plan coming up yeah. Eric do you do you. Do you believe what some people believe -- that is that Dick Shawn Payton -- his who was treating this almost like a pre season game because he was really focusing on the game with Carolina Sunday night at home and didn't -- show anything that he might showing that game. The net short. -- -- its -- that we were having a bad connection it sounds like we lost a connection ever gonna come right back with more here's a text that reason Jimmy Graham was open all night breeze would not throw to him I'm still trying to understand that. This has been our cathartic conversation on this therapeutic Tuesday as we continue to talk about the saints a surprising and shocking loss. To see Ellis it's not just that they lost it's really help they lost the saints are landing at about 230. At the airport in an encounter. And there's -- suggestion earlier it is taxed. That if you not working and if you can go out and greet the saints. Because. I guess they need that collective fan hug right now. But I don't think we should reward a poor behavior. By its let's encourage the saints and let's be encouraged as finance the saints are nine and three. And we still. 70%. Say that's what did it 17% say coaching and 66%. Say. It was poor player performance and that's been our W property -- of people got a text here where do you go greet the saints at the airport. Their landing at about 230 and if you if you go on veterans highway eight. -- and you go we're better highways actually like ends instead of going to the airport to just keep going on veterans highway an answer commuter. -- area and that's where the points of the saints playing will be and you know it would be nice of people showed up there because it. It's not that the saints need encouragement. But it's always nice to have that emotionally encouragement and and the team needs to get over this loss I'm hoping spent time in the long flight from Seattle to get over -- and the fans need to get over this as well. From uptown James and got time for quick comment. Yeah I'm sure -- we need direct odds Drew Brees pretty much went to a certain area quote. A peek at them and it's been eight years and we need to recognized her. You know some of the problems the navy would Drew Brees. Passing performance. He's still a great quarterback. We look at their future aren't that bad where in the future. That some of the -- pipeline or pretty bad that you would drop in both feet and you know any. A lot of and then putrid. On performance or -- Your James I've I agree I'm at the end of the show and I appreciate you bringing that up and I think it's fair to talk about the issue payload Drew Brees and and respect all that he's -- he's a great player still has a lot of potential last. I think about the records that he has he has set. But it Drew Brees consistently under through receivers last night that wasn't the only thing that led to the loss. I'm Angel is coming up next -- -- think Shelden Williams our studio producer. I tomorrow I will talk about how we might set the world record in the Mercedes-Benz superdome against Carolina. This Sunday nights I've suits have a great day what you're doing --