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12-3 1:10pm Angela, Crime Scene

Dec 3, 2013|

CRIME SCENE—with St. James parish Sheriff Willie Martin. Their biggest problem--heroin & crystal meth. We find out how they’re tackling it.

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Hello everyone I know we've been a little consumed with that game last night and it was a huge disappointment. But you know me I'm always looking ahead we got another game ahead we're gonna do just fine we've got a great team and it wasn't their best night. But we know we've got the best in them. So we're just gonna look ahead. We also we're not gonna talk about the -- the next three hours we're gonna talk about other things. One of my favorite segments is the one where we invited law enforcement person to command. From a different parish to give us the scope of of who they are what they're doing an -- introduced themselves. In the second hour we're going to be talking with doctor -- bomb doctor -- bombs -- very well known urologist he's written a new book. About -- this is where everybody's gonna have to -- very open mind. He's going to be talking about. Pelvic area. Both men and women anything you ever wanted to ask. This new book has been highly recommended by doctor Oz and that always says volumes to me respect him very much and then in our third hour work in the top two. The new Orleans police monitor this is a woman I've wanted to meet for a long time. And some things are happening so we're gonna be talking about that and we always want you to call in and either ask questions or make a comment. The show is yours. But as I said we're gonna talk start with. Law enforcement. What it's like to grow up in a small parish and ultimately become the pair sheriff. It's what we're going to find out today as we visit with willing Mark -- -- saint James parish. Born and raised in grand point Louisiana he graduated from -- high school and worked at Kaiser Aluminum for fourteen years. Before deciding to run for share. Well it's been 23 years and as sheriff really Martan has seen many changes. We want to know about same chart James parish we wanna know about the crime issues it faces. And we want to know from sheriff Martin what we wanted to know from all the other sheriff's we intervened. Which is are you still having fun. Just this ornamental country local candidate good that is Paramount -- It you -- -- when you're enjoying your life. Yes been very blessed to have a sort of brought him. In a community like a live man and it's mostly an agricultural community where -- born and raised. Group -- small form and Nam you don't know and everybody in the communities. There's this a good life. And non I'm I'm really pleased with the position I'm in now serving the public -- Let me ask you were at Kaiser Aluminum for fourteen years what was the decision. To say you know on -- you've been in law enforcement in any capacity prior to. No I haven't time and I know a lot of people find and that is odd that an individual could be elected to position of sheriff. In and a state of Louisiana. You don't shares studios and it's not just totally law enforcement. And I think. You know a lot of -- -- general public at the end of the day has final decision and I ran against individuals with law enforcement. Backgrounds saw off felt very honored and now blossomed and you elected to a position. And and nom Nauru is certain rules challenge but the decision making going into this close. Of -- known come from a law enforcement Famer in my local laws of the -- of follow for 32 years part two my first. Senate run for political rituals of successful. And so one he announces retirement while people think that. Owls got a known by him to run for a position that that was not the case uses surprised. To -- me come to his house and on that knows. Approached by several of his employees. To consider running for the position. Long story short term now several times -- Mehmet -- talked me into. Going for. I was pretty active in the community are very active would a lot of civic organizations very -- was local bonds are far appointments so long that you're seeing an appalling. Sermon and a lot of different capacities. Playing with a -- run for public office of which was not sheriff applicant and -- -- parish council. And -- was convinced posthumously to position that the was going to be vacated by a -- or did he endorsed you he did and -- and I was in 1987. And -- unsuccessful race. But don't you willow -- and it's along you know give them know you republic really. Understanding how politics -- in the small community. Ignored family connections and live long friendship and what all I don't falls to -- and political racist and now you know after that defeat. Not lose encouraged. I've been still. They don't -- friends and families to maybe do it another go if seven miles of who became a different line. Was not gonna seek reelection. And at the time he he he confided in me that he was not have to serve one term. Began another campaign and have been successful and have not stopped and have not stopped him in in in Louisiana. The bombers and not just law enforcement you know we have such a civil. Agenda also do with the civil tax collections and things like that is not a comment but cutesy -- want to come from a business section. Morrow you know someone who has a lot of knowledge and you know there's some law enforcement to serve as successful share. Well we've certainly learned a lot in the last 23 years I'm sure. Tell me first before we get into lecture facing crime -- -- -- tell me about the pair actually what are the boundaries and and how many people. Carlos and sentenced -- is so small compared to you know. This area annual Ontario we we are nestled right between -- -- Baton Rouge we are 22000 population. Mostly agriculture rule but very strong and cultural base so a lot of job opportunities then you also. It's a good place or to live in memories of animated and you know good education systems. I think that you know it's not a born population soldiers still have that leaded bat. Atmosphere where you can. You know you're neighbors and use you know you. -- you go to the store you see people you know you go to ball ports and seeing France and you know you get involved and all the events like. You know festivals and things like that has just so great community that the living room and think that. You know. -- people missed that 11 good thing to -- -- parish. They won an -- what's in saint James give me -- name of a town in on you still Paramount. We have to incorporated consulates in -- we have. You know -- communities of Eritrean. Noodles and James and you know convent and -- we -- -- appointment so. Most of the time but it don't ever maybe of the city's -- Guerrero particularly when more vocally you'll plantations from him. You know the and several beautiful pieces of property and and and some all places that just about time. -- so you know just places slippery. That people recognize goals my remarks. But I don't realize this policy engine. Let me ask is homeless house and who was is right past it's been sent to. It's it's and -- -- about two miles an art -- you know what actually went there this week with -- reports beautiful place but beautiful ride -- yes and so -- sure. Saint James was in there it's just. The biggest difference ethnicity nobody has its own kind of beauty and exactly what you're talking about -- a nice place for you to grow -- yes parents. No -- no not heavily populated so you know well policing them in a community like that is has really come nominal UP. Absolutely. When you were growing up than me sixties and seventies what was the crime van. You can hear a lot of crime you know of mole who share and so. You know I had column. A ring -- seat. To some compensations. In a family gatherings about you know what -- who may have been. Working on one big investigation little things like that -- something big happen everybody knew it but that wasn't. A weekly thing. And yeah every non and you would hear of something you don't suitors. Emerged. Something like that but. For almost bought a few years -- dual community issues of you know some drug violations and something else and David Britons here remember it it was community what you'd end up elected -- to go to bed at night. That's somewhat changed now you know I was about our society is not quite like that anymore but we have grown up one -- -- -- -- -- we want you know and -- -- grown up and host -- doing their recognition you know Wal-Mart childhood you know windows open front doors locked. And unlock screen doors only. You know more about anybody come on your property and you know mister Anderson. The biggest worry hadn't -- has there been any cool breeze to restaurant where we are talking with sheriff really -- of saint James parish. Really about his community and growing up there and running for sheriff and maintaining running for -- in their 23 years. And it just sounds like a sort of a delightful place took to grow up -- live now. But to have crime it is and that you are insulated so much that you haven't. That's Greg and norm and you know we've been really blessed. I have not had to do with violent crime as much as I received what some among neighbors or -- -- And one you know you invited me to commune in -- hope America commentaries that. And a look at the constitute a six and I'm talking about the real measure. Crimes like murders and you know all robbers and rates and things like dad that I could sit here and boast about would only -- one homicide and over three years. And an unfortunate -- this weekend. But. You know we. We have been blessed in regard to violent crime not being a major problem not something we've had to address but we see what's. Gone on around us and recognize and that potential that its it's concrete -- from. The two major cities Ben -- in new long's new polls on who watched that. We try to keep Paulson in the neighborhood Mittal on how well root problem spots or. And really in Brussels concerns we hear that the calls of the public to help elsewhere in a certain type of problem. A lot of it when we Saddam we study -- on -- sheriffs and Mirren law enforcement community. -- about -- directly related to drug activities and most say James -- grew as we all we don't. Would we not immune to. Not have to do with some of these issues and. And -- -- what every law enforcement person we've talked to has commented that in the last year the heroin overdose an unbelievable. Tragic and and do you have that issue. I am no documentation over and over duel situation but we see you all over the state of Louisiana and we hear about it every week somewhere else. Another jurisdiction but. We are noticing more. Information coming Taurus through informants and through you know maybe anonymous tips that. Perelman is now here. We had just recently -- first case not as difficult part to really get -- bottom some of these cases. But we have just. Successfully -- an arrest and and all Reese saw as almost a major threat in that area. But the crystal meth has been -- while now and the marijuana of course is always been known presence of Paul's been there. Our real concerned with the most of the younger population is a synthetic drugs yes we've done -- pretty decent job I think and to put pressure on new establishments that we thought they do actually get in -- You know but so we know it's coming in from. Off outside sources. We will continue to be vigilant and -- keep pressure on -- That particular topic we argue but you know we see the problem arise and we think that. It was a a couple of things would you point a finger at you no longer have the type of sentences from the consequences for doing. Aaron -- did back in the sixties and seventies. Crystal -- not a production of crystal meth has become simplified. These stole one would call these little shake and bake labs. Have you found any land we have had a few and the last couple years in London and blown up nothing just something never had an incident like that. And for the longest we really didn't think that we had a major problem with that we would dating -- met throughout -- we were not coming it would -- -- locations. But but now it's some movement target community do it and -- liter bottles and Mary -- and it could be missed a flop and and removing it immediately. And so -- and polls on that in China on track down and the recall which is always talent. You know one of the benefits of -- growing up there as you said in the very beginning is that you know everybody. And so is that a benefit. When you when you know families. And you're starting to see many another generation that family taken a bad road. It is it is you do you literally physically go there and saying. That is one of the benefits of being an and a small parish where you know everybody you can still going today areas where you know you have problems ultimate family. Elders where you know you have a prominent family and you could talk Tom about what's going on which someone in your family. And you can hold that they can take some immediate action and help you address -- and we always to government you know we gonna aggressive more women you know. You can help us get to bottom and a cement roof do some invention. In a system would inventions. All we're gonna come to him with the enforcement efforts and and -- -- but knowing families. And going -- families. Working with the churches working with the judicial system that judges. We have several -- -- programs and trying to address these issues and our communities and it may have benefited from that. But still you gonna have sum problems I mean some will not hear your warnings and won't need to -- and send you gonna have these issues to deal with but. Think -- mattered and in Paris is like saint James where you both people. When you try to hire local people. I'll like the fact that mine employees or port of the community to have so that stake here and wanna raise their families here. They go to ball ports -- grocery store someone might pull them aside and speak to them a bottle problem in the community. Where they may not Muster up the guts to call the sheriff fossil wanna staffed until something but -- no one neighbor down the streets police -- And I want to tell him what he needs to be a public health so bad that matters in the community -- management. Do you have you have your own jail. Yes we do and do you have state prisoners yes I don't have many you know we we tried to mom until it's has -- -- -- bits. And and as you mentioned earlier when we're talking about seen a lot of change in 2223 years I have until the top one. GO wheels fold and -- always trying to figure out who gonna let out today who can make room for someone who has more. Follow offense also wanted to do something -- That was a problem for a long time back in the nineties and maybe you -- 2000. But but recently. I considered says okayed the deal not so. That's a good problem for a share of its -- agree that you don't have full deal -- all have to told the panel on. State revenue to house state prison system making ends meet my -- soon. So. On any given day him right now I think on average and if I had to give you a -- -- aboriginal -- needed five people imprisoned. -- most of -- detainees awaiting trial. I have about 52. A -- state prisoners on hand Molson time and -- from a work release programs to go on and help clean public parks and do roadside cleanup in the literal statement and and different little projects that we can do in the community and public benefits from. So. You don't have the prison. There's not a major problem for trying now but we do have outreach also. Through the -- We always working with family members who have members and announce you. To try to get a magnificent narcotics volleys to try to get him into some kind of rehab program. And we do it often even prior to them on court for the -- particular crimes and their violations. Now court system looks at that favorably and a lot of time give them a lot of relief on her sentence and and some cases maybe just give -- credit for time served. -- doing in a long term program so that you know hopefully railroad the benefits from an -- lesson that's a second chance to ride and and so we do require at all. And non you know we had some success premieres on that though not quite as successful. Do you have issues with robberies and things like that because of cry of we drugs we do you know and and that's where we see if any thing we've seen. A little bit of an increase tennis in the property crimes. And the senators where you know someone stole home or someone stole Wheaties or someone broke and the house and maybe pushed the windy humid out -- and you jury and instead they can get rid of -- to support drug habit it has become a pro. I think this is why I love this segments so much that one I like to get to know people that too. I think crime is obviously every poll ever done shows that it's the number one concern of people whether -- in saint James or in Orleans parish. But it it I'm always interested to know what law enforcement people who live it -- -- daily. Think today. Can change can turn the tide. On -- on what's happening in this country in this community. What what are the root causes of this. That we could possibly -- When we possibly. Can apply herald trying to figure out how did you get -- -- problem or what really is to root problem. And you know we we said -- as executives of the north sheriffs and chiefs and try to figure resolve. We go to training and we talked to all staff personnel we talked -- deputies on the street. And you noted. And the other day gorgeous. It seems like you always coming back to. Type a neighborhood you you've grown up and is there any guidance and your family. Or are there ways that you could intervene maybe two to assist families that are really in need. Been struggling and the kids -- resorting to the streets and violence to -- So to fit -- always feel like they've -- means something to a group of friends. But. And saying James does it come down to what we do best we know our community we know while people -- -- and and we try to reach out where we can and in of these. With families. Where we -- we certain that there are some problems and it it makes me think back to -- in early ninety's when we -- -- -- gang activities. And we pulled one of the guys off of the ruled him reacts to him and you mission now it's going to be that if if there's a little bit graffiti written on us on all -- anywhere in this parish. You know for no way it is into the bottom of it. At the end of all of that -- we had a book of information. With kids who are more warn of the gang members then there really were -- -- We we saw Ramallah and we -- local pastors involved and we saw novels -- and in more cases than not we phone. Young ladies Connery as young men without -- we found. Young men who didn't know a lot of survival of the thing going on than hang out -- bodies. And whatever Coach -- do they do it and obviously. You follow on the negative influence. One would talk to do things that otherwise have to have some structure and family may not have even been there. So and -- -- possibly -- enough to try to find ways to address those issues we we constantly reach and I'll tell passes and saying -- -- to help with this problem. You know and and always say this has come. If if we sit back to tolerate things we're gonna give him exactly what we tolerate. -- and I think this is a comment that he made in the commercial. I just I think that is so profound he'd get which should tolerate. Yes and if we sit back and we just watched crime happened and don't be a part of the community and do the right thing. And I'm not saying you after being named to come forward you can give -- anonymous information you can call anonymously or you can. And that's what alike above our local people who grew up from the in Paris that. You know they have something at stake when they go -- to local -- someone might talked nominal parking lot. And so look I know you work share really hope that you can just listen for a -- this whole problem in my neighborhood -- you can. Maybe -- two deputies on patrol make more passes or common help us address this problem so. You know it's up. It's just where we have hit the bottom of things strategies parachute didn't buy in of the union not tolerate. Her but if he sued if you sit back and you just watch it happen. -- -- you not know like neighborhoods in Lebanon because you lost control over it. And as a point wants to lose control how do you give -- -- I think that's not -- much of on you can't lose control you've got to find it is long instant it can't would you go to parents and say you know this is the issue. For the most part would you say they are understanding and appreciative of the help or our day in denial saying elections just being kids. I think for most -- do appreciate you trying to intervene not think that they do sometimes don't know how to turn it around in some cases. You know Paris wanna be a friend today kid instead of malvo colonel guidance and energy -- disciplinarian. And and household. But I do generally believe that -- they appreciate. Some elements and but just don't know how. To address the problem and sometimes there might you might come across somebody who also throw blame. And so you know there would be market alone he would be out there are almost out of things we'll tell us about it. Who's not leave you -- let us try to help you address that so. But it's it's it's constant it's a moving target you know it's Seattle -- -- human factor and we got there we do it every day. But at least knowing that we have the type of community that. -- they intervention is important to them they wanted to get to the bottom of no one wants to -- to be in trouble. They allow us to get involved. You know hopefully we reap more benefits from that and. No deal -- and not looking into electing enemy that's right you know sheriff -- Martin are very special guest sheriff of saint James parish and we have a caller Greg you had a comment or question. Yes thank you Angela congratulations. The sheriff Martin on a long successful tenure as sheriff the -- and thank you are Muslim. I grew up in Gramercy archer moved away at eighteen some 35 years ago and one actually really was one of the guys that we looked up to you know back in high school. I'm really happy to see you -- ethnic group of people made a great decision. I want to ask about because growing up in the sixties and so companies -- the -- parishes and Gramercy and much particularly in desegregation was a particularly. Difficult time my my dad was a member of the school board. When we know that happened. And I can remember you know. And in race riots and a lot of tensions are going on even through the time I graduated from. High school 78. And you know that was always sort of division in the in the community like to know how are now I'm assuming that there are a lot better and trying to people like Q and good leaders and and really. But but how open solutions and think you changed. Andre I think for most local mall way and I think did they are not like to -- world that we were called back in the sixties and seventies and some holes. Issues -- happen in the school system and arise it's spelled just read before all time you've usage graduated in 78. Pretty much fell behind us at that point. And I do believe that because of these Coleman now on Baghdad and finally to seven is -- we will get Malone a lot better and and we move on entire adult lives and that friendships that will built them schools. While when we you know once one time you remember boys and girls separated -- an old -- time for all we got together and and friendships built crossed the racial lines I think it meant a lot to today's world and how we live in saint James and how we get along better. And how we address issues together how we're more in each of those concerns. And and I think that's one thing that I'm probably since saint James parish said you know issues come up there we always have to find ways to work through. But people more patient and -- non targets of a bomber problems and try to find common ground and non -- Please you know right now I think that African American population say Jesus probably somewhere near 53%. And known as an official normal white public official off I have a lot of great friends and people that I lean on an African American community. That help us through some of these issues and give us a lot of guidance. Great -- thank you -- very much for calling him. Before the break we were also talking about gifts -- very sophisticated equipment not for small parish and and that that your patrol cars. Heck yes which very helpful. I've been really lucky that we do have a very strong and Austral basins engines cars sold financially jumpers stable. I've been able to maintain a pretty solid budget have been able to maintain. Run an operation. -- in black I have -- Run out of ten and a half million dollar annual budget. We collect and about eleven million dollars and have low taxes from the law enforcement district. Have been the last couple years so we do well saw been able to give -- personnel. Some of best equipment that they can have. To do their jobs and took two point then I'll vehicles now I have tracking systems on and we know well personnel war. At any given time. Equipment and I'm where I can be and headquarters would must staff and we can actually view things have to got to do now on wrote. We have -- communications systems and backup systems. I think that for most awful packed house size. We have as many offices as anybody equal an -- size. And probably some of the best equipment now personnel can possibly have to do their jobs and some point we were that's on Tom put too many things in the core. And we distract and our system one where we have to worry about them -- But we've we've been blessed we we have some good stuff on this from the village out. Sheriff willing Maarten saint James parish is our guest today and you just tell -- something so interesting. You can change the culture you you were among the top three parishes. In the state for alcohol. Accidents. Our poll related accidents and are immoral look and handle statistics whose column on some aggressive -- an embarrassment. We need actually addresses their own and so we rule one of the first agencies as sheriff agencies to actually engage in anticipation and alcohol. Grants some some funding from state to go in madrassas -- won't. And no on prop of disabled successful and to some point I had friends who would tell me sheriff you. Dole too aggressive in that area is gonna call you some problems you know -- ruled in. Quite the contrary now we are no longer in the category that's recognized for alcohol related accidents. And in many different but it's almost like trying to change culture but you know literally -- people who'd sold Mormon you know Hendrickson on borrowed from. You don't wanna know muzzle -- -- human face and it in your duty. As sheriff has to address highway safety issues a -- number one priority right there and we do that and since that we have always participated highways CT efforts. -- report and would state off and on that. We have a campaign right now and try to address of the actions would total fatalities. Unfortunately we had to an arsenal last no more. And now from Martha -- -- -- lot of effort put throughout the state blue ruby participate in and that saint James. And -- him. Stepped up enforcement on -- belt compliance. And of course with the you always see you stepped up effort going on around is now being mean if you don't want people to be saying more protective and you want them to come saint James because your bond art festival is coming to regiment. Financial Cosmo sort of wanna give a commercial -- folks were corner real opinion on Jonas coastal ball far and saint -- Paris is one of our biggest advance this one of the busiest nights of the year for. -- little small saint Jude parish sheriff's office where route 22000 population could -- return until about 60000 people in one night. And we try to keep traffic moving north to wind powered -- or solar market enjoy Visio the event. Put one out the festival's action on the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth. And of course on Christmas Eve is the actual light inaudible off Barcelona group wrote. Percentage terrorist group probably have foretold would bottom wanted to mark -- fob ballparks. A lot that it needs to do task -- yeah others in our favor and now -- -- over. And it will be well let's we'll hope for but also you'll be keeping up check on people -- or not. And alcohol related accidents and there they're just enjoying your pair up right on is that there's a lot to enjoy. So awful on lot of early events that is worth come on visit conceded there's a lot of beautiful places to visit would. -- alien or plantation and memories of folk retreats from man. Don't you know are gonna find any -- people in the world -- Jews perished -- one on wanted to tell people -- -- -- storm. Oh that's a great line come experience -- charm. And how safe it is yes but continued success to you and I appreciate you are always and so appreciate that people who come to the studio so we can get to know them and you are. You are a treasure thank you very very much -- a standalone version I want everybody to stay with this for him take a break for. News but to adopt and meal I'm sorry -- bomb. Is in the studio waiting. Because we're gonna talk pelvic health. But now. Not quite yet. Mill -- is a very well known urologists and again he has a new book out in this is for both men and women's health. And in all seriousness and and this is a serious thing. Is that we want to talk about things that people are mostly uncomfortable talking about and my whole theory is one should never ever suffer in silence. And so we're gonna have the good doctor Ron so if you wanna call you know the number 26 zero point seven. We'll wait for that but now let's go to Chris Miller in the newsroom.