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12-3 2:10pm Angela, What’s Going On Down There

Dec 3, 2013|

Urologist Dr. Neil Baum on men’s health… below the belly button. His book, What’s Going On Down There, is recommended by Dr. Oz…because it "made female pelvic health accessible and fun." He says, "If you want to really understand what is happening down under, pick up this book. " It covers the most common female medical conditions--hysterectomy, overactive bladder, pelvic pain, menopause...even vaginal rejuvenation... pelvic reconstruction after having children...and sexual dysfunction. And, the best part, Dr. Baum specializes in men's health down there too--bladder control issues, prostate problems, prostate cancer, sexual dysfunction, male hormone issues & more.

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OK if they show was ever correctly named an open mind it's today because today we're gonna talk about. Men's and women's health. Below the waist. We're all adults and there are physical issues that need to be talked about because no one should suffer much was done in the condition that can be helped. Local urologist doctor -- bomb has coauthored a great book called improve your pelvic health what's going on down there. And I have to say even doctor -- recommends -- and I adored doctor Oz so his okay makes it okay but let me tell you this is a very important book. The problem we should be in every home because it's so easy to understand. Personal welcome -- about. Thank you so much and you know in the past I've been Wiki in front of the TV camera this is my first time to. Have in front of each of us a microphone so I'm delighted to be here well we are delighted to have you again this is both men and women's health. I want everyone to feel very comfortable calling. 2600872600870. If you have any questions for the good doctor. First you'll wanna know what prompted you to write it. A few years ago a woman came in to see me. And I said to her what brings you today she said you know something's just not right down there as is okay. Took Astor a few more question has to let me examine new. I examine her. And a -- size. Swelling was coming out of her vagina. And she couldn't describe it. She didn't have the words. Of which to articulate. What was her problem and I found out that so many women and men. Have problems discussing this in that fashion with the strangers such as of physicians so I wrote the book with the idea. That. People could look at this book become knowledgeable. About their. Issues and problems down there and then go have seen meaningful discussion. With their health care provider. You know it's almost eight cultural thing that we -- our kind of prim and proper when at top when we talk about that area. I can barely say it myself but because it is very much a part of her body is -- it as you have said if if your ankle were hurting you would be able to point say this is what's going on. It's just something about our private areas. That are -- so important. But to even in our 50s60s and sent me is we have a little. A little trouble discuss. Well. It's a problem that is so pervasive. That almost every woman. Between the ages after childbearing. And the age at sixty is going to have. An issue with the tissues down there that she's gonna have men the it's she's kinda have problems with her uterus and may have to have a hysterectomy shipment urinary incontinence. It's gonna have sexual problems the number of women did don't have an orgasm have painful sexual intimacy. Or women who don't have any sexual desire at all. Is huge. Same with men. Men after the age of fifty start having problems with urination and with there corrections. And they suffer in silence and that's why I think it is so important that we have. A book and a program like this so we can get an out in the open and say. It's no sin to have problems. Down there between your belly button in your needs. I'm so thrilled to note that the phones are already lighting up we're gonna talks of specifics but let's start with our first caller gave it. Just a quick. -- years ago an architect. Entry DiFrancesco. Old completely blocked Scott street the chief content but he said. -- -- seedy corners or Jeep like a sixty year old man and -- -- it was about about five years before that right after Hurricane Katrina brought it caught -- where -- You know coming -- scared and I did not like Pete Carroll. And a doctor said that that was our. And he told and large prostate felt like coaching up all of our great. And so people don't Womack. You'll probably relax and it ought to understand this is it true aria comfortable because. You cannot. Truly Egypt truly do you know like what life. And it -- feels weird. Yet had problems with. And they get ladies that add that there -- in forty years. -- never putting it a lot of candy all fullbacks in safeguarded spirit that which makes sense because. You know I mean it. You would opt opt in look at large because out here probably urination any -- really can't be -- -- caught the -- You know I wanna say it out a peace talks boots you know. All told us started importing no parental feature actual article feature helps me -- -- legal and so not a realm. The psychological tropical okay. So we got -- get everything worked out with. Polite -- -- boot her you know -- Any -- and of -- -- -- there because. You know -- wanted to try not being. You can't just say OK I want it now. You know but with all of my my my issue -- like the -- -- prepare hard and actually it is a very crush eating balanced. To try to work reaching out in an all what the light would start a three year old prepared. It's like. Boom in danger sitting there ready to go and it wasn't just our daily workout -- more like -- -- -- work. David can I comment on your situation I am so glad you call and delighted that you are the first collar. Because this is some thing that I really if I don't get any one thing across the day. It's a message relayed it to you and all. Your friends who have a similar situation in that years. That the problems. With your erection the inability to obtain and hold an erection. May com three to five years justices in your situation before you have. A problem with heart disease why is that very briefly. The arteries to the heart are about a quarter of an inch in diameter that's across. The blood supply. To the penis is half that about a sixteenth. Of -- change. So any problem that you have with your blood vessels is likely. To affect your erection before your heart. And so that's why I kind of use the lingo. That the erection is a dangling stress test. And what I mean by that is if a man starts having problems with his erections he needs to see his doctor. Because it is so important that he get his heart checked out because -- heart disease will occur usually. After he has started having problems within his direction says David thank you. Very much for your input on that and I hope I got that are crossed our listeners and limit is there something with his particular situation or is trying to balance all these things. That you could recommend. Well first of all David I would strongly suggest you contact your physician or your your urologist. And get a testosterone. Level. This is a hormone produced by the testicles. That can. Affect your sex drive. Your performance. Your energy level. If you have a problem of falling asleep after your dinner meal if you find you're just I don't. -- I look at it. The problem is is -- what I mean I I actual repeal in my heart are not popular at odd that I do I need to up our right. Thought spoke of there you're out to about that in each side considered part utopian and it should block. Indian on the regiment -- and every day agent you know. Our. Crash door which which gives you multiple fees and actually dated joint pain she says that regiment that he -- -- -- award only her. The art but the way I would bet it is you know with the -- -- I mean after it right there and going to doubt -- be even more. I'm like you know to -- on public into the next day because I might you know that might not -- -- years. What I live for the moment you know I wanted to at least he he he didn't think -- I think it I think it's perfectly safe. If you've had a normal prostate exam. And FO blood test which is called the PSA test and I'll bet you've had that his singing urologist that's normal. And your testosterone is low then if they bring it into normal range that's not going to hurt your heart if you bring it into its. High high levels. You know like some people who are. Abusers of testosterone yes that's probably not in your best interest that if you're under a physician's supervision. I would just ask the doctor could we please. Check that testosterone level. If that Dan is a low ask him if he can bring it back to normal and I think you're gonna feel better your performance will be better. And Europe over all outlook. On life will significantly. Improved a bit. The name of the book is what's going on down there and improve your pelvic health. It's my doctor -- bombing you can get it on Amazon I have to say that this book is about women. And pelvic health but in the works is another book. About men and what's going on down there. But today we're talking with doctor -- about both men and women and I promise you ladies were gonna get to some of the issues but we have another caller bill from Slidell. Or -- -- -- back out until later you're topic. Well this year what was done well. Two years ago. Basically -- I had diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was treated to close early or last year. Like -- has successfully. Our doctor right now I feel neutered. Read my urologist and I can't take -- as Iran. Because it aggravate the cancer. My -- colleges who -- -- -- and as well forget about a black or white and blue. I like -- so I -- -- or do I kill myself for what doctors. Absolutely not you have a potential for putting it all back on track. You know you may not be able to have sex the way you were at twining most people can't I can't. Most people can't turn the clock back thirty or forty years but even people with cancer. Eat my mother was in a nursing home and I was so heartened when I went to visit my mother that I would see. Older people holding hands being intimate. And feeling a sense of contact with one another even though they may not be having sex in the fashion that they had many many years ago. And the answer is even with prostate cancer. Use should be able to engage in intimacy. There are several different treatment options that are available. To you. Maybe you cannot take testosterone. But also there's a possibility if it's -- his two years ago. And you are completely cured in Europe PSA test is entirely normal. You may be a candidate for testosterone. And you are. -- -- -- Yes and so what I'm suggesting TU. Is that talked to the urologist. Talked at the end colleges. And tell them that this is important to you this is something that's part and parcel of -- quality of life. You know just because you have cancer. And you are survivor. Doesn't mean you can't engage in intimacy I tell you you can. I tell you I can't hide or another urologist. Can't make it the way it was two years ago. The weekend make it so you can be active with intimacy. With your partner. And we can put a smile on your face and a smile on your partner's face as well. I have a question it's been a -- -- went either. We our our -- by. Well it's it's hard for me to go over the details of exactly. With the nature of your problem is you know all over the over the radio those would be certainly something you should try. And if you don't have significant heart disease and take a drug called. Nitroglycerin. He certainly contrived. Those drugs -- -- C Dallas or Viagra. So you can be helped. And I think Q jets need to revisit this with your urologist. With your oncologists. And disgust with them that this is important this is that quality of life issues. Debt is important to you and did you would like to have this part of your life restored. I really appreciate you calling -- thank you for calling yes I'm a similar on the subject with women and to out sexual dysfunction. What are the biggest -- -- you where women suffer. Primarily it is. Postmenopausal. Women. Who have deep crease. Desire and arousal the decreased desire is usually due to a lack of estrogen when women go through the man -- -- There ovaries you decrease the production of estrogen and progesterone. And that leads to a deep crease in La -- or sex drive second is decrease arousal also. Related to decrease estrogen because they have decreased lubrication so intercourse becomes painful simple solution. Is so alive RKY jelly I mean that solves the problem. And then there are literally dozens of medications. That are associated with a decreased sex desire and decrease would be go. Drugs used to treat psychological. Problems those drugs are called. SS. RIs. Selective. Serotonin. Re uptake inhibitors. Blood and medicines used to treat hypertension. Pain medications. All of these things can affect a woman's libido or sex than their psychological problems and then there are problems with infection. But there are so many of these problems that I just listed those four or five all have solutions. If it's due to medication. Reporting this to the doctor I never stop a woman from taking her anti depressant but I tell her go talk to your doctor. See if he can decrease the dosage. Change you do another medication or perhaps give fuel we call a drug holiday. Drug holiday means that you go with these drugs have what they call long half flight data last in the body for a long period of time. So a woman may be able to stop her medication under supervision not on her own. Stop the drug for a few days and allow her to regain her sexual intimacy. So these are problems that are very very common in women where solutions. Are available. Doctor -- bomb our guest improving your pelvic health. A new -- he has what's going on down there. Really oriented to women we have not gotten on the women's topics that we we continue to get calls tonight and I'm delighted so let's go to -- and Morgan City and we. I really -- Outlook is already you know in her doctor and I and march of last year I went through that would cancel -- And they rent and seven times great -- doubt about it that we have to take the -- out. So we're being ambiance -- the latter approach great district governor and nine inches smaller and doesn't. They conducted a cute kid mr. now where to pay. But I'm alive. And I'm told about the largest predicting LaGuardia he says now he's still in these you have to use a -- Well look at what our diet doctor here so good and candy. Well I mean and I doubt it this who developed a color competent on the public programs should know I don't know. This is what you have to do you have to wait for the book to get down I don't know. So anyway it's it's what -- pretty good bet you can get -- and I think it is not -- -- hallmark. Brought up in an object. And I have about a -- that gave me Seattle he's used in the same type of doctor. You're prefer mine and -- Seattle al-Qaeda tape that occur that will appeal Q okay. But it's -- all take half of it and not take another. But it is it is sometimes looked -- truth sometime it don't but it is not getting our. What brother. OK let let me cocky little bit about the -- let me explain that to our listening audience the pump is a tube. That is placed over the penis the two did penis is placed inside the -- yeah. And then the error around the Paris is. Yeah pulled out. As a result there's negative pressure and blood will run into the penis. And then it is trapped at the base of the penis by a -- ban. Wind you get one of these devices. You have to have a vendor. Show you exactly how it is used. Yeah most doctors will have a day. When the vendor coms and he teaches everyone how to properly use that device. This isn't something that you can. Go to your -- to get up and pick up and then you be on your merry way. You really have to have instructions on how to use it. -- most men it is daunting. It is cumbersome. There aren't comfortable using it with their with their partner and they often complain. That it won't stay hard enough or long enough as a result sometimes is just a matter of -- -- fading ring. That you are using and if you used a little bit of -- tighter ring there are many things that you can do. Second overall. I you can use these in conjunction. With some of those medications you have tried. The third thing you can do is that there are injections of medication through the tiniest needle that is used by. Diabetic. Men or women it's -- it's about the size of -- hair. And it causes very little discomfort and you can inject. Medicine. That will increase the blood supply and make it harder and longer. For approximately fifteen to thirty minutes so it. Economic and I think we're sure absolutely. The operator on October this year not just me or did a year and it gave back to normal which you -- correct okay. And then been about -- -- -- -- column and read our power upon. Not that I know how to use it now before I even have -- Pol -- operation I used to use or outlook and to -- that power. Okay. Yeah -- where that's very that's a very creative solution I'm proud ready. I'm proud of he had. So that I was here before but now that the pot. And that -- the -- would be your outcome we have to -- it broke OK so on New Year's live rubber but it did not make it as -- as possible. And then when that went up -- those big it's gonna guard your ties ago. They're not out of rob reported that -- sometime pretty good time not. OK but the thing here and get something out of -- Thirteen blockages. In my heart -- CNET okay. -- -- document and news got the heart of a thirty year old me and is that indeed taking medication I'm on blood center and I'm on cholesterol. I'm so good for you look or use your obvious that despise but I feel like down thirty. -- Would you would you share with the audience. Your 74 you had the operation two years ago. Yes yeah. Market this year mark. -- last year would you share with the guidance did you have any problems. Getting an holding an erection when you were in your early seventies. Any no no no didn't. I you to -- Now was so that means you did have some problems -- yeah -- -- -- yeah. Now here is an example again enjoy the same is our first caller. That he had an erection problems before he had his problem with the hard. This is something we need to get across to all of you men who are listening. If you have are starting to have problems that your actions. Yeah those see your doctor you really should see a primary care doctor or heart doctor. And make sure you don't have heart disease because -- heart disease. Is some thing did. Will occur usually after the problems that direction OK well I'm glad capacity and had last thing yet. You need to get the better rubber bands that come deck company. -- come with that vacuum device you get -- rubber bands and I think you'll. -- voted to -- ago just it's something that. On a long period about in. I didn't have any problems have an erection we and our starter and heart problems okay. -- the boards in 1989. Perhaps felt the pain out there okay as for directions six were great big big big admiral I'm that you're -- Okay. Been on how to pay the bill -- on the front I had thirteen blockages were once stand in the air. And I I'm not taken brought chairman and rational medicine. And on the gas right about 404 nemesis and not thought out and -- about the come from -- industry knowledge of people. It -- a handful. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you are attitude yes yes -- just listen or not it is phenomenal -- I would love for us to continue to talk of we're gonna have to move on I can't thank you enough then yes thank you thank you all again going -- And get started arguing. Yes I'm in New Orleans at Terrell infirmary. Okay parliament why -- -- 918454. Line 8454. And and look forward to -- you -- for a and it. I don't. Cotton -- bomb doctor Neil bomb BAU -- BA UM we're gonna keep it on just men today but next week doctor bomb's gonna come back and we're gonna talk about the many issues that women face. Down there. Let's we had one caller who had to hang up but his question was. Penile implants. And how long do they last. Implants are a way of creating any artificial erection by inserting. Tubes into the -- that are filled -- Water and you moved to fluid back and forth from a reservoir. Into the penis it's entirely natural. It lasts. Depending on the usage if you ask someone who has a tire on a car how long does that tire last. Tire lasts so many thousands of miles the same thing with this. It is a mechanical device. It looks natural. It surgically and it is surgically implanted operation takes twenty minutes to do. Now the man can't have intercourse the minute he gets up off the operating Jay -- But he can't go home the same day it doesn't stay in the hospital. They can begin having sexual intimacy 46 weeks later. Now if they have a prostate they have fluid coming out -- orgasm. And nobody knows it's in place if fund the other hand they had their prostate removed for prostate cancer. They will have a orgasm but no fluid will come out. This procedure is paid for by most insurance companies. If it's due to a medical cause and it's not cosmetic surgery okay -- sort of shifting gears here cred from new Marlins. Hello doctor yes Craig yeah I think we also play. And as terrible as we've been married -- must salute governor thing I've taken -- equipment fell swoop. But. Couldn't do anything -- A weak year asking you about restless legs syndrome it okay. I have to to bake off Craig and the urologist. And -- the areas that I take care of our these kids need to Blatter. And organs down there -- between the but then navel in the knees and so it's not something I know a whole lot about. And I'm sorry I can't answer that for you I would think if you goes into that into Google yet been hindered you have Internet. Well why it apparently knew I would do is next week. -- -- -- -- -- I know I knew neurologists and a new row is just. Yet you probably have an appointment with an end. New neurologist. I'm a U. Our urologist I know I'm glad you called let me tell you and call us back if they find out because there. We have an unknown number of people with rational there is an issue very kindly and very much in the sixties and seventies both men and women thank you so much. Very quickly to George. Doctor all about it yes George. I -- me. Award prostrate and -- two medications. -- -- ought to already. Or are all equal treatment shell out as it is at 800. There. Are you talking about the semen volume. Is down or the count of sperm like you're trying to have a child come -- with the -- The volume is down okay. You are probably on the drive you'll probably on flow Max you may be on rapid flow. You may be on a drug called high -- our docs as this and -- correct. Now as -- -- okay. That drug. Very quickly. Relaxes. The muscle. Between your prostate in your Blatter so we knew he Jackie late. Instead of the fluid coming out the end of the -- it goes back in the year Blatter. So that doctor probably has to get -- off of that drug. And on to another drug that can improve your. And help is available. And you just need to be switched medication but staying with the issues of man PSA testing has been the traditional test for prostate cancer. And what -- saying is there's now little controversy to it. Did tests for prostate cancer consists of two things it's a digital rectal exam. And it's a blood test that PSA stands for prostate. Specific. Antigen PS -- and those who were at that time honored. Test for screening for prostate cancer recently American task force came out at me and said. No. It is not necessary. We don't need to screen men for prostate cancer in the blood test with a digital our -- the at all you know need to screen man at all note note testing for prostate cancer. And my reaction to that is. Nobody. Would go and tell a woman that she should not have a mammogram or do breast self examination. And we shouldn't be telling men not to get checked for prostate cancer. Date it is just as common there's 250000. New cases a year. There are nearly 40000. Deaths and man do not have to die. Of prostate -- second most common cause of death from cancer. In men after lung cancer so yes they should talked it wasn't our girl what's. Made them come out with that is that it was just about money how expensive is a blood test but blood tests probably fifty dollars. Maybe the best fifty dollar you spend. Absolutely. And there's no reason that young man between the ages of fifty and seventy shouldn't get a PSA blood -- I cannot thank you enough doctor Neil -- on the name of the book what's going on down there you can get it at Amazon.com. But he's going to come back and work in a tough girl parts. Thank you all for joining us stay tuned we're going to be talking to the new Orleans police monitor for the next hour so stay with this now let's go to Dave -- in the newsroom.