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12-3-13 4:10pm Bobby Hebert: on Saints-Seahawks

Dec 3, 2013|

Bobby Hebert and Mike Detillier take calls on the Saints' 34-7 loss to the Seahawks.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another edition of the second guess joke. Mike it to you obviate fairway at the simple slip Messina beat side and Hancock county Mississippi got Wellemeyer and he has will be on until late o'clock the night in. Certainly the talk of the town than just the thrashing the Saints took last night 3047. Victory by the Seattle Seahawks. Is one hell of a body of programming note at 630 -- to be a special addition of these things coaches show with a very familiar name coming on at 630. Former Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons head coach Jerry Glanville. Will be on the Saints coaches show along with former Saints linebacker Scott Shanle. And at the Saints go to show's finished with at 730 Bobby and return back to second guess. And hottest team in New Orleans right now we talk about on the New Orleans pelicans and Shawn Kelley. We'll talk about the pelicans. Triple overtime win against the Chicago Bulls. It doesn't happen often to me. And it's the first time -- ever done out there and has been a Saints game. But actually had a split screen last night Watson. The pelicans in the second overtime but -- hit the first one but I saw the second went. At the pelicans pulled it out against the Chicago Bulls will have gone home this tonight at 730 talk about. Pelicans -- win three games on the road back out tomorrow night depleted Dallas Mavericks here in New Orleans and and at 8 o'clock tonight. NBC Sports Radio follow -- jobs that shower and his guest tonight. Be teamed up with the formal Wolverine himself in NFL Super Bowl champ wide receiver Amani Toomer. Bob last night 3047. Seattle physically dominated that football game start to finish. And I put this out this morning in and listen I'm not gonna take anything away from Seattle right now they are clear cut the best team in the NFC. But you look at batted at the moment and just think about this into one mile up -- In the final nine games of the season. There was a team that went four and five lost four straight games from. Mid November and took early December Saints beat -- 49 to 24 in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. That team with the New York Giants ended up winning the Super Bowl championship. Last year. That was a team that lost three straight games. In the month the east's number. Played every game in a playoff time along like with the Giants on the road. A team with the Baltimore Ravens back to back years you have seen teams get in while par. Not finished as strong as you might think other people trying to put other people ahead of them and he ended up winning. The Lombardi trophy now but -- honestly that the Saints would be that team but I think overall reaction Bobby is that Seattle this unbeatable right now and they certainly looked at last night. The way they play. But just think about the last two years in the teams that really finish strong. In this thank you go back to 09. A team that lost the final three games that the season. They were thirteen to three football team and a lot of people say you know what they cool off. If they won't win at all and ended up winning everything goes to show you how funny this business is. Yesterday at this time so many people you get across the country was saying let's not think the Saints if anybody can beat Seattle they're the team that can do it. And -- in Seattle just physically overwhelm this -- to that spot so before you have no answer you got to give them props they are good. Before you put the crown. On the kings head this -- back at what happened the last two seasons. Well I think part of the problem is as far as the fan base. We haven't seen that's kind of what bit. Put on our team. That's got to go back in 20082007. Carolina 2008. Christian mentioned is that unique game beat the Saints thirty to seven and ironic that we play with on the night. You look at to me was even worse lost to him -- the scored halftime. We kicked off the -- that we -- 2007 after the NFC championship game loss to the -- party won the pin so these kind of games happen. But realistic. As to what it that you beat the Seahawks. And and and you lose to Carolina Carolina Carolina -- -- we got to stated them Tuesday indicate. Look at where we at right now it -- to be a big challenge. And -- -- -- objective about this. That we have to win at least -- and I think that's communicate beat Carolina. But just on the and I know we can beat him out there. But if you look at where were at the tiebreaker in the NFC. That the -- we we've finished green before I got to be academy and Saint Louis yet and -- -- at Saint Louis but you know that the -- game is. I you have to beat Carolina. At least one time. And -- and then you look at the tiebreaker that we and number two seed that you have a -- you hope that a playoff game. And while I think. We have a chance to Seattle when you when you think about it. Who would have thought realistically. You look at that point spread whatever Auburn Alabama. You sit there if they played a series you may think Alabama would win probably eight yes eight -- -- get artist Timothy listed we'd like you gotta win or. It could be as many as seven games late. But it's only one game. I would truly be an upset. But if the ball -- -- new way. You know you win the turnover battle. The states could pull off an upset if it comes to that and having to win on the road. Now that being said. From the get go if it. It just and that's what I mean it in the first quarter it was seventeen to zero I mean all of looking. That's at the first night played and efficient as we are offensively. We had nine yards on nine please. In after three quarters we had just a 147. Yards and 91 downs. No you can't sugarcoat this. That they just took it to us that being the Seattle -- now. You know that that they can have a big challenge the -- fact that they got to go in short we had to go to San Francisco comes Sunday. On the Internet that the how that game. The full that would come about. But -- the troubling thing in an Oakland team is aware of this. If you look now for. Of the path. Five gains now for the past five games go to the Falcons. Party united Jets and now the Seahawks the -- have not scored a touchdown in the second half. I think about that now all of it is so efficient. When you look for the past five games. Look at Atlanta the 49ers. That yet. And now the field. I'm not even gonna count the cowgirls is that they are like that BP but I have to say that the -- made up like. TV guys. You know the way than that it -- -- but I have thought. Just needed to occur it obviously didn't I thought we needed to win the turnover battle. And you know how I knew what they do when they get it -- at the tax now. -- the little things to me that -- bubbling and I think you get -- the law have to bounce our way. Is that if you look collected a Seahawks game and it's still the case. The -- that the only team in the NFL. Without a return attacked Donald defense our special teams you've won this global we had to have them. Seven retired touchdowns you know Darren Star but whatever all touchdown. With gore picked -- whatever Ramirez now yet against the Jets yeah. That's the kind of being part of all of -- about the only you know and I knew wasn't that you would -- -- -- red -- -- well what Eagles and their tide can't handle it -- Bay's Matt. They catch the ball and they get a tax now that I hit the ball that's that you gotta happen to about luck. Ball bounces your way into -- at any level. Local barbecue we federal what happens -- the ball and popped up. Are pretty good start you. You look what happened Auburn against Alabama fan poll -- so -- that karma whatever you wanna call it but the bottom line it comes Sunday night. We gonna have to play a great game. That's when I look at Carolina. -- -- only given up sixteen points a game we'll Carolina's only given up thirty. So Carolina it to me is even a better version of that yet but we getting a -- all their front seven now. The Seahawks secondary is way better think Carolina with the front seven. Teams have run against Seattle they were given a four point two yards a carry you know we could run against him. But nobody's run against Carolina when you when you look at how good. They are that's like a turnover ratio the one thing. I don't look at young quarterbacks. Russell Wilson. I mean I made it through -- -- -- will have an MVP. I type this season. Now look at Cam Newton I hope we see the bag cam goes tonight that -- can -- and plays great. That that we hard pressed to beat -- I'm telling you that I think he's that good because. You know now -- about saving himself they can beat you with some read options with him you'd have to -- -- -- west can you. You know you got get to -- -- -- Jon Stewart somebody have to decide you came out of all of 4050 yard run. It's -- to get -- pick in June -- give opportunities to run. He can you been up and down more up as of late. At the beginning of the year had a terrible game against the Cardinals with a -- like. Those what he's done this to save us you know -- that if they act right about a Cardinals I'll look at that that game that doesn't think it's worth it to get the Dolphins. He did have a big game and I think it would be it would it took that one drive. And in that being the all the Tampa Bay. If you it was happening -- it was that there and in it it fell apart all know it could be a big challenge. Against Carolina and nobody. Has played the -- better. I played the things better on the short statement read in the Carolina Panthers look it up. We played rating with the 500 vote against the hand that he's well went with it and yet Atlantic City the Tampa Bay we've had and -- did you -- Carolina. So it's going to be a big challenge but -- -- gave wanna win the NFC south. This that this that this but it just the bottom line -- that tonight it's a playoff game. Sunday night if a playoff game so you get to hold that lead to a home game have a bye. It's a big divot that you only got to went to -- any degree to get to the removal. -- a lot more here on the second -- -- right up his breaking on the negates that and welcome back to the second -- show Mike and the about the eighth fairway at the super slip casino beach side and Hancock county Mississippi it. Couple bond business that would be on till 8 o'clock that night Bob what do themselves allude to it. It well put -- on up against the Atlanta Falcons that's just overwhelming when you play division forward and you've got that type -- record. Seven and six. Vs the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Six and six vs the Carolina Panthers now a couple of those games. Were late in the season you got to play in the season now. But just think about that he's a 500 home against the campus. We get -- -- -- like eighty -- with that winning against Atlanta nestled below or you go to 50% mark against Tampa Bay Buccaneers. That's normally what I use economic divisions falling out like it's 500 walked pat betting here that's a game to bubble to burst in Atlanta certainly yes you. On the -- but 66 vs the -- -- does that mean that this team against you talked about him throwing the football I think it's a report. I think the thing I watched him last night is in the sleepy and stop the -- at the running game. I -- -- been banged up a little bit Jonathan Stewart seems to be always banged up. DeAngelo Williams is the guy that's nurse and an entry Mike Colbert came in last week did a really nice job. It how many running backs in San Diego happening get good they've got rid of Paris rolls. Was a really good that Michael Turner they got rid of him Mueller I'll dating back with the Falcons and -- Mike Colbert. So pistols to show you a little bit matchups in this week how. It has been a 500 not pick what you brought up is good if you could split the games and his take care business. Against Tampa Bay and Saint Louis you've got to -- the number two seed which means you can the first week off and how that. Second week at home. Whether -- you have to beat Carolina at least want to -- if you beat him even wife let's say. You can have a slip up against the Rams and Tampa Bay but the bottom line is one Mulligan. And what I mean by that one or laws the way the tiebreaker is working now. But the bottom line is -- to beat Carolina and they got to take it manageable field come Sunday night you know to flex schedule that's both feet twelve noon now it's going to be prime time again. -- how relevant to think that anything about that Thursday night football Monday night and now Sunday night three prime time gains in. And the Rams game being moved to 3 o'clock. So also primetime game yes. Actors would you look at that yet and I'd like to -- albeit later that think the fans. Or are going to now be negative toward Iran but it just that the interest around the country. Be a particular team now. You know they are now all -- accountants -- you know rushing the football. And you might -- we get a pretty good job against them Marshawn Lynch. Considering. You know what happened when the game was all said and done. They had a 127 yards but only averaged 3.3. Thirty yards -- carry. But I look at the first half. With an average basically. A four point nine and a half almost five yards to carry. And and he looked Kendrick fifty total yards that being that the hog well look at what Russell Wilson was able to do it's the -- eight attempts. Average meets -- the start to carry and when you look at this. That -- goes to show you that running quarterbacks are part of our running game. That Russell Wilson's ability to run the football. -- and you look at this. You know he's now OK who's now leading rusher with the saint Pierre Thomas. You know that Derrick Thomas was a leading rusher only had thirty more yards on this season and Russell Wilson. And any any the quarterback I'm just telling you used to always stop Marcelo if you stop their running game though. If you don't doubt everybody who's attempting to run and that's to be the case I know last year in the season. The -- lately it two -- three yards right side and and that's the least bit involved -- -- -- though. It's going to be a big challenge to be an affinity. I mean when I'm kind of -- go with the health that if the Backstreet. Our right tackle. Now -- and I think we going against the the biggest challenge event at the line we faced this year. Is -- harassed all the sun. The order out there and and yet to get it done so I don't know I think we need all hands on -- and hopefully would that UBL to play. I take what the it that it'd be better in the Carolina Panthers even if that line in front seven. Now we needed -- -- -- be getting their running attack is as good as young as in the NFL we yet consider every everybody on deck we'll have a lot more gear with Bobby. Back right up this huge break with it pull it. A lot of activists in -- -- thing about. Us Steven -- and got on -- Mississippi Bobby brought up a point though about Pierre Thomas and Russell Wilson. And I told me gave me an idea because you know all the that would Cam Newton camp that rushed for 447. North this year and six touchdowns. Pierre Thomas who -- 86 yards one touchdown he's the leading rusher for the saint. Against Cam Newton has rushed for 39 yards less than Pierre Thomas and he -- in a football out of the backfield -- running and a lot of until look at all the read option. But I also a little bit. Not by design but made the difference of 39 yards between -- leading rusher in the quarterback. That's a lie angles that's why you have to look at the way these structures and even a college -- a the way. These quarterbacks. They not one dimensional and if they can run that way that would tell you. They not hit it good every week if you get to meet up in the NFL. What you picking tunes and OK we've got to win this game. I think -- Carolina's going to help in the leather you know I've warned his game is they get out candy you've got to do you've got to do. Not now if you get beat up so what it and -- Now they have to think that Rob Ryan never ever buy down their assignment and it stop Cam Newton -- that you came -- -- like a chess match. We just need it was only. I can reflect back to a two or three times in the -- the world that that B it depends on kind of read option. Maybe they'll do you assignment. Russell Wilson has those capabilities and obviously Cam Newton. It please stop the that they can continue to do it. They have a Border Collie cabernet it's playoff time you're dive into the game we had -- -- the Packers you almost ran for 200 yards down. Now you look now this year. They've been playing him differently. That'd be at his fitness and he helped. -- with the -- we get him back. And they -- dangerous team down the stretch -- I talked about how the -- made that run other Ravens did last year. The team to watch this year it down the stretch or San Francisco the getting people back healthy we know that defense is legit. No question about that it was the offense now properties getting a few pieces of the puzzle back. Would Crabtree back Mario Manningham back. -- scheme that if you if you thickened about. A team like the Giants a two years a goal all basically like the Ravens a year ago in San Francisco one half the plate every game on the road yeah everyone. Overall yeah aqueduct considering. You know that they behind him on the can't catch him but. You know I think the way it unfolded so far we would go to calls is that you look at the top teams in the NFC the Seahawks. Saint Carolina and a 49ers. To be. Like top ten -- a lot against any of those teams in the superdome but I don't like document on the road. At Seattle at San Fran our act I catch Charlotte north and I give them the -- that's why I think it's important that we have that on the Tuesday come playoff time but. You know I was we did you -- -- -- -- -- -- mentally you know one of things out -- -- of -- no problem line but. In a bullet can't be rode in the Cowboys can't be thrown and you think back at it last year. The Ravens on the road against then -- down all of a sudden a guy breaks. On the ball wrong. And they scored Jacoby Jones makes a quick test scores ends up winning the game form and bring it in overtime they -- if you go right then to go to New England which everybody says this New England buildings within lead at halftime all of a sudden kick the crap out of the Patriots in the second half. Look how unlikely all that scenario was just one. Gave it to put a whip and it got hot the same thing like that tonight's winning close games on the road and you think there's no way -- -- -- -- that championship game would not happen a whole game and yet we've seen it back to back years. Those two teams have done now lashing at Ravens beat up one home game right they beat the -- At home in in Ramos is gonna last Falwell to sort of speak to Baltimore. But when you think about playing all's games on the road and now almost two teams have done it. I know everybody wants to get the crown the Seattle but watch around you because this week you get late I'll be honest I don't see -- Seattle completed better than what they did last night. Yet in how many times. The best feet and never win anything. Marty Schottenheimer in the charges. This one you'll definitely hit the big deal like fourteen it to this match to lose in the play -- the states and when he allowed a run -- a team you know and on yet they won't matter I mean you got beat. You've you've got beat that -- if you look at -- bring this you look at the playoff loss to document the road losses. Not gonna go at the Bears adequately experts here you look at Seattle and at San Francisco police scored 36. 32 points that he adaptable to lose that's why I thought our chances and hopefully shortfall that will be the case. -- -- that is better what Rob Ryan right now that it was we -- -- I think we took too many chances. It was like these -- famine. But that fly it one game. Get to our -- when you have a chance to create a turnover. Make the play. Who gets hotly yes and I and you can't determine that. That's an -- Ellis should be Auburn nobody would have thought they would have run the table. And ended up getting to the SEC championship game nobody could have predicted that in the summer probably told you wanted to -- the more teams in the SEC. We get the FCC championship game. Everybody if not bulk -- thousand people. 99 -- -- -- wet with Texas seen him -- Johnnie mentioned a -- one Missouri -- it didn't because she's not my hauls always used to live among calculated goodness you go to school with stories Sosa a lot of elements are but nobody else would have done that. And you know here we -- at the casino I'll wanna let the odds were. That if somebody that looked at a crystal ball team Missouri Norman in a plane at TC yeah it does not on business and how would you know what got the -- when -- got -- -- if your dad has not happened. But we'll have a lot more here on the second guess he'll pick John Mike Marten. And it Jason you've seen -- be right with you right up to break unity in seven. Welcome back to the second guess he'll put days definitely helped already Jack -- opinion poll. After watching last night's loss to the Seahawks or -- I'll put it that day. That this Titans -- win the NFC east now. You can catch he'll -- at -- -- L dot com it's gonna pick John habits that he picked on you know how to -- -- it might. Well good afternoon gentlemen we walked just gone down. -- -- -- I don't know if you heard the news report earlier the top of the hour but I sure as hell don't need a psychiatrist or social work to tell me I'm gonna feel like crap after a loss like that. And and it's. I know what kind of a news story is that. The guys I will try to find -- -- -- each week and football and well what you are found out that both Nick Saban. And so I'm pretty human beings and sometimes even the most prepared coaches can be human beings in command teams consisting of human beings. And who you know what -- knows what separates some human beings from others as he could leave a couple of -- And Justine proved first of all from the get go this season when he came back here to what he -- wont -- last year was a -- -- -- That's getting up -- that. In my description could help the saint about all of that old forward will be Rob Ryan and the pats making a commitment to get off the field -- curtailed. Figuring out the read option because Cam Newton come between Aaron and spoke to have a state holding onto interceptions -- white not giving -- -- who's who's where and when you drop or fumble that. And it has -- a -- silver lining in all of this I hope the Saints take a page out of all people west models on the old play book. Think back three weeks ago you gotta be at 15 and now I -- -- -- to Tiger Stadium that's pretty decent actually brain damage I -- football all the national on the subject and taxes and and went and what happens. Tigers' rise up and spank them two weeks ago and and when thriller against Arkansas where fraud and -- has spawned from. A second Senior Bowl and people grousing about -- was shops and need to Cotton Bowl or -- pretty -- a couple. So you know to put those guys is first of all there's more games to -- The bad news going forward is that this sport games ago it's up to the -- right hand side. How they wanna play don't want floor because we have not really look things up well unilateral. Now big John was puzzling. Because of time we've been outstanding. A third down defense in the top five only given up 34 point three. You if you look at the percentages that you any where in there like 3232. Would have missed it there now -- it's like if that were 34 point three on the season. We've been doing a great job but then obviously that was not the keys in Seattle as they were seven of fourteen -- was that we couldn't get them off the field there now but. Like you said I think it could be critical come Sunday night. In an -- yet you don't you don't live to be critical. Because guess the level one team that's part time of possession in the NFL. Would -- Carolina Atlanta and Carolina radically you have to get them off -- there. Big John up I -- -- the -- you know looked and even some of the national people up inaudible looked into its of those shields. What a great job of Maryland -- school teams that did last night. I mean what you gotta give them credit I mean they look like they almost knew what was gonna happen ahead -- not an every not a troll. They did was right. You gotta give him hell and a lot of times he's looked at as the motivated ideas. That sort of setting but Eagles -- places -- coach he's got great assistants now bubbles that a offered support is not a traveled around a little bit. With -- ball but he did a great job offensively and what they did on the defensive side of football like you might say well. Coach is only as good as their talent and and partially that's true but I thought in that setting knowing -- coming but now. I really think that he'd be an open look for getting his team -- not only physically ready mentally ready last night. Looked like we had he had if it was -- chanting Alley here at the defensive backs in the right position we are and where. -- that Jimmy Graham -- you know. In and day out week in and week out these me and all of a sudden the ball there and as defensive back rightly -- and you know course somewhat and a lot of people -- -- -- Chara -- a good reason. But but he got him he -- -- given credit for this flops I mean in the props to god knows that he's he's actually he's one of those. Those were commodities like Sean Payton knows who's next who -- He also knows it is very well -- You know it's -- -- job because in talking to that they go wrong with coach begin with so many years and it's funny after he got five little -- he told me. One of the things -- really wanted to knock -- -- you'll miss fate when this I didn't make it one anymore. And that's what -- -- when you watch Pete Carroll's team it's meant you know it it's a family atmosphere but they look like. -- -- -- out on the football field via an and I think that's something you don't see a lot you know what this points to which Sean Payton. Looks as though that we think are going to be a big -- and a good time and what it. And it's it's still part of -- -- -- and I think that's something now and Peyton have done very well. Thanks so much for the public Albert you've hit it well a lot more -- I can get so wrapped his breaking on the -- seven.