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12-3-13 5:35pm Bobby: on Saints-Panthers

Dec 3, 2013|

Bobby and Mike talk with Mick Mixon, the voice of the Panthers, about the Saints' upcoming matchup against Carolina.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- go to -- -- -- belt twice at the Carolina Panthers nick thanks so much with daughter and us tonight. Our guys hit the pleasure be on with the the famous Bobby and -- and and condolences on. Last night -- believe -- the Panthers have been there it is no fun but fortunately the great thing about the other fellas -- reshuffle the deck in racquet up Aguirre for now. -- I was gonna ask you opening game of the season you guys went toe to toe with him in a slump that's. Describe it to people see that game that would -- what they -- we haven't got that ended up the end just basically a defensive game but. Put people net and see how well. That the Panthers defense was able to control Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch and it. Did a great job just getting pressure realism in the front seven were very aggressive and leads starlet to -- rookie. Inside defensive player three technique -- technique he got a good push him. And Seattle on the Seattle looked line a little bit not I mean it that I got beyond that now -- does that year deal with the -- And artfully state how well the Panthers played that day the Panthers were all right opening Davis Seattle that look try to mean it looked like maybe they were. -- -- the Panthers a little bit further pedal but it jet -- the Seattle beat the Panthers lost to opening day did not look like. -- like that club last night although they do they're very salt in the back in Seattle is DeAngelo Williams fumbled seven yard -- the Panthers were awarded for the right hand. And DeAngelo Williams had the public think it was brown or that not that lives. And it does make didn't Russell Wilson make your crucial play well Woody's -- I'll miss him out of it like eleven yard gain in the fourth quarter. That he really skate through a bit suddenly that was special it if you could recall all of what it happen to help the field -- -- I've tried their rate -- from my memory about that. You got after -- cal point around here to benefit the fan in the last couple years with so many heartbreaking losses but this team here. This team the thing people say ultimately I don't mean that they've they've demonstrated grace under pressure Cam Newton has. Really part of maturity pay to see -- that clock in his head Bobby if you knows so well. That that things operating without alarm it's after his his back foot hits and he knows he's got to do something with -- his his running ability not just a good runner for quarterback he's a good runner for our runner and and the Panthers have had the Midas touch on third down. And medium third short and fourth and short this year. Now make -- of fans get to -- the difference is that Cam Newton has a supporting cast. Over and -- look at last year what happened can you maybe the mindset when yet Hartman. You can play unbelievable commodity that the NFL. It -- for us maybe the running game and you'd -- -- it is the part of the club or piece of the puzzle and maybe make an outstanding player and it became. But I haven't these to do with it well to me. A coach Shula. It should be also coach to get nominated for us it is going to be here we don't we can and put that might that in him. Well that it's almost like we try out for the Canadian player on the plane problems like -- -- -- join your backhand in doubles. Neighborhood cover and all of that you get here economic upfront and now everybody better the bass players the drummer keeping good time that the effect think Camden is that. On the Carolina Panthers conversely. The defense has been so much better this year than it is -- cam some more freedom that's allowed him some shorter field -- and in the pressure not on the Panthers every position to keep ring in the scoreboard because. This defense has been stingy with -- with the number one ranked defense in the NFL right now that point again. -- -- you hold on for the break and come back with the sport jerks like. Thanks so much to -- -- will be back the points at the Carolina campus and we went back on the -- Seve right up the -- We're back on the second -- feel like you have obviate -- so what's the -- need to be excited Hancock county Mississippi on with this mixed. Mix and the price of the Carolina Panthers -- Two quick questions one. Just watch him completely I think he's the best middle linebacker in the NFC today Patrick Willis the Bobble -- take nothing away from the Lee has just played. Metal -- in his second season he was tremendous as a rookie. And health status of Charles Johnson that the incident. Agree with you Mike about equally he's got the tremendous instincts a lot of that the American -- times. It hard to really be the play about play announcer for because -- count you'll see him come off the edge or he'll be much -- -- -- and a gap blitz they're replied does. And he'll disappear into a pile of people they'll be a pass completed in the latter over the middle all the sudden you see number 59 make the tackle -- -- just it looks like. Where committee of tackle for up. So it it's incredible the way he's playing and and there's another -- on this side of the Thomas Davis yeah and then Charles Johnson the Panthers think. Probably it's not a double thumbs up and has probably one thumbs up the Charles Johnson will be able play in this game. After a sprain of the MCL. A couple of games ago. Now make I've ever we're talking at you and back early August and August at training camp about. You know -- hitting in Iraq around NFC south and now where teams are baton. And the projection and mean all of us in you were concerned and number of people while. The Carolina Panthers secondary in the it is not -- you have. A boom well you look at Seattle's secondary their unbelievable. What you look at are you complete the fifth. But is the front seven that good that that's why maybe -- secondary is doing better than people expected. Bubble point as a nickname right now we're at the legion of Abu Dhabi. -- you know because their bye in the stands alone in 29 when he -- relevant point about not on the long history with a month ago. It's been a patchwork it's definitely not a fortune 500 secondary. Great form to come in and new this year -- Michael was picked up. Captain Marlon has had is good and bad moments Mike Mitchell I think up mightily about him no we talked in the summertime he's got he brings us flag that. They're by looking for so long you know that they've they've done all right it's it's been a secondary that has benefited from. From the push of the front seven. And this front seven with the Carolina Panthers I think he has is. There maybe a better front seven in the NFL services and got a great defense we saw that was our own guys but the Panthers are definitely right up there. Mix thanks so much put Joseph on and just hope to see you Sunday you know you're a great atmosphere in the dome and I would say good luck to you but you know not this game. Nobody in the camp we have what's -- -- look -- -- -- you guys counted in the press box I think so but the mix in the boys are the Carolina Panthers.