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12-3-13 6:30pm Bobby with Jerry Glanville

Dec 3, 2013|

Bobby and Mike Detillier talk with former Houston Oilers and Atlanta Falcons coach Jerry Glanville.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- welcome everybody to a special addition of the Saints coaches show like that to you about being there on the sites radio network. Got a guy that everybody has heard about -- what you would NFL coach you you know real fraternity of 32 guys and when you stick out -- The best of the best. You get recognized and he is one of right now on the liable for us. Jerry Glanville former head coach of the Houston Oilers and also the Atlanta Falcons Jerry thanks so much with John -- Well color that stuck -- my -- -- guess it makes the year. It's -- and he is an easy now. Well -- on their forget and that's that when I went to Atlanta then against them -- you know Waffle House endorsement. Right exactly adequately describe me as -- while all -- about Bobby Perry's double jeopardy in a Waffle House they still a. You know I've been a pretty. The and there's there's. Rankin Smith the -- out here and grow and you know while it's not real proud of me. But that's -- Albert in Tokyo. And especially out and they it was not -- Her ratio it was that -- injured you know I think we. And then using an eight years never complain. He that your streak and just can't complain. That. Well our coach Glanville and not tell people look at not like mentors than who establishes it truly. Said that dole -- this great game that the professional football in the NFL. Just talk a little bit about your background it would use the -- deep it is already hitting and you want the original ones. That put it different -- those old dog in the favorite -- -- -- just elaborate on that. As far as I have a big impact what you see -- -- now in the NFL. Why he ego because. At least Dick Vermeil was in Tunisia elements that -- promote the brand -- zone dog in him but -- zone -- use. Terry Glenn will zone -- that the Eagles -- in 1970. Where he gets in the and of course and they talked about the forty -- -- that -- your career in the 4060 cents a you know -- in points but. We didn't call it the 46 of people later on them but he ran reasons and defense surprised what. We're lucky enough here you probably no -- -- -- -- and run back for the Jets. Steve -- -- -- -- and he's the NBA NFL alumni as that was it was in the Georgia Tech. Just -- Like guys are born coach but he years I was with this -- He was born into it and try and take chances. And he's here if you watched the bears' nickel defense Georgia typically run and then in 1960. And -- -- who -- and a person nickel all the dol -- get your talent -- that makes it. We're playing in Cincinnati Bengals Paul brown and you're right there's probably the first linens and punt formation. And then the next morning by phone rang and Paul Brown won an Ohio connection with the years. And it would protect the Garner so we will allow -- -- anger and offered by the good basic you -- or why did this year and I never turn on any scheme and it's somebody that run. But that. If -- be air -- their -- criticism is keeper -- Now I'll put my bill look at that and I remember this guy -- -- him a great guy case won the last. Great white cornerbacks along with decent feel like coming out of Oklahoma. And now is that right -- got there and why I have very memorable scrimmage in Macon Georgia. Between the Eagles in the Falcons could you reflect on that because I've ever. There's that that talk about I'd be politically correct. That is they need to be had that kind of freefall. I mean all the signing -- might make you a headline news all week. -- the Eagles coach Greg Manning but he Iraq. And and so on seven. They start lighten up for a lack received in seven on seven become an -- seeing them here -- you off. But to crown another right dale -- so. By the time we get to do and dean nation team -- -- before you know it. I'll fight broke out that it ended an area people don't people over the fence. -- coaches and we -- an ally is the better ailment and grade. It does -- bottom line could live though you get your butt whipped in -- fight that you don't belong -- this thing. The activities. They'll fight for your brother you don't belong to him that kemba buddy Ryan's senior very physical. And he is playing he was an innovator and he would take outside linebacker will and you know a little coverage. And inflation. Keep in there won't be there. In the end or Marshall. And scrutiny and. -- when you look at level Marshall. I mean I think maybe that was -- that year and I'll look. The Bears could've gone undefeated in needs a little hard headed -- global Marshall -- that or when they lost to the Dolphins. That not having made in nickel guy who will global more so with that talent that now are coached by -- -- the background. Not obviously. That's that you about it colorful character a colorful characters that get that's more of NFL great coach. About dressed in black in the whole thing. But about leave -- tickets for Elvis in Obama -- -- -- -- with these past the wave it may be dealt with not. So fast maybe he's still alive and where to -- about you leaving him tickets at the local -- Last night -- -- treat you like you know. You know. Need that down and peanut butter. In the eighties and -- -- -- How -- play and play and the Patriots. End up for gain an advantage. And and write the word we hear that double halftime. Was dedicated to help desperately for an NFL game being played and just. Chandra or in practice which you don't know pick and church can sit well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can sit here really is to stand and by Ellington like it's down to we did it. -- and witnessed will be right back with broad generic slam right here. On the sites radio network welcome back to a special addition of the Saints coaches show here on this -- radio network. Which -- but very -- all former head coach of the Houston Carlos and the Atlanta Falcons coach you've got to see last night. Saints Seahawks in a dominating performance by the Seahawks. Are your impressions of what you see on that defense that the Seahawks basically they dominated up front I thought that was a huge -- to that football game. And I don't know word culture I know Pete Carroll intact and Pete Carroll went Sammy gets fired and so it was a reward. And he's not a physical guy the -- you see planes I don't know who the defense coordinator is that somebody has brought. -- -- To Pete Carroll's teams. How he's -- he's been good mind I think each team that they never fully. And that's musicality that they're playing now. And desolate and. I was disappointed because sure. You do you know that if you if you look at. This change -- They play regularly. And I think Carolina it was pretty physical loss. But. What -- keen nor does it or not find them they usually the most physical team on the field. The best it's a 49ers errors you know I think I think there's too. Are separated it'll -- so. I I we shot the quarterback came competing. And it's doubtful hollered. He looked like the laundry in the play in house -- in to do with this fight but when you think about no quarterback. Does -- matter I'll I'll I'll -- He gonna fight totally. It. Yeah you know coach Glanville. Look at that. You know high you have to keeps on woods -- we shape Whitney in the born. You know I can never be Carol Lee talk about Minnesota. I remember playing them -- presidency he's the head coach of the Jets. I mean he didn't have any success there as a coach Belichick with the Cleveland Browns mean -- -- with a profit of what we'd be. Coach you know Belichick. Nick Saban was actually people at the back coach. But did you look you gotta keep plugging away you know that as a coach you gotta be persistent. That may be the right place right time you make all the difference in the world. Well it's certainly. Until it's did the NFL network through a week ago in the -- you know why why coach is successful. Just a player you want as stated coach's office. Should the -- there are you know all you want -- -- opposition go to ought to be GM -- -- -- -- that the owner could be. Person guys Hillary's BG again. They're pretty great coaching dropped apparently Belichick would not change our -- clean mentioned in the success. Belichick gets successful when he became -- Pete Carroll in New England was in charge there. Chileans here success fatigued that he was terrible. But -- -- all -- an assistant and go talk to somebody else. And that should make the difference in the National Football League is. Is who are the players accountable ability comparable to some the draft is -- urban accountable to take. Now our coachlight they'll look to me it's amazing. When you feeling man to man you know obviously out of respect on -- -- Jerry did you always -- that's why it's a coach Glanville I mean that that's the way I was raised. But what when I look at was a crucial -- -- -- -- night golf. Football truly being at him as a team sport. But talk about how important it is to have that team camaraderie. Black why you all come together and I can remember and I think it went along way. What you had in the -- during training camp and you call the fact she's the only thing now here -- you all of -- on the all by fact he's the -- probably just elaborate on that little I think you -- going there and I thought it was unique fact he's only is it. Well we're at a player that. It was -- enough for big country had big country Tola. Tenor players -- -- again as the catcher acted he took care of the team and our. I felt you know when you regretted buses there but he actually now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It didn't matter what you did -- -- career and practiced at 8 o'clock in the morning you repeat your. And and and I think your team. I call because everybody. Still talks about archery kids were -- people answer you know you're over thirty years old. You never retreated to do it. Tiger rumor mercurial since. To see you can be used. He coached. It's about for the European glory and mile and and you play scared your old players -- a lot to do it. Nobody. -- -- and Corey trade cancer which is particularly keep eagle on ten and a I think it truly if you -- you injured reached you'll be effecting you guys heard. Her -- a little bit and when you get injuries in and it and I'm seeing me because -- had some injuries. Can buy dinner for each -- -- a pick. We're going to be -- in an airplane in the sizzling eighteen the third grants -- coach and Randy -- America each and fired -- in the years you've eaten -- our -- here today and that's how important. Yeah. Coach. Hold all 41 more segment will be back with more of a special edition of the Saints coaches show right here despite radio network. Which Terry Glenn people we're back here on special addition of this late -- to show on this sites radio network. Be sure and send in your -- -- us -- recycling coaches questions do who detonation at saint radio network dot com. Yeah more southern recycling for a better environment coach the question -- that's and in this week is how -- veteran. And he says about Jerry Lambeau you're known as a very innovative coach how would you defense. A lot of these quarterbacks today like Russell Wilson Cam Newton with the read option. You know I think what really helped me to read option after Atlanta the NFL. I went into college coaching I would think coaches away courtship went and got a really seen her option B fourteen of pro football. And they call it the wildcat but that was going on in college football. For years reports that the pro football and what they're -- they're reading that he senses then. And I found out that it is this this is real -- interview about it as long as I've got to tackle on the inside chill in the offensive tackle I've got to -- its demand Utley and on the ground -- -- -- Of the defense is tackle IQ and control the offensive tackles blocked. Yes to block down on me that I can pull my inside backer outside for that quarterback I can stop that but. -- never forget when this usually go to plate Denver doctors the player options. And. And I talk to -- -- should be you'd better bring -- college guys actually pick the resolve will will take his tools out there. You're gonna -- -- college football so the prepare for that part of the team which is now back into the pro football you jet's been a little time here than it their. -- signed people here outside outside the tackle. Actually has to take -- but -- great architect but all we know exactly your insight Gary comes up for the quarterback he finished up that. Yeah -- Glanville that you detect it buys that that was they hate the it people's career. -- went with the puck goes against the Steelers but. You know let's talk about people I think seen well never nation that go where he could exhale. He needed to be accurate predictor rich in or back here because you know what he would have a career. Go to New England never played anything like -- And then and he's done it those two teams that he shouldn't be so I'll I'll -- Paul 41. Mutual fear nobody is cornerback and you -- and I am actually passed. I think he people the bigger -- or I don't actually on -- -- -- -- -- -- that fact that as a victim. Probably people he would beat teams that field usually you know. Right now you know look speaking they're great quarterbacks coach -- though -- and I recognize all. To me now he's doing a Seattle radio. Work right now with the Seattle Seahawks Warren Moon. You look at Brett Favre a well respect form what he's accomplished. In the NFL but I look at that. What Warren little bitty Canadian football in the Canadian Football League before he had opportunity and NFL. He has almost 121000 yards more than Brett Favre I've never seen a guy -- prettier pass. Then Warren -- even at forty years that they. Just talk about how great -- Warren Moon was and how he he implemented at the runners you -- remember -- troops don't show me a number of film. Warren Moon and how well that he ran that offense -- NFL level. Well it -- so -- better coach in the years owners. All the great coaches -- the record -- right now I don't know coach agreed he -- lowest score very. Collison hit them and -- -- -- prisoners of guru Warren Moon -- -- playing in the Kansas City cheap. And -- fumble was that he reached around you'd have funded. In each done it it's a fumble in the spare him in the effect and then broke his -- Prior to that fumble. They an -- here Korea late our teams in our system was agrees saying it's football. He sits out archery reached an injury and theories of fire. Yet all you encouraged of work better when you've got a good thrower. -- hit it you'll find injured -- Belichick's -- coach -- but he's got a great -- -- he got to -- court. And warm and funny and again. If you drop the ball like all the Robert you call around and that's like her drop the. All I would demand excellence so well late in the cage and Warren Moon you know the he'd come right activate -- he she had I'm game. And and -- I was bad at the slot back from the machine. Warm we come right back and sticking with the ball. And end and he knew he won it in the hole sixteen is. To an end you know -- they come back -- and come back and play he wasn't right. Remember we had done that in the actual talent Tripoli corporate. All around Belichick Brady anticipate here where that why that was going to be cold front and their return to Wear it again Iowa. You know all matched up on the road on the road the wider gap in the pocket -- Warren Moon way to police -- Leland speed but -- -- arm was so good strong -- game. He could you argue that kind of watch and not get the ball he could cure all of the football. Our fans great viral great spiral. Yeah I was I believe a lot -- -- on the matter the condition than -- coach Glanville I don't know. You are truly one of a kind in everyone that -- crotch and I actually feel like we've been the last and that's what makes football also special. And just reflect a little bit right quick about you might be the only head coach ever in football but also to be a race car driver. Well I think that you can't bring -- to gloat and doctors. Coach in a hurry you know because they definitely you know. -- great finally got to do that for fifteen years entry entry thing you know. -- and -- and a lot of arm and hit head. Some good equipment DL -- and we leave Israel -- still courses that. Great wild bill doesn't -- and his brother and he was the engine go so the only way I can compete the end I was living here. And rather Ernie we he would need -- power so I can remember it -- in oh lead in the third in the nation in in. And -- over -- -- well everybody -- 88 -- RPM. -- 94 about I -- I could look in my rearview mirror. To initiate. -- -- the power but that that was. That was an expiration. You're in Q -- you read your arteries. This was on in. And my goal like I know you'd be Stanley. -- What are you trying to in them administration politicians -- want to pass -- guys product. You know I get that done I like the pass again it -- -- it I just throw every lap like driving it again and for a. Coach we won -- thanks so much thank you put -- on this year on the -- radio network. You know everybody kind of has a little bit of something you -- I'm when you've got to walk away from this world. But you know fifty years from now what NFL films are going to be players though that and -- not alone. Orioles -- -- they'll still be repeating that and I know we all kind of carry things -- from somewhere else. But I don't -- some then. That even the years from now when mechanical Bulls archives. They're gonna play that that rules that we you'll -- in that NFL not for long apple what is the NFL's bad -- not alone it. And they want to show it -- it for a minor election for the speech. And so in the cauldron at LP put -- they had -- rent the clip for Tory underdog he. Was in the it's unbelievable really good one at that night Switzerland. -- your -- it. -- -- -- to Myers in the one they are now winning and you don't want to. We got the jolly play very thinks so but it on the field you'd think are your well.