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12-3-13 7:05pm Bobby with Scott Shanle

Dec 3, 2013|

Bobby and Mike Detillier talk with former Saints linebacker Scott Shanle.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the Saints go to show here on news -- radio network. It worked on my Scott Shanle for what you're All Saints linebacker Scott thanks so much but don't you think radio network. But broad -- Scott I'd give you props last night that you might be a little bit he's been looking at Tom on Twitter before this place Seattle game. You made a comment about and a hot goalie. Yeah I've thought there was. I thought about it during the game with all the discussion that went on and on you had a lot of games. Governed by -- in -- give everybody a little bit lowdown on this. While playing -- every coach that you. Puts up for the game directory is or root on the game and his crew in every time and they show it occupant picture of them ever way to kind of grown -- -- -- on down this year and they know. Over the years you know mankind to the Saints -- just -- called now we get them a lot -- game that -- that he's done that. That's good -- all against the Saints and it's that's what the guys and the coaches know that too. Now Scott look at it all the people that you believe in different schemes whether things are right now. I mean you got to state truly I mean I'm just going lot of numbers that Rob Ryan has made that much of a difference. You look collateral here a very disappointing season where -- -- an NFL record we opened probably get him in the middle of the pack. -- you look only go on a top ten deep at the shore and even rank fifth highest in the top five which has talked about that. In what Rob Ryan did difference he's made it's been all about. Maybe the players. Just really confident in buying into this scheme but just break that now. Oh without a doubt I make a lot of different fingerprint -- You know I knew I was going to be cook coming back when when I heard it -- hired Rob Ryan. Just knowing the scheme here on inning when you have an aggressive defense quarters ago -- Coach -- didn't do as much as well and that's what we have with Greg Willard -- three years. And you know the personnel they had in the building. I just over the a great match and you know it was totally different 2012. Last year the it was not a good match as far as -- team. And just the complex to be the defense did it in -- to the to the type again we on the in the building. You can just see the guys that quite fast they play confidently -- that -- -- -- on. And the other games that's enough. And guys are good enough on offense -- you know the level that figure out there thinking about what you have to do you're you're slowed -- November that the player so. You can tell the guys -- planned. After confident and that's the name of the game and you know like him. And hopefully know what they're going to regret that we had for three years and the hard thing about that defense -- you play a lot of man. And at some point teams start to scheme you a little bit with in the passing game and that's what you kind of have to be careful you'll have to throw it more zone I think later on down the stretch to go to -- you're used the same thing walk over and over again you. God you've been in the when you're in a week for so long -- even see Nissen. Talked about it and other venues that you see it killings the two years ago that you know they were just limping along and make it to the playoffs all of a sudden they get hot. They win on the road three games in and get to the Super Bowl last year we -- Baltimore. A team that lost three straight weeks in December. And yet they coddle them into the playoffs all of a sudden they get hot they win everything. And I think last night that maybe he's an overreaction maybe not so much as how bad this play but how blitz yeah hopefully. And everybody kind of anointing -- the -- and I can understand -- I'll use all play. We you've been in this league long enough to see evidence blow up this game and how people sometimes peak early. And that's another team on the down the stretch that kept you in the long run so -- -- -- body of books he's from your standpoint as a player. Haven't watched some of that also happened junior. Career. Yeah not a great way to put them in its all about when you when you hit that -- and -- your point about football. On the Baltimore Ravens did it last year the Giants have been a couple of times over the past five years -- two purple and you know everybody's just they want a chance to be in the playoffs because they're hoping that they're gonna hit their stride at that time and you know. We did it a little bit differently you know nine we start up about the -- you know and we played -- -- -- football for three weeks. Lost pregame. And and we we picked that we hit stride going in the playoffs so. Everybody does that if you're gonna find at some point this season you're gonna hit that wall and you know I looked at the Broncos been reported from their best football first part of the season and they slowed down a little bit they're still playing good football that. It's just tough to play at that hate and that at that level. For you know experience you -- the -- continued to play out though. It's all about who does that the right time and that's where we wanted him to get the playoffs and and a Utley out for him obviously some team play better -- and -- Can play better on the road that Ravens -- last year was that we're looking into the matter where they went to. You know build -- program because that ball that went. Now it's gotten out looking at the game last night and in the Agassi at -- is always a winning formula you look at the Seahawks and their defense. They believed in it -- with 27 particularly takeaways they were tied for the league lead in interceptions. And so you beat the the drivable that they've played especially. At home with the thing is was puzzling to me you know what you to break this down. That you look at and -- notable run. Obviously the impact that there are probably brought to the table. But we had seven returns for touchdowns. That the -- season right now I don't know if you realize -- -- the only team in the NFL. When our return touchdown on defense and special teams who do you think. He actually the ball will fall so wait. Now I know we had an opportunity -- the 49 according why he got the ball went out but I thought that that that was -- -- -- we're. That so far this season the only NFL -- -- -- -- return touchdown when people at our specialties. Yeah that him in person that it never really realized that Duke -- Comfortable that -- implant but you need to find a way to score. You know and in the kicking game and on defense at some point because you know -- can -- my -- where. Seattle the proposed a mother and you can expect the offer to go up there and put up. Thirty some points I mean if they comport point 81 points and you could on the way to support kicking game on -- That would change your game there's so we play against really good teams. Like Seattle Seahawks and as -- get to play out. You any on the way you can kind of score points. Really increases your chance of winning team and notes when -- puck quicker sharper. You know I looked over the course I think after I would never part. Of a defense that had an individual player make more of an impact but he differ for a -- nine. You're not I've said -- a million times and not opt. Do that to the daily or -- -- we would want to -- of the Internet minor sharper he he made that they impact single and the one game early in the year. That led to a being a normal -- who later in the season so pumped. Defense scores are demoralize the other team that you can do that -- with the -- -- pentagon you know -- like in your routine. We dog which Scott Shanle body university Nebraska a big part of this thing. Defense that winning is available and Scott when you -- When Nebraska -- in -- and what was the biggest challenge. Not everyone has -- football and think it could be a linebacker. You tend to be aggressive but what was the biggest challenge as far as yourself resting. You know I am and lasted in the NFL work that a one hit wonder what that pass coverage. Are with the play against the run. Just talk about that and and we are you going to get the best of the best top competitive it is to make you you're human and you're out in the NFL. Yet but but one -- for me be in the seventh round pick -- I didn't expect anything in the regular thing. Oregon at number one -- -- work make it seem to want play mated in that it was not the worker and point time. On that I want that are playing time with how to maintain that started this proposal is. Step by step. And out and and he I didn't really know what it takes to make -- felt so. You know you kind of -- and it's whether it's running full speed of the ball -- -- more remote field you'd have to find a way. Of what happened to look at you -- and find something -- Bill -- and I mean it was that universe but we played 90% of our coverage in -- while confident that I'm back from and and and man when I got -- -- -- -- and they are primarily a zone team. But they good -- covered like that -- but I knew nothing about them before potentially they're really really hot plate can be -- them. I well they're pretty kennel and it cost them elect me and have you ever played would be. It was one. Look back on it by the end of my career. You have to have a talk undercover to have experts saying route progression -- and let him develop and I've always told -- if you only knew my first in the league at bill like that were -- so. You'll get the best coaching. On in the world coach -- I'm not used to -- willing to accept it and I think that's where a lot of guys go wrong and they think they are returning. At the open minded -- -- coaching you're giving. Scott thanks so much for joining us tonight we really appreciated being given your expertise in real quick if you got to vote tonight. NFL MVP who would you vote for. -- -- I didn't think you'd it's probably common answer but what Peyton Manning has done. And his agent and turn that that Broncos came around the past two years. How he's played this year he's -- on -- -- I think the post and record on like that -- think -- by the program right now. You couldn't go wrong with him Brady. Drew Brees or you know brought a little -- on his name and a prospect so good player all around. Scott thanks so much for joining -- we appreciated. Our -- period of time. All right Scott Shanle former linebacker with the New Orleans Saints -- -- back with more. This I -- to show here. On this radio network.