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12-3-13 7:30pm Bobby with Sean Kelly on the Pelicans

Dec 3, 2013|

Bobby and Mike Detillier talk with Sean Kelly, voice of the Pelicans, about the team's triple-overtime win in Chicago over the Bulls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I we're joined by Sean telling device of the New Orleans pelicans Sean thanks so much for -- and it's my body to be back home I did your brother. Sean I still is the bodies of first but they haven't done this. Your wrestling game splits greed. To watch the pelicans. In the second overtime. And I watched it through and watch in this late game believe me that was the first last night the witness -- will play -- that man listen I -- splits greeted I can't not. Not watched -- into that basketball game 131. To 128 triple over time. What a fantastic. Basketball game three wins in a row put a pelicans on the role. It did it without Anthony Davis. Yeah I don't know crazy a lot of people who basketball now over the years and sometimes when you see a game like that because. Once seemed like he did on their own way last Bible he's played really well it was one of the most striking and entertaining games ever. Other better -- it was there was a lot of spot on -- a lot of heart and character Republican team that kind of got bad news -- -- with the Japanese. Broken hand but the sweet though the road trip like that in albeit on you know not go crazy here -- 3 Eastern Conference teams and -- a terrible right now. -- wouldn't believe as a way of improvement or 00 I think -- those -- up and what's going to be an ongoing process was. So on one of the things I got interviewed for an article and you know this is -- I think Anthony Davis he's supposed to our basketball player and you know -- just -- out of the emergence of him he's. Are comparing it to Jimmy Graham in football in essence that you haven't seen the best of him. And I really love to watch him play but that's what's your favorite player I played a little bit of basketball -- -- at that level. But man Jrue Holiday what he brings to the people last night you saw it nineteen points twelve assists. And I think he's getting more accustomed to what money he wants to run on the opposite side we know is the Mets have exploits before but. Just that -- that basketball team like it is bad luck not happening happening. But Holliday who is my favorite player on that need and what he can do in the -- potential of him. With that 12 combination and also -- Eric Gordon and Ryan Anderson. And if you've got pieces now there's no doubt about that they're much more watchable team and Eric and Mike remlinger wrote because known. Find it really is totally -- -- and looked like Brodeur won't be around and route runner up there. I'm -- -- -- that he's more comfortable and can make more comparable in the past and we're all a little ball and pound. He'd beat teams and that's -- -- -- -- of a job that certainly into the first overtime. And then -- -- -- -- that -- from half court to score well what about the beauty team owner. Dumping it on the defense on the floor for the -- guys right now the NBA statistically. But keeping the ball opponents in the one on one people on the front of the -- Has been sorely lacking the public and pop for a couple years and so he agreed that the tables well. They they they rally and and and in the morning news the more that he he'd find those other guys shot the plate he teammates happy and so. That's because formula right now the Republicans. As -- applicable more creative there and played probably with a little extra chip on social work out they -- -- -- or six weeks. Now -- I don't know if he keep this we don't like -- McNamee named three and is. Exploding and the production I mean it's ridiculous. When you look at Ryan Anderson that would be -- in the field. If they actually three point range my understanding. I have throughout -- basketball that you. 38 to 42%. From the three point range that's at a high level and when he's chewing at me that's ridiculous. It is ridiculous but sustainable and but you know he's he's playing all star basketball right now. And and Tyreke Evans and and Eric and crew's ability to drive and and draw attention defensively. Is leaving him with some great looks in line doing a good job. Making sure he's in the right spot the right time. To get good open looks I thought last night he was -- -- -- as far as he put a career high in minutes and he knows career high points. And he hit some of the blue collar work that goes along with a -- wanting to be got at this content to patrol we are obvious. It opened shop but you know we're asking him now as a team that to go in there and help the Reed army and so at scoring and everything else and he's doing a lot of little things do. He went a long stretch last night where he wasn't scoring but he was still doing all these it was helping his teammate and I thought that was pretty special model the Q so. Now are showing no what is your take on this I guess that is -- trouble to me maybe you can enlighten me. Because always looked at Monty Williams and his system. Where all of us defense was going to be a top priority. Where all of a sudden. You know we're winning the -- I don't know 94 to 88 goals I've gained but. It's names like now with the management figures like okay what are they doing when they score at least a hundred points and that being a winning formula what did you take. On that no money Williams obviously. You want them to get better on defense but. This team that wage structure just break it down the thing. A couple things that come into play and I think that defensively I think coach would like to see a better effort on on a consistent basis defensively. But definitely things that haven't come into play you'll the last week or so. The pelicans to block them -- in the NBA persona and positions for 48 minutes and out thirteen. So there are more troops on the floor at all Republicans are scoring more odd as a result plant that -- piece like that. The other team also notes more troops on the floor and so those points per game numbers but seeing defensively. Maybe -- -- people but it has simply become. The -- are playing at a faster pace. So you can -- up the things and keep score in the ball and maybe get a couple more stops. There's a -- the continued has been on the winning side is supposed to Auburn -- five -- marketing and so. -- Sean Payton can -- dale what the -- up the segment. Sure -- thanks so much won't be back with more here on the second guess show with a slice of the New Orleans pelicans Shaun Kelly right up to Pittsburgh. Welcome back to the second -- show Mike and take your body fairway at the so -- -- the casino -- side and Hancock county Mississippi we're joined by Shaun Kelly don't voice of the New Orleans pelicans. And tomorrow night the pelicans holds the average Dallas Mavericks are now flagship station at 105 point three definitely yell at him. One of the things that -- making comic comparison of in covering college football in the NFL is that. How the game is changed a little bit about I think so much. Its emphasis on starting people all the starting group you have not look it's come up with whom. Football is its. Common Mitchell who would be at which you can do and -- coaches have adapted that. I see if you see so much and on the NB AQ with so many years the Celtics. Growing up watching the Celtics in their six -- seventh minute eight minute always come off the bench could score real well played great defense we saw it. With -- a -- to run and certainly still running it in San Antonio even the Miami Heat everybody talks about LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and bosh. And yet. You know they get great play from a Chris Anderson are Ray Allen not last year Shane Battier. And you can just listening even Norris Cole this year has played real well put them. And Indiana. I don't know that's a more talented basketball team come up throughout that entire roster knew what the Pacers have. And you see the same sort of thing happening now with the pelicans with six players that are averaging over ten points or more. And you're covering NBA. At the change of openness he came to net well yeah you wanna get that great player that can score and be that big time player. The winning teams also have great depth it's like that in college football insults like that -- well. I think agreed that comes from guys who really know their role and I think that we talked about the power whose right now he mentioned Miami Indiana. Certainly important. In the conversation out to. I think that you find guys you need to have quality players and -- -- the -- earlier that further up but. You have to have guys who really know their role and what their job is on any given night. And I think that's all true importance walking up to the pilot that player. I'm not the case they'll regroup with all. -- Older but in the peace of mind and -- media or public. Speaker on the crowd you know. Future stars with their. And produce the only consistent basis and so. When you look at -- like Tyreke Evans who's averaging now in double figures. He knows what -- job is when he takes that poor but the point that the backup point guard I think there's still construction going on Republicans right now but at the small forty got -- the Anthony Morel was an energy guy off the bench. Media start from time to time. But will make the best use of limited minutes on any given night. And so when you can run -- that were pieces of the second unit and school natural well. And stay within the framework of the game plan you're gonna have some extra -- we saw that last and Chicago certainly -- on Sunday in New York. When -- who came off the bench. Don't have to come in and handle Carmelo Anthony in the second half he did just that kept him and he would pay it and a lot -- and become when that game. So I think that's where -- powers play and do this new NBA if you will goal that -- -- and you mentioned starting line I think even more important. And Torrey -- are like all the clothes on but I'd guys on the or out on the stretch trying to win the game. They're I -- talking about that closing five and look I think the fans that they -- been harsher. I don't think. That it learn. To be wary when it kicked a lot of towns are like you might have added some other NBA city. But to me you look at and Eric Goran to me he's shown extreme quickness. Off the dribble and and he's not hesitating at the attack the basket what did you take -- Eric -- at all about him just being healthier life. I think I think we're now I'm going only LP Eric Gordon and Utley or Gordon and I remember from the days for the Clippers know dynamic underrated under. Who can attack the rim and take over possessions. And Bobby I guess you should know more than all of us having played at that level. It's really hard to sit third in the mind of somebody who's injured. Do you really built from the outside I'll hurt a guy is or how it's affecting his performance. That I don't like buy into sports art. Even go of things can undo the guy's performance. And so maybe you were a little -- are ordinary. While he was hurt that we can only know the extent that because he's kind of a quiet guy. But now which team can fully healthy and they weren't doing the principle that painful process. And I think the control playing good team again. And -- this group I think there can't be understated and slow and so are you up to guard role for him in the record. Actually Republicans. Statement. All because. Not helping your team now but it's -- exactly what kind of movement on the road. More marketable peace and because that's a healthy and huge right now to -- -- in the caps -- out -- what one as. -- his career. Motivation hard in the future arms around but right now it seems rhetoric -- motivated right way and sure on the watch last night after. After -- we have many points as he could get some early but upwards of the board. He just turned on and scored thirteen runs away pen dot I don't think the public can win last night about the shot that the. Saw one of the things that's yet America's is great confidence you double lost that throughout the injury report everywhere a lot of times players do. You lose the confidence in -- shot and maybe not starting out maybe like he wanted to do but. I think great players always have that great self confidence that no matter what I've got to fight through it make it and I think he saw it. In the last few games appeal not a big fighting through some rough rule book which you brought. Playing with great confidence I think that's a key to every great player I don't care what's. What's your perfect -- for example the last grand scheme of exactly -- talking about Mike in net -- got him so well that spot in the top of the arc. Thought about taking a shot pump fake still doable is in the -- because people the shot clock up and do that we wanted to -- anyway internal. He got -- to concede a model actually hit the shot -- -- -- -- straightaway. Well Eagles are the other or and it looked a bit -- -- -- -- and -- -- watch this he's gonna feel the ball back and sure enough. He picked off a pass along the baseline still back -- back popular in the orange and caught the best comic -- it all the for the pelicans that the kind of thing we are talking about. In that -- the does it not injured injury or he became indicated what a guy like Eric Gordon might -- possession to possession I screwed up another naturally. But on the nickel back in the room dual -- made good on that that you got to that. John thanks so much for joining us and tomorrow night. Game 7 o'clock as the pelicans holds the Dallas Mavericks and you could hear that game at 105 point three. Definitely out -- he talked no I think so much but darkness tonight. Enjoyed it prepared John Kelly Price that you all the Republicans -- back with more second guessed right after the break you on the negates that.