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WWL>Topics>>12-4 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

12-4 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Dec 4, 2013|

Dave talks about sleep deprivation, Hump Day, and if you would kiss Chris Hemsworth

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thirteen minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this fourth of December 2013. Hey it's hump day. Isn't it it is so let's do it on this -- all day. Yeah. Maybe I can. I guess when they. Then. I'm seeing you in your dollar got yourself class by now well well well and Monday Night Football and then. Tuesday hangover and then suddenly you wake up and Wednesday morning. I mean throwing -- Thursday and Friday this week is over navy very -- maybe I got to ask you straight out how you feel on this morning since the is this shell shock when our overall and I'll put that behind. I am -- let it go I'm looking forward to Sunday and I'm OK with it and it was bothering me. Monday and a little boy is hung with me through yes yes but it now. With -- -- I get it and know what happened by. The future is still ahead of us that's still have a great opportunity here. And we note they have proven that -- landed odds are against them they often. Been able to come back and thrive and that may be the key question news is Europe bounced back coming out of fans are probably a little worried with things in announce some at least star race is speaking from personal. Not it. We needles aren't better team than that in it unless ST Oxnard we're that good I'd. That we look at that is the Panthers needed to get ready for that -- that figured things in. The season goes on and says you do Ian -- -- the sixth of December 19 days until Christmas. That you've -- about Wednesday that your best Christmas is going to be here before we know there's nineteen more days and you know -- -- games. Staying up late for a lot of people you know there's not enough hours in the you hear that all the it is just not enough time in many of -- end up burning the candle on both men and in the middle man we try to stretch every minute of are available time for entertainment available time for family. Some let's work more than we really wish we had to -- it is what it is and we turn around where's the time. Yeah -- is their eight hours left to sleep every night. But that's a joke and if you do sleep eight hours at night what are you giving up to do that and is it worth it and so I know most people -- know. Are generally tired the other generally struggling to get enough sleep. And you look at what happened in new York -- now stopping short of constricting the engineer of the train now you know wanna do that but he according to his own union. Told the union rap that he nodded off that he lost. Focus that he had one of those low moments. We've all had them I was sure either driving yeah it is an act and in my desk. -- admit it especially and we think there's not enough to sit in my computer. But I'm not driving the train full of people know in eighty miles an hour down the track heading -- curve where I have to slowdown that was forty. But more and more the evidence seems to indicate that the driver of the train at the rail injuring dozens and killing four people. Just not know his loss. His ability to focus for a minute that. And I know I've had it's scary moment lawn behind the wheel. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But we've had the studies they're showing that people are just not getting enough sleep though. I need to. How do you -- guy who operate the train full of people they had -- -- unless you know the loss I mean that the investigators that he would change Gypsy was working early morning -- party had plenty of time. Again. The regulation. Sleep well he may have had time to do it does that mean he went home and went to sleep. That there was an acute needs -- -- -- I've got a real slate wasn't a wife who had -- -- she was higher priority that wasn't. Something -- that he just wanted to do that he wanted to go out with some buddies who invited him when he knew he should go to sleep does it work the next morning. You know I don't know. But I do know that many of us live life slipped up. And apparently got this guy. Who was operating painful people. And short of saying okay we you have to come to work eight hours before your -- and go to sleep. And -- wake up and get on the train which could they do that. And nine now shifted -- that he required to be at work sixteen or -- asleep. While. You know and they've done this with truckers they put in you know regulations forum that you have to get certain amount of sway I mean you know so -- -- many of these jobs we'll keep talking about it are you tired. You get enough sleep. As surprising when you hear that a train operator maybe not off because he was tired. Almost everybody I know is tired I don't how many people get eight hours of sleep tonight. What's going on life too much of the world. We should make time for sleep but I don't know how many people candidate. 519 we'll get your weather forecast in sports coming up right after this text made -- -- you tired right now. Its high price received on here's your forecast be careful -- there's a lot of fog out there. Starting off with -- patchy morning fog early this Wednesday morning it'll look for a mixture of clouds and sunshine for the rest of the day. 'cause today warm around 78 or so and feeling pretty muggy too. We have a 20% chance for a few isolated showers. Same thing for tonight with lows in the sixties then tomorrow we climbed to its 79 for the high with a 3% chance for rain. And for a Friday pretty mild in the mid seventies for the afternoon. With a 60%. Chance for showers and thunderstorms. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra crammed for. Hey there reporting fog at the international airport but his abilities are above half a mile so that's the good news by you could find some -- patches it's cloudy and seventy degrees in -- cloudy and seventy in Slidell. With light rain dressed and dressed and missile mist and drizzle. Reported across the area some great text messages from people -- 87870 most of them say they are very high years. Think that discussion coming up after sports here at WWL but there are reports out there that. -- -- murders done as a tiger. And the saints suddenly have to get ready very quickly for a Sunday Night Football game with all of that and more we say good morning to -- sleeping Steve Geller. No and it's funny my wife tells me she's -- -- short because they don't seem to need much rest. I don't know and I don't seemed needed either but I. You never find yourself just kind of lose focus for manner not offer doze off ever. Definitely after lunchtime and -- and it's like a 1520 minute power -- -- a bit ago dad well now you get to go for sports and yet David according to multiple online reports LSU quarterback -- met burger will miss the tigers' bowl game with a torn ACL. The senior injured his left knee in the fourth quarter LSU's win over Arkansas. -- burger completed 65% of his passes this season. For 3082. Yards with 22 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Now let's get the latest on the saints would sideline reporter Kristian garic. A huge football game Sunday in the superdome for the 93 saints they host the 93 Carolina Panthers riding an eight game winning streak quarterback Drew Brees says the saints -- the put the tough loss to Seattle behind them quickly. We have regrouped very quickly and get ready for extremely talented Carolina teams come to town and with the -- -- it's a battle for NFC south supremacy Sunday the superdome in primetime right here on -- radio Kristian -- WW wells. Ports to a Seattle Seahawks topped the eight 32 power rankings following Monday's 3047 blowout win against the saints. Denver's second followed by new England and they Carolina. The blacking gold dropped from second to fit. In other NFL news the Green Bay Packers -- ruling out Aaron Rodgers for Sunday's game against Atlanta even the other star quarterback hasn't been medically cleared. Since breaking his left collarbone a month ago. Packers quarterback Mike McCarthy says that Rodgers will practice -- limited fashion today but back up Matt Flynn will take the starters snaps. The -- can say that Anthony Davis is expected to be sidelined four to six weeks because of his broken left hand New Orleans brings their three game winning streak back home tonight. They tip off against the Dallas Mavericks at 701053. WW LS spam. And a New York Yankees have reached an agreement with Jacoby Els area and a seven year contract. Worth about 153. Million dollars. The center -- a lifetime to 97 hitter with 240 -- steals and one gold glove since breaking into the majors with. The Red Sox in 2000 -- -- today have for our sports talk will talk NFL football with ESPN analyst Herm Edwards. How confident are you that the saints will rebound Sunday night against the Panthers. I'm Steve Geller with your early morning explore how confident are you that the -- can. I'm definitely happy that it's a home game but after. We what we saw against the Seattle front. What Carolina Panthers defense presented dome is deathly concerning me because. They have one of the top defenses in the league right now and the saints -- fans. Suddenly seemed. All of this past week at all so yeah they they were just slow and -- -- as I that was the best way that I saw it and just -- Marcus Colston where is Lance -- this season it just doesn't seem these guys. Are getting enough separation and drew was in finding them open granted that the Seattle secondary is one of the best in the NFL right now will say that. And Carolina's not so hot they are amazing though at stopping the run which the saints can't -- seem to do. So how confident are you that they can bounce back you know it's not terribly confident I am not terribly confident no. Fair enough thank you Steve section about famous person here WWL I am FM and 38 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news it's the fourth it's December it's 2013. Let's see what Danny isn't. I won't say yes when they. Yes welcome her home today and happy hump dating you and yours. The way yes error appeared during it so far -- right interest -- commentary we started this discussion a little while ago and I've gotten. Dozens and dozens of text messages from people. Who are all sleep deprived. You know we're talking about the New York train engineers -- man allegedly admitted to a union -- that he nodded off. While operating a train full people in New York went into return Q -- the rail played flew off the tracks four people died dozens were injured. And I note that. I go through life sleep I admit it -- they're just not enough hours in the day for everything has to be done I've argued that wife Pamela how's that job I've. The other things happening doing no matter which way you turn there's something going on yeah in lines of people are taxing me with some very interesting thing -- Oprah says I'm tired of being tired well. In some announces the solution is go to sleep it's just that easy -- and I mean at a basic level sure. It makes sense but that's about sex in this is something I believe for many years as a younger man does sleep is the most unproductive thing human -- This thing to be done and I feel like often if I go to sleep for eight hours. I am wasting -- you're gonna miss earnings Slava I might miss something but there are also you know that's -- I can't -- Korea helping my cubicle -- that I'm currently playing catch with the youngest on the town like him beat. Watch a movie with my daughters and it's like can't be talking about life with wife -- I can't be watching a football game I can't -- doing work get caught up on work that has been done I mean. A lot of people attacks and they were twelve hour shifts they work sixteen hour days they work. You know and to hear the whole war with -- Lotta people a -- about that that there are fewer people at work than ever before doing the same amount or more work and be black and that is really a key thing that's happened to us what in the last five years or even more than you know how many times have we -- we have to do more with -- -- yes you -- -- were cutting back again we're we're making different moves now. And suddenly it's like while while I'm Dina. Generally that Taylor is their time to sleep when is it time to get caught up on sleep and what do you sacrifice to do that continue to do that. And -- have a productive work life and make enough money. To do all the things you wanted to do in life that. You're not sleeping in -- doing that are costing you some wealth tax monies through volume Allen probably true. By. Toby I mean. All right John Terry -- go to -- not terribly -- eight hours alone and I guess it's just for a lot of people and a dream. That's they're gonna get eight hours is slate. But for me. I just I've gotten. As I got older. I've gotten very. Selfish. If you waited any it's I guess into word you could use to rust -- I must have this sleep. And so. When that time and it's it's lights out premium on buying by everybody and you know. For did you that is younger -- know all know all that I talked in the maps and got up but we're dollars and 34 hours. Politics of me they -- power Napster in advance of that that happened while they're driving. -- a profit -- that not out of power and app that is dozing off thank you David with talking about claimants or birthdays Chris Miller will join the party. To talk more about the sentencing today. For West Bank teenagers who admitted to killing his sister wins professional counseling. Oh my god let's go live and -- the Eyewitness News forecast and as they did. Mart saying. Didn't want this meteorologist Alexandra cram for how why you now and I did pretty well Harriet until it well then I'm very tired somebody even pointed out we're talking about sleep deprivation and I messed up my math a while ago today is December 4 and -- -- their nineteen days left a Christmas 121 days left. But I'm admittedly sleep deprive you get eight hours of sleep Yasser on the big baby when it comes -- if you insist on getting your eight hours. Yeah I'm really you know I really you know it just kind of messes with my mind it messes with my daily it's still feel myself you know -- -- when I don't get enough sleep didn't can go with you know 34 hours they're fine you know. They they say they are but yeah they really are that we all need -- much sleep as you get by. Many investors have too many other things that we have to do or want to do to keep us from doing that but today would be good data be well rested and pay attention because there's not a lot of fog out there and damp roads -- Yet exactly so we do have visibility down to about a half smile and looking at home the recorder miles -- -- and -- bill new -- now down to about two miles a unit that's enough to work with on the roadways by it. It's not ideal you know -- it -- keep in mind you when he -- give yourself lots of room between you and the car had at -- Then OK so while they are con going southbound on the -- and one lane northbound that fog is not terribly dance in many places right now that's more precautionary looks like. And posters should not have that thought we can't see anything yet you've got right and that otherwise it's just going to be crazy muggy warm for the middle of December again. Yet so -- you know I mean we're used to this now but we're just freezing cold a few days ago an -- -- warm -- year and I went outside yesterday for a lock in to spell out some time almost -- yen and today pert near eighty degrees yet today about 78 we're looking for about a 20% chance for just a few isolated showers mostly cloudy kind of conditions -- the sun peeked through during some parts of the day. Felt kind of like a summer like sort of de -- -- temperatures not near ninety more like upper seventies. All right and as we continue on in the closer to the weekend. Yup rain Santa increasing so for tomorrow 30% chance and then Friday 60%. Saturday and Sunday. 50% so world will have a showers around a few thunderstorms to pretty much from Friday all the way into the beginning part of next week. RA and did the showers are -- for the weekend with a cold front but does -- get much colder. It you know it does on Saturday as of Saturday I think that crap you know rain jacket later up a little bit highs will only be in the fifties and it's gonna be breezy with gonna feel more like forties. Probably three day on Saturday. Then temperatures rebound pretty quickly to seventy on Sunday and that'll be cool again Monday. Right strap in folks -- weather rollercoaster ride is taking off will be near eighty today. Feel like forties on Saturday then back into the seventies for sun yup yup I gradient between. I've gone on do you see the latest -- movie the dark world. Know is that the new is that and you don't ask yet again a couple weeks ago -- -- or the dark world well we have learned. That that was a little bit of trickery that happened at the end of the movie. Now a lot of it was obviously trickery and and computer generated graphics but here's one I didn't know Natalie Portman in the costar with Liam Hemsworth. She was not available when they had to re -- the last scene of the movie apparently. So the passionate kiss. That was seen at the end of the movie. Was not actually Natalie Portman kissing William -- -- All that and they had to do some of the scenes over the film was finished part was already making another move in Hong Kong. So I have a feeling though they had very little trouble finding someone willing to do the standard. And -- -- passionate kid -- at least. Sexiest man alive according to most polls. Yet you're right they found that people lining up if they argue that hey we need to -- -- -- and -- Liam Hemsworth and that the the last authorities think he did not. Well. That could Elvis but I. -- this yeah what are these actors and actresses do it if they have wives or boyfriends or girlfriends you know and that these passionate love scene. Just. You know. I guess -- -- -- -- and when you're dating or marrying an actor actress -- those things happen and it. The guy here is some couples I heard Brad Pitt and Angelina it's at least that they won't do that anymore they want and love seeing movies yeah I heard something like that I didn't really Mary -- any. That's gas emigrate Dallack using a Democrat reminder from the news forecast sports as Steve Geller after. -- -- and it's only a very interesting point it's that they read that it was Hemsworth wife that stood in for Natalie Portman for the podcaster and I did some research and that's correct. New York Daily News says that it was Chris Hemsworth wife also up. Had a pat QPATAKY. Pataki Pataki also Pataki who student and pretended to be his costar in the movie and kissed -- so. As it looked like a particularly passionate kiss to -- was because it was his wife by the way the eight -- -- it was William how are now William Hemsworth is starring in the other movies now. Or is Chris Adams -- got that all straight league sports time now on -- stuff. After that we say. At a happy hump day deceive galleries through that home they read it now it's already Wednesday how -- it doesn't feel like you. It feels like to be Friday -- -- but -- he would -- good morning. Good morning and -- met -- LSU career folks seems to have come to an end. As a reports are that the senior tore his ACL in the tigers' win over Arkansas. Met burger is just the third quarterback in school history to throw for over 303000. Yards in a season. The university has not confirmed or denied the report but. They say they will issue an update sometime later today. In other college football news quarterback Marcus Mary got up will bypass the 2014 NFL draft and return for his junior season at origin. He was a first team all pac twelve selection for the second straight year. With 3412. Yards passing thirty touchdowns with just four interceptions. Also UCLA has agreed to a six year contract extension with head coach Jim Mora for 2019. -- is eighteen and eight in two seasons with the Bruins. Return the program the national prominence heading into its second straight trip to a bowl game. Now let's check -- -- six sideline reporter Kristian garic for the latest on the black and gold. The saints into the final quarter of the NFL regular season this Sunday against the hottest team in the NFL the nine -- three Carolina Panthers are rolling having won eight straight quarterback Drew Brees says. It's important for the team to finish strong down the stretch. All the matters is the fact we got you know four games left to your home tour way. Three of those four divisional games they're going to see games so each one matters just as much as the other but none more so you want coming up against Carolina. The saints and Panthers kick off at 730 Sunday night in the superdome Kristian garic. WWL sports -- the new AP -- 32 power rankings are out and to know what surprised the eleven and one Seattle Seahawks. Are at the top of the list the Broncos rank second followed by the patriots and and the Panthers the saints dropped from second to fit. And the pelicans will be without star Anthony Davis four to six weeks between non displaced fracture in his left hand. The teams currently riding a three game winning streak and host the mavericks tonight you can hear all the action on 1053 WWL offense starting at seven. Today a foreign sports talk we'll talk to NFL football with ESPN analyst Herm Edwards. How confident are you that the -- a rebound Sunday night against the Panthers -- Steve Geller with your early morning look at sports night. 23 -- kind Steve -- with -- -- you admitted twenty minutes together you are not terribly confident after what happened in Seattle. But this is the superdome this is the home team this is the saints. What's scary -- be very confident and cocky Cam Newton is coming to attack in the papers are playing extremely well having won eight straight. I just. And them were more concerned about what the defense of the Carolina Panthers will -- to the saints in the office get a really good defense. With really good offense right. Offensive line has been struggling a little bit but -- the game plan around that someone. We'll see now -- with -- get some kind of a -- today on what's up with Zach -- that's a big concern he might be gone for some extended time. And that that offensive line just has had a lot of problems this season and of the Panthers -- trust will definitely be a part when the stock at least coming in a breeze. I think he's stable time in about fifteen minutes more sports here on WWL IMF and the -- you're headed southbound on I 55 that you approach Shiites and they're moving vehicles app from an earlier crash and it had all lanes closed down to do expect delays. Southbound I 55 by the way they're con going southbound on the causeway. 555 let's get your forecast on this drizzly foggy Wednesday morning. We've got some patchy morning bond after that let's look for an extra clouds and sun. Highs today in the upper seventies closer to eighty actually in some spots with a 20% chance for isolated showers. For tonight that 20% chance continues with lows in the sixties tomorrow high is close to eighty degrees again around 79 or so for the New Orleans area. And rain chance sits at 30% for tomorrow it jumps to 60%. For Friday with highs around 75. And continue as close to 50% for the weekend to from the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Alexandra cramp. For light fog reported around the area some places visibility down half a mile but none worse than that let the good news bad news is it's. Mostly cloudy airport 7070. Cloudy it's like him. Varsity -- -- -- again I 55 southbound traffic. Very snarled right now they're trying to clear wreck earlier that -- vehicle coming in over the guard rails so if you're heading south on I 55 expect delays you might -- head out over the causeway but. Then -- con going southbound on the causeway so that's slowing things down now. Just give yourself some extra time this morning and expected to speak he. Talking about the sleep deprivation problem that we have now has. Reports increasingly. Indicate that the engineer that trains crashed killing four people and injuring dozens. In New York on Sunday. Nodded off costly. Lost focus whatever. When present text made it to anything that you have to give your body enough time to rest no excuse that's easier said than done noses. I wasn't tired and he started talking about always being tired. I've made you tired by talking about it that like Yonder contagious. Person says I'm always tired I get five hours of sleep that's a lot that I have two little girls like never sleep. Sleep deprivation is huge problem. And I wish there was some way to get more sleep with you just can't -- hours today. That -- have a happy home.

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