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12-4 6:15am Tommy, are the Saints elite?

Dec 4, 2013|

Tommy talks to Clark Judge, a senior writer & NFL insider with the Sports Xchange, about the Saints loss to Seattle

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're all still licking our wounds from the saints slaughter in Seattle. -- and we thought maybe it hasn't talked a couple of national writers is the what the air impressionism. And also operating jaguar opinion poll was that a wake up call for the saints and -- asking you what lessons. Should they take away from the game Clark judge joins us right now senior writer NFL in senator with a sports exchange in morning Clark Hillary. Gloria kilometer -- well you know that they pay me to so. When he got -- -- appreciate you get never literally get elected tell me what your perception I was going into the Seattle game about the saints. And after. Problem my perception was that it it was an offense that few people could stop at the defense playing better than it has -- years certainly a lot better than last year. And that this is going to be a real test but because going to the for anyone who was there. But you know going against -- team that could. -- home field advantage -- that -- annual report view that popular events with media department of mystic bent them now but. You can get the on field it is going to be critical because. You can -- was -- -- and as we know the defense was quite as good as we thought and the opposite could be stopped. Amid plate on the the you know I wouldn't get too carried away with it and I think it about it. After the game because that was instructing your total violation but that happens to to -- your hip is that the way to their latency and that obliterated. And he put up over forty point important point as an accord is typical still it's in the world -- yet but you've got -- -- -- -- -- -- Well again you know the other thing is -- we. Destroyed the giants last year and suitable mr. confused last year two years ago we destroyed the giants and and went on a wild card -- And already in the game when it's so you're right but I don't know it in those instances if they were playing the hottest seen neither team was planned at that time the hottest team in the NFC twice in the last but for weeks. Yeah yeah I mean at that is the top and but you're back home I mean -- thing is that it's a year and a comfort zone on -- symptomatic gaming limitation on things we need to you'll be you'll pick up things that. And he didn't understand that point and welcome back to make. And changes his soul rob -- mean that the defense was not good at -- couldn't stop downfield passage. Could be an issue could give him throw the ball on the field and he also. The guys get sucked out of pocket once and that's what. Russell Wilson -- duty as well so I think it was a pretty good dress rehearsal for the -- -- -- very good team and they're not Seattle they're not at home in Seattle at home he discovered. A huge advantage mean I hate to cover. Game that they -- at the very very being. Against that club -- -- game where did you attend a Lebanon false start penalties and one game to the crowd the fact is there but you take a product now. And you -- against the division rival of these two teams that widget that's the difference -- mean. You know -- -- what you know Carolina that they think -- what they're up against they also know now that they're playing for something more immediate second division title because eagle at the wild card. As the dome team and -- you don't have a chance. One even with that you know and his wondered if ultimately unique. Seattle's gonna -- -- in the NFC championship game and did it. Right back where we start. We -- that. Can't lose there I mean the thing is they've been good for an awfully long time coming -- -- that before I mean you look at teams with a rare exception and I think one of those rare exceptions. Is the the thing here when when they wanted out and trying to get the weapon in one simple. And they started that they could lose and then -- lost I think three straight down the stretch and it said that that they've done that footage that you can't. Stated that or we're a long period of time yet to come back in the when the Super Bowl which -- to -- was remark that up and down Bulger when he needed it. Typically -- to start out early in all -- -- in 2007 New England Patriots. It was sixteen -- and a member saying that your I don't know how you sustain it to five months and that I have to do this it's very difficult to keep on popping your game that long a period. And -- is so obvious that -- that they started winding down the giant omelet out of this season finale. The charges almost got the meaning of the championship game without -- into the without intimidate them with a purpose Bynum -- lake. So they were they were quality that they -- they got caught by the giants in the Super Bowl. We -- Seattle this thing is that you're right. You know playing in in in that what place in Seattle it's going to be very tough for any would be and that's said. I don't know that the Fiat could be that the same team but for now I'm not gonna happen out there right now. And Clark appreciate time I really dear friend of -- eleven every time you come. --

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