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WWL>Topics>>12-4 6:45am Tommy, will Saints win the NFC South

12-4 6:45am Tommy, will Saints win the NFC South

Dec 4, 2013|

Tommy talks to Judy Battista, a columnist for, about the Saints chances of winning the NFC South

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker spent in a couple more minutes on the saints game then we turn our attention to the Panthers and you know we always like to think is humans that if you if you make a big mistake or blow a big opportunity all you can do is learn from it and move on I think it makes no sense at all to beat yourself up well for all you do. Look at what we did wrong look at will we can do to keep it from happening again. And put it behind you Judy Batista joins us right now. A friend advised its she writes a column for good morning Judy you deal. The morning Carol how are you and very well and and I appreciate your time it's fun whenever you come on. Tell me about your perception. The saints before the Seattle game and after and I mean did it make a big difference did you think you were wrong. You know you know what I honestly I don't know what to make of what happened in Seattle with suggests that. Bad night in a very very difficult place to play which is something on should be familiar with could they usually do that to their opponents in the superdome. Or was that indicative of bigger problems I tend to think it's the first which is that Seattle a very very good team obviously and that place is. Really impossible to play and if there was one thing that title mean watching the game and I watched on TV I was not that it was. You know how sort of -- come populated the same club you're not used to being an experienced team with Sean Payton Drew Brees who obviously played you know the biggest game as possible. In that used to seeing them sort of out -- and and that that they looked especially early -- -- religious couldn't get their feet under them. But eat you know in -- way the schedule -- some some -- obviously these games -- -- there's a huge coming up but. But you know they're gonna find out right away if -- bigger problem here or that there's just you know one really Latino race. Big -- a litmus paper over the dome this weekend. And especially to get the Panthers beat out there play a similar style to the Seahawks you know they have a very very good defense and has dual threat quarterback and a running game so. He's certainly gonna see if that's a problem if if the saints really can't handle a team like that I you know I don't I don't think that's going to be at night. I can't really do tend to think that this is just one very bad night cup compounded by the fact that they were playing of a tremendous team -- -- very difficult environment. Nights -- take out the Batista crystal ball if you can and and it. And tell me what hammonds and the next four games of saints win the division they go to the playoffs and ultimately who's gonna suitable. Well I I still think the saints win the division because they think probably that you know that. To lose the division the pampered sort of this week that -- and I think that's unlikely. So I think the -- with the division I. Honestly my pre season to propaganda -- I think it's Seattle that looks pretty good right now because it's hard I don't know if there's anybody who could go to Seattle patent beat them right now barring. You know catastrophic collapse or injury. It's hard right can't look at the end of the NC -- -- I think has a shot and they're certainly not. The NFC east champions. -- can get an airplane anyway and get a C north that's kind of a match I just. Can I mean at unafraid to get a few -- that probably that came whoever comes out that public with the best shot. At winning in cabinet or anybody else winning in Seattle so I look at the Super Bowl I would -- right now with Seattle. And what about the AFC side well had a. Ha well meaning if he would take it probably you know the correct it looks like people who are looking for something new flash -- I think it's it's probably gonna come down to you know Peyton Manning vs under that tree collection in a few thousand times before -- down. And the two best teams in the aides say there's there's not much question about it you know I mean that the patriots struggled. Early in the season when they had the injury isn't I -- -- and now they have injuries on defense and that may stop comes ultimately from getting all the way to the super ball. But you know I mean Tom Brady is Tom Brady and that conference is starting to click now what grumpy and -- -- and I think it'll be those two teams playing for the AFC title. When one quick thing to spoilage ego and analyst it is a professional sports writer if you saw the Seattle game and and a presumed dead. Seems to me around a third quarter. Sean Payton and had enough to feel the same has had enough. -- Telling Larry Smith with the guy's name me Pete Carroll always in my USC coaches and -- -- Terrell had had enough the Seahawks accomplish what they wanted fans were into it it was a good high point delete. Do you think about -- equipment third quarter data get the option. Is that really think and it. Probably I mean you know I always wonder and coaches never admit it -- players like at what point in the game like that approach that. First it's the saints' coaches and players they like we're just not understand why there's just no way we can come back and I'll never answer that question that's in the third quarter or maybe like. And I asked him -- until the first. Time out and in an immigrant in the field because to be honest and this is not a slight on the saints at all but when I was watching that game I never -- pitched tents at the saints could. Not a big comeback against that defense the -- for instance that the patriots did not upon -- the week before. Because that defense of points fell well that would help pie with so much energy I just and like I said -- it's a very difficult populated -- never -- The second half and it's going to be a totally different game. Be honest because I have been honest when when that fumble happened and they ran -- in and became ten knots and I know port and over this there's a comeback as a. As a matter of fact I treated which sounds really weird but I tweet like the systemic and catch a publicly and -- like yeah well I mean. Yet because all that's I mean already they looked sort of just sell out of sort that -- you're not used to seeing that and camp and that's a tough put the plate and it's an impossible place to play from behind the crowd just goes to them. -- -- the appreciate your time. I don't think yeah -- you -- yes but -- -- felt that -- you can fall over at Judy put that on Twitter at -- BE TT ideas TA. Which can always follow me at T Tucker get a W well.

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