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12-4 7:15am Tommy, sports fans

Dec 4, 2013|

Tommy talks to Dr. Jason Lanter, an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Kutztown University, about why sports fans get so attached

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

718 Tommy Tucker shifting gears here in talking about. Fans -- standing short for fanatic but it is a crazy story out of Birmingham we don't know about the Iron Bowl Alabama Auburn on Saturday -- 12 left and Auburn runs back of the missed field goal for about a 109 yards and feel assured. And it was a it was a an exciting game and I guess a disturbing. Did you -- for Alabama. The -- -- side you think it's grateful is a woman in Birmingham. That's charged with killing another Alabama fan. Because apparently she didn't think the victim was upset enough about the game. I and I can understand this but you would be a different story if an Alabama fan killed in Auburn fan but. Sounds and ideas because you're not upset enough literally make you shake your head doctor Jason Witten joins us right now. Winner he's the associate professor of psychology Kutztown University a friend of -- that. Re joined this morning doctor -- one. Important. But are we just two's sports crazy in this country do not realize that it's games in and we just think it's literal war. You did at -- someone I think it is we think about this one we're really trying to provide some logic to it completely irrational act I mean. The Auburn -- north Alabama game looks fantastic phenomenal percentage great competition back and forth but. What happened with that woman the other woman after the the game it's purely. Tragic. And I can't make any sense that a wife she made that decision me. Yeah I think -- that we do -- our sports we really do love our sports meals if you haven't done any. In -- culture -- all week and the -- people head down and celebrate and enjoy the festivities and same thing with an adult Sunday. I'm so we do love our sports probably that more than some other other countries across the globe but. Also we take into account their other sports that are just support of the people elsewhere mean. What we call soccer and a bill called football that is arguably the as the world's number one sport that people are definitely fanatical about. And a lot of people died in soccer riots or soccer hooligans a columnist but but why what is it that. Makes it trance and just eighteen where people. I know feel as though. This is damn this is their life's going to be the same would do what is going on in their hands. If I mean when we're talking about sports and a big part of this day they they identify with being a fan of that of a particular team so they. They have they they place a value strong importance. On being a fan of that team and then he learned early on I mean we've we've become fans because we watched. Bomber data as they watch sports and realize that they enjoyed the certainty -- -- certain player her -- older brother and older sister friend and so we. We kind of adopted we mimic you know what it means -- it stands at those certain fan groups in it varies from from sport to sport team the team itself. And I -- it -- that your hand you know participate in the -- sort of that the traditions may be. And until -- you know one of the quote that came out of that Auburn Alabama situation was she was any real hand because she didn't take it it's. I guess as hard as you know the loss on that as somebody else. And so did that that's part of but not at this level what happened there but. Part of the entire idea being handed demonstrating the -- and and you need to show -- with those traditions that. Exhibit your pin -- that particular team. On the allegedly the the woman that did the shooting fluid -- rage when she saw two sisters outside joking. That Alabama's loss wasn't as bad as if the NBA's Miami Heat. Had lost a game mom who are -- when it comes to. The fans that are just way over the top is there any way to. To calm down some money that's apparently lost track of reality. I'm not sure I mean we do know that pedestrian -- more highly identified with the team or sport so that they -- much more importance on that team to win. And me on the experts much more secure certain negative that -- motions after team's loss of those were -- identified with the team so there. Basically there is a stronger emotional reaction. For fans who were who were linked to placed importance on their team and that the key thing is they view it -- -- -- -- like they're part of the teams somehow. So the team's losses -- -- the -- what is their land. So they do you have armed some self esteem that -- take -- hit from a lot but the team but also gain some self esteem by a big win but he. You know the first thing I thought -- and look no team turns on one play. And you can't hold yourself responsible for of the irrational actions of somebody else but until Jordan a producer. You -- young men are in a field goal back think and it within some way this -- be alive if he wouldn't have done and and -- I -- that's completely in and totally ludicrous that that he's not responsible for what somebody else does but. I just wonder if if the athletes themselves have ever thought that. They might be responsible not that they are in my opinion or a field guild because sentence on the rational Sandoz. I think I'm I'm not sure about that -- athletes as I mean that -- probably aware of sort of what may happen afterwards. But they're their -- that time has just helped the team win here you know when you add to the yeah after the fact I'm on the shared experience any regret about that. Because at the same time we're talking about one instance in this really was and now wire up everything else that happened after Auburn Alabama. There's just one instance it is very very tragic very very negative. But there are many other fans Alabama and who were upset that didn't go to that level terms of responding to it. And so it in the grand scheme of things. Yes is still tragedy. But it's it's it's 11 cases if you will amongst many others. Thank you doctor appreciate your time thank you have a great day of pleasures always sucked in doctor Jason lancer associate professor of psychology.

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