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WWL>Topics>>12-4 8:15am Tommy, saggy pants ordinance

12-4 8:15am Tommy, saggy pants ordinance

Dec 4, 2013|

Tommy talks to Thibodaux City Councilman Gene Richard about the recent vote on whether to ban saggy pants in Thibodaux

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker getting some great text here -- agreement a little bit about. What would you like to see disappear completely that would be of benefit to society and in the way we live in joining us now. Is city councilman from -- -- Jean -- shard he and ordinances that didn't pass last night and he thought it would be of a benefit to society to have sagging pants disappeared morning Jean how are you. Nice -- nice of you to take the time -- tell me exactly what it was that you wanted to do and why you wanted to do. Well part of all if you if you don't like controversy and you can have a different opinion. And you not think you -- you'll. -- -- and I who knew them knew you entities under announced -- In never wanna talk about the right line at Disney World and who gets to -- who don't I learned that in myself. They -- -- kind of yelling out on the radio play and I've been approached by member constituent -- -- It could you do and we -- -- and I mean -- you get it -- utter career at all over. You can help a elegantly. With the counselor said. Coaching and please tell me with their. Of migrant ship that we need we get they get tendered in our you know I'd deeply you know this is probably right street and in an -- old. -- you -- right or you know brought to account -- boosted. And the court came out or a public hearing that the good news -- the -- about fielding that it didn't but that's a good. Pitcher worked. We have great public here ripples. The so vote. Majority. In -- and everything he's got. A picture book. Achieve. Of your candor man mentality everybody would be it politics you really I come out. I don't -- for a week at the if you really wanna do this. And it got christened just listened Palmer -- and New Orleans not run and again. I'm just speculating here but I think she's had enough of that. 10 o'clock phone calls in my -- -- my garbage up yet well it will all. Go and we'll get to it. And like Clancy Dubose and his commentary everybody has a fair everybody has -- a function in these years you guys that lives she can't be expected to go to everything. Attacks continued sentences on their music their opinions seemed to me to be looking for man on me no one else is the man walk around Schilling is. -- -- -- What you're talking about -- I mean I got him down but they got box -- right. -- -- -- Acute at a tribal and labor. And labor ER chocolate. Eats we -- we bought it took -- indeed the next boat and yet. Uproar. In. The of people that is the biggest one. It's something that we get go. But let the process to word the process -- we're gonna move on from here on this look this wasn't about pants this is about everybody being heard on the issue Bailey and Alan. There aren't -- everybody got their state court everybody got there or. -- -- So it's not as though there should be any disappointment all it's about as having. -- an intellectual discussion everybody's voice being heard -- in deciding -- to do that's that's democracy in action. Majority rule -- graduate but our that the majority's god god and I thank thank you Jeanne appreciate your time -- really did appreciate your honesty. You -- thank you -- restart the dividend city councilman. -- -- --

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