WWL>Topics>>12-4-13 10:10am Scoot: on acceptance of others

12-4-13 10:10am Scoot: on acceptance of others

Dec 4, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes your calls on whether it's offensive for a billboard in Hollywood to depict an American soldier embracing a Muslim woman.

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All right you know what today is and come on saying you -- you know what today is. Now. It's Wednesday scooter rowing like you're going to lose. Tomorrow the -- we're gonna talk more about setting a new record for crowd noise Sunday night in the Mercedes-Benz superdome with the saints take on the Carolina Panthers. That record was set again in Seattle Monday night's game against the saints the hit 137. Point six decimals. I want to get some information from the year the superdome people find that little bit more about. The authenticity and just making sure that we could documents. Any higher level that said there was a game in the of in the San Francisco game to game. Recently when I saw that this will be to get to 118. Which is very very loud but I certainly isn't even close to the record of 137. Point six -- so can we as saints fans break the record. We'll talk about it -- on the show tomorrow also if anybody does know were. Can get a Seattle Seahawks T shirt I would appreciate you sending -- text. An 87870. I I made -- debts with these guys are talking these guys have Monday to show it in Seattle that BJ Shea morning experience. Andrea station KI SW is Seattle. And at the end of the conversations and they locked -- -- -- if the saints win then you have to Wear a sixty shirts for a show. And take pictures and ordered up when your FaceBook page. And twittered out and it would be just needs to be seen as that if if Seattle wins that I'll -- Seattle Seahawks teacher. I wanna get this -- out of the way because I wanna put this game behind me and as quickly as I can't I can't totally doing. Until I have disclosure settling this bet I try to be an honorable person. So I feel the need to to settle -- -- so again if you know where I can get -- is Seattle Seahawks who I know you can order them on line producer -- place that I connects ago. And violence so I can do this on the show tomorrow and and get this over with. A coming up later in the show talk about an article it is appeared in the New York Times. About the growing number of restaurants in New Orleans the article is titled New Orleans restaurant scene rises reflecting a richer city. And at WW a food critic our own Tom Fitzmorris is quoted in the article saying that the city has 70% more restaurants now than it did before Katrina. So we'll talk about that also I'd like to talk about your favorite local spot to eat a place that. Maybe a lot of people don't know about it and you might not even when we shared on the year because you want to keep it your little secret but their there's a business of a small place in the quarter it's only open for lunch and dinner. But I discovered this recently after moving downtown. And and I will share with you it's it's a great local spots. Home cooking really good tasty New Orleans food. And the prices are not nearly what you pay elsewhere in the French Quarter so we'll talk about that today that later. Also there is and there's a survey out showing that Americans are losing trust in each other. Do you still trust. Other Americans you'd you'd trust each other. It we're not talking about losing trust in government or churches are big institutions were talking about losing trust. In in individuals. And if you have lost trusted people will will talk about that I think the other question is. Why are Americans losing trust for each other and you just heard in our news that the -- City Council has rejected a measure. That would have banned sagging pants in the city we've got the article on our website at every WL dot com and wanna talk about this year this. Has occasionally come up on this crucial when I'm when I'm not on during the day filling -- for somebody. I'm -- to midnight tonight during this could show. And we quite often have talked about sagging pants. And I I realized that many if you don't like that I don't particularly like it. But I I think it's wrong for us to prejudged people who do anyway it's it's always a big controversy will talk about that later in the -- But as we begin our show today there's certain there's a billboard that went up on Sunset Boulevard element talk about this billboard. It's causing a controversy. The company wanted to put the billboard in New York's Times Square -- was rejected because of the uncomfortable. Imagery. Now it's gonna go up on they're there river north area of Chicago the billboard features a young American soldier. In a loving embrace with the young Muslim woman. And the words on the billboard read keeping you together. This billboard. Is from the company. Snore stop which sells nasal sprays oral sprays and pills that prevent people from soaring. And so they kind of say hey we're we're helping keep marriages together were -- help keeping couples together. By stopping story -- a -- -- -- -- anybody who snores you know that you know sometimes you have to. You know go in the other room so I understand what they're saying -- bringing people together but critics say the company is being insensitive. To US military men. And women now Arafat have yet we're gonna get a link to that picture of of the billboard on our FaceBook page to be WL radio. So you can look at it and also a comment on it. And the -- blog today is a billboard with American soldier embracing a young Muslim woman. Is this disrespectful to a two Americans you know I I think what we need to do is it just look back on our history. And and think about how we felt about certain groups of people in the past and how that has changed over time. And is there any reason to not be proactive and realize that at some point we are probably not going to be as judgmental. Of the people that we're judgment a lot now as a nation maybe not you or me but as a nation we made. We may not be as judgmental of of the people were judgment -- now in the very near future. So I think it's really interesting that this. It is billboard causes this controversy first of all I applaud the company snore -- doing this because it's a great marketing ploy. But if if there's a picture of the young American soldier in a loving embrace. Where if a young was a moment. Is this being disrespectful to the US military. If you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number. Is it 77. Here is attacks that read it's. It will be tough to set the record because of the way the dome is constructed. There are sound deadening panels go figure. There are plans to modify this -- you know that may be possible it may be impossible actually to break the record so it it may be possible that. There are these. I and I've heard this before these. Did the why would you do that in a deal why would you not make the dome as loud as possible with what they did in Seattle with their their outdoor football field they needed as loud as possible. You think that we'd be able to him. The louder than we really are anyway we'll talk more about them on the show tomorrow. I stood for Garland and we'll be right back on VW well. I my plan tomorrow is to satisfy that event at a neighbor's. Desires a few too many years in Seattle on Monday about the sixty dollars game. And wearing a Seahawks T shirts doing the show here tomorrow and -- take pictures emperor FaceBook page you know. Sent it out and a Twitter and you'll put on our program. Such as well but that was the deal and economic honorable person and I wanna get this done and get it on the ways to focus strictly on. The saints and Carolina this Sunday night -- getting a couple of suggestions about where I might be able to get to. A Seahawks teacher today and I don't want ordered someone to get this done right away. I -- -- the whole instant gratification thing. And a couple people have suggested I JC Penney and also a sports avenue. And I got a text to check champs chip sportswear at today at lakeside so check those places. There's a billboard that is gonna put Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood it's causing a controversy. The company wanted to open it up on Times Square new -- but that has been rejected because of the uncomfortable imagery. It's going up in north river a river north than in Chicago. The billboard features a young American soldier in a loving embrace with a young was the woman and you could see the picture that she's wearing a wedding rings so they're married. The words on the billboard read keeping you together it's a company called -- stop and they sell items that help people. I'm not snore when they're sleeping at night so of essentially keeping couples together. But there's been some criticism of this because it's insensitive to the US military. If you haven't seen the picture of the billboard we've got it on our our FaceBook page right now at WWL radio. You can take a look at the picture in coming -- if you like it I'll recent comments on the show. In just a few minutes. I think there's overreaction to this but this is. This is my opinion if it if I think back on. How this country fell to doubts about the Japanese. Before and during World War II. And how we feel about the Japanese today. Is it not plausible to think that sometime in the future. Of this country collectively we'll have a completely different opinion of Muslims. From the Middle East. Some people may look at this picture and think it's -- I look at this picture and I am reassured. I am reassured that love transcends everything. And loves -- define it. So maybe we should celebrate love and not. Talks so much about the differences between two people who are in life. And even though it's 2013 and there are still people who were appalled. By the sight of a biracial couple. You know you can never predict who you gonna fall in love -- -- or when you're gonna following month. And if I'm not mistaken there were American soldiers who went to Vietnam. Net Vietnamese women and ultimately they ended up getting their. So why wouldn't we think that that would be one of the the positive aspects of war you know meeting somebody where you war. If you wanna join our show with a comics are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a -- over is 877. IG insurance every WLA good morning. -- -- Sir I was just outcome. Was it about comments about. Simple. Yeah a new poll shows that fewer Americans trust each other we're not talking about the government -- biggest well don't trust each other. Obviously LA you know -- here I'll put trust in -- and all -- because they don't like Japan. Are deliberately play ball. Because. Will -- spiritual well Larry. And a problem. You just can't trust mayor why don't quite get it on at all -- -- will make that perfectly straight. -- I don't comment about trust and put us. It did in the in the context but in the -- there what you're saying dreams but in the context of being human. There is that there is a degree of trust that we can have there's also. Distrust. And I personally think that a lot of people who don't trust other people initially are people who knows that deep down inside they can be trusted themselves. Well I'll -- Obama I'll. But what spirit award surged so. I'll just aren't all markets -- -- operate with a lot -- make it was like straight. Can't walk in one big sales. At home and on tobacco. You know I realized that this. This idea of yours is founded. On -- and very very good foundation but its kind to -- serious game but it's kinda depressing to think that you can't trust people and you know just to some degree in the in the of the human world we do either have trust or lack of trust for people I don't. I think I think there's something inherently wrong with just saying well you know it's only up to the -- only it to god -- I guess you could argue that god. On makes us the way we are therefore we can -- be trusted or not. Well you know I'll I mean that pitchers like other car -- don't -- all -- true. Bought it like to receive their at all -- So anyway. But pitchers out there and I am happy at all the trucks and vehicles -- -- don't -- all full of themselves. And I think a terribly good at -- And unfortunately. Unfortunately in the -- -- -- go ahead. I'm going to -- the show and thanks for listening from Metairie Fernando you're on WW real good morning. Or on good. And I. Our all our earlier agree with view they love to conquer everything in life. Ali's sister car to go. We did you know is a rule. To which you can measure things by you know there's always is slow in everything you do. -- did the idea that an American soldier would fall in love with a Muslim woman -- isn't really outrageous and appalling to some people I find it very comforting. By agree with the -- which is also. What and it is it's older it's not a Muslim American -- that's a very good point. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have our -- mark Sloan. You know -- who -- the Serbian our military forces which is look we -- Promoting a product I see nothing -- at all and if we stop looking at the world with that. -- great that we it was look at it we have. In this country perhaps we might come together and punitive award show like -- -- is that. Can broker everything but he let them think again and you got to show people. Part Fernando thanks for listening here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll this morning could you be in love with somebody. Have a different faith either married or with them a supporter could you be with somebody from the different faith. 81% say yes. And 19% say no you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. This a billboard you haven't seen it we've got a picture of it on our FaceBook page at WWL radio so check it out to give us your comments targets in the comets are coming up a little bit later in the show. It is -- cause controversy in Hollywood. It's and been rejected from New York city's time square is going up in river North Chicago. I ended may pop up in in other cities as well it's a young US soldier. With what appears to be a young Muslim woman and she's wearing a wedding ring that subtly. On scene in the big picture it's not obvious but it suddenly seen the picture so there Mary. This is from a company that makes products that -- prevent -- So their whole theme is keeping people together. -- and they they did it obviously for shock value. Which is is fine it's creative marketing as far as I'm concerned. But I think it really touches on a much. Bigger issue in America and that is how quick we are to judge in tighter groups of people. By the behavior of a few. I'm a white male Christian. And I got a long list of people I've got a long list of groups that I would never ever. What you to associate me with. And yet that's what we tend to do. And our challenge today. Particularly with Muslims from the Middle East because that's where so much tension in the US has seen has come from. A recently. On. Our challenge is to. Is to not be so judgment once it okay an American soldier falls in love of the Muslim woman. Select. If they're in love is in that more important than their differences. If you gonna join our show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy. And a text number estates and he says I've screwed in fort Garland Robinette today and all this weekend here's a WW elders updates with Chris Miller. I always find it interesting when our poll is totally lopsided compared to the response that I gifts -- phone calls and also with text messages. The that the poll is could you be with somebody from a different faith. 84% say yes and 60 actually -- -- still it's the way it should be 84% say yes and 16% say. -- know and know sometimes it is very reflective and actually -- -- was stated today it is very reflective of -- the opinions that I am getting about this billboard and did discuss blog today is titled billboard with the American soldier embracing young Muslim woman. And if you haven't seen the picture. It's on our our our FaceBook page to -- WL radio. There's also a link at the end of the blog you can read the united the blog and -- and others and with the blog I I really challenge us to think about how quick we -- to judge. And why are we so quick to judge. We we judge -- so many different levels. There were quick to judge to to justify the hate that we have and our hearts. And yet so here's this this young couple in American soldier and again he might be muscle. And a young Muslim woman. Critics say that it is insensitive. Two US soldiers and yet I think it's a beautiful picture and you know if if love can conquer what is perceived to be the tension that exists between Americans. And people from the Middle East Muslims from the released if -- -- conquered that why is that not this incredibly. Positive. Billboard. If you wanna join -- -- with a common if you haven't seen it go to our FaceBook page WWL radio also. Go to the -- blog it's it's a late Tuesday the picture. Our number is 2601872. All 3866889. Is nearly seventy. Protects servers 8787 here's the text -- this lady standing with a woman I hear exit text. The good book says. And treat one another the way that you would like to be treated I think that should also mean trust one another. The way you would like to be trusted. Here's the text I wonder how a Muslim would view this. You know there will be those Muslims and there will be those Americans that it will hop promotes a purity of of their culture. And they don't like people going outside of the culture there aren't there are Catholics who only want their kids to marry other other Catholics. But you know it it seems to me that this. This. Quest to maintain purity. Of race nationality or religion. Is really bordering rather closely to Hitler's desire to create a superior race. Again -- there are people today who are offended by biracial couples tonight I I don't understand it isn't is it was something that should transcend the difference between two people. Now here's a text if one of our servicemen or women loves another person regardless of who it is that's good enough for me. Another text reads why should we as a nation. Why can't we as a nation CPR on hate and appreciate love why can't we see people as people not as religion. Or color. Are you in a relationship. With somebody of a different faith. Or have you been in a relationship with somebody with a different face if you would join our show with your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889087. In a -- number is 87870. And here's -- Debbie WL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Could you be with somebody from a different faith. Give us your opinion by going to -- WL. Dot com we'll give you another update on that Paul -- appeared in just a few minutes also coming up in the next hour we'll talk about something else that people I judge people by. That is sagging pants and the chip in a City Council has decided not to band sagging pants is a good thing or bad things. And do you judge people with seg defense yeah this is always a big controversy before but this coming up in the next hour. I'm -- and for -- we're coming right back to VW well. Have you seen the picture of the young American soldier on -- -- we have a young Muslim woman and she has her wedding going on in the picture so they're they're married. And the words on the billboard. -- -- keeping people together is from a company called snore stop and they produced products to help people stop snoring so couples can actually do a better job of of staying together. But this is causing controversy it's gone up on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood it was rejected from New York city's time square. It's going up -- in the river north area of Chicago and it may be popping up time in in in our city -- who knows where. But ice is so controversial I understand that it is and it the company is doing a brilliant job. But isn't this another example of how quickly or to judge I'm studio for girl and if you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 2601870. -- all 38668890. At seventy. In a text numbers eights and he's having her to have more to text here in just a moment from Bay Saint Louis -- here and every WL. Good morning. Use. That word and Hewitt have Christian. And that area that because you exhibit note characteristics. The Christian. -- I've heard that you have tattoos that you do. Admitted to Prague then and the quarter. -- -- bank and god only knows what you do that you promote home sexuality. Use that -- a sexual marriages. There that now there's no that characteristic and you'll accretion on there and. Well first of all I appreciate that you listen so intently to the show you obviously think you know a lot of -- me it was tool to -- -- of my life. I don't promote anything I do talk about issues I'd I'd I'd ever like to think that I promote diversity but again. If if you -- pass judgment on somebody you really don't know then I can't stop you from doing that -- if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text number is 87870. Here's a text and here's my opinion about the sign your discuss. That's America that I believe in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Here's a text the thing I would like to see is racism and prejudice go away and yes. That takes -- another text -- strange how they can do that yet. But not in and of event promoting. An -- for firearms to protect -- Stanley out of love hypocrisy. Is that really. Hypocrisy. You know I talk about it in the -- blog which you can read and share with others billboard with American soldier embracing young Muslim woman infected the industry. The blog we've got to a link to the picture also the pictures up on our FaceBook page at WWL radio. You can particular candidate comment or if you like. It is seems to me that this this this company has added touching an unfortunate tendency that we have in this country to judge people and when you look back on our nation. When you look back on how we have judged race. Nationality. And religion we we've realized that it has been wrong. Now things have changed. But sadly there's still a lot of Americans who were offended by the sight of biracial couples. Consider how the Japanese were perceived before and during World War II. Compared to the respected Americans now have for the Japanese and the overwhelming acceptance of Japanese American couples. You know they -- for the Japanese at one time which really equal to the hate that many have for Muslims in the Middle East today. And during the Vietnam War I remember reading about stories where American soldiers in -- Vietnamese women. And some fell in love and then got married. Would it be any more than usual for an American soldier to meet and fall in love with the Muslim woman or a female soldier meeting a Muslim man. When they're deployed in a Middle Eastern country. And hire somebody people instinctively threatened by this blending of cultures. Mean America's changing the world is changing. But that shouldn't create fear in the general population. There's the fear of losing the purity of a race nationality or or religion. -- Mike to some degree be subconscious in in less conscious. But just the mobility of the world's population through transportation and into communication -- It has caused the world to change and more and more individuals with different backgrounds or are coming. -- across each other in his book mega trends 2000 author John -- I just thought this was a brilliant book. He suggested that the more homogenized the world becomes. The greater the fear of losing our individual identity. And then we have a stronger instinct to protect the purity of our identity. But the idea protecting purity of race nationality or religion. Is is archaic. In the context of the world we live today. After New Iberia Michael here on WWL good morning. Guys who I just wanted to comment and reiterate that -- escorts. About here. The Christian values in which promote your show -- wanna go into a war but sir either you bring up topics. They're confusing to the public in really -- -- trouble -- it stir you know what you do because just like the good cop beat you brought up. I mean nobody looks that a person puts on -- -- it was -- and they're going to be all of a sudden looked at differently. What they do look at the whole picture of the -- someone walking down the street you -- not even without the people wait and they. They're disrespecting people long wait and they happen more quickly activate the percentage of book consideration because. But he would you look at what sort of quality does not mean. -- they should be treated on the debt differently the whole picture out outweighs what we want to try it I mean it's like it's like okay we'll just like. Okay you're talking about this year like it's a big issue it is so obvious it is. It is obvious in the -- -- of every American wants to go well that would that would put billboards up trying to integrate. -- with christianity. Are you right now you know ignorant about between religion that you know it is impossible record. Want want you to god. For the god it's geared. Towards -- -- that the god. Christ died for -- OK to leave. And when you take those two extremes and try and put it yeah. Again it would just what you -- in Europe right now and just what you have been UK. That takeovers and okay. So Michael -- what you're suggesting here is that I'm not just bringing up the topic just to cause controversy are bringing up a topic that really does touch. Very close to the surface of what a lot of people have on their minds like you accuse you of just expounded on. Well I can say that you're okay may agree. But a lot of your comments on what topics. Roddick and literature. Ought not be used to well we'll wait and lately it completely melted -- Human being like tank. Wait for it but that doesn't mean it's it's right are you suggesting that I express an opinion when I'm on the air. I'd suggest that you all people you poll people in certain directions this is not. Michael I migration our type good brush aside. I appreciate the call it's it's called a talk show -- yes I do express my opinion that I listen to all opinions. And I'm really tired of people judging my Christian values when they really don't know me. If you wanna join Russia with your comment our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. A text over the seats at the gates of the -- and I'm getting text here where I can get an NFL's Seahawks T shirt today I wanna do that today because I'm gonna we're on the show tomorrow to satisfy the -- that I lost with some guys in Seattle. And we'll take pictures of it -- up on our web site and FaceBook page you know I'll squeeze out if you wanna join me on Twitter it's -- scoot WL. I mean for garlic today in this week it will be right back I so wish we were not out of time this hour I've got calls waiting to say callers have no right to judge me. Caller was ignorant about Muslims there were not at war with Muslims so I'm in a biracial marriage. If you're on hold state -- this will be to your calls right after the news. We're talking about this controversial billboards is gone up and in Hollywood it was rejected from New York city's Times Square. Is for a company that makes products that helps people stop snoring keeping people together and it's a picture of a young American soldier and a young Muslim woman who are married. I think it's beautiful some people find it appalling I'm student for Garland and were coming right back.