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12-4-13 11:10am Scoot: on saggy pants

Dec 4, 2013|

Scoot fills in for Garland and takes calls on whether the city of Thibodaux should enact a law against saggy pants.

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Welcome back to our show I'm sorry I'm -- him for -- today and all this week here's what we have been talking about if you just joined us. And there's a controversy concerning a billboard bits on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood it's a billboard that. Was trying to go -- they try to put this up in New York city's Times Square but it was rejected because of a very uncomfortable imagery. It's going up in the river north area of Chicago the billboard features a young American soldier in a loving embrace with the young Muslim woman and she's wearing a wedding ring. The words on the billboard read keeping you together it's a bill. Work for a company called snore -- they sell nasal sprays oral sprays and pills to prevent people from soaring thus keeping people together. But some critics say that it's insensitive to US military men and women. Now I I think this company should be applauded for a creative marketing and getting a lot of attention for their company store stopped. But they also think it touches a much bigger issue and that is how quick we are to judge. And we you look back in our recent past of how we judged Japanese. Before and during World War II I guess rightfully so to some degree. But -- about how that -- change will the day come when we have a totally different impression as a nation. Of Muslim on men and women from the Middle East. If you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 260187. He told 38668890. X seventy. In a text number is -- Seve -- if you haven't seen a picture of the billboard we have itself on our FaceBook page WWL radio take a look and come and honored and I'll read some of your comments coming up in the show. And the -- blog today is is about this this billboard that's a title so billboard with American soldier embracing young Muslim woman. Read it share it with your friends. And there is a link at the end of the block and that's not all at WW dot com a front page under our opinions. We're also gonna talk about the typical City Council. Rejecting a measure that would -- sagging pants in the city. The daily -- reports that City Council members and city residents debated the morality and legality of the measure for about 45 minutes the vote was three to two. So they questioned the morality and legality of it. Should sagging pants. The band by law that's are the BW a pretty general opinion poll now give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. Up from New Orleans ran the -- on WW well good morning. Martin does more harm and it ago. Talk about homework. The -- -- Wear. Them so that. If you're gonna use. -- Of that you choose. The Bible on the page. Of course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On their. Way. Questions on certain. I think in which situation that -- -- Sort of cry something like that. -- there are -- ready I'd I totally agree with you and there are a lot of Christian groups that I don't wanna be associated with not the least which is the -- -- Baptist Church which by the way has announced that they're gonna -- -- actor Paul Walker's funeral. And I'll tell you -- coming up in a few minutes the -- you know I I had a regular Muslim by cab driver does still occasionally call -- when I need a -- And you know whatever I I mean this is -- he's always talking about his family and doing stuff with his family. And he's sick he's a Muslim from what used to be the Yugoslavian area. -- and that's when we were first introduced to Muslims and there were light haired blue lied to Muslims in that area and we weren't nearly as judge -- as we are today. As a nation we sow fear things that don't look like gusts and that's really issue game. Yeah that's going astray and I just want to comment on that as you know we have stopped generalize people -- The -- -- people in christianity and that people are more concerned with buddhism and everywhere just as good and bad. Radio I I I agree with here than the other thing that we talked about his could you be with somebody from a different faith I've been there are a lot of Jews and Christians. They did get together and there's a big difference in those two relations that there are some common denominator is but there's also -- big difference. A from Slidell Courtney you're on WWL good morning. Good morning I know I'm good. When -- become. One. On me. Is here. -- -- -- -- -- And K. It would get. Keynote. Speaker who you know. -- We've been looking -- you. -- -- -- Really. Yeah yeah. We. -- And we. Can't beat them -- year we. -- -- Did you know. She looked at a weekly. It means glory is -- And -- And it would be in. When. People. Caught -- Couple that. Eight. And you -- -- So we. -- west Borough Baptist Church they they pretend to be Christians they actually have protested the funerals of military soldiers. Because the military has decided to move away from Don't Ask Don't Tell because of the acceptance of homosexuals. In the military to whisper a Baptist Church has a protested. These -- funerals and they picketed the funerals of US service people who died in action. -- -- -- Yeah and -- pearl now the west Borough Baptist Church is gonna pick at the the funeral of Paul Walker the actor who was in fast and furious who died in a horrific car accident the other day. And they set out a tweet saint Paul Walker taught a nation to be fast and furious. He died the same way. And there's hash tag god is not mocked hash tag who's next and that's from the west -- Baptist Church. Honestly I believe there is going to be easier for porn stars to get into heaven and members of the west Borough Baptist Church. And one thing I didn't talk. -- -- -- -- -- And I mean I understand that. Day. This department right you're right because. -- are gonna be hearing here. -- all of you -- and. -- -- if there if there is reincarnation wouldn't -- be poetic justice if the most racist people came back as the race that they so hated. -- -- -- adequately. Or not adequately. Caucasian. And keep it cheap -- We're pregnant because she she would you rate that it would be so late. May actually written that -- who would be science. Why people would be -- Wouldn't. Aren't going to achieve it yeah well this. It just goes to show you Victor says still a lot of ignorance in the world according I'm going to color showing you have a great story if you wanna join us for your comment our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. Protects Amber's age 7870 here's the text of the man who just called and question your christianity must not be true Christian himself. Because what he's one man to judge another man's life not a real Christian. Would have made that call. I scooted for Garland are WW pretty -- my opinion poll is about sagging pants shirts baggy pants beat stand by law. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com we'll update you on that coming up here in just a few minutes and we'll be right back whenever WL. Bachus has announced the headline group for bachus 2014. If these guys Cheap Trick. Yeah I I've seen them recently they just put on. -- great shows steal and a lot of great -- to get in Mississippi and abusing it even a young generation has its adopted is their own Cheap Trick. -- pockets this year. I'm still looking for garlic like two minutes on this it was a couple what's today you know what today is that's right let's say it it's Wednesday. Tomorrow the show we'll talk about the the war on Christmas is there really a war on Christmas. And how was that affected you and your family also tomorrow we'll talk about a new poll showing that a majority of them. -- can support drug testing for welfare recipients but an. That'll be on the show tomorrow. I did I did get some advice on where to get a Seattle Seahawks teacher so when I get off the revenues go get a Seattle Seahawks T shirt and -- assorted these guys on the -- Monday about the saints Seahawks game. And at the end of our conversation I said a law if the saints win on what you guys to where saints T shirt a during your show. Take a picture of it and -- put on your FaceBook page for the radio station web sites also a tweet it out. If the Seahawks win that -- we are Seahawks T shirts on the show here into the W so I wanna get this out of the way so I'm gonna go by that today so this has caught the saints. Six loss is not only emotionally. -- costing but now it's it's costing me money. So want to go get the shirt and a weird on the show tomorrow and there will tweet out to all the pictures. We're talking about the two bit of City Council rejected a measure to ban sagging pants in the city and here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. Should sagging -- be banned by law. 64%. Saying no. Can only 36% say yes. Give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we're also talking about this controversial billboard. Featuring a young American soldier. And you know loving embrace with a young was a moment. And it's about this product that helps keep people together because it prevents people from snoring -- -- in the words on the billboard are keeping you together. I am. I am comforted. By this because an American soldier and a -- moment. Because of the tension that his. Emanated from the Middle East in recent years it used to be the old Soviet Union at one point it was in Japan and Germany and Italy will now it's the Middle East. Because of that they're people who find this appalling and think it's insensitive to US. Military personnel. I find it very comforting to think that love can even conquer would appear to be. Really major differences. If you wanna join our show with a comment to our number is 2601870. Toll free 866889. It's nearly seven attacks Amber's age 77 from New Orleans talk meant here and to -- WL the morning. Good morning group. -- us again. I think through that area and appropriate. For the fuel him to walk around an all out public high. He'd be in treatment dole -- in. -- for the -- -- with. What prop. Being repealed would -- on the upon. And I think it. Quote should. Would you want -- -- copper are where -- taught her to walk around like a -- in proper. You know it's interesting -- -- that there aren't they had people who have or criticize guys for doing it but there are young girls that are walking around with the top of their underwear are showing because their genes are low and and there's been a lot of less attention paid to that which makes me think that this is a sexist world. Guys don't mind seeing that but they don't wanna see our guys. Underwear you know you don't actually see the buttocks but you do see the underwear. For the record I I don't like it. But I don't allow things like that -- to offend me because it has become fashionable for some people to do that. -- -- book -- -- it is true and it it's atrocious. I think that the people know my. Treatment Condit. And meg sure it and -- -- And an eagle could be it was a bit. But I read the constitution protects a lot of things that some people consider to be offensive. We have it on the market to. -- -- it. -- power tool of the. Bullets are gonna hold up I don't think you would hold up at the Supreme Court level it would be a freedom of expression deal. It doesn't matter pick people build up on the market propellant that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And organizing that you have freedom of expression does matter. That they -- but for some people. But it does not want them to change but to a gentleman will result of it now looks like to correct the problem. But that's at the bit at Seattle's sea sagging pants as the problem. -- the problem I think it would trojans and I think it was very rude and hectic -- an excellent one. Lack of help in the eighty. Could go on. On how they are. -- well well well it's really -- -- I admit I'm not gonna change your opinion and you're. Well I appreciate the call like that but you don't you didn't really have to resort to to that. It's called an ugly -- had their four had to eliminate not because of the opinion but just because of these standards of this this radio station. There are people who don't like there was something looks at the guy you've just brought up the idea that. On an old woman might be might not be happy if she saw somebody with sagging pants. There are older Americans who weren't happy if they see a biracial cup. That this this whole idea that we can go through life and never be offended is is is a myth and yet it's it's really something that causes a lot of problems in this country. This idea that well we we can't have any bully -- look I'm not for -- and I'm not for going out of our way to offend people but sometimes -- near. Active being oneself. Leads to. People being -- it. And if what I'm doing is not obscene and the argument can be made -- seeing the top of somebody's underwear is obscene but I. I don't like the look. I don't get it but I do know some some young fashionable people. Who Wear their pants that way. Not only in this area but around the country. Whether you agree with it or not like it or not regardless of how the trend started. It has become fashionable in the same way to wearing -- has become fashionable. And I I look at behavior and actions more than I look at. Something like sagging pants. And you know we have to respect the constitution. And if you if you can use the constitution to advance Aggie parents think about what else might be -- Through the constitution and -- so we you know we we have to be careful about how we interpret what is legal and what isn't legal when it comes to morality. A from Slidell Nancy you're on every WL. Yes and -- Yeah. That we have got company further action other. One home gold mine was stationed. In Italy. -- -- with the Italian Earl. -- had wrote well. The great aunt who raised. And or. They wrote back oh well Italian that's like. -- it won't know -- And -- never married. But he you know Columbus and keep telling them what was -- it but it didn't marry her or one. -- came home settled into military. Small. I it is -- It is and you know I I I can figure -- in the in the course of my life and I was very young during the the battle for civil rights and the the good of an issue it's -- freedom movement of the sixties and in not judging people and yet I find it really interesting that that generation that is now the establishment is very very judgmental. Which is why I continue to label myself a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation. It's not gonna get -- -- get to a new spring a political show here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll should sagging pants be banned. By law. They might like it but should it be banned by law. It sure opinion by going to WW -- a couple of an update on that in expect more your calls when we come back. It's a Wednesday morning on -- in -- -- today and all this weekend here's another WWL news updates with Chris Miller. There's an article in the New York Times this week about the growing number of restaurants in New Orleans it's titled New Orleans restaurant scene rises reflecting a richer sitting. And our own WW -- food critic toughest horse is quoted in the article saying the city has 70% more restaurants now they did before Katrina. -- you -- -- more there are more restaurants and of their new restaurants constantly opening up are you going out to eat more often less often or about the same. And also what is your favorite local spot to eat some some place that may be most people don't even know about but you wanna share with us. I have a spot in the French Quarter for breakfast and lunch. And I love this place the prices are very reasonable especially for the French Quarter and it's in the at the upper more popular. More populated area. Of the French Quarter in terms of the first activity but it's not a tourist place it's a local place with local for I'm not doing this to promote the place but I just wanna share what you. Would I consider to be really good. Favorite local spot -- we'll talk about your favorite local spot to coming up in the next hour -- -- in fort Garland here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll. I should sagging pants be banned by law. 54% say yes and 46%. Say no. The City Council in the Tim you know has decided not to legally ban sagging pants and -- a lot of people don't like. I don't get it's it's not something I find appealing. But should it should it be actually banned by law if you and enjoy an issue with your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. A text number is a Seve -- -- to abort your text here in just a moment from Metairie Brian you're on -- BW -- good morning. -- bankruptcy but Beckett and got a Derek and the panic. It would ban on. The speed up. Its. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other thing I don't consider people with as sagging pants to be a threat because most of them have one hand -- -- off the pants so I forgot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reroute him get mad at -- it was. Done to pop up next to at that particular. Well it's unfortunate that everybody's worried about everybody else and we should really just worry about ourselves. I'm going to call the show a today we're also talking about this billboard it has gone up on Sunset Boulevard if you -- an issue may not have heard us talk about this earlier. I -- Hollywood it's causing a controversy. It was supposed to go up in New York city's time square but they rejected it because it had an uncomfortable imagery. It's going up in the area of river -- Chicago the billboard features a young American soldier in a loving embrace with what is believed to be young Muslim woman. Because of -- Her Dresser retire. And the words on the billboard or keeping you together it's from a company called -- stop which sells items that prevent people from snoring thus keeping couples together. If you haven't seen the picture. It's at the end of the -- blog which is of about this this billboard in some interesting things I take it it's more than just creative marketing it really does touch. A Tennessee that we have in this country to be very judgmental. And so that's in the -- blog you can read it -- and shared it's on our website at WW dot com also at the end of that there's a link to the picture. And we also had a picture up on our FaceBook page which is. WWL radio -- here's a Texan reads of my best friends who are married are Jewish girl and a Christian boy religion. Has never been an issue. You know I would think that you could that that you could get along. I would I would think that -- if you love somebody that we never can predict -- we're gonna fall in love with. And the idea that this bill board is causing controversy I think just touches on this hysteria this paranoia that -- in this country. And it lists in other countries as well but it's very prominent in American since we're America we're talking about Americans. I in this. This desire to judge people who are different. The desire to lump everybody to the scene chemical. And it can't be done. Can't load me into a category that I might look like I belong it. And I can think of a lot of different cases where I am labeled and and stereotyped. And and I'm not part not that -- I care about being part of some groups but I'm I'm not actually part of the groups that some people think that I am part of I -- is a text. I would like to know how the caller. Using the word benign word polluted the little fly. Is calling the previous caller ignorant to the word is validate. You know it's a time when people are on the year and they're they're talking lies and I know sometimes I do this. They don't always get their words exactly right when they get a little mixed up so -- I'll forgive them. Here's a -- how about no pants where do you draw the line to start judging. Well there's a big difference between. Sagging pants and no pants. And if you don't understand the difference then I'd suggest that maybe you go back to. High school biology. Institute in for -- for coming record every WL. Are you disappointed or even surprised that the typical City Council rejected a bill that would ban sexy pants in the city. The vote was treated to we've got the article on our our website at WW real dot com. The debate was about the morality and legality of the measure went on for about 45 minutes and they voted three to two not to ban sagging pants. I should sagging pants beat them it might buy apartment building in downtown new recently set out to a list of things says things to do things not to do concern parking in a passenger zone and -- in my building and it also included. Dress coat. -- said if you're if you're on the DO apartment property. In the elevators in the in the the lobby. A yet pull your pants and I actually walked -- to -- building behind somebody who I saw last night a -- -- their pants. So it. It's a it's a building dress code I guess I understand that. Again I don't like the sagging pants but it's not something that I think we should legislate or. It again I'd -- I am part of this generation that did grew up with. Their own idiosyncrasies. In terms of hair and fashion. And in the context of the time it was a very bizarre. We were rebellious my generation rebelled. And so there are young generations today. That are rebelling. And you might not like it in the same way that your parents didn't like what you did but. You know here we are the baby boomer generation now the establishment. And it seems to have selective amnesia when it comes to a lot of issues and things that they promoted when they were young. Operative and -- Michael your -- WL. Waste should interesting topic -- up and say that. How against the buyer. And like structure somewhat. Different to what would be like oh -- regulation what we Q1. Yeah. I I agree B what if Republican got in the White House and everybody had to Wear red -- -- Democrats who voted wearing only blue ties say to you when the when you when you ask. When you asked the government on a local statewide or national level to ban something new you have to think about where that could possibly lead and I I totally agree with you when it comes to fashion. I don't think we should stand fashion and people can say well that's not fashion but. These are the same people that defended defected they wore don't bottoms and hip sluggers in miniskirts in micro mini skirts and high chance that. You know did the establishment of the times said that's not fashion it's just trashy. -- -- -- -- -- -- Be careful what you wish for. Michael a political issue as -- soliciting from great Louisiana John you're -- WWL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I feel that I took it as wasting their time just that was already constitute unconstitutional. The country -- and I knew it -- -- about it. And I'm fortunate that so as soon as this statement -- a pretty -- And I'm not sure you all personally has claw. Debt is. Determined -- -- sometimes it's not and sometimes where those pajama pants are really doesn't look. So really not certain. And John will what it what if -- would have technically somebody had to pair of underwear on and so the that this thing that you saw. Above the -- was actually the underwear on -- outside of the underwear so it really wouldn't technically be underwear. It would look like underwear give the impression of underwear but he technical we wouldn't be underwear. It people would object to that in the same way and so did I think we get into a judging the judging what some people considered to be fashion. -- agreement you know what what it'll be -- this. It's just claw another version of a clock and did not show -- English student. I think it's unfortunately it -- -- have to walk along the movie but an actual -- So that they weren't doing anything else exactly -- what they possessed I'm 61. Elijah Wood in the area -- the top of their shots and that it should protect the boat show and that's. Exactly anything if it's really about showing underwear that it's hypocritical to not attack women on the same level that you attack mental. And we have people that. A portion of the workers should incredibly hot. And I mentioned it's actually something like I was appointed to. Watchable and it was outside should only offensive but still it's an LP. Actually it was fortunately a lot better actually I want it to him being shall -- an -- -- on the Middle East and will be. And he probably force a law equivalents were aboard as. Any comment to its workers and against the government didn't. Personal expression of building. John I totally I totally agree with -- I'm also against the government be involved in that what goes on them personally and our veterans have really glad you called the show and I'm glad -- people like you listening. I here's a -- states reads what's the difference between someone showing their underwear and someone just wearing underwear. Would it be legal to just Wear seat through underwear. I -- do I even need to respond to that or is it pretty much. Transparent. It is isn't the answer to that pretty obvious. See -- underwear. Would expose. A body part that shouldn't be exposed their -- be totally different from sagging pants. I'm scoots into Garland will be right -- your comments -- the WL the sunk pretty much explains why. -- my political point. As a Texan reads the left and the right occupy themselves with the most insignificant stuff this country is it falling apart. We are ripping it apart I I could not agree more. And as we as we -- this -- this election year next year 2014. Will spend a lot of time a farm and on the air during the day did this to -- at -- here for me to midnight on WW. I will spend a lot of time about talking about how the vocal minority. The vocal minority gets most of the attention in the media. This country is not far right this country's not far left and yet both parties now seem to be trying to figure out who they are. This country is mainly dominated. By at people who are considered. Moderate and that's not a wishy washy term it's it's it's a term that refers to people who don't feel like they need to be beholden to. The cult the cult on the right of the cult on the left from -- mark and a tie for quick comment to the show. Or school. Or -- just. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah we do have laws about indecent exposure than I give it to crush on it. -- -- it but it's not their bus. It now -- if their blood was you know there's there's some. You know there there's some laws that actually do protects the art of moaning. If you will but -- showing your body is different from showing. Your comfort but because she could argue that if you didn't have underwear on you had thin tight jeans on your but would still be covered. I'm with you on the stand -- attention. But terrible working interest and I would. Much work around that -- -- -- -- question idea charity day. Art I've got to get to reduce rape and I'm glad you called -- show. There's a big difference between something that is in decent and something that some people just considered to be offensive we'll be right back.